At the Cloud Gate mountain’s door, a gray stone square, there are hundreds of young people waiting for the sect’s trial.

A large spell array has been opened for the trial. The wind is like a mournful wolf’s howl. In this gloomy weather people feel depressed. Looking up, the mountain road twists and turns, like a coling snake

Cloud Gate is a famous righteous sect that opens its door every ten years. The youths on the scene are eager to try joining the sect. As long as they can pass the trial, they can be reborn and set foot on the journey to immortality.

Around the square are more than a dozen green stone pillars, each stone is said to have the power to exorcise evil spirits and has stood erect for several thousand years, the wind and rain have not left the traces on wear on them.

At that moment, a person floated down from the highest pillar.

That person looked around 20 years old, slender or even emaciated, the beautiful face seems carefully carved and flawless. He is wearing a fine wide-sleeved white robe decorated with golden bamboo leaves at the edges. His long hair, crowned with gold and jade, is fluttering in the wind, giving him an ethereal and reserved air.

His appearance stuns the the disciples responsible for the trial.

“Greetings to Shishu (Grand Uncle Teacher/Grand Martial Uncle).” A few young monks dressed in three generations of disciple costumes immediately bowed and trembled.

Cloud Gate has six palaces, twelve halls, thirty-six peaks, seventy-two caves, the remaining small places are numerous, but the six palaces, including the head of the Chongyang Palace, are the most important.

Mu Chen is the head of the fifth house -  Yanyang (Sunshine) Palace.

Though Mu Chen started (his training?) late, he ranked fifth. At 16 years old he built his Foundation, a once-in-a-hundred genius whom the disciples admire.

Unfortunately, Mu Chen’s temper is cold, he is never in any place where many people appear, and does not like people. He has been a deeply mysterious existence.

So when that person suddenly appeared at the trial, how can others not be shocked?

Everyone has forgotten the trial now, all eyes are on Mu Chen but they only dare to stare at his clothes. No one dares to meet his eyes in case it brings them disaster.

Mu Chen does not care about the surrounding eyes, floating from one pillar to another, his steps natural and skilled, his manner still cold, looking down at the people with slightly narrowed phoenix eyes.

He’s looking for someone. To be exact, he is looking for a child but he doesn’t know how old the child is.

Looking at each child’s face one by one, Mu Chen’s eyes finally fell on a black-clothed child.Compared to other children who were mostly more than 10 years of age, this child is obviously a lot smaller, around five or six years old.

The child is very thin, with tender facial features that are quite handsome.

As if he sensed that someone was looking at him, the child opened his eyes to look into Mu Chen’s exquisite peach eyes. The child’s own eyes were dark as ink, deep and distant and under the left one is a bright and eye-catching tear-shaped red beauty mark (mole).

Mu Chen suddenly flew down to the side of the child, looking down at his face. Chen’s indifferent eyes finally have a trace of complex and difficult to distinguish emotions.

“What is your name?” Like his temperament, his voice is cold. This sentence caught the attention of the dazed crowd and the restless children.

“Gu Yunjue.” The child revealed a well-behaved smile, looking shyly at Mu Chen. In his eyes, Mu Chen is reflected and no other person can enter.

Mu Chen nodded and, to the amazement of everyone present, picked up Gu Yun in his arms, too lazy to say another word, and left.

“Grand Martial Uncle!” One of the disciples tried to stop Mu Chen. The child called Gu Yunzhe is only six years old and he has not been tested.

Unfortunately for the disciple, the white sleeves flashed in front of the eyes, everyone smelled only an elegant medicine incense, and they had already disappear.

Hidden in the distant clouds, two old men looked at this scene.

One of them whispered: “He’s barely stepped into the realm of cultivators. This little guy has just entered the Purification stage. His fine tender skin looks delicious.”

The cultivator’s levels are divided into the following realms:

(TN: Literal names)

筑基 Qi Refining Period

金丹 Core Formation Period

元婴 Nascent Soul Period

化神 Demigod Period

合体 Synthesis Period

大乘 Mahayana/Path to Godhood Period

渡劫 Ascension Period

(TN: My suggested names)

Qi Refining Stage

Foundation Stage

Nascent Soul Stage

Purification Stage

Power Boosting Stage

Immortalization Stage

Ascension Stage

The Qi Refining period is divided into nine levels while the other periods are divided into early, medium, and late.

