Chen Mo was a bit shocked to learn that Mu Chen's family had come, and then hurried himself here.

Chen's clan were all hostile to Mu's, especially Mu Chen's father, a man who got a woman pregnant before she married, got her spirit body destroyed, and didn't show up even when she died of an illness. Everyone in Chen's abhorred that man.

Consequentially, Chen's clan had their grudge on that man's son Mu Chen. If Chen Mo didn't risk his life to protect Mu Chen, young Mu Chen would have been executed according to the family rules as a blot on the clan's reputation. Now looking back at that time, Chen Mo was not without resentment.

Now Mu Chen had grown up, becoming an outstanding person in every area. He was well cared for and had few difficulties in his life. What was his clan planning to do showing up at this time? When Chen Mo thought of this, a killing intent appeared on his gentle face. He would first seize the man and let the man kneel in front of the grave of his deceased aunt; then kick him out of Ronggu Peak, and let all of Mu's scram!

Chen Mo rushed to Yanyang Palace and found Mu Chen in the herb garden. His first sentence was: "I heard that someone of Mu's has come? Where is it? "

Mu Chen, bending his head, was taking care of the herb. He was shocked by Chen Mo's angry appearance. His porcelain white fingers slightly quivered and accidentally pulled down a green leaf. The spiritual nutrients contained in the herbs gradually leaked and disappeared in the air.

Mu Chen's face remained the same, but a little killing intent could be detected from his eyes. This was the best Trefoil Green Ganoderma in the garden!

He was planning to refine a bottle of Flame Spirit Cream for Gu Yunjue. Azure Fire Sword was a magic sword descended from the ancient times; maybe because of too much killing, it contained bloody evil spirit. Gu Yunjue would get hurt every time he used it. Mu Chen had come to see this herb almost every day, waiting for it to be mature and be concocted into pills. Now it was totally destroyed.


Chen Mo also understood that he made a trouble. He coughed sheepishly, "Well, I'll pay you a better one."

"Three!" Mu Chen looked up, his face being cold. 'Don't you dare to give me one less?!'

Chen Mo, "... Three of them. You have my words. "'To the worst, I can borrow some from Bai Yi. This person is a bigger trouble after all.'

Mu Chen's countenance finally got relaxed. He dug out the herb carefully and planned to take it back and to make a salad for Gu Yunjue. It was wasteful to just throw it away after a long time of fostering.

"Listen, I heard that your family have come to you. Where are they now?" Chen Mo subdued his resentment against Mu's and asked in a mild voice.

At this time, Gu Yunjue just finished his business, carrying Mu Dong to come over. After Mu Chen sensed it, he raised his chin and then nodded, "Here, that small one, you can take him if you want."

Seeing Chen Mo, Gu Yunjue's eyes brightened, 'Here was the best candidate of the babysitter!'

Chen Mo: "..."


Gu Yunjin picked up the pills sent by Gu Yunjue, looked at it and threw it back into the jade plate with a sneer. These pills of such quality certainly were not concocted by Mu Chen, which couldn't satisfy him yet. Gu Yunjue had no sincerity at all. But Gu Yunjin also knew that this was normal.

The subordinate who had been following Gu Yunjin quickly collected the pills and put the box away. Looking at Gu Yunjin's face, he asked discreetly, "Lord, your injury…?"

"It's OK. He didn't mean to kill me, or didn't even use much of his spirit power." Gu Yunjin frowned and said in a deep voice, "That's even more terrible. I finally understand how the Devil Lord lost to him in the Immortal Realm. This man is unfathomable." He paused and asked with interest, "Diyuan, where did he come from?"

Diyuan bowed his head and pointed up after a hesitation.

Gu Yunjin narrowed his eyes and said lightly, "Mu Chen is more interesting."

Diyuan stopped talking and stood aside respectfully.

Gu Yunjin pondered for a while, and suddenly said, "I see a chance to avenge your master."

"Master will be very happy if he can hear about it." Diyuan bowed his head and carefully echoed.

