The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Alternative Names:仙王的日常生活

Genre:Xianxia, Slice Of Life, Comedy, Adventure, School Life

Authors:枯玄, Kuxuan



As a cultivation genius who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old, Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his control. But now that he’s sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet – Senior High School. With one challenge after another popping up, his plans for a low-key high school life seem further and further away…

Wang Ling: I just want to eat my crispy noodle snacks in peace…

Father Wang: If you’re careless enough to destroy the country, it’s coming out of your pocket money.

Wang Ling: It’s not my fault that the backlash from punching me kills you.

Chapter 1047 - The Great Earthquake Chapter 1048 - Miss Little Liang Chapter 1049 - Lie Detectors In the Cultivation World Chapter 1050 - Court Hearings In the Cultivation World Chapter 1043 - The Second Force Chapter 1044 - Why Are the Melon-Eating Masses Called as Such? Chapter 1045 - Lee Zheng Tan’s Business Chapter 1046 - Why Are Southern Cockroaches So Big? Chapter 1042 - Abnormal Realm Growth Chapter 1041 - Sinner Chapter 1036 - The Hostage Situation at Magic Treasure Development University Chapter 1037 - The Case Back Then Chapter 1038 - A Case Of Magic Treasure Design Plagiarism Chapter 1039 - The Truth From Three Years Ago Chapter 1040 - A Thought-Provoking Interrogation Chapter 1: The “Richest” of the Rich Chapter 2: Huaguo Water Curtain Group Chapter 3: Sky-Swallowing Toad Chapter 4: The One-In-A-Million Imperial Aura Chapter 5: Someone Else’s Child Chapter 6: The First Day of School Chapter 7: The Great Teacher Pan Chapter 8: The Mysterious Legend of No. 60 High School Chapter 9: Loopy Toad and Dopey the Parrot Chapter 10: The Truth from Six Years Ago Chapter 11: Date a Live Chapter 12: The Xiao Family Compound’s Sightseeing Spots Chapter 13: Two Slain by “Angry Buddha Fire Lotus” Chapter 14: Unreliable Lies and Slander Chapter 15: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip Chapter 16: There Is a Rip-Roaring Wind Today Chapter 17: It Was Just a F**king Ordinary High School Student! Chapter 18: Chief School Guard Old Li Chapter 19: The Most Fearsome Air Is Suddenly Calm Chapter 20: The Number One Weapon Hidden on School Grounds Chapter 21: A Dog Chapter 22: This Dog Is Abnormal! Chapter 23: Just Came to be Made Fun of Chapter 24: Mascot Wang Ling Chapter 25: An Unexpected Guest Chapter 26: The Daily Life of a Mantis Shrimp Chapter 27: Cunning Headmaster Chen Chapter 28: Wang Ling’s Small Wooden Sword Chapter 29: In the Flush of the Spring Wind the Horse Runs Fast... Chapter 30: When Two Women Do Battle, Someone Is Going to Die Chapter 31: Samsung Formation Flag Chapter 32: A Mysterious Force from the East Chapter 33: Lotus Sun’s Domain Chapter 34: The Ongoing Might of Lotus Sun’s Domain Chapter 35: No. 60 Demolition Squad and the Pengci Gang
Chapter 36: Pengci Gang, Peiyuan District Branch Chapter 37: Twenty-Four True Words Chapter 38: Old Antique’s Charisma and Substance Chapter 39: Dangerous Radio Gymnastics Chapter 40: Dopey the Cool and Aloof Parrot Chapter 41: Bird Feather Prediction Chapter 42: Old Antique’s Education Policy Chapter 43: Senior He’s Revenge Chapter 44: A Chance Encounter Between a Cat and a Human Chapter 45: Wang Ling Is Lei Feng Chapter 46: Sad Odd Zhuo Chapter 47: As Soon as There Is an Opportunity Before You... Chapter 48: Miss Dong Chapter 49: Mother Juan from the World of Black Cuisine Chapter 50: Our Theme Song (A Must-Read Side Story) Chapter 51: Pretending to Be a Cultivator Chapter 52: An Official Counterfeit Is the Most Deadly Chapter 53: Elder Sister, You May Not Believe Me... Chapter 54: A Brainless Kidnapper Chapter 55: Immortal Meow Chapter 56: Looking for Zheng Tan Chapter 57: Zheng Tan’s Independent Regiment Chapter 58: Second Battalion Commander! You Son of a B*tch... Chapter 59: Yidali Research Bureau for Unique Artifacts Chapter 60: She’s Hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction Chapter 61: Elder Brother’s Original Intention Chapter 62: My Silly Otouto Chapter 63: Comrade Odd Zhuo Is Awesome! Chapter 64: Spirit Sword Exchange Meet Chapter 65: Welcome to Cultivator’s Rift Chapter 66: The Support’s Path Toward Becoming Rich Chapter 67: Body Movement Without Movement Chapter 68: The Team Battle Can Be Lost, but Wang Ling Must Die Chapter 69: Back Then on Mount Wuqing and Malan Hill... Chapter 70: A Spirit Sword Is Like Its Master Chapter 71: The Second Half of “Jingke Assassinates Emperor is...Qin” Chapter 72: Holding Onto Thighs Chapter 73: Is Little Xuan Here? Chapter 74: Father Wang’s Daily Life of Looking for Inspiration Chapter 75: The Weekend Is Naturally For Studying! Chapter 76: Learning Makes Me Happy Chapter 77: Do You Know the Reason Why You Lost? Chapter 78: Super High School Level Deputy Director Chapter 79: Odd Zhuo’s Family Heirlooms Chapter 80: The Terrified Monkey Coder Little Black Chapter 81: Online Shopping for Cultivators Chapter 82: Remember to Include the Delivery Fee... Chapter 83: The Woes of Romance Chapter 84: Déjà Vu Menu Chapter 85: Cursed Stone Ghost Mask