Mu Chen has been cultivating for only a hundred years. Even if the cultivation has has advanced into the Purification stage, in the eyes of other cultivators, he is indeed a little guy.

Another person sneered: “I advise you not to make trouble, if the master notices, he will make you into a blood slave or chop you up to feed the demonic beasts.”

The former heard his words and trembled, no longer daring to say anything. The two people looked at the direction in which Mu Chen left.In the distance, a small hand flashed at them, and the two understood. They changed their direction and hid themselves.


Holding Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen’s posture was somewhat awkward. Before his rebirth he only had Gu Yunjue as his disciple and back then Gu Yunjue was a teenager. In short, he did not know the child’s appearance. If not for the eye-catching beauty mark at the corner of Gu Yunjue’s eyes, it would have taken a lot of effort to find him

In the previous life, Mu Chen had obtained the sect master’s recommendation and accepted Gu Yunjue as a personal succeeding disciple. He didn’t expect that 50 years later, the other party would take advantage of when he entered seclusion to mount a sneak attack in the forbidden area and shatter the Immortal and Demon Realms’ Sealing Rock. The disturbance put the Immortal Realm’s people in a terrible situation. He was originally a hard to come by genius cultivator of the Immortal Realm, but he had changed and become the Demon Realm’s Demon Lord. Mu Chen himself was also dealt with by the Immortal Realm’s people and sealed within the Soul Suppression Pagoda. He had originally believed that it was because he had been implicated by Gu Yunjue. He hadn’t thought that it was actually all a conspiracy.

(TN: Gibberish) (而最后来救他的人, 竟是这个叛出师门的孽徒。) And the last man to save him was the sinner who was the traitor.

Unfortunately, Mu Chen had long been poisoned by fire, imprisoned in the Soul Suppression Pagoda his spiritual power was suppressed, and he became unstable. Gu Yunjue broke into the tower, to save him tried to transfer all of his power to Mu Chen but in the end Mu Chen suffered a good friend’s sneak attack. (TN: Confusing, not sure of accuracy)

Eventually, he did not escape the fate of death.

Mu Chen reborn has been unable to understand, Gu Yunjue did not live long enough. Why did Gu Yunjue have to risk his life to save him? What was Gu Yunjue’s fate after his death? Cultivation lost, Gu Yunjue fell into the hands of hypocrites, presumably his fate was miserable.

When Mu Chen was reborn, he suddenly had an idea, “If I keep Gu Yunjue at my side and carefully raise him with love, will not my words and deeds put an end to his temptation and reverse the fate of two people?”

Gu Yunjue for broke into the soul tower, called him Shizun, and even used all his power to save him, until at last they both died.

Looking at Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen’s mood is complex. The child is thin, wearing worn-out old clothes, the little boy’s life seems to have been bitter so far.

The small body in his arms was stiff, clutching his hair, silent. Mu Chen thought that the child is too nervous but neither is he crying and or making trouble. Thinking this, Mu Chen clumsily patted Gu Yunjue’s back, trying to make his tone comforting and not too stiff: “Do not be afraid, I am … the head of the teachers.”

Obviously this sentence is very convincing, because of the reaction of the disciples when Mu Chen appeared.

Gu Yunjue nodded his head like a well-behaved child, smiled, and gradually relaxed.

Mu Chen is a little relieved. If the child were to start crying, he really does not know how to coax him to stop.

Mu Chen, holding Gu Yunjue in his arms all the way to the door of the room where new disciples were registered said: “I want to accept you as my personal succeeding disciple.”

He wanted to explain the difference between inner disciples and ordinary disciples but he did not expect that the child would suddenly held out his hand holding his face, and seriously ask: “Does becoming your disciple mean that first you take care of me, then when I grow up, I take care of you?”

Mu Chen hesitated for a long time then nodded his head, yes you can say so.

The master was responsible for raising his disciple using all his resources, in the best environment, with the most care in words and deeds, personally taking care to urge him to not follow a crooked path. When the disciple grew up he must respect the teacher, never disobedient, and “teacher for one day, father for ever.”

Gu Yunjue smiled, satisfied. “Then we should make a vow, heaven will witness.”

Mu Chen nodded his head, surprised. So even small children know that this paradise of immortal cultivators have fatal constraints. Having agreed to it, is he was smart, or cunning?


Translator’s Notes: This was translated using machine translation that I edited. I do not guarantee that it is accurate.