Chapter 220: The Trap of Bloodsucking Wood Demon

The young man sure was confident in himself. Chu Mu looked him over before speaking again, “How much are you paying?”

“Five hundred thousand.” The young man opened his mouth to say.

In the wild, the price of leading the way was never low. After all, places where one needed others to protect was definitely very dangerous. Those not powerful enough wouldn’t even be able to complete the mission.

Judging by the price of bringing a person through, one could approximate how dangerous the place was. The teen’s generous offer of 500,000 told Chu Mu that this Bloodsucking Wood Demon wasn’t any safe haven.

“Sure, if you know the way.” Chu Mu said.

“......” The teen was speechless. He originally thought Chu Mu was a local that could bring him towards the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory, but Chu Mu turned out to also have come from elsewhere, completely clueless of how to go to the territory.

“Almost no one is willing to go to the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s Territory now. Whatever, I tried going through once and remember the basic route. I think we’ll be able to find it.” The teen said.

Chu Mu nodded and asked, “Do you need any other preparation?”

“No, why?” The teen asked questioningly.

“Then let’s leave now.” Chu Mu was used to swift decisions. After accepting the bounty, he didn’t even wait for the next day, choosing to go straight ahead.

The teen stared blankly for a second before laughing, “Might as well, then let’s leave now.”

“Oh, almost forgot to introduce myself, I’m called Ting Nan.”

“Chu Chen.”


Bounties and entrustments all had levels, from the lowest first level to the highest tenth level. The bounty Chu Mu accepted was a seventh level bounty. Those daring to accept such a high danger bounty had to have strength, so the teen didn’t ask what rank soul pet trainer Chu Mu was. He only approximately knew that Chu Mu was powerful, but that was enough for him.

With the chant of an incantation, Chu Mu quickly finished the soul pact summoning. This time, Chu Mu didn’t directly summon Night Thunder Dream Beast, but instead called out Zhan Ye in front of him.

Zhan Ye’s speed and endurance was definitely weaker than the Night Thunder Dream Beasts, but they were heading to the north to look for the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, and the main objective is to train the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Zhan Ye, and Ghost King’s strength. If he summoned Night Thunder Dream Beast, sometimes Chu Mu would need to switch soul pets, which would waste a lot of soul power.

“Battle beast Mo Ye, sixth phase first stage, pretty impressive.” The teen saw that Chu Mu summoned a majestic battle beast and smiled positively as well.

The Zhan Ye raised an eyelid to look at the teen, looking completely detached and numb. When not fighting, Zhan Ye often looked proud of its power, completely disregarding others.

A soul incantation rose and the teen also summoned his soul pet. As if on purpose, the teen didn’t summon any endurance based demon soul pet, but also summoned a battle beast Mo Ye.

Covered in shining ink colored armor, with angular points and an unbreakable feel, the sturdily built tiger god displayed wildness in every step. Its reserved black eyes emitted a ruthless aura that seemed to be able to explode completely at the slightest tease!

“Sixth phase third stage battle beast Mo Ye, this teen is pretty good, having such a soul pet at this age.” Old Li opened his mouth to say.

Chu Mu voiced his agreement. Though Chu Mu was also only nineteen, two years ago, Chu Mu didn’t have a sixth phase commander rank.

Chu Mu didn’t give any comments about Ting Nan’s Mo Ye, simply riding his Mo Ye towards the north gate.

Compared to Zhan Ye’s hard and thick armor, Chu Mu still liked sitting on the back of Mo Xie and Ye’s. Their backs were much more comfortable than Zhan Ye.

Speaking of which, Chu Mu hadn’t ridden Zhan Ye before. He still remembered that in Mo Ye forest, when Zhan Ye was only fourth phase, it was still a little Mo Tiger not even a meter tall. Usually, a fourth phase Mo Ye was at least a meter tall. This was precisely because of Zhan Ye’s beast type deficit, causing him to be this weak and skinny.

Yet now, Zhan Ye’s length was already two meters long. With its powerful tail, it was near three meters long. Its jacked muscles, broad back showed a beast type soul pet’s wildness and craze. It was no longer the initial weak little Mo Ye…...

Normally speaking, a high quality commander talent soul pet was equivalent to a normal high class commander rank soul pet.

When Chu Mu had found Zhan Ye, the Zhan Ye’s beast type was as weak as a warrior rank soul pet. Now, after constant training, Chu Mu had gotten it past top tier commander rank, and it was now a formidable part of Chu Mu’s soul pets.


In the distance of fifty kilometers, if it were flat ground, it didn’t even need an hour to traverse. Yuan Forest’s terrain was decently complicated, Chu Mu and Ting Nan walked from afternoon to nightfall. They didn’t meet any soul pets, but had wasted much time trying to find the way. Finally, they found traces of Bloodsucking Wood Demons when the sun was about to disappear.