Chapter 86: Two-Week Semester Curse Chapter 87: Forbidden to Keep Dogs Chapter 88: Your Son Looks Just Like You Chapter 89: A Target? Chapter 90: There Was a Girl, She Was a Little... Chapter 91: The Proper Way to Open a Cultivation Group Chat Chapter 92: Shock! The Real Reason for the Owner’s Disappearance Is... Chapter 93: Can the Group Chat Still Be So High Without Wifi? Chapter 94: The Most Horrifying Thing Chapter 95: It’s an Unnatural Morning Chapter 96: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip Chapter 97: There Is a Mo Immortal Castle in Legend Chapter 98: Heard That the Parent-Teacher Conference Is the Cause of Roast Meat with Bamboo Shoots Chapter 99: Devil Emperor Gua Pi’s Weakness Chapter 100: Father Wang’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception Chapter 101: Even an Extortion Should Be Gracefully Done Chapter 102: Bloody Hell!! There Is Even This Way?! Chapter 103: Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal Is Shocked Once Again Chapter 104: I Think It Can Still Be Salvaged... Chapter 105: A Wronged Child over Two Thousand Years Old Chapter 106: Camera Knockoffs Are Really Awesome! Chapter 107: Loopy Toad’s Human Observation Diary Chapter 108: The Wang Ling Aid Project Chapter 109: Lin Xiaocong’s Fish-Slaying Sword Chapter 110: A Student’s Nightmare Is the Home Visit! Chapter 111: Don’t Lose to the Storm of First Love! Chapter 112: Don’t Forget the Rainbow After the Storm Chapter 113: Give Me a “Fighting Lion” Chapter 114: Brother Ling, Come over for a Bit... Chapter 115: Come! Let You Cop a Feel! Chapter 116: Even a Soul Formation Cultivator Should Abide by Basic Laws Chapter 117: If the World Insults Me, Curses Me, Betrays Me, What to Do? Chapter 118: Senior Great Saint, Are You Alright? Chapter 119: Senior Second Saint, Are You Alright?! Chapter 120: Haven’t Dropped Dead Yet, but on the Way to It Chapter 121: Are You Senior Killer Taoist? Chapter 122: I Don’t Want Such A Plot Twist! Chapter 123: Like Father, Like Son Chapter 124: Experienced Officer Wang Chapter 125: I, Internet Celebrity Father Wang, Am a Fierce Man of Few Words Chapter 126: Wang Situ in a Fury over a Beauty Chapter 127: Evil Monarch Jun Xie Chapter 128: Father Wang’s Most Powerful Fan Chapter 129: Which Old Leader Is This? Chapter 130: Filming the Second Season of Train to Busan?! Chapter 131: Victory for the People of Chaoyang Chapter 132: The Upcoming, Extremely Nasty Physical Exam Before Military Training Chapter 133: Little Peanut Has Finally Grown Up! Chapter 134: Midnight Dining Hall Chapter 135: Crushing a Dream with a Poisonous Tongue
Chapter 136: The Most Precious Thing About a Dream Chapter 137: What Is South Tianhe’s Specialty? Chapter 138: I Have a Bold Idea Chapter 139: Director Li’s Great Senior Chapter 140: The Lord of the Castle Wants to Make Trouble Yet Again Chapter 141: There Are Times When Being Bald Won’t Help You Get Stronger Chapter 142: The Most Powerful Means of Transportation on Earth Chapter 143: Do You Know Who the Owner Is? Chapter 144: The Obsessiveness of a Scapegoat! Chapter 145: Ling Zhenren’s ‘Mwah Mwah’ Chapter 146: Tough People, Tough Pigs, Tough Trees Chapter 147: Has Death Come? Chapter 148: It’s Impossible to Eat and Not Get Fat Chapter 149: Shock! The Real Godly Weapon Is Actually... Chapter 150: God-Level Long Johns Chapter 151: Studying Medicine Won’t Save Cultivators! Chapter 152: People with Slit Eyes Are Monsters! Chapter 153: You Need a Bag of Laundry Detergent Chapter 154: Senior Wang’s Home is Full of Treasure Chapter 155: A Lewd Female Cultivator Chapter 156: I Don't Want This Gift! Chapter 157: A Large Roulingzhi in the Air! Chapter 158: Where Does the Power of Forgiveness Come From? Chapter 159: The Daily Life of Loopy Toad Chapter 160: Loopy Toad Is One Hundred and Eighty Centimeters Tall Today Chapter 161: A Haircut Needs to Be Fresh and Original Chapter 162: Life Is a Circle Chapter 163: How Was the Stone Ghost Mask Made? Chapter 164: Some Were Happy, Some Were Worried Chapter 165: What Had She Done In Prison? Chapter 166: Weapon of Mass Destruction Chapter 167: Ling Zhenren’s Family Cat Is Missing Chapter 168: Exactly How Strong Is the Independent Regiment? Chapter 169: At Least Gang Up Before a Fight Chapter 170: Wasn’t It Agreed That Animals Couldn’t Be “Awakened”?! Chapter 171: A Strange Light In Its Eyes Chapter 172: Those Who Don’t Eat Crispy Noodle Snacks Are Definitely Not Friendly Chapter 173: Little Sister Ying Fell from the Sky Chapter 174: Always Be on the Alert! Chapter 175: Guo Uncles Everywhere Chapter 176: Shadow Stream Has been Annihilated; Is Mo Immortal Castle Not Far Behind? Chapter 177: There’s a Huge Problem with This Information Chapter 178: The Key to Increasing Your Height Is to Break Your Legs Chapter 179: Lie Mengmeng, Someone Has Stolen Your White Bunny Slippers! Chapter 180: Old Antique’s Gossip Time Chapter 181: Bandit Evil, Cold Wind and Teacher Killer Chapter 182: Working With Gua Pi Chapter 183: Give You a Pair of Floral Shorts Chapter 184: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Chapter 185: The Lurkers Are All Big Shots
