The little boy screamed fiercely as he was thrown into the air by Mu Chen, after which the whole Ronggu Peak echoed with his crisp voice. Looking at his own hands in surprise, Mu Chen got suddenly scared and he couldn't help swallowing as his delicate Adam's apple bobbed in his throat .

Mu Qing reacted quickly and took the little one back.

Mu Qing's temper cooled instantly as soon as he saw the astonished expression on Mu Chen's face. It seemed that Mu Chen was even more scared than the kid. Mu Qing then spanked the boy moderately and asked angrily, "I have already told you that you shouldn't be naughty. How could you frighten your brother in such a way?"

"How could I know he was so timid?" The little boy replied with his mouth twitching. And then he snickered and walked up to Mu Chen, narrowing his eyes, "Dad, look at me! We look so similar with each other."

Mu Chen moved his lips as he realized that he was just tricked by the little boy. This boy was even more naughty that young Gu Yunjue.

"This is our little brother, Mu Dong, who was just weaned. I think I have mentioned him before," introduced Mu Qing, staring at Mu Chen with tease. Mu Chen's reaction really made him want to laugh.

"Dad!" Mu Dong grabbed Mu Chen's sleeve and uttered. Hearing what he said made Mu Chen tremble. Mu Chen immediately took out one candy from his space ring and put it to the little boy's mouth to stop him from saying anything more. Mu Chen felt much calmer without the lad's babbling.

The pale face gradually turned to be rosy. "Why do you bring him here? Isn't it too late for such a boy to be weaned?" asked Mu Chen, embarrassed.

Mu Qing slightly scratched his hair and explained, "He ran away himself. I can't leave him alone." It was really a difficult problem to deal with.

"Ran away?" Mu Chen averted his eyes to the little boy. He believed that the little one should be only three or four years old. How dared he run away from his home in God realm?

"The education of Mu family isn't so good, is it?" added Mu Chen in a slightly contemptuous tone.

Mu Chen tried to explain, but before he could do that, he felt a familiar demon atmosphere appeared. He quickly turned his head, and his face immediately changed as he saw Gu Yunjue walking to them.

This man was totally a fraud!

Mu Chen always kept calm and indifferent towards other things. However, he reacted rather quickly when it was concerned with the safety of Gu Yunjue. He subconsciously seized Mu Qing's sleeve and asked coldly, "What do you want to do?"

Mu Qing put Mu Dong down and rolled up his sleeves. It was clear that he wanted to give the bad guy some lessons. After all, he wasted so much time on the road because of this guy!

Noticing the man behind Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen suddenly got an idea. He held Mu Qing tightly by his arm saying, "You can't hit him, but you can do anything you want to his brother. As my brother, you can only fight with his brother. Seniority should be followed all the time."

Mu Qing's brain got almost blank in a sudden and Mu Chen's words were the only thing left in his mind. Did it mean that Mu Chen had admitted his identity? Mu Qing slowly turned back and carefully fixed his eyes on Mu Chen's face replying, "Chenchen, you just said..."

The way Mu Qing called him made Mu Chen got goose bumps all over. He tried hard to suppress himself and then pointed at Gu Yunjin. "That's his brother. It's all his fault that Gu Yunjue had to tell lies," said Mu Chen. He knew that Gu Yunjue was forced to tell lies when he was small, so Mu Chen didn't think well of his families at all and he even wanted to hit them himself.

Mu Qing quickly turned his head and his eyes got cold in a short time. It was definitely brother's fault when his little brother was not educated well. After thinking about it, Mu Qing angrily rushed to Gu Yunjin, neglecting Gu Yunjue who had already stood by Mu Chen's side.

Gu Yunjin paused for a while as he got stunned. Before he could say something he was punched in the face and then he felt his teeth got loose.

Mu Chen scorned and held Gu Yunjue by his hand. He cast a cold sight to them and acted so indifferently saying, "Let's go now. Seeing the fight was just a waste of time."

Gu Yunjue held his hand tightly in turn. When he intended to lift his foot, he felt his leg was held by a soft thing. He looked down and happened to look into Mu Dong's eyes. Seeing Mu Dong's appearance surprisingly, and then looked at the expression on Mu Chen's face, Gu Yunjue instantly narrowed his eyes.

Mu Dong moved his eyes and then narrowed his eyes too. Mu Chen knew that something wrong was going to happen. Then the boy opened his mouth and cried, "Uncle, please don't take my dad away from me!"

"Who is your dad?" The smile on Gu Yunjue's face got brighter. He looked down and sized the little boy up questioning, "What's your name?"

"His name is Mu Dong and he is Mu Qing's little brother!" Mu Chen explained for the extremely naughty boy, putting a candy into the boy's mouth again.

"You must be my master's son. Look! Your faces are almost the same." Gu Yunjue was so interested and he pinched Mu Dong's face slightly. Then two slight red marks appeared on Mu Dong's fat cheek.

Mu Dong had to endure it and grinned with pain, eyes getting red. "Of Course. I'm his son!"

Mu Chen quickly shook his head and promised that there was no relationship between the boy and him.

However, Gu Yunjue's eyes got darker and darker, and intentionally asked, "Master, I still remember you love kids pretty much. Why are you so cold to this boy today? Are you feeling guilty and trying to hide the truth?"

Mu Chen kept shaking his head. "It doesn't mean that I love all those small kids. Actually, as for human beings, I only like you when you are small. And the others were nothing to me." Finishing his words, Mu Chen turned his eyes to Gu Yunjue, he had no idea about what he was explaining for.

Silently looking at the nervous expression on Mu Chen's face, Gu Yunjue finally burst into laughter. Then he caught and picked up the little boy who was holding Mu Chen's leg. Tucking the little boy under his arm, Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen by his hand and smiled, "I trust you, master. But now that this kid was your family, we should take good care of him."

