In the next early morning when Mu Chen woke up, he only find Gu Yunjue, dressed in underwear, was sitting at the end of the bed and wiping his sword. On the inky sword body, carved with the classic, complicated patterns which was similar to those on Protection Soul Bell. And its blade was covered with a layer of red, which looked like the indelible bloodstain left by a massacre. The dim light reflected Gu Yunjue's dark and bottomless eyes, which radiated a dignified air somehow.

Finding Mu Chen wake up, Gu Yunjue laid his sword aside, and asked gently, "Did you sleep well?"

Mu Chen nodded, and felt vigorous.

"Master, you should take more sleep, then you will have more vigor in the night." Gu Yunjue moved to Mu meaningfully, and kissed his lip, with lust burning in his eyes. The obvious hint for sex let Mu Chen blushed. Mu sulkily put his arm around Gu Yunjue's neck, and tightened his shackle, wishing to twist the neck off his indecent disciple.

Seeing Mu's reaction, Gu Yunjue straightly pinned Mu Chen on the bed, and gave him a long kiss. Meanwhile, Gu flirtatiously tore Mu Chen's loose underwear with his hand and felt him all over. Then Gu Yunjue licked the corner of his mouth, and said frivolously, "Let's save the feast for the night, and now, master, please hold your desire."

Hearing Gu's words, Mu Chen pushed Gu Yunjue down from his body angrily out of shame. "It is he who desires for sex, and also he who needs to hold his desire, but not I. What an indecent disciple!"

Gu Yunjue smiled and moved to Mu again. This time, Gu Yunjue stopped teasing Mu Chen, and slightly restored a serious look. Gu helped to tidy up Mu Chen's clothing, and said in a lower voice, "Since the ceremony will be held at dusk, I'll go out during the day, but I will not miss the good occasion for our wedding."

Mu Chen sat up and felt some worried, "I'll go with you."

"No. I am not what I was more than a decade ago. Master, you should believe in me."

"Yet with causal metempsychosis, I am afraid that you will..."

"Trust me!" Gu Yunjue touched Mu Chen's face and comforted, "I have been waiting for this day for too long, and finally get the opportunity of living together with you legally, then why will I risk my life? Besides, Gu Yunjin, as my elder brother, sometimes needs to make a sacrifice and help me if necessary. "

Devil Lord had known the existence of Reincarnation Pearl. Since the moment when Gu Yunjue got the news, Gu began to make plan for how to protect Mu Chen. If the person were someone irrelevant, it was simple to wipe away the danger just by killing that person. However, Devil Lord was Gu Yunjue's father. Since any cultivators would suffer severe punishment if he should kill his elder brother or father, Gu Yunjue could not kill his elder brother or father personally, yet he could find the vulnerability of natural law and utilize it to kill them.

It must be natural law that revealed the news of Reincarnation Pearl to demon master. The love between Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue disobeyed too much arrangement of fate. Natural law was not a rule anymore, and it had the thinking of human. Devil Lord coming to Legend Mountain was also the arrangement of natural law.

According to natural law, everything in the world is just tribute. Gu Yunjue's rebirth had violated the principle. And thus, everyone was a tool in the hand of natural law, and a tool for killing Gu.

Devil Lord was just one of those tools.

However, for Gu Yunjue, this tool was a tough nut to crack.

No one wanted to be labeled as a patricide, so did Gu Yunjue and Gu Yunjin, even though Devil Lord was such an inhumane man who killed his wife and concubines, took the women robbed by him as fertility tools, regarded his sons as containers for his cultivation and let his sons kill each other. In his mind, only the strongest could survive, who in the end were for his own usage. Yet Gu Yunjue and Gu Yunjin were Devil Lord's sons, and this was the fact they could not change.


Outside Ronggu Peak, Devil Lord looked at the lofty and spirits-shrouded mountain. Then, he stretched out a skeleton hand from his black sleeve, and grasped the air by turning his palm forward.

Instantly came a hurricane in Mountain. After that, the landscape there then was changed as the mountain became black and barren.

Devil Lord snorted lightly, and said in a distain, "What an ignorant guy. Who give you the courage to challenge me?" Even knowing he had stepped on the wrong way due to the intended guide of someone, Devil Lord didn't care about that. Since Devil Lord knew that his power of the ascension stage was rare to find in the three realms, and it was not easy for someone to kill him.