Chapter 186: Too Bad He’s Gay! Chapter 187: Stand Back, My Venerable Self Is Going to Put On a Show! Chapter 188: Who Is the Real Boss in the Takeout World? Chapter 189: Oh My... Chapter 190: The No. 2 Scapegoat Chapter 191: I Think It Can Still Be Rescued Chapter 192: Hurray for Ling Zhenren Chapter 193: The Old Devil’s Secret Space Chapter 194: I’m a Good Person, But I’m Not the Holy Mother! Chapter 195: Do You Think the Power of Lightning Is Only Used for Teaching? Chapter 196: Godly Thunder Inheritance Chapter 197: After a Light Tremor of the Body... Chapter 198: Come on, You’re so Weak, Hey Chapter 199: You, Zhenren, Are Zhenren Chapter 200: From Baicao Garden to Sanwei ...Study Chapter 201: An Arrow Piercing the Sky... Chapter 202: Bewildered Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal Chapter 203: Kill this Master-Con! Chapter 204: A Man from Immortal Mansion Will Never Admit Defeat Chapter 205: Golden Flash And Silver Lightning Chapter 206: Ai, Another One Has Bite the Dust... Chapter 207: Mercury Retrograde Is Too Powerful! Chapter 208: The Old Devil’s Invasion Plan Chapter 209: You Idiot! Chapter 210: There Are Still Nine Other People as Awesome as General Yi Chapter 211: A Qigong Wave Without Waves... Chapter 212: ‘Fashionable’ Patriarch Reliance Chapter 213: All of You Have Overlooked a Bug Chapter 214: My Contemporaries Make Me Look Evil in Contrast Chapter 215: Dopey Guo Spiraling Into the Sky Chapter 216: Wang Ming’s Counterattack Chapter 217: Ouqimanman Chapter 218: A Devil and Also a Devoted Lover Chapter 219: You Are Already Dead... Chapter 220: Ancient Barter Array Chapter 221: Dog God Chapter 222: The Way for Humans to Live in Harmony with Animals Chapter 223: Will I Become the Strongest Moron?! Chapter 224: The Correct Way to Use “Impure Earth Reincarnation” Chapter 225: The Marvelous Error in Understanding Chapter 226: Déjà Vu Act Chapter 227: It Used to Be a King... Chapter 228: Old Li, Breaking Down Chapter 229: I Want You! Chapter 230: You’ve Succeeded in Getting My Attention! Chapter 231: The Legendary “According to Plan”? Chapter 232: Throwing a Cup as the Signal! Chapter 233: The Old Devil’s Dignity Chapter 234: A One-Thousand-Year Old Farce Chapter 235: Spirit Shackles
Chapter 236: The Astrology Heir Song Cai Chapter 237: Song Cai, Breaking Down Chapter 238: The King of Laying Low in No. 60 High School Chapter 239: Open the Door! Let Jingke Out! Chapter 240: The Same Eyes as Ling Zhenren Chapter 241: The Wang Family’s Small Villa is Full of Big Shots! Chapter 242: Those Enlightened Big Shots Chapter 243: The Multi-Purpose Holy Relic Chapter 244: If I Can Lie On Ling Zhenren’s Bed Someday... Chapter 245: Your Lao Tan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles Have Arrived Chapter 246: A Spirit Sword Collector Maniac Chapter 247: Can Only Become a Big Shot Through Study Chapter 248: Loopy Toad’s Dream Chapter 249: Your Stamina Sucks! Chapter 250: I'm Not His Little Sister... Chapter 251: Fatty Luo Metalware Chapter 252: Perpetual! Motion! Machine?! Chapter 253: Fatty Luo’s Collection Chapter 254: You're Not Acting It Right! Chapter 255: Your Son Has Been Enlightened! Chapter 256: Lord Jingke Is Really Too Cool! Chapter 257: New Transfer Student Chapter 258: Old Antique’s Gossip Time Chapter 259: White Night Spell Chapter 260: The Forty-Meter Broadsword Can’t Be Put Back Chapter 261: This Guy Was Doing It on Purpose! Chapter 262: Our Family Runs a Noodles Shop! Chapter 263: The Phantom Sixth Man... Lie Mengmeng! Chapter 264: Who Says All Novel Editors Are Damn Fat Nerds?! Chapter 265: Only Learning Can Make You Happy? Chapter 266: RuleBreakers Chapter 267: A Renminbi Player Has No Fear Chapter 268: Like Squeezing a Pissing Beef Ball with One Hand Chapter 269: “Open Cabinet and Kill” Should Also Follow The Basic Rules! Chapter 270: All Mensao People Like to Use Ellipses! Chapter 271: Do You Know What It Feels Like to Encounter a Bug? Chapter 272: This Is What a Big Shot Is Probably Like... Chapter 273: Unquantifiable Data Chapter 274: A Conversation Between Immortals Chapter 275: How Do You Increase Rapport with a Sword Spirit? Chapter 276: Go! Brother Ling! Let’s Go Beat Up Tyrants! Chapter 277: Brother Toya Is Also Full of Vigor Today! Chapter 278: Fate... Is So Ineffable Chapter 279: Wang Lost On a Journey Chapter 280: How Ling Zhenren Becomes Stronger! Chapter 281: The Thoughtful Disciple Chapter 282: Are You Teacher Wang Ling? Chapter 283: Boy, You Have Potential! Chapter 284: Tremble With Déjà Vu Chapter 285: Brother Ling, Can You Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?