Gu Yunjin touched the ring on his hand, and his eyes became dimmer. "You have seen his way to fabricate soul puppets," he said, "Do you think there is any mole around me?"

Diyuan was stunned. His hand squeezed tightly into a fist in his sleeve. Then he said lightly, "Lord, you should hold it. You can't be manipulated by him."

Gu Yunjin stared at Diyuan quietly for a while, and suddenly smiled. Looking at the ring on his hand flashing a cold blue light, he slightly stroked it, soothed his emotions and said faintly: "You are right; your tone is just like that of your master, very good."


Mu Chen was also very puzzled. He threw the herbs in his hand into the concocting furnace and asked Gu Yunjue who was watching him concocting the pill with one hand supporting his head, "Why doesn't that man leave yet?"

Thinking that an annoying outsider had intruded into his place and wouldn't go, Mu Chen got the fidgets. 'This Gu Yunjin, What on earth does he want?'

Gu yunjue narrowed his eyes and said meaningfully, "He is waiting; he must not be in a good mood now, worried and uneasy, or still afraid."

Mu Chen looked back and saw Gu yunjue very confident. So he stopped asking. He took out the pill, smelt it and threw it into the jade plate beside Gu Yunjue, asking, "What kind of pill is this?"

Gu yunjue picked it up and had a look. Then he answered without hesitation, "The high-grade Quick-acting Wind Pill that cultivators of wind attribute dream of. It can help purify the spirit power. Cultivators of other attributes can also use them for escaping. This one can sell about one thousand pieces of high-grade spirit stones. "

The corner of Mu Chen's mouth was lifted up with satisfaction. This weasel was so clever that he could remember anything just by one look, and would draw inferences from one instance. But he pretended to be a fool who couldn't concoct any pills and always acted rascally before him like a spoiled naughty child. Now thinking about it, Mu Chen realized that each of his little tricks couldn't be from a child. Weasel!

Gu Yunjue smiled and took the pill as a jelly bean. Then, he commented, "It's a little bitter."


"How could the pills made by master be bitter? It's sweet, so sweet that it even melts my heart. "

Saying this, he had clung to Mu Chen. Mu Chen felt instantly a big hot plaster attached to his back. Gu Yunjue had mastered this skill of pestering since he was a child; now it was even more amazing. Besides, Gu Yunjue was now even stronger than before when he was a child, which became even a heavier burden as he climbed on Mu Chen. Mu Chen felt that Gu did that on purpose—it was really heavy.

Gu Yunjue helped to pour herbs into the concocting furnace, with a smile hanging in his mouth, "What do you want to concoct, Master? I'll help you. "

"It's good enough if you don't make trouble. Go over." Mu Chen pushed the man on his shoulder. Feeling the weight on his back lighter, so he gave tacit consent to allow Gu there. He looked at the herbs and asked, "How about the Immortal Realm?"

"No problem. The Immortal Realm has sent people to guard at the border. Any intruder will be stopped before they have the chance to go inside." Gu Yunjue pulled out one hand, fondled Mu Chen's hair, and comforted him, "Don't worry, master. I've already told Guan Shan that if anything happens to Lofty Cloudy Sect, Gazing Chen Pavilion will help them."

"Guan Shan?" Mu Chen turned his head and stared at Gu Yunjue. How many things had this weasel concealed from him?

As soon as Gu Yunjue wanted to explain, a pill was thrown into his mouth. A pungent taste stimulated him to vomit immediately. Everything made by little master would challenge his taste sense every time.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is it delicious?"

Gu Yunjue nodded seriously, "Delicious."

"Then eat the whole plate." Mu Chen took out a plate. He was trying to concoct a new kind of pill. He didn't control the heat properly for the first time and it get burnt however. This disciple would soon forget his identity if he didn't punish him. Cheating the master would cause his legs broken in other sects.

