Chapter 99 Help

All the staff members were afraid to speak when the big boss Jiang Xianbang slowly got out of the car and walked into Shangshan Ruoshui. Everyone knew that the big boss looked kind-hearted, but he was a cruel and domineering person. No one dared to offend him. The artists standing in the doorway all bowed toward him and called him “Mr. Jiang”.

“Where is Xu Lancheng?” As he had just passed by Sinan Road, Jiang Xianbang had got a call from Little Zheng and a report from Xu Lancheng, so he dropped into the Sinan Mansion in case Xu Lancheng would fight with Qin Sheng.

One of the artists in the doorway whispered, “Mr. Jiang, they’re in the room on the third floor.”

Jiang Xianbang clasped his hands behind his back and waddled toward the third floor with a smile on his face. Really, he walked like a penguin. However, this penguin was merciless. His driver-bodyguard followed him while quietly looking at the artists and princes up and down. There were four bodyguards waiting outside the door. Jiang Xianbang had offended many people over the past years and he did not want to get killed, so he paid a large sum of money to invite those skilled bodyguards to protect him.

Not far from the lobby on the first floor, Lyu Yuan and Song Siyu were comforting Tang Wan, who kept crying and saying, “It’s my fault. I made Qin Sheng get into trouble. It’s my fault.”

Song Siyu helped Tang Wan wipe her tears and sighed, “Tang Wan, now that it has already happened, don’t blame yourself. Maybe no matter who has trouble, Qin Sheng will help him.”

Lyu Yuan agreed with it. Today, he saw the other side of Qin Sheng. It was the first time he had admired this man from the bottom of his heart. If he were the manager of the reception department, he would never dare to do this. Maybe he would fire Tang Wan as Wang Haichao did.

“Brother Lyu, Siyu. Tell me whether Qin Sheng will hate me or not. I made him lose his job,” Tang Wan asked guiltily.

Lyu Yuan shook his head and said, “He is not such a person.”

Anyway, the trio had given up their hope that Qin Sheng could turn the tables. Even the big boss came here; it was estimated that Qin Sheng and Tang Wan would get fired. Perhaps many people thought it was not worth it and felt it was not worth his while defending her. Although they admired Qin Sheng and thanked him, they thought it was stupid for Qin Sheng to speak up for a small artist.

In this society, most people would weigh the pros and cons before they made a decision, instead of thinking whether what they would do was right or wrong. “The Continent” directed by Han Han said: children would judge by the rule of right and wrong while adults only cared about the pros and cons. Hence most of them lived like a dog or even worse.

The largest room on the third floor was decorated in the style of the Republic of China. All the chairs and tables in it were collection-level and the paintings which hung on the wall were masterpieces of modern times. Every time there was a small salon or event, it would be held here, but only the VVIP members had access to it.

Xu Lancheng looked livid. He was really infuriated by Qin Sheng. The staff member actually dared to beat their members and had been reported to the big boss, which was the absolute taboo for Shangshan Ruoshui. There was only one principle in Shangshan Ruoshui: Members were always right. Even if members were wrong, staff members had to bear it.

“You’re too arrogant! Look at what you’ve done. Do you know the rule of Shangshan Ruoshui?” Xu Lancheng roared as he pointed at Qin Sheng’s nose.

Wang Haichao added fuel to the fire and said, “Mr. Xu, I couldn’t block him and he even wanted to hit me. You don’t know what a fuss he made at that time. He directly knocked Brother Zheng and his two friends to the ground. If Mr. Chang had not arrived in time, things would have got worse.”

Wang Haichao dared to dress Qin Sheng down, but he did not dare to offend Chang Baji, unless he wanted to lose his job. Hence he said those words and flattered Chang Baji in passing.

Ms. An, who stood not far from them, wore a disdainful look. She disliked Wang Haichao more and more, who was too shrewd, scheming, and reluctant to suffer losses.

After that, what Chang Baji said would be a slap in Wang Haichao’s face. Chang Baji said in a flat tone, “I think Qin Sheng didn’t do anything wrong.”

Wang Haichao was stunned as if the word “What?” appeared on his face.

Ms. An and Xu Lancheng also looked surprised. As for Qin Sheng, Xu Lancheng knew little about this vice-general manager. Apart from the matters of the security department, he had never asked about his condition since Qin Sheng took this job. He did not expect that Chang Baji would side with Qin Sheng, Thinking that Chang Baji was also sent by Mr. Jiang, Xu Lancheng wondered, “Is he Qin Sheng’s guardian?”

“Shangshan Ruoshui has its rule. The members are distinguished, but aren’t artists humans? Like what Manager Qin said, what place is Shangshan Ruoshui? It’s not a nightclub. They can’t bully artists at will. The friend of the member whose surname was Zheng was too arrogant. If Manager Qin had not spoken up for artists, they would have felt down.” Chang Baji explained slowly.

Chang Baji defended Qin Sheng. Xu Lancheng was unable to give face to him, so he said, “Then tell me, how you will deal with this matter? If it isn’t fixed well, it will affect other members.”

Chang Baji said, “It’s already happened. And they also apologized. We can only stand on Manager Qin’s side. If they don’t want to let it go, we can turn to the law.”

Xu Lancheng narrowed his eyes and asked, “Then tell me, how will you explain to Mr. Jiang?”

The moment Xu Lancheng finished his words, Jiang Xianbang pushed the door open. Xu Lancheng thought it was someone else, and he subconsciously shouted, “I said, no one is allowed in. Are you turning a deaf ear to my words?”