Chapter 286: Set Off Firecrackers For You Ahead Of Time Chapter 287: Give These Two Aunties Cappuccinos! Chapter 288: Great Minds Think Alike Chapter 289: Who Is The Real Cross-Dressing Big Shot? Chapter 290: Who Is Your Plastic Surgeon? Chapter 291: Get a Hold of Yourselves! Chapter 292: So Cute, They’re Definitely Guys! Chapter 293: Intrinsic Spirit Field Chapter 294: In Theory Chapter 295: Everyone Has a Responsibility to Care for Animals Chapter 296: You Are My... Chapter 297: I Don’t Want to Be a Silk Banner! Chapter 298: Help Me Nail Down The Coffin Lid! Chapter 299: Fang Xing’s Identity Chapter 300: Hundred Swords Demonstration! Chapter 301: Villains Who Talk Too Much Die Chapter 302: The Heavenly Materials Sword’s Eight Hearts and Arrows Chapter 303: Heh, Na?ve... Chapter 304: The King of Sword SpiritsThe brown sword light surged forth from the black space channel, illuminating all the glaciers in the spirit field. Chapter 305: Ling Zhenren’s Intrinsic Spirit Field Chapter 306: Ling Zhenren’s Exclusive Sealed Lips Package Chapter 307: A Heartwarming Little Story Chapter 308: Our Shiye Must Be So Outstanding! Chapter 309: Dharmaraja’s Girlfriends Chapter 310: Damn Brother-Con! Chapter 311: We Are Focused On the Wrong Thing Chapter 312: A New Backer Chapter 313: Real Son and Fake Son Chapter 314: The Mysterious Substance in the Heavenly Materials Sword Chapter 315: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip Chapter 316: Taoist Taotie and Qiongchi Sect Chapter 317: Taoist Taotie And Gorgeous Itinerant Chapter 318: Shuigou Sect Chapter 319: Kitchen Knife Sect Chapter 320: Running for the Parents Committee Chapter 321: Brother, Give Me a Light Chapter 322: Do You See That Pretty Boy Up Ahead with the Dead Fish Eyes? Chapter 323: The Most Important Thing for a Family Is to Be Neat and Tidy Chapter 324: My Cellmates and Me... Chapter 325: There Is Only One Truth! Chapter 326: Taoist Taotie Chapter 327: There Are Three People With Such Precise Aim! Chapter 328: Loopy Toad’s Boring Dog Life Chapter 329: Dog Lovers Voice Strong Condemnation Chapter 330: Ling Zhenren’s Strength Is Called Into Question! Chapter 331: You Have to Act Based On the Expression in His Eyes! Chapter 332: There Is a Traitor In Our Midst Chapter 333: The Great Ancestor of Killers Chapter 334: The World Is So Damn Small Chapter 335: A Decent Fatty Becomes Bent Just Like That
Chapter 336: Ai, Wait! Don’t Go Offline! Chapter 337: No Zuo No Die Chapter 338: The Reason for Father Wang Dragging His Feet Chapter 339: Stay There and Don’t Move Chapter 340: Magnificent Immortal’s Depository of Buddhist Texts Chapter 341: Fruit Chapter 342: Abbot Zhihu’s Life Philosophy Chapter 343: Completely Unexpected Chapter 344: Ai... Being a Tsundere Can Ruin One’s Life! Chapter 345: Going After the Chuunibyou Chapter 346: The Correct Pose in Full Armor Chapter 347: You Have to Start on Crispy Noodle Snacks As a Child Chapter 348: The Strongest Brain Chapter 349: I'm Just An Ordinary Person! Chapter 350: What Is the Meaning Behind the Gyro Needle? Chapter 351: Extra Skills Are No Burden for the Man Who Roams the World Chapter 352: Everyday Chapter 353: Bro...ther Fang Xing? Chapter 354: Lie Mengmeng's Psychiatric Treatment Chapter 355: Descendants of the Flame Emperor Chapter 356: Parents and Teachers Chapter 357: The Moment You Open the Delivery 358 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers One 359 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers Two 360 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers Three 361 Gorgeous Itinerant's Great Weapon 362 Old Antique's Epilogue – Demon World Holy Water One 363 Old Antique's Epilogue – Demon World Holy Water Two 364 Old Antique's Epilogue – Demon World Holy Water Three 365 This is Not Safe for Children to Look At! 366 The Tree Brothers 367 I Have Consummate Archery Skills! 368 An Insect Peddler 369 Ling Zhenren’s Lottery Draw 370 “Immortal King Heart Sutra” Beta Version 50 Our Theme Song A Must-Read Side Story 71 The Second Half of “Jingke Assassinates Emperor Qin” is... 84 Déjà Vu Menu 303 Heh, Na?ve... 315 Old Antique’s Time for Gossip 371 What a Loss... Chapter 372 Society of Saints Chapter 373 Elite of the Elite Chapter 374 Sorrowful Little Silver Chapter 375 Share a Bit About Your Soul Pets Chapter 376 This Dog... Is So Awesome Chapter 377 Pushing Large Butterfly Chapter 378 A Slick Middle-Aged Man Who Raises Penguins Chapter 379 Targeted? Chapter 380 Look! A UFO!