Gu Yunjue looked at that plate of dark and strange things. He couldn't help his mouth from twitching, 'Eat them all...Master means to destroy my tongue…?!'



"I don't want to eat it. I want to eat you."



The border between the immortal and the Devil Realm became weak, and those cultivators above the Core Formation Stage could easily pass it through, which made many of devil cultivators itchy for a try.

Devil cultivators were tend to be arbitrary and ignore consequences. In their opinion, the Immortal Realm, which they had never set foot on, contained countless treasures. Even if they took risks, it was worth a try. Although they were not under the leadership of the Devil Lord, these unorganized cultivators became the Immortal Realm's pain in the ass. Moreover, the Immortal Realm had to guard against the invasion of the Devil Realm. The four sects, three islands and five clans of the Immortal Realm had to send people to guard the border.

Since the Anti-devil pillar of Lofty Cloud Sect was destroyed, it naturally needed to bear more responsibilities. Liu Hanzhi, the sixth elder who has the highest martial skill and was the most violent, personally led three peak masters and twenty cave masters to guard the border. Of course, Liu's temperament was definitely a deterrent to the people in the demon world.

Even if Mu Chen was expelled from the sect, the news that he wanted to marry a devil cultivator caused a lot of rumors in Lofty Cloud Sect. In addition, the identity of the Jing Ting was known by the Immortal Realm, which also surprised everyone. He taught two disciples, one a devil and the other a demon, and both of them were powerful. They were not sure that Mu Chen was lucky or unlucky. However, if the peace in the Immortal Realm was broken because of these two, Mu Chen was bound to be condemned as a sinner through the ages.

After Liu Hanzhi heard the rumors, he didn't show an easy look to these cultivators in the Immortal Realm. No matter who it was, he could shut him up with only a glance, which made the complaints from other sects less.

Chen's clan, who originally wanted Mu Chen to return, was also relaxed. Fortunately, Mu Chen, the troublemaker, had not come back. Fortunately, this troublemaker was now surnamed in Mu, and has nothing to do with them.

Liu Hanzhi, who was bought back to Chen's clan as a man of sacrifice since his childhood, was chosen by Chen Mo because of his unusual talent and quiet temperament. He naturally suffered a lot when he was a child around Mu Chen. After seeing several familiar faces in the group of Chen's clan, his became increasingly colder. Every day, he looked like a murderous Yama, lest no one was unaware that he was trying to cut off their heads.

It was not easy for you to be remembered in the bad way.

The two forces, Pill City and Medicine Valley, were the most oppressive to Chen's clan. Every month, they would send pills and medicines for free to the sects stationed here, but only Chen's clan was not included. They wanted it too? Buy it! Three times the price!

The leader of Chen's clan pulled up his socks to find Bo Yuntian and asked him why he did so.

Bo Yuntian only replied two words to him and then disappeared: "Guess why!"

The leader of Chen's clan almost spat blood directly out of anger. These years, they were suppressed by Pill City and Medicine Valley together. In addition, Gazing Chen Pavilion often troubled them. The clan power had been shrinking and the status of the five clans had been precarious. If there were a few more casualties in this battle, Chen clan was bound to withdraw from the five clans. There were often icing on the cake but few timely assistance. He could not imagine what would happen to their clan at that time.

Mu Chen was unaware of how much trouble he had brought to Chen's clan. He was sitting on the ridge of Ronggu peak, looking at the direction of the gate.

The snow-white vestment rose and fell in the wind together with his black hair. He looked like a jade puppet carved by the heaven. Anyone who looked at it would feel that this man should be worshiped in a high temple and should not be contaminated with human desires.

He was sitting next to Mu Dong, who was curious and also kept looking towards the gate, occasionally turning his head to look at Mu Chen's appearance. Little children's eyes showed some deep meaning that adults couldn't understand. Then, he climbed up Mu Chen's back, put his arms around Mu Chen's neck and fawned, "Second brother, you said that two big white wolves will come today, one very smart and the other very stupid. Where are they? Why haven't they come yet? "