After the magic formation was broken, the person guarded there appeared. Gu Yunjue, dressed in black, was standing in the sky quietly with an ancient killing weapon in one of his hand, and his another hand hung down naturally. Though Gu just stood there quietly, he had already emitted an imposing demeanor. In Gu's steady aura, there were his invincible spirit for killing and determination. Gu Yunjue's face was very quiet. It seemed that Gu had already knew that the magic formation would be broken, and waited there for a long time.

Not far from Gu Yunjue, stood Gu Yunjin in purple dress, whose complexion looked the same as Gu Yunjue. However, Gu Yunjin's pupils shrank unconsciously at the sight of Devil Lord due to his dread for this father. Later, Gu Yunjin turned his dread into hate, and Gu Yunjin's eyes were filled with killing intent.

Seeing the persons blocking the way clearly, Devil Lord instantly changed his relaxed mood, "You two disobedient spawns! Do you want to kill your father?"

The two in front of him were his desirable shells, and both of them were nearly perfect for him. Gu Yunjin owned the power and influence Devil Lord built, special corporeity of immortal and devil, and incomparable tenacity of meridians. However, those two guys who should have been enemies of each other, cooperated unexpectedly, which made Devil Lord furious.

"Little Seventeenth, today is your wedding day. How could you not invite your father? Could it be Mu Chen who taught you to treat me in this way?"

Gu Yunjue curled his lips, sneered, "My residence is too small, and I worried you would not feel ease there. So you may as well come back to your Devil Palace"

"AhJin also think in this way?" Devil Lord turned to Gu Yunjin, with no warmth in his eyes. "Today, if I cannot get the Reincarnation Pearl from Mu Chen, then I will wipe off Gu Yunjue's divine sense and temper it, and as for Gu Yunjin, I will kill him to avoid future trouble."

Gu Yunjin touched the ring with bluish luster on his finger, and sneered, "Thank father for still remembering my name. As a puppet of you, I was still more useful than my other brothers. But I didn't know whether you still remember why your wife and daughter died." Gu Yunjin's eyes already became red, and his devil air began to strengthen.

There were essential differences between Gu Yunjin and Gu Yunjue.

The mother of Gu Yunjue was robbed by Devil Lord from a family in Immortal Realm to become a fertility tool, whose whole family were slaughtered by him. Yet because the corporeity of Gu's mother was too pure, Gu Yunjue was born with a special corporeity of half immortal and half devil. Thus Devil Lord had to give up Gu Yunjue.

The woman had a blood feud, and hated Devil Lord. Thus it was natural for her to hate Gu Yunjue who had half of his blood from Devil Lord, and she tortured her sinful son every day. Yet, when Gu Yunjue was still an infant, but for Devil Lord who was verifying whether Gu Yunjue could be useful for him or not, Gu would have been killed by his mother.

Later Gu Yunjue was still nearly killed by his mother. Because of that, Devil Lord thought the woman disobeyed his orders, and straightly killed her with one strike. Gu Yunjue had no good feelings towards his parents, nor did Gu have any affection for them. As for revenge, Gu was not interested in it. He had devoted all his energy to Mu Chen. Mu Chen was Gu's bottom line and taboo. No one was allowed to touch Mu Chen nor to think about him, and Gu would kill the one in advance who violated this principle. However, Devil Lord wanted to kill Mu Chen, and thus Gu needed to make preparation in advance.

As for Gu Yunjin, he was born by Devil Lord's wife. Nevertheless, Gu Yunjin's lovely mother and eldest sister were killed by Devil Lord, and even the patriarchs who protected Gu Yunjin to grow up were also killed by the subordinates of Devil Lord, While Gu himself had been fostered as a puppet for many years. Thinking about those sufferings, Gu Yunjin held both fear and hate for Devil Lord in his heart. And that's why Gu Yunjin had to help Gu Yunjue even though knowing he was utilized by Gu Yunjue in this plan.

He knew if he missed this opportunity, he would not know how long he should wait for another chance.

"You two ignorant spawns want to kill me just through your own power? What a wishful thinking!" Devil Lord laughed coldly as an indigo long spear appeared in his hand.

Gu Yunjue sneered, the sword in his hand becoming bloodier, "I never meant to kill you."

In this great fighting, the well-arranged battlefield had already been turned into residue by Devil Lord. Gu Yunjue estimated the time, and quickly seceded from the fighting circle after forcing back Devil Lord with one sword blow.