“Old Xu, you’re old enough, but why is your temper so bad?” Jiang Xianbang said with a big smile.

Seeing that it was Jiang Xianbang, everyone looked a bit surprised. Xu Lancheng and the others bowed to him and greeted him respectfully. “Mr. Jiang.”

Jiang Xianbang waved his hand and responded. “Except for Old Xu and Little Qi, the rest of you may excuse yourselves. I want to know what happened. Little Zheng called me and told me that our Shangshan Ruoshui bullied them and must give them an explanation.”

Wang Haichao was overjoyed. “The big boss came and it really caused big trouble. Qin Sheng will not only get fired, but he will also pay the price for it. Everyone knows how heartless the big boss was when dealing with those things. Alas, poor Qin Sheng!”

Glancing at Jiang Xianbang, Chang Baji knew that things would not get worse and that Jiang Xianbang would not make Qin Sheng suffer losses, so he left with Ms. An and Wang Haichao.

After they left, Jiang Xianbang looked at Qin Sheng and asked, “Tell me, what on earth happened? I let you work in Shangshan Ruoshui, but I haven’t asked you to make a fuss!”

Qin Sheng wore a calm look and truthfully narrated the whole story.

Hearing this, Jiang Xianbang said in a flat tone, “Oh, I thought it was a big deal. It’s just a small thing. Little Zheng was cheeky. What did he treat our Shangshan Ruoshui as?” It meant that he was on Qin Sheng’s side.

Xu Lancheng’s face fell when he heard his boss’s words, but he still kept his temper.

“But, Qin Sheng, you’re too impulsive. Is there anything you can’t say in a polite way? Why did you beat them so that Little Zheng snitched on you?” In order to take care of Xu Lancheng’s feelings, Jiang Xianbang added, “Old Xu, deduct his salary of this month. Let him learn a lesson.”

“I’ll follow your orders.” Xu Lancheng nodded silently. Although both of them were punished, it was obvious that Jiang Xianbang did this for Qin Sheng’s sake.

“Mr. Jiang, then what about Mr. Zheng?” Xu Lancheng asked.

Jiang Xianbang waved his hand and said, “You can leave it alone. I’ll give him an explanation.”

Now that Jiang Xianbang took charge of it, Xu Lancheng breathed a sigh of relief. Even though he had a legitimate grievance against Qin Sheng, Shangshan Ruoshui was in the name of Mr. Jiang, so he had to obey the big boss’s order.

“Well, Old Xu, you may go on with your work. I’ll have something to talk with Qin Sheng,” Jiang Xianbang said with a grin.

Xu Lancheng lowered his body, glanced at Qin Sheng and left with a thoughtful look.

“You, you’re old enough? Please don’t let me clean up all your messes, Okay?” Jiang Xianbang said in anger, “This time, I could speak up for you because Shangshan Ruoshui is in my name. If you worked in other places, you would get fired. Maybe they would set you up later. Can you keep your temper and avoid offending people?”

“I only did what I think is right. As for the other things, no matter what they do, there will always be a corresponding way to deal with it.” Qin Sheng responded in a careless tone. Everyone lived in their own way and this was his choice.

Jiang Xianbang looked helpless as he said, “Well, I knew you would say those words. People like you will be killed by their own principles sooner or later.”

“Some people are alive, but they have been dead for many years; some people are dead, at least they’re more dignified than being alive,” Qin Sheng refuted.

Jiang Xianbang sat on the sofa and tapped his knees, snorting, “Don’t take about your ethics to me. Let’s do the business. I may need you to do me a favor.”

Qin Sheng sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette, and said with his legs crossed, “Tell me about it, but you know I only do the right things and never do the evil ones.”

Jiang Xianbang did not pay attention to Qin Sheng’s words. He knitted his eyebrows and thought for a moment before he said, “Something happened in Huangzhou. You need to go there and help me deal with it. My henchman is missing and I don’t know whether he is alive or dead. He knows a lot of my affairs, so I can’t let him fall into other’s hands. And he has the thing I asked someone to get for me. Help me get it back.”

“Why do you let me handle this?” Qin Sheng said with some puzzlement. It was no problem to help Jiang Xianbang, but he had to figure out the situation.

Jiang Xianbang said in a significant tone, “I don’t believe others. Only you can know some things about me. If you find him and nothing happens, that’ll be the best result. If he betrays me, you can help me get rid of him and leave no one alive.”

“Let me kill people?” Qin Sheng’s face changed slightly.

Jiang Xianbang shook his head and said, “You don’t have to kill. You won’t go there alone. I’ve arranged for some minions to help you. Be careful. I guess that someone wants to set me up.”

Qin Sheng did not refuse and asked, “When shall we set off?”

Jiang Xianbang thought for a while and replied, “Don’t delay it long. You’d better leave tonight.”

“And what about my work in Shangshan Ruoshui?” Qin Sheng asked.

Jiang Xianbang said with a grin, “Don’t I happen to have a good excuse? Say that the company will dock your salary for this month and you will be suspended for a week. I’ll tell Old Xu in a while.”

“I wondered, how could you come over in person for such a small thing? It turned out that you had another purpose,” Qin Sheng snorted and thought, “This old fox is always cunning.”

“You can go back directly and pack up your things. I’ll notify your helpers. Someone will contact you when the time comes.”


Then Qin Sheng got up and was about to leave without hesitation.

Jiang Xianbang grabbed Qin Sheng’s arm and said, “Remember, be careful. Don’t lose your life and don’t tell anyone about this thing, including Chang Baji.”

“I know,” Qin Sheng replied resoundingly.