Chapter 381 A Knockoff Organization Chapter 382 Pet Hunters Chapter 383 Scary Landlord Chapter 384 Why Isn't Loopy Toad Back Yet? Chapter 385 The Sky King Covers the Ground Tiger Chapter 386 Wei Zhi’s Strength Chapter 387 Wang Ling's Remote Assistance Chapter 388 The Legendary Deer Demon... Chapter 389 Your Good Friend Odd Zhuo Is Online! Chapter 390 Little Silver Wants to Rebel! Chapter 391 The White-Faced Girl Chapter 392 Moving the Orange Trees Daily is Very Tiring! Chapter 393 Trapped Senior Pang Chapter 394 The Truth About the Gate Between Worlds Chapter 395 Immortal’s Treasure House Chapter 396 What Use Are Crispy Noodle Snacks Chapter 397 Stiff Face, Kind Hear Chapter 398 Big Shots Eat the Same Thing Chapter 399 Suffer Because of a Lack of Culture! Chapter 400 Loopy Toad's Status in the Harem Chapter 401 Little Silver’s Battle Chapter 402 It Was Really a Sudden Death... Chapter 403 Little Silver is Arrested Once Again Chapter 404 What Fur Chapter 405 Carrying an Old Man Around Chapter 406 Ling Zhenren Learns to Refine Weapons in Ten Minutes! Chapter 407 Is Refining Weapons That Hard? Chapter 408 Eight Classes of Divine Weapons Chapter 409 Just Poke A Hole Through the Middle Chapter 410 Taoist Guang Sees the Light Again Chapter 411 If You Eat More Chicken, You Can Do it Too! Chapter 412 Modern Rules of Sacrifice Chapter 413 Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s Magically Changed Song Chapter 414 Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s Shocking Secre Chapter 415 It’s Fun Being Cheeky! Chapter 416 Senior Ling is Really Angry! Chapter 417 Immortal Toya's Chrysanthemum Island Chapter 418 Senior Immortal Does Have a Problem, and It’s a Big One Chapter 419 Immortal Toya's Indirect Attack Chapter 420 Nine Times Man and His Dream of the Performing Arts Chapter 421 Come, Let's Listen to a Song First and Calm Down Chapter 422 This is ♂ Respect for a Friend! Chapter 423 Little Silver's “Romantic Encounter” Chapter 424 Why Is the Entire World Against Me, Little Silver... Chapter 425 General Yi's Junior Brother Chapter 426 Ten-Meter Sword God Chen Nanxuan Chapter 427 Clues to the Immortal’s Treasure House Chapter 428 Ling Zhenren Teaches You How to Deal with Sword Qi! Chapter 429 A New Internet Celebrity in the Live Streaming Industry Chapter 430 Light Chaser
Chapter 431 Happy Barbeque Festival, Everyone! Chapter 432 Loopy Toad is Dreaming Again Chapter 433 Types of Internet Trolls and Their Traits Chapter 434 Ling Zhenren Wishes Everyone A Prosperous New Year! Chapter 435 Cooking Inspiration Chapter 436 Evil Sword God Steps Into the World Chapter 437 Cheat Diviner Reed’s Divination Skill Chapter 438 Long Johns Save His Life... Chapter 439 Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's Death? Chapter 440 When Fighting, Be a Little Less Complicated... Chapter 441 Cut Him Down! Chapter 442 What Does it Feel Like to Hold a Big Shot? Chapter 443 Evil Sword God Doubts Life Chapter 444 A Sword Falling from the Sky... Chapter 445 Jingke’s Ultimate Move Chapter 446 An Old Immortal Shoulders Responsibility, Magic Without End Chapter 447 Guys Who Have to Make Up Homework, You're Running Out of Time! Chapter 448 Gathering of Bigwigs in Songhai Prison Chapter 449 Responsibility... Shows up on Its Own! Chapter 450 Inheriting the Power of Sword Dao Chapter 451 How to Verify Evil Sword God's Identity? Chapter 452 My Noble Spi Chapter 453 Daoist Guang’s Battlegrounds Chapter 454 Interaction! Chapter 455 A Katana in One Hand and a Frying Pan In the Other Chapter 456 A Frog Cannot Defeat a Pheasan Chapter 457 Details Decide Everything Chapter 458 You Go and Be Bait... Chapter 459 Newbies Are Monsters! Chapter 460 Meeting Is the Destiny Which Is Too Wonderful for Words... Chapter 461 Loopy Toad’s Nest Egg Chapter 462 Daoist Guang’s Figurine Plan Chapter 463 Honest Person Ling Zhenren Chapter 464 Destitute and Dejected Mo Immortal Castle Chapter 465 The Demon Hunters Association That Has Yet to Die Chapter 466 Wind of Regret Sword and Cloud Movement Sword Chapter 467 Mo Immortal Castle Has Found a Patron! Chapter 468 Nine Thousand Cheeky Kicks of Spirit Dog Chapter 469 Little Silver is Dealt Critical Damage! Chapter 470 Loopy Toad’s Source of Income Chapter 471 Can Crispy Noodle Snacks Really Help Cultivation? Chapter 472 The Modern Cultivator’s Skills Store Chapter 473 I’m Just Asking Chapter 474 The King of Making Things Up, Next to You Chapter 475 Wei Zhi’s Worry Chapter 476 Dog Two Is Gone Chapter 477 Loopy Toad’s Thoughts Chapter 478 Battle Saint Jiang Lei Chapter 479 Wei Zhi’s Gif Chapter 480 Mysterious Broken Bone