At this moment, in the magic array behind him, flashed two white lights. Two figures appeared here almost simultaneously, and one was in black and the other was in red. The figure in black radiated chill breath, while the figure in red emitted scorching hot breath. The two figures frowned at the sight of the scene in front of their eyes.

Feng Jiuli waved his sleeve, and smiled, "What a big scene. That's interesting."

Yu Tianyi glanced aside, without finding Mu Chen, then, and then he asked Gu Yunjue coldly, "Is this what you call repaying the debt?"

Gu Yunjue smiled, "He has saved you, and I am just providing you an opportunity of repaying Mu Chen. If you cannot pay it back before you pass the ascension stage, the consequence will be very serious, and you know it. "

Yu Tianyi nodded. What Gu Yunjue said was true. Yu didn't refute, but said, "You must deliver what you have promised before."

"No problem." Gu Yunjue agreed with great pleasure.

Devil Lord glanced it indifferently, and his face became more livid, "Good filial son! You do have made a lot of efforts for killing me. "

Gu Yunjin also seceded from the fighting, and changed his position with Yu Tianyi.

Seeing Gu Yunjue's hint, Gu Yunjin nodded, and disappeared immediately.

Gu Yunjue laughed and said to Feng Jiuli, "Two hours is enough; you just need to stall off Devil Lord for two hours, which is not difficult for you."

Feng Jiuli snorted and waved his sleeve to let Gu Yunjue go, saying urgently, "Go on with your own business, and don't forget reserving a pot of wedding wine for me."


It was almost noon. In Ronggu Peak, each place was decorated with wedding accessories, presenting a jubilant atmosphere. Yet the leading roles of the wedding had not shown up.

Mu Chen took Mu Dong back in the morning, and kept him by his side. Mu Chen had set a magic shield, and kept his spirit power at its peak. Mu Dong ran around idly and looked here and there, planning to run away by climbing the window when it was convenient.

Mu Chen looked at Mu Dong coldly, and crooked his finger. Then Mu Dong was caught back by Mu Chen. Mu Chen remained cold, and pressed Mu Tong's face on the table surlily.

"Brother, I want to go out for playing." Mu Dong curled his lips in depression.

Mu Chen just looked at him, unwilling to answer Mu Dong.

"Brother, I want to pee." The little boy continued to negotiate with Mu Chen.

Mu Chen threw a vase to Mu Dong, indicating that vase was not too bad for peeing.

Mu Dong threw back the vase to Mu Chen in grief and indignation, and jumped on the table unpleasantly, complaining, "Why do you lock me up?"

Mu Chen stared at Mu Tong seriously and repeated Gu Yunjue's words, "Outside is messy, and you are too young to wander around. I'm worried you will get injury outside. "

Mu Dong glared at Mu Chen, without finding any ground to refute Mu Chen at that moment, and sat cross-legged on the table angrily. Looking at Mu Chen's cold face, Mu Dong hesitated and asked, "Brother, why do you like Gu Yunjue?"

Mu Chen paused, and said coldly, "That has nothing to do with love, but he initially belongs to me." "Gu Yunjue was fostered by me, so he belongs to me."

Mu Dong rested his chin on his hand, winked, and asked curiously, "Around you, there might be many powerful figures, but why do you choose Gu Yunjue as your cultivation fere?"

"Huh?" Mu Chen stood up suddenly, and walked to Mu Dong. Mu Chen gazed into Mu Dong's eyes, and asked seriously, "Who do you think is my most suitable fere?"

Mu Dong shook his tiny head, and said, "I don't know."

Mu Chen rubbed the head of Mu Dong, and asked again, "Well, do you know why there are so many powerful figures surrounding me?"

Mu Dong winked, and naughtily approached Mu Chen. With similar appearance, Mu Dong just looked like a scaled-down version of Mu Chen. "Because you are so beautiful. I have never seen someone as beautiful as you. You must have countless pursuers who are willing to do everything for you. "

Mu Chen's mouth twitched. He pressed the tiny head of Mu Dong, then, he pushed it back, and said in distain, "There's a mirror over there, you can appreciate that beautiful face at your will by looking into the mirror."

Mu Dong suddenly grasped Mu Chen's wrist, his eyes becoming pitch-black instantly, and seriously asked, "Brother, if Gu Yunjue died, would you cry?"