Mu Chen's wrist was tightly held and the little boy seemed to be much stronger than he could imagine. Mu Chen's eyes got darker, and then he carefully considered the question in his mind.

Would he cry if Gu Yunjue died?

"No." Mu Chen finally gave his answer after thinking it over. "Because I will stay with him all the time, even though he was going to die."

Mu Dong opened his eyes wide in great surprise, and unconsciously tightened his hand which was holding Mu Chen by his arm.

Looking at his wrist which had already been red, Mu Chen extended the other hand to pat the boy's head asking seriously, "Do you really want me to die?"

Mu Dong tried his best to shake his head and his hand that was clinging to Mu Chen's wrist slightly shook too. There were only a few people in Mu family, so all members of Mu family cared about their families so much. As he heard that Mu Chen just uttered the word "die", his expression on his face got blank for a while and no one could say if he was afraid or struggling. Mu Dong got nervous in a sudden. 'You can't die! You can't die!" Mu Dong's eyes were filled with fear.

The naughty boy immediately behaved much better. His expression was not as alive as before but it was more sincere and purer, directly showing his concern about his brother.

Mu Chen turned his eyes and caught Mu Dong's hand in turn. As he tried to put his spirit into Mu Dong's body. He found it was impossible and his spirit was bounced back before he could figure something out. He felt like he was hit by someone with one palm and his face turned to be pale with pain in a short time.

Seeing that Mu Chen's face suddenly got pale, Mu Dong winked in astonishment. He naughtily got close to Mu Chen and poked him at his chin asking curiously, "Brother, what's wrong?"

Mu Chen curved his lips and shook his head slightly. Then he rubbed Mu Dong's head and said in a low voice, "Gu Yunjue won't die. No one could kill him except me. Don't worry about that."

Mu Dong got stunned. It seemed that he was frightened by Mu Chen's sight at the moment.

When Mu Chen tried to say more, he felt a gust of spirit approaching. Soon after, a warm and big thing pressed his back. The familiar temperature and weight made him heave a sign and feel surprised at the same time.

Before Mu Chen could say something, Gu Yunjue held him by his wrist, searching his body with his spirit. Since he found that Mu Chen was not so well, Gu Yunjue got a bit angry and asked, "What happened? Did you fight with someone?" As soon as he was aware that Mu Chen's spirit had been attacked, he quickly came back, leaving Gu Yunjin alone. Then he found that his feeling was right. Though it was not so severe, it would still take a long time for Mu Chen to recover. And the reason why Mu Chen got hurt was still queer.

Mu Chen shook his head and patted Gu Yunjue's hand to comfort him. Casting a glance at Mu Dong, Mu Chen gradually knitted his brows, his eyes filled with worry. "It's really hard to say," replied Mu Chen.

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and gazed at Mu Chen. Afterwards, a cold sneer appeared on his face. Then he picked Mu Dong up and waved him, which looked like he was waving a radish with its leaves in his hands. "I will have enough time to play with him after the wedding ceremony," said Gu Yunjue.

Finishing his words, Gu Yunjue suddenly disappeared in front of Mu Chen. Soon after, he came back alone with a bright smile curving his lips. But Mu Dong didn't come back with him.

"Did you give Mu Dong to someone else? Who is him?" asked Mu Chen with great concern.

"A man who will never let Mu Dong run away." Gu Yunjue took Mu Chen to the bed and then picked the red robe. "Hurry up, put it on. I really want to know if it suits you well."

Meanwhile, Jing Ting stared at the boy in his hand, a kind of murderous atmosphere flashing in his eyes. How dare Gu Yunjue let him look after a kid?!

However, Jing Ming seemed to be rather interested in the little thing. He poked at Mu Dong's butt, and then he poked at Mu Dong's armpit. After that, he pinched Mu Dong's cheek and happily said, "This little boy is so beautiful. Brother, let's take him back to the demon realm and raise him."

"Well," Mu Dong scorned arrogantly, and then glared at Jing Ting scornfully saying, "If I were you, I will take my brother away now."

Jing Ting's eyes got darker and his piercing eyes was going to puncture Mu Dong's body. Feeling the pressure, Jing Ming took one step backwards. He cared about his fur so much and now they had already stood up on his skin because of fear. But Mu Chen just ignored Jing Ting's great rage and kept provoking the furious man adding "You are the luckiest one among those people but you are also the most unfortunate one. Because you have no courage to show your adoration to him."

Jing Ting was destined to be the emperor of demons. He was powerful enough but he still have to hide his true feeling and silently protect his beloved behind him. He even had no chance to show his love to Mu Chen. That was really miserable.

Hearing his words, Jing Ting coldly raised his eyebrows and measured Mu Dong with his eyes. "You are small, but you know pretty much," replied Jing Ting coldly.

Mu Chen scorned again and didn't deny.

"In this case," Jing Ting waved his hand and gave out a cage. Then he quickly threw Mu Dong into the cage and uttered, "That's why Gu Yunjue told me I shouldn't let you run around."

"You bad guy! How dare you lock me up?" Mu Dong pounded at the cage, and he quickly found that the cage was specially refined. No spirit could permeate it at all and the spirit inside his body was suppressed too. It was even impossible for him to ask for help, let alone going out.

At that moment, Jing Ming burst out crying. He had no idea what was happening at all when he was kicked into the cage by Jing Ting. "You stay at the cage and play with the kid. If you are too noisy, I will bury you here," warned Jing Ting in a cold tone.

"Why do you lock me here too?" Jing Ming sat down and crossed his legs. Jing Ting had locked him here for so many times, avoiding him from running about. Jing Ming was so familiar with the cage. He knew clearly that he had no way to go out as long as he came in.

"Because you are too stupid and will let him go out." Jing Ting cast a glance at them, sat down and kept silent. His face was so cold that no one could read his mind.

Jing Ming scorned and drew a picture book from his bosom. He poked at Mu Dong's butt and suggested passionately, "Hey, little guy, let's read stories together!"

Mu Dong's little face hardened too, glaring at Jing Ming with rage and saying, "How can you be so silly? You even have no intention to stand up to him at all!"

Jing Ming simply separated his hands, tilted his head and replied indifferently, "Is it necessary? He will let me go after a while. I will lose nothing."

"You are really stupid!" Mu Dong got a bit uptight.

Jing Ming had no idea about what was the matter with him. He just thought the boy was small but his temper was pretty bad. Meanwhile, Jing Ting raised his eyes and seized the little boy up.


Even though the Devil Lord had prepared well before he came here, he could only last for no more than three hours when he was in his heyday. Gu Yunjue and Gu Yunjin has been fighting with him for more than an hour. It was not difficult for Yu Tianyi and Feng Jiuli to deal with him according to their abilities.

Seeing that Gu Yunjue had went away with Gu Yunjin, the Devil Lord realized that he would be in danger if he kept fighting with them. In this case, he had no plan to go on fighting. So he pushed away Yu Tianyi's sword with his spear, making himself a chance to run away.

However, Feng Jiuli immediately rushed to him, entangling him with roaring flames. The Devil Lord was surrounded by the flame and couldn't get rid of it at all.

Yu Tianyi silently stood beside them, crumbing a spirit stone to resume his spirit. He was a man of few words. As he found a chance, Yu Tianyi quickly raised his sword, stabbing heavily to Devil Lord. The great chill that the sword brought made all people around it feel pretