Chapter 97 Apology…

There were many colors of roses. Red roses represented love and enthusiasm. Pink roses represented touch and ambiguity. White roses represented innocence and purity. Lin Su liked white rose and there was no special reason. It was not like people often said that, every man had two women, at least two. If he married red rose, as time went by, the red one changed into the mosquito blood on the wall. The white one was still “the moonlight in front of the bed”. If he married the white rose, the white one was a sticky rice stick on the clothes, but the red one was cinnabar on the heart.

What she liked was just the innocence, purity, and simplicity of white rose. What’s more interesting was, she didn’t like bunches of white roses, only liked single white rose.

“Miss Lin, this is not the flower you ordered?” The receptionist saw Miss Lin was in a daze, thinking that she put the flower on her table was driving Miss Lin mad.

Lin Su, who had come back to earth, smiled and said, “This is what I ordered, I just think about it. It’s okay, go to work.”

After the receptionist and the secretary left, Lin Su was sitting in the office chair, and staring at the white rose. She hoped that her life would be as pure and innocent as a white rose, and not tainted by the materialistic society, nor associated with an evil person.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was funny. She didn’t expect Qin Sheng to be an actionist, and did what he said immediately. She didn’t know if he was like the men in the past who gave up easily.

Lin Su agreed that Qin Sheng could chase her, just because she had a good impression on Qin Sheng, so she gave him a chance. However, she didn’t know much about Qin Sheng. The love she wanted was not falling in love at first sight, but gradually found that charm of this man that could attract or conquer her, so that she might accept him. If she and Qin Sheng could slowly get along with each other, and Lin Su felt that Qin Sheng was not the type that she appreciated and liked. She would naturally stop the relationship. At that time, no matter how hard Qin Qin worked, she would not accept him. She would only hate him if he kept on hot pursuit.

Retracting her eyes, Lin Su sent a text message to Qin Sheng. Just simply five words, thank you for your flowers. Qin Sheng asked Lin Su last night, was your mobile phone number still the same as before? Lin Su said that you would know if you tried it. Obviously, she did not change. But she forgot to ask Qin Sheng whether his mobile phone number was still the same. After all, although she had the number of Qin Sheng, she had never contacted him. After a rush leaving, none of them interfered with each other.

Fortunately, Qin Sheng had already activated the number that was left for the first. He didn’t take long to reply, I’m glad you like it.

As a new deputy manager of the reception department, Qin Sheng had more things to do. Wang Haichao and Yu Fengzhi did not like each other in every aspect. Now there was one more enemy of Qin Sheng. This was very annoying.

Who knew that Qin Sheng had just been in office for not a long time, Wang Haichao and Qin Sheng started to hate each other. Just because a member wanted to take advantage of an artist, and this artist was exactly familiar with Qin Sheng. This artist was pure and simple Tang Wan.

When Tang Wan cried and ran out of the box, Qin Sheng was discussing with Lyu Yuan about the reception process of an important dinner tomorrow. Since the conversation last time, Lyu Yuan gave up his dissatisfaction, which made people in Shangshan Ruoshui, who was ready to watch the big drama, felt greatly disappointed. But Lyu Yuan was dubious about Qin Sheng’s words. If Qin Sheng could not do what he promised, then the relationship between the two would be completely ruined. They couldn’t even be friends anymore.

Song Siyu rushed to the box to find Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan. Ms. An and Mr. Xu were not here today. Only Qin Sheng could help Tang Wan to solve the problem. After all, Qin Sheng was the deputy manager.

“Manager Qi. It is too bad. Tang Wan was beaten by the guest.” Song Siyu shouted in a hurry.

Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan’s face changed suddenly. They immediately went to the box of the accident, Song Siyu also followed.

A member came with two friends today and had lunch here at noon. The three people drank three bottles of Maotai. And men were strange animals. After the alcohol was on, their brains were out of control and did some incredible things. The member was a playful man. Every time he came he would take advantage of the artists. After all, these artists were really beautiful. In accordance with the purpose “all for the members” of Shangshan Ruoshui, most of the artists would not take it seriously, and some might cast amorous glances at members, and finally married to a rich man. There was such a situation before. Some members of the club teased Song Siyu at that time, but Song Siyu did not mind this. So the friend of that member directly held Tang Wan on his lap unscrupulously.

Tang Wan lost her love some time ago. She had not recovered, and her mood was bad. She struggled to get up. Unexpectedly, the member’s friend held her tightly and was not going to let her go. He even put his hand on Tang Wan’s breast unscrupulously. And the other two people laughed loudly. Who knew that Tang Wan slapped on the member without hesitation.

This matter became big trouble. The man felt he was embarrassed, and he naturally became angry. He did not hesitate to give Tang Wan two slaps. Tang Wan struggled and ran out. The member was also very angry and directly called Wang Haichao.

Wang Haichao had never taken artists seriously, so he rushed to apologize after coming in. He even threw all responsibilities to Tang Wan. At this moment, he was shouting in the box. “Just call Tang Wan to come here. She really did something bad. Just get out off here if she didn’t want to work anymore.”

“Brother Zheng, don’t be angry, I will let her come over and apologize to you.” After shouting at the artist that was next to him, Wang Haichao turned his back and apologized to the members humbly.

Tang Hao, who had already run out, was taken over by the two artists. Wang Haichao said with anger, “Tang Wan, what do you want to do? You really rebel. And you slap on our client. Just apologize to Brother Zheng and Brother Wu.”

Tang Wan, who was crying sadly, did not apologize or speak. She stood there sobbing. She knew that she was in trouble. And she might not be able to work in Shangshan Ruoshui anymore.

At this time, Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan finally arrived. Song Siyu had already told them what happened on the way. After Qin Sheng came in, he said coldly. “Why should Tang Wan apologize?”

“Qin Sheng, what are you doing here, there is nothing for you here.” Wang Haichao saw Qin Sheng coming over, he said with a face of disdain.

Qin Sheng asked, “I am also a deputy manager. How can I not come? Mr. Xu and Ms. An are not here. It seems that it is not your turn to decide things in Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“You…” Wang Haichao pointed at Qin Sheng, stopped saying out the words “who do you think you are”, then he sneered and said, “Okay, anyway, Tang Wan is also your person, she slapped Brother Zheng’s friend. So you decide what to do?”

“I already know what, what should I do? Tang Wan is not wrong. Why should she apologize? It should be Brother Zheng’s friend to apologize. If he did not move his hands, will Tang Wan be angry?” Qin Sheng’s tone was exceptionally tough and directly pushed the problem to the other side.

At this time, the box was full of people. In addition to three guests and two deputy managers, there were also several artists and princes. Qin Sheng knew that if this matter was not handled well, it would make the artists felt sad, so he naturally did not hesitate to stand on the side of the artists.

“Qin Sheng, what did you say? You ask my friend to apologize. Who do you think you are? Just call Xu Lancheng to come over.” Brother Zheng, who was wearing glasses, said with anger. As a member of Shangshan Ruoshui, he could be rich and royal. Brother Zheng was a partner of Jiang Xianbang, a financial predator. His two friends were executives of the banking system. They were rich men. They enjoyed all kinds of women. They always felt that if they had money, they could get all kinds of women, not to mention the artists of Shangshan Ruoshui.

Qin Sheng directly made the decision, “Mr. Xu is not here, I will deal with this matter today.”

“You can handle it, can you handle it?” Wang Haichao laughed and said. Qin Shengzhen still took himself seriously. He wished Qin Sheng and Brother Zheng to be more rigid. At that time, even Mr. Xu and Ms. An could not keep him safe. Once the big boss was angry, no one could stop him.

Zheng Ge was not angry but laughed. “Okay, you are going to deal with it. What are you going to do?”

“Your friend apologizes to our artist. And this matter will be over,” Qin Sheng said lightly.

Wang Haichao immediately stood up and said, “Let Brother Zheng’s friend apologize to Tang Wan. What is the identity of Tang Wan? You have to know that it was her, who slapped on Brother Zheng’s friend first.”

Qin Sheng was pressing his anger. Wang Haichao, who looked down upon people, was really fucked up. If he didn’t need to give face to Wang Haichao, Qin Sheng really wanted to give him a kick. In his eyes, the artist was not a human. Only these members who he wanted to flatter were humans.

“Why did Tang Wan do it? Here is Shangshan Ruoshui, not the nightclub. Don’t forget about how to be a man after drinking wine.” Qin Sheng said sharply.

Brother Zheng’s friend heard this, his face turned to angry expression immediately. He directly pulled Qin Sheng’s collar. “What do you say? Say it again. You think I don’t know artists in Shangshan Ruoshui are bitches. They sell their bodies for money, why pretend to be noble?”

Those artists looked livid.

“Loosen your hand,” Qin Sheng said coldly.

Brother Wu also drank some wine. Moreover, he was working for the banking system, and everyone would flatter in front of him. Now he was scolded by Qin Sheng, he must be very angry. “Fuck, just tell me clearly.”

“I say it once again, loosen your hands.” Qin Sheng was not angry and smiled.

Brother Wu was still interspersing his talk with curses. And he didn’t mean to loosen his hands. Qin Sheng grabbed his wrist with one hand directly and caught his oxter with another hand. And he suddenly bowed his legs to throw Brother Wu’s small body on the ground.

“I told you to loosen your hands.” Qin Sheng said calmly.

For a moment, the whole box exploded. All the artists turned angry by the words of the man and Wang Haichao, and waited for someone to beat him. But they didn’t expect that, in the next second, Manager Qin took the action. This action was really handsome.

“Qin Sheng, what the fuck are you doing?” Wang Haichao was shocked. But in his heart, he was very happy: you were looking for trouble for yourself.

Qin Sheng pointed to Wang Haichao’s nose and said angrily. “Fuck you! Shut the fuck you! Or I will kill you.”

Qin Sheng’s eyes were terrible. Wang Haichao was directly scared by this, and did not say anything.

“What do you want to do?” The farce grew stronger. Brother Zheng said furiously.

Qin Sheng said slowly, “Brother Zheng, it is very simple. Your friend apologizes, so everything is over. If your friend did not apologize, that is cool. But Shangshan Ruoshui is not the place for you to act wildly. If it’s not right, we can solve it at the court.”

Brother Zheng was angry. He was bullied by such a small manager, how could he get over it? He said without hesitation, “You want me to apologize? It’s impossible…”