Chapter 481 Vice President's Fenrir Chapter 482 Don’t Touch Azeroth's Children Chapter 483 Little Silver's "Resentment" Toward the Floor Chapter 484 Mr Lu On the Way to Court Death Chapter 485 Ling Zhenren Decides to Join the Battle Chapter 486 Good Good Study Chapter 487 Don’t Underestimate Water Friends Chapter 488 Father Wang’s Secre Chapter 489 Mr Lu Meets Death Valiantly... Chapter 490 The Marvelous Effect of Crispy Noodle Snacks Chapter 491 The Three Great Families of Passive Kings Chapter 492 Wang Ling’s Primordial Qi Chapter 493 Heartbroken Mr Lu Chapter 494 Mr Lu, Tenacious at Staying Alive Chapter 495 The Big Shot You’re Looking For is Sitting There Chapter 496 Anti-Cheat Punishment Software Chapter 497 Cheats Adjudicator Chapter 498 I’ll Grab a Bite of Broccoli Salad and Chill Out... Chapter 499 Wang Zilong Is Here! Chapter 500 Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's "Bang" Performance Chapter 501 Showdown On Top of The Crane Chapter 502 A Fight Between Immortals Chapter 503 Selling the Game to You for Just Ninety-Eight HNY Is a Real Loss Chapter 504 Wang Ming Who Was Only Cool for Three Seconds Chapter 505 Wang Ling Has Already Seen Through Everything Chapter 506 Mr Lu’s Wonderful Use Chapter 507 With All Due Respect... Chapter 508 The Wu What Umbrella?! Chapter 509 The Truth About the Extinction of the Holy Beasts Chapter 510 Technique for Using a Silver Bell Chapter 511 People Should Give Each Other Space! Chapter 512 The Tattoo On Wang Ming's Stomach Chapter 513 Wang Ming's Life is in Danger! Chapter 514 Wang Ming's Great Ambition Chapter 515 The True Face of Primordial Qi Chapter 516 How Many Other Undisclosed Inventions Does Wang Ming Have? Chapter 517 Ling Zhenren Is Very Considerate Chapter 518 I’m Just Passing Through... Chapter 519 Ah! It’s a Light! Chapter 520 Dog of Salvation Chapter 521 Immortal Zhenyuan's Three Views Are Refreshed Chapter 522 Grade Twelve Spell Chapter 523 Immortal Zhenyuan Makes a Very Important Decision! Chapter 524 Loopy Dog's Fanboy! Chapter 525 I'm Just Passing By... Chapter 526 International True Immortal Convention Chapter 527 I Want to Learn From Senior Dog! Chapter 528 Plans to Catch President Bai Chapter 529 Dog Bapi and Scoundrel Silver Chapter 530 Dog Two’s Paranoia
Chapter 531 When Can I Live With Master Chapter 532 Little Silver's Takeout Delivery Chapter 533 Eat Your Fill So That You Have the Strength to Cultivate! Chapter 534 The Bone King’s Origin Chapter 535 The Bone King‘s Use Chapter 536 - Teacher Pan Is Truly Teacher Pan! Chapter 537 - Dopey Guo’s Uncle Wei Chapter 538 - King of Holy Beasts, “Devil King” Chapter 539 - A Smith’s Romance! Chapter 540 - Cultivating Basic Dog Skills Chapter 541 - Set a Small Target for Yourself Chapter 542 - Please Break The Sky Open With Me! Chapter 543 - Ten Generals! Chapter 544 - Humanoid Magic Treasure Chapter 545 - Real and Fake Remains Chapter 546 - An E-Bomb Raining Down From Above Chapter 547 - I’ve Taken a Fancy to the Old Man at the Door Chapter 548 - Wang Situ’s Counterattack Chapter 549 - Lie Mengmeng Is Stupefied! Chapter 550 - The Unperturbed Editorial Office Chapter 551 - Senior Odd Zhuo, Do You Do Online Relationships Chapter 552 - Wang Ling, Why Don’t You Roll Up Your Pant Legs? Chapter 553 - How To Deal With a Troll Chapter 554 - The Importance of Encouragement! Chapter 555 - The Informant’s Address Chapter 556 - President Qi Struck Down By “Friendly Fire”... Chapter 557 - Old Antique’s Gossip Time Chapter 558 - Loopy Toad’s Customized Magic Treasure Chapter 559 - Versatile Bone King Chapter 560 - Loopy Toad’s Battle Music Chapter 561 - The Correct Way to Delay Updates? Chapter 562 - Wang Ling’s Medicine Ball Test Chapter 563 - Wang Ling’s Medicine Ball Chapter 564 - You Have Completely No Idea What Happened Chapter 565 - The New Generation Of Scapegoats Chapter 566 - My And Brother Dog’s True Love! Chapter 567 - Brother Dog, You Roar Too! Chapter 568 - Bone King’s Intimidation Chapter 569 - Good Luck, Little Xia! Chapter 570 - Jinbei Ignored Chapter 571 - Golden Bell Shield, Iron Cloth Chapter 572 - Floating Waves Sound Belch, Ultimate Edition! Chapter 573 - Bone King’s Unconventional Transformation Chapter 574 - The Basic Dog Skills Are Invincible Chapter 575 - To Catch Wei Zhi’s Eye Definitely Isn’t Simple Chapter 576 - Father Wang’s Romance Chapter 577 - The Starry Sky’s Language of Love Chapter 578 - Wei Zhi Is Dangerous Chapter 579 - Demon Saint’s Secret Chapter 580 - The Aftereffects of “Basic Dog Skills”
Chapter 581 - Dog Two’s Journey to the Demon World Chapter 582 - The Green Light In the Dream Chapter 583 - Across the Span of the Three Major Territories... Chapter 584 - The Return of the King Chapter 585 - The Green Light Which Floods the Horizon Chapter 586 - Are You Stupid Or What? Chapter 587 - Demon Saint Is An Astute Person Chapter 588 - Ling Zhenren’s Gaze Chapter 589 - I Am the Supreme King’s... Chapter 590 - Daoist Bronze Turtle Fails to Keep His Human Form Chapter 591 - The Smackdown Is Just Starting... Chapter 592 - I’m Old and a Little Tired... Chapter 593 - The Plan to Unite the Demon World Chapter 594 - Dog Two Who Is Concerned About the Demon World Chapter 595 - Whack-A-Mole Chapter 596 - It Has to Be Befitting Chapter 597 - The Actors in Place Chapter 598 - The Soul Returns to the Kerosene Lamp Chapter 599 - A Clash of Heavenly Dao