Only then Mu Chen could breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his stupid apprentice chose to believe him instead of getting mad. At first he was worried that Gu Yunjue would got furious and killed the kid by breaking his neck. But now it seemed that his thought was totally wrong and his apprentice was not as ferocious as he had imagined. After all, he was so cute when he was small. But then it occurred to him that he might have done something really incredible. Why did he tried so hard to give Gu Yunjue an explanation? As a master, it was impossible for him to did anything wrong!

Seeing his expression keeping changing, Gu Yunjue didn't say anything else. It was until they walked into the bamboo forest that they stopped going ahead. Leaving Mu Dong in the bamboo forest, Gu Yunjue's eyes showed that he was wondering something in his mind.

And then Mu Chen finally remembered to ask, "Have you made a deal with Gu Yunjin?"

Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrows and hid his emotion beneath his eyes, slightly smiling, "Of course."

"He was so good at calculating and scheming. You should be careful," warned Mu Chen.

Gu Yunjue nodded and gave a response. After that, he turned his eyes to Mu Chen with uncommon interest.

Mu Chen felt so confused. He was sure that Gu Yunjue hated noise and he had never showed any interest in kids as they were so weak. Why did he behave so differently today?

Noticing that Mu Chen was staring at him, Gu Yunjue winked and stretched out his index finger to shush Mu Chen. "Master, don't you think he look like pretty much similar to you when you were small? I really wanted to raise him."

"Of course not. You evil disciple!" Mu Chen blushed and scolded at Gu Yunjue. Then he sat down and fixed his eyes on Mu Dong's face. The little boy was smiling happily. Mu Chen's lips moved with surprise. How could the little boy look like him? There was nothing in common between them at all! For example, he didn't like smiling when he was at such an age.

At that moment, Mu Qing hurriedly walked towards them, held Mu Dong in his arms, and extended his hand to grasp Mu Chen. "Go with me quickly. It's time for me to leave," said Mu Qing urgently.

Mu Chen stepped backwards and refused him ruthlessly.

"You have Reincarnation Pearl inside your body, so you didn't have to experience the test of calamity for deity. Why do you still choose to stay here?" Mun Qing's body had been covered with white light. His time was limit when he came to the man's world and he was also not supposed to break the order of the three realms. Actually, he had did that as he just hit Gu Yunjin.

Mu Chen pointed at Gu Yunjue and said, "I will be wherever he is. You don't have to look for me in the following days."

As soon as Mu Chen finished his words, a transmission formation appeared beside Mu Qing. Mu Qing behaved well at first. But when he saw the formation, he immediately pushed his brother away and jumped out of his arms and said petulantly, "I like staying here. I don't want to leave!"

Mu Qing's face got pale with anger. How could both his brothers be so difficult to deal with?

Before he could catch Mu Dong, Mu Qing was forced to be taken away.

Seeing Mu Qing disappear in front of them, Mu Dong made a face and stuck out his tongue. Them he happily ran to Mu Chen and held his leg tightly, asking with a smile on his face, "Brother, would you like to raise me?"

Mu Chen got speechless.

The little boy called him dad on purpose just now. Now the lad saw that Mu Qing had left, he changed his attitude quickly to please Mu Chen. Mu Chen was not strange to smart kids, but Mu Dong must be the smartest one. He couldn't help suspect that if this boy was actually an evil spirit. So he had no intention to raise him at all.

As they looked at each other, the little boy grinned broadly at Mu Chen. His small and cute canine teeth then appeared.

Mu Chen suddenly had a kind of complex feeling in his mind. He was not able to describe it with his words but he could feel that it was so special. Thinking about that, Mu Chen averted his eyes to Gu Yunjue. Gu Yunjue was just smiling at him and there seemed to be nothing wrong. Mu Chen reluctantly frowned. Was it all because that the little boy was too smart? Otherwise, the truth might be that he thought too much.

After that, Mu Chen got a bit impatient. Then he knitted his eyebrows questioning, "Why don't you go with him?"

"I have said that I like staying here and I haven't had enough fun!" Mu Dong spread his hands and said, "You are my brother. So you have to raise me."

Mu Chen kept his face cold and then replied coldly, "I don't know your family at all. How could you so sure that I'm your brother?"

"Never mind. We two looked so alike with each other. If you refuse to admit, I will call you dad and say that you abandon me because of him! Dad!"

Mu Chen's lips was twitching. He had no idea about how to describe his mood now. He was such a naughty boy. Wasn't there anyone who could appear and hit him eight times a day to correct his shamelessly behavior?

Gu Yunjue got surprised too. If Mu Qing had such a skill of dealing with people, his little master might have been taken away. It was really a problem to keep the boy here.

"Now that he wants to stay here, just let him do it." Gu Yunjue waved his hands and called a few attendants.

Mu Dong took the chance and held Mu Chen's leg. Then he puckered his mouth saying, "I will only follow my brother. No one can take me away!

Mu Chen kept his eyes cold and pulled the little boy off his leg. After giving him to Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen impatiently walked away and left. The boy was so noisy. It was impossible to let him raise a kid like this one.

Mu Chen simply left everything that he didn't want to his apprentice and he did it so naturally.

Looking at the little boy in front of him and then averting his eyes to Gu Yunjin who had been hitten by Mu Qing, Gu Yunjue paused for a while and suddenly burst out laughing. Could that be the test of Mu family?

But the sudden appearance of the kid was still so queer.

Watching Mu Chen walking away, Mu Dong disappointedly curled his lips and then looked back at Gu Yunjue, a bright smile creeping on his narrowed eyes.