Bloodsucking Wood Demon: Plant World - Wood type - Wood Demon species - Bloodsucking Wood Demon subspecies - commander rank

Bloodsucking Wood Demons, one of the cruelest soul pets of the plant world. These organisms didn’t extract natural nutrients from dirt as fertilizer for their growth. Instead, they relied on blood. The stronger the soul pet, the more useful the blood was to them, and the faster they would increase in strength.

A trait that needed the blood of powerful beings caused it to become the most inclined to kill of all plant world soul pets. Because of this, they slowly gained the cruel, terrifying, and ruthless reputation around them.

Bloodsucking Wood was the essence of a Bloodsucking Wood Demon. Only Bloodsucking Wood Demons with great growth would have it, and the chance of obtaining it was very small. Usually, the market price was in the millions.

After Chu Mu and Ting Nan walked into the territory, they slowly started to see the partner species Green Wood Demon appear.

Green Wood Demon: Plant World - Wood Type - Wood Demon species - Green Wood Demon subspecies - warrior rank

The warrior rank Green Wood Demon were scattered in the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory. When Chu Mu and Ting Nan entered, these Green Wood Demons didn’t attack them, but instead intentionally let them into the Bloodsucking Wood Demon, also seeming like they were telling the hidden Bloodsucking Wood Demons that food was here.

“Thirteen Green Wood Demons, should we get rid of some first?” Ting Nan sent his remembrance out and captured the aura of thirteen Green Wood Demon.

“En, clean some up.” Chu Mu nodded.

The Green Wood Demon lived in Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory, and presumably, they were all the subordinates of the Bloodsucking Wood Demons. Them not attacking and simply following was probably because they were waiting for the more powerful Bloodsucking Wood Demon to appear and start the main assault. To clean the Green Wood Demons out now was also a safety measure.

The warrior rank Green Wood Demons that were all around fifth phase were no match for the two sixth phase Mo Ye’s slaughters!


Zhan Ye continuously attacked and instantly killed four Green Wood Demons, causing the surrounding Green Wood Demons to scatter with their root filled bodies, letting out shrill screams while they ran into the deep forests.


Suddenly, two branches passed through the dense tree leaves and appeared strangely in front of Chu Mu and Ting Nan, directly piercing towards Ting Nan.

These two branches travelled very quickly, able to compete with Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s piercing. Chu Mu didn’t think that he would meet a relatively powerful Bloodsucking Wood Demon this quickly.

Ting Nan’s battle beast Mo Ye reacted very quickly, jumping to the side. The two branches passed by the Mo Ye’s ink armor and, after letting out a metal screeching sound, it heavily pierced into the tree ten meters behind Ting Nan!

“Death Ray!” Chu Mu sent a command to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye’s black eyes stared at the root of the branch and lifted its head, charging a dark light in the depths of its throat. This dark light quickly coagulated into a destructive death light!

Dark light spewed out, immediately blowing up where the Bloodsucking Wood Demon was hiding.

“Watch me.” Ting Nan also laughed lightly, similarly giving a command to his own Mo Ye!

A black light coagulated in the Mo Ye’s throat and quickly became an even larger charge of dark energy. With a roar of the Mo Ye, a thick dark type beam spewed towards Bloodsucking Wood Demon!


The bush blew up there. The moment the energy blew up, they could see a dried up demon wood soul pet blow up, with parts of its body broken by the Destruction Ray.

The blood colored demon wood fell down and quickly climbed back up, let out the sound as ugly as an old man coughing, and dragged its wounded body quickly deeper into the forest.

“Haha, my Mo Ye’s Destruction Ray is stronger.” Ting Nan laughed.

“Your Mo Ye’s dark type is pretty valued?” Chu Mu asked.

The Mo Ye had a total of three types, with beast and bug as main and dark as support. The Destruction Ray was a sixth rank dark type technique, double the strength of Death Ray. The fact that it had Destruction Ray meant that his training was pretty dark type inclined.

“Not fully. My Mo Ye’s dark type talent was pretty high, so naturally in my training, I would slightly pay attention to the dark type.” Ting Nan said proudly.

Chu Mu was just about to say something when he suddenly felt something fly towards him.

Chu Mu closed his eyes and sent his remembrance out. The next moment, Chu Mu stared blankly, because there were four to five Bloodsucking Wood Demon from all directions!

Chu Mu’s face became more serious. He had just walked into the territory and haven’t even entered deeper, yet he had met this many Bloodsucking Wood Demons, this was against common sense!

“There’s a lot of Bloodsucking Wood Demons nearby, you be careful yourself……” Chu Mu was just about to remind Ting Nan, but when he turned around, he suddenly found that Ting Nan had rode his soul pet towards a dense forest spot on the side without even turning around.

Watching Ting Nan’s escaping back image, Chu Mu suddenly realized something. The danger that Yu Lang and Feng Ya had just faced had befallen him quickly!