Chapter 600 - I Already Have the Certificate Chapter 601 - How Do You Become a Successful Demon? Chapter 602 - Dog Two’s Excitement Chapter 603 - The Secret of the Holy Pillar Chapter 604 - Demon Saint’s Gift Chapter 605 - Elder Wen’s Speculation Chapter 606 - Why Did You Come Here? Chapter 607 - The Most Pitiful Demon Saint in History Chapter 608 - A Monster in the Space Rift Chapter 609 - Operation Error! Chapter 610 - From Today Onwards I’m Going to Become a Dog Lover! Chapter 611 - The Secret of the Demon World’s Holy Pillar Chapter 612 - You Saying Nothing Doesn’t Mean Ling Zhenren Doesn’t Know Chapter 613 - This Won’t Do! It Can’t Go on Like This! Chapter 614 - Little Silver’s Prop Chapter 615 - Beware the Driver with Fake Plates! Chapter 616 - So No. 60 High School Is the Secret Weapon Chapter 617 - To Be Or Not to Be Chapter 618 - Little Silver Is Caught Once Again Chapter 619 - Is Secretary Yan’s Chest Hard? Chapter 620 - Brother Gluten and Wandering Poet Chapter 621 - Clues On Primordial Qi Chapter 622 - Three Views-Shattering Hammer Chapter 623 - The Culprit is Heavenly Dao Chapter 624 - Make a Deal With Heavenly Dao Chapter 625 - We Can Also Clobber That Bunch of Bangzi From Nanhan Nation! Chapter 626 - Little Silver’s Express Delivery Chapter 627 - Little Silver’s Headband Chapter 628 - Little Silver’s First Assignment Chapter 629 - Don’t Use a Traitorous Company Chapter 630 - The Unit of Measurement for Strength
Chapter 631 - Little Silver’s All-Purpose Phlegm Chapter 632 - Why Didn’t You Go All Out? Chapter 633 - There’s Something Wrong with Your Line of Thinking Chapter 634 - I Was Obviously Here First! Chapter 635 - Insurance of One Hundred Million Chapter 636 - One Hundred Million Is Extravagant and a Waste! Chapter 637 - Little Master Chapter 638 - Spirit Energy Inhibitor Chapter 639 - Immortal Zhenyuan’s Crisis Chapter 640 - Young Kun! Chapter 641 - The Angler’s Probe Chapter 642 - Puppet Gu Spell Chapter 643 - The Secret in the Kun’s Belly Chapter 644 - A Pleasant Surprise After Disembowelment Chapter 645 - The Sleeping Girl Chapter 646 - Damn! A Heart-Pounding Feeling! Chapter 647 - Quick-Witted Immortal Toya Chapter 648 - A Precious Gift at the First Meeting Chapter 649 - Idol Power! Chapter 650 - The First International Knife Maintenance Competition Chapter 651 - Little Silver’s New Inspiration Chapter 652 - Did Outstanding People Take Supplementary Lessons On the Sly? Chapter 653 - A Piece of Advice From the Lord of Mo Immortal Castle Chapter 654 - Mother Juan’s Food Tasting Event Chapter 655 - The Parent Who Didn’t Collapse Chapter 656 - Elder Ji Xing Is Moved Chapter 657 - Pitiful Elder Ji Xing Chapter 658 - The Side Effects of Mother Juan’s Cooking Chapter 659 - Elites from Sun Island Chapter 660 - Perhaps The Most Tragic Villain Chapter 661 - Exams Might Be postponed, But Never Canceled! Chapter 662 - Long Johns Chapter 663 - My Ultimate Move Is Just Two Words! Chapter 664 - The Death of Elder Yin Chapter 665 - All For One! Chapter 666 - Elder Poisonous Dragon Chapter 667 - The Person You Want to Kill Is Great Death-Courting Senior Chapter 668 - The Bumpy Road To An Offensive Strike Chapter 669 - Elder Poisonous Dragon Who Doubts Life Chapter 670 - Yet Another Lunatic Chapter 671 - Elder Yaren Retrieving the Body Chapter 672 - Elder Aunt! Chapter 673 - A Smooth Path to Retrieval Chapter 674 - Crushing Allies Chapter 675 - Sorry, It’s My Thinking That’s Crooked! Chapter 676 - The Old Secretary’s Code Word Chapter 677 - Super Chen’s Blessed Mouth Chapter 678 - No. 60 High’s Home Visit Chapter 679 - An Upgraded Version Of Odd Zhuo Chapter 680 - The Death-Courting Path of a Death-Courting Live Streamer
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Chapter 831 - Wang Zhen’s Distress Chapter 832 - The Kun Belly Girl Awakens Chapter 833 - When a Woman Pursues a Man, There’s Only a Veil Between Them Chapter 834 - Immortal Toya’s Unconventional Matchmaking Methods Chapter 835 - Wang Ling, Let’s Go to KTV Chapter 836 - Treatment Unit No. 13 Chapter 837 - Wang Zhen’s Curse Chapter 838 - The Art of the Electroshock Chapter 839 - Mo Immortal Castle’s Bait-and-Hook Chapter 840 Chapter 841 - Ball Gag Strategy and Electric Massage! Chapter 842 - Wang Ling’s Wrath Chapter 843 - The Heavenly Dao’s Judgement Chapter 844 - Justice Will Ultimately Be Served Chapter 845 - The Mahjong Squad’s New Game: Kill The Author! Chapter 846 - Tragic Yang Huai and His Patients Chapter 847 - Big Shots Gather at No. 60 High Chapter 848 - Wang Ling's Summer Homework Chapter 849 - Dao Song Foreign Language High School Chapter 850 - A Ferment Chapter 851 - Drawing Lots Chapter 852 - No. 60 High’s Countermeasures Chapter 853 - The Mysterious Visitor From the Domain Of the Gods Chapter 854 - Heavenly Dao’s Gift Chapter 855 - Wang Ling’s Display of Anger Chapter 856 - The Power Of Expired Food Chapter 857 - The Follow-Up to the Incident with Li Hao and His Father Chapter 858 - Enlightened iPad Chapter 859 - Wang Ling’s Three Thousand Great Dao Chapter 860 - Gu Shunzhi’s Objective Chapter 861 - Old Man Wang’s Knife Technique Chapter 862 - Immortal Cooking Chapter 863 - The Mastermind Chapter 864 - Immortal Toya’s Crisis Chapter 865 - Wang Ling’s “Serious Clone” Chapter 866 - Battle with a Keeper of Order Chapter 867 - There’s a Slight Problem with This Battle… Chapter 868 - The Cosmic God Tree At The Center Of The Universe Chapter 869 - Wang Ling Opens His Mouth to Speak! Chapter 870 - Lord Ma’s Great Battle Against the Cosmic God Tree Chapter 871 - Unexpected Chapter 872 - Miss Yu’s Ability Chapter 873 - Immortal Toya’s Emergency Treatment Plan Chapter 874 - The Disaster an Enlightened Bacterium Brings Chapter 875 - Daoist Name! Devil Gut Fungus Lord! Chapter 876 - An Unquiet Summer Break Chapter 877 - Wutian Golden Buddha Palm Chapter 878 - An Expert’s Law of the Counter Wave Chapter 879 - Frightened Devil Gut Fungus Lord Chapter 880 - Immortal Toya’s Exquisite Pagoda
Chapter 881 - Wang Ling's Birthday (Side Story) Chapter 882 - Cheeky Little Wang Ling! Chapter 883 - A Way to Purify the Mind Chapter 884 - Night Chief’s New Plan Chapter 885 - Devour Chapter 886 - A Modern Alchemist’s Dilemma Chapter 887 - The Advantages of Temp Work Chapter 888 - The Wisdom Of Polyphonic Characters Chapter 889 - If You Have a Problem You Can’t Solve, Look for Wang Ling Chapter 890 - A Fall of Divine Liquid Chapter 891 - An International Hero! Chapter 892 - Director Odd Zhuo’s 【Love】 Chapter 893 - Drunk Odd Zhuo Chapter 894 - The Dream Projection of the Mind Chapter 895 - Jingke’s Scabbard Chapter 896 - Tracing the Source Chapter 897 - Shop No. 83 Chapter 898 - Exorcism Convention Chapter 899 - Sweep the Top Three Spots! Chapter 900 - A Gathering of Bigwigs At the Exorcism Convention Chapter 901 - Divide and Conquer Chapter 902 - Pen Fairy’s Instant Death Chapter 903 - The Scabbard Is On the Way Chapter 904 - Miss Scabbard Who Knows the Script Chapter 905 - The Scabbard’s Might Chapter 906 - A Scene of Domestic Violence Chapter 907 - Natural Enemy Chapter 908 - Bai Qiao’s Game Chapter 909 - Cultivation Emulator and the Father of Cultivation Chapter 910 - The World Created By God Chapter 911 - Another Angler Chapter 912 - Kydeer Chapter 913 - The Office Of Strategic Deception’s Internet Cafe Chapter 914 - Odd Zhuo’s Hospitality Chapter 915 - Wang Ling’s “Label” Chapter 916 - God’s Call Chapter 917 - Wang Ling Falls Into an Alien World Chapter 918 - Real Game Chapter 919 - The Word Is Law Chapter 920 - Earth Crisis Chapter 921 - The Wandering Earth Chapter 922 - Fighting Star Lord Chapter 923 - Infinite Halos Chapter 924 - Breaking Into the Divine Palace Chapter 925 - The Strongest Person On Earth Chapter 926 - Never Too Old To Learn Chapter 927 - I Don’t Need to Lift a Finger at All Chapter 928 - Jingbai Chapter 929 - Jingbai’s Show of Strength Chapter 930 - Establishing Diplomatic Relations With Alien Planets
Chapter 931 - Wang Ming’s Video Conference Chapter 932 - Push the Earth Chapter 933 - A Diplomatic Gift Chapter 934 - Jingke and Bai Qiao Chapter 935 - Follow the Online Trail, Beat Up the Trolls Chapter 936 - Put Up Or Shut Up! Chapter 937 - Prison Lady Trio Chapter 938 - Governor of the Dark Network Chapter 939 - Let the Bullet Messages Fly, and the Conditions For Becoming Group Leader Chapter 940 - Group Leader Detention Island Chapter 941 - Cosmic Brain King Clan Chapter 942 - An Unexpected Development Chapter 943 - Clues Chapter 944 - Wang Ling’s Help Chapter 945 - A Distress Signal From The Mechanical Octopus Chapter 946 - Wang Ming’s Brain Deduction Technique Chapter 947 - Is There a Scholar Drunk Moon? Chapter 948 - The Last Summer Assignment Chapter 949 - Strength Super Martial Arts Dojo Chapter 950 - Seeds of Hatred Chapter 951 - Super Chen’s New Discovery and the Origin of His Hairstyle Chapter 952 - Father Chen’s Disciple Chapter 953 - The Sword Is Inseparable From the Body Chapter 954 - Block The Light of a Prodigy Chapter 955 - Bamboozling Dad Chapter 956 - The Gateway to the Art of Language Chapter 957 Chapter 958 - Dark Governor Lady Thirteen Chapter 959 - Mysterious Lady Thirteen Chapter 960 - Help From the Cultivation Forum Chapter 961 - How Bigwigs Work Chapter 962 - An Absolutely Victorious Counterattack Chapter 963 - Exposed Chapter 966 - What Cheek! Chapter 967 - Demonic Curse Software Chapter 968 - Liang Heng’s Wicked Scheme Chapter 969 - The Origin Of Super Chen’s Blessed Mouth Chapter 970 - Body Enlightenment Spell Chapter 971 - The Blessed Mouth’s Initial Show Of Strength Chapter 972 - Tragic Liang Heng Chapter 973 - Guo Ping’s Visit Chapter 974 - Trouble Has Arrived Chapter 975 - A New Enemy Chapter 976 - Wang Ling and Dog Two Revisit an Old Haunt Chapter 977 - Noodle Shop Discussion Chapter 978 - Benchi Sword Chapter 979 - Bai Youquan Chapter 980 - True Immortal She Pi’s Cremation Urn Chapter 981 - Big Bowl Thick Noodle Chapter 982 - Mysterious Power
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