Tales of the Reincarnated Lord

Alternative Names:Chóngshēng Zhī Lǐngzhǔ Chuánqí, Trl, 重生之领主传奇

Genre:Sci-fi, Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Mature

Authors:烟本是道, Smoke Is A Path



In a world where magic is long but a thing of the distant past, where humans have the potential of harnessing a dormant power within them, called Battle Force…

A man from modern-day Earth finds himself suddenly waking up in the body of Norton Lorist, a youth of noble descent that had been exiled from his homeland in the North by his family to Morante City, the capital of the Forde Trade Union on the pretext of pursuing his studies.

Little did he know what would await him when he receives a summons from his family years later to return to the Northlands and inherit the position of the family head…

This is the tale of his life before the summons…

This is the tale of his journey northward and the allies he gathers along the way…

This is the tale of his rebuilding his family’s dominion and keeping it safe from other power-hungry nobles…

This is the “Tales of the Reincarnated Lord”.

Prologue Chapter 1 Red Grace Inn (1) Chapter 2 Red Grace Inn (2) Chapter 3 Dawn Academy (1) Chapter 4 Dawn Academy (2) Chapter 5 Young Noble Chapter 6 The Origins of Battle Force Chapter 7 The First Days since Reincarnation Chapter 8 Battle Force and His Days as a Mercenary Chapter 9 Dynamic Vision Chapter 10 Aquametal Technique Chapter 11 Incador Medal Chapter 12 The Pawn and the Announcement Chapter 13 Academy Head Levins Chapter 14 Lakefront Residence Chapter 15 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (1) Chapter 16 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (2) Chapter 17 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (3) Chapter 18 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (4) Chapter 19 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (5) Chapter 20 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (6) Chapter 21 A Fleeting Moonlit Dream (7) Chapter 22 Locke and Els (1) Chapter 23 Locke and Els (2) Chapter 24 Locke and Els (3) Chapter 25 Locke and Els (4) Chapter 26 Els’s Request Chapter 27 Final Preparations Chapter 28 Selling Books And Requesting Help Chapter 29 Settling Bills at The Inn Chapter 30 Battle Force Awakening Course Chapter 31 Pulse Reading (1) Chapter 32 Pulse Reading (2) Chapter 33 Journal Entries and The Duels Chapter 34 Dueling Period Chapter 35 President Peterson’s Thanks Chapter 36 Attendant and Carriage Chapter 37 Ambush on the Streets Chapter 38 Counter Kill Chapter 39 Aftermath Chapter 40 The Duels Continue Chapter 41 Counting Earnings and Beggars Chapter 42 Arrival of the People from the Family Chapter 43 Troubles Within the Family Chapter 44 The Fanatical Female Students Chapter 45 The Decision Chapter 46 Convoy Plans and the Oath of Allegiance Chapter 47 Knights and Gifts Chapter 48 Northbound Journey Strategy Chapter 49 The Academy Armory
Chapter 50 In Which Els Reports for Duty Chapter 51 The Sloph Slavers Chapter 52 Slaughter Chapter 53 Occupying the Bastide Chapter 54 Reorganization and Maidservants Chapter 55 Ambush and the Yields Chapter 56 Baron Miranda Chapter 57 Various Preparations for the Journey Chapter 58 The Journey North Begins Chapter 59 Kill Them All Chapter 60 Camp Intrusion and Takeover Chapter 61 Arrival of the Convoy Chapter 62 Offense and Defense Chapter 63 Breaching the Camp Chapter 64 Winter Night Massacre Chapter 65 Conclusion and Reorganization Chapter 66 Mister Tim Chapter 67 Josk’s Wish Chapter 68 Strategizing Chapter 69 The Battle Begins Chapter 70 Troop Deployment Chapter 71 Success Chapter 72 Freiyar Chapter 73 Trust Chapter 74 Surprise Attack Successful Chapter 75 The Final Assault Chapter 76 Rounding Chapter 77 Conference of the Nobles Chapter 78 On the Road Chapter 79 A Withered Tree Crumbles Easily Chapter 80 Forming yet Another Convoy Chapter 81 Telesti Chapter 82 Viscount Kermas Chapter 83 River-Crossing and Arrival Chapter 84 Takeover Chapter 85 The Plan of the Kenmays Family Chapter 86 Construction Staff Appointment Chapter 87 Homecoming Chapter 88 Power Struggle Rumors Chapter 89 Inheritance Ceremony Chapter 90 Three Chief Supervisors and Irina Chapter 91 Sword Crisis Chapter 92 Knight Belnick Chapter 93 Enticement Chapter 94 Midway Skirmish Chapter 95 Family’s Forbidden Area Chapter 96 Whitedeer Mound, Bread and the Slave Camp Chapter 97 Mercenaries and Metal Armor Chapter 98 Lorist’s Plan Chapter 99 Maplewoods Bastide
Chapter 100 Barbarians, Gold Mine and Plotting Chapter 101 Mistakes Chapter 102 Trap Chapter 103 Melee Outbreak Chapter 104 Bloodshed and Remorse Chapter 105 Repercussions Chapter 106 Reward Chapter 107 Supply Transportation Chapter 108 The Pitiful Grandmaster Ciroba Chapter 109 A Meeting with Telesti Chapter 110 Intermission Chapter 111 Breakthrough Chapter 112 Blissful Night Life Chapter 113 The Chosen Location and the Duel Chapter 114 News of the Mountain Barbarians Chapter 115 An Unwelcome Guest Chapter 116 Baron Camorra Chapter 117 Tabik's Demand Chapter 118 The Issue of Compensation Chapter 119 The Decision to Deploy Chapter 120 The Days of the Expedition Chapter 121 Duke Loggins's Plot Chapter 122 Return in Futility Chapter 123 Urgent Reinforcement Request Chapter 124 Warzone Merchants Chapter 125 Battles of Nobles Chapter 126 Knight Carnival Chapter 127 The Plot of the Kenmays Family Head Chapter 128 Request for Peace Chapter 129 Knight Waxima Chapter 130 Troop Deployment Chapter 131 The Massacre and the Suspension Bridge Chapter 132 Josk's Fire Arrows Chapter 133 Rolling Boulders Chapter 134 Surprise Takeover Chapter 135 Completion Chapter 136 Out of Options Chapter 137 Aftermath Matters Chapter 138 News of the Kenmays Family Chapter 139 Celebratory Banquet Chapter 140 Shock Chapter 141 The Whereabouts of the Convoy Chapter 142 Charade the Demon Chapter 143 The Experiences of the Messengers Chapter 144 Hennard's Ransom Chapter 145 Release Chapter 146 Departure Chapter 147 Dilemma Chapter 148 The Mounted Archers Unit Chapter 149 Blockade
Chapter 150 Small Mountain Village Chapter 151 Bypass Chapter 152 Noble Rank Elevation Chapter 153 Trivial Problems Chapter 154 Lorist's Strategy Chapter 155 The Citadel's Weakness Chapter 156 Kill During the Darkness of the Night Chapter 157 Burn When the Winds Are Strong Chapter 158 Worriless Journey North Chapter 159 Assault During a Snowy Night Chapter 160 Strategies and Plans Chapter 161 The Long Wintery Night Chapter 162 Gentle Spring Rain Chapter 163 River Crossing Chapter 164 Conditions and Request Chapter 165 Plunder, Move, and Destroy Chapter 166 Battle Preparations at Firmrock Castle Chapter 167 Auguslo's Counterattack Chapter 168 Female Unit Chapter 169 Felicitas Settlement Chapter 170 Ridden with Matters Chapter 171 Female Secretary Chapter 172 Messenger and Alliance Chapter 173 Top Kek Chapter 174 Magical Beast Wave Chapter 175 Central Town Chapter 176 Goats in the Town Chapter 177 Wrapping Up Chapter 178 Ballistas and Metal Materials Chapter 179 Daily Life Within the Dominion Chapter 180 Count Kenmays's Visit Chapter 181 Facing the Magical Beast Wave Again Chapter 182 Military Reorganization Chapter 183 Sid Steel Armor Chapter 184 Princess Sylvia Chapter 185 Count Kenmays's Letter Chapter 186 A New Sea Port Chapter 187 Development Plans Chapter 188 The Ultimatum Chapter 189 The Onset of War Chapter 190 Before the Battle Chapter 191 Ballista Storm Chapter 192 The Unfortunate Blademaster Chapter 193 Confrontation with Princess Sylvia Chapter 194 Victor of the Duel Chapter 195 Four Family Alliance Chapter 196 Prisoners and Letter Chapter 197 Escort Chapter 198 Settling Down Chapter 199 Master-Disciple Conversation
Chapter 200 Reidy's Request Chapter 201 A Failed Experiment Chapter 202 Assaulted [Cliffhanger 1 of 5] Chapter 203 Grueling Battle [Cliffhanger 2 of 5] Chapter 204 Bloody Battle [Cliffhanger 3 of 5] Chapter 205 Executed [Cliffhanger 4 of 5] Chapter 206 Enslaved [Cliffhanger 5 of 5] Chapter 207 Mortification Chapter 208 Wooden Shack Chapter 209 House-building Chapter 210 Barbarians Chapter 211 Departure Chapter 212 Setting Out Chapter 213 Analysis Chapter 214 Royal Capital Chapter 215 Arrangements Chapter 216 The Decision of the Duke Chapter 217 Visit Chapter 218 Whale Island Chapter 219 Grandmaster Sid Chapter 220 Flying Fish of Dawn Chapter 221 Tax Collection Chapter 222 Arrival of the Dominion Lord Chapter 223 Tax Collector Chapter 224 Hector Chapter 225 Whitebird Restaurant Chapter 226 Farama Village Chapter 227 Imperial Capital Chapter 228 Paradise Gathering Chapter 229 Davey and the Princess Chapter 230 Face-smacking Chapter 231 Flipping Out Chapter 232 Leaving Chapter 233 Breaching Five Camps in the Night Chapter 234 Investigation Chapter 235 Discussion Chapter 236 Heading to Morante City Chapter 237 At Sea Chapter 238 Matters Back at Home Chapter 239 Port Troubles Chapter 240 The Secret of Gunpowder Chapter 241 Glassmith Chapter 242 The Curious Case of Luxcrimson Winery Chapter 243 Unforeseen Changes Chapter 244 Shocking Developments Chapter 245 Two Letters Chapter 246 Blockade at Sea Chapter 247 Bathing in Blood [Cliffhanger 2 of 3] Chapter 248 Escape [Cliffhanger 3 of 3] Chapter 249 Senbaud
Chapter 250 Threat and Expropriation Chapter 251 Dispute within the Chikdor Merchant Guild (1) Chapter 252 Dispute within the Chikdor Merchant Guild (2) Chapter 253 Mayflower Merchant Guild Assault Incident Chapter 254 Setup and Counters Chapter 255 The Glass War Chapter 256 The Haphazard War Chapter 257 Clash of the High-Tiers Chapter 258 President Peterson's Conditions Chapter 259 The Second Highness's Assault Chapter 260 The 5th Day of the 4th Month Chapter 261 Furybear Chapter 262 The First and Third Young Masters Chapter 263 Research and Improvements Chapter 264 Firearms, War News, and the Nightmare Chapter 265 Assault from the Hanayabarta Kingdom Chapter 266 The Aftermath and the March into Battle Chapter 267 The Wait Chapter 268 The Terrible State of Silowas Chapter 269 The First Household Blademaster Chapter 270 Meeting of the Four Families Chapter 271 Battle Report Chapter 272 The Death of Duke Urubaha Chapter 273 Before the Expedition Chapter 274 Money of All Things Comes the Fastest Chapter 275 Battle on Shore Chapter 276 Karman Chapter 277 Hector and the Slave Camp Chapter 278 News from Tarkel Chapter 279 Changing Strategic Arrangements Chapter 280 Encounter Chapter 281 Setup Chapter 282 Arrival Chapter 283 Royal Capital Chapter 284 Drunken Chapter 285 Dueling Grounds Chapter 286 Three Floors Underground Chapter 287 Taking Action Chapter 288 Secret Path Chapter 289 Trap Chapter 290 The Ploy Chapter 291 The Persuasion Chapter 292 Termination Chapter 293 The Death of a Nation Chapter 294 Arrangements Chapter 295 Dread Monument Chapter 296 Garrison Division Chapter 297 Surrender Chapter 298 Shocking News Chapter 299 Reconcilliation
Chapter 350 Bank, Entitlement and Real Estate Chapter 351 Update on Catapults and Cannons Chapter 352 Reidy's Encounters Chapter 353 Ambush, Pursuit and Assault Chapter 354 Demongrass Swamp Chapter 355 Gold Eagle Chapter 356 Second Highness, The Path Seeker Chapter 357 The Second Highness's Strategy Chapter 358 Made it in Time Chapter 359 Captive Chapter 360 Igloo Chapter 361 Drinking Session Chapter 362 Surprising Pledge of Loyalty Chapter 363 Banquet and Entitlement Chapter 364 Strategy and Deployment Meeting Chapter 365 Rainy Season Chapter 366 Extermination Chapter 367 City Entrance Chapter 368 Escape Chapter 369 Pursuit Chapter 370 Humiliation of the Duke Chapter 371 Arrival Chapter 372 Tower Defense Tactic Chapter 373 Onset of a Great Battle Chapter 374 Open-Field Battle Preparation Chapter 375 Victory Chapter 376 Retreat Chapter 377 Boblige Mountain Range Chapter 378 Two Pieces of Bad News Chapter 379 Eidelwoke Chapter 380 100 Thousand Barbarian Cavalry Chapter 381 The Bloody Battle of Pedro (1) Chapter 382 The Bloody Battle of Pedro (2) Chapter 383 The Eccentric Queen Chapter 384 Scheme Chapter 385 Galini Beloput Chapter 386 Three Requests Chapter 387 Property and Taxes Chapter 388 Mayor Doboff Chapter 389 Barbarians and Gold Mine Chapter 390 Jaeger's Consolidation Chapter 391 Persuasion Chapter 392 Admitting Loss Chapter 393 The Barbarians Cometh Chapter 394 Defeating the Barbarians Chapter 395 Gold Mine Obtained Chapter 396 Insomnia Chapter 397 Untitled Chapter 398 Decision Chapter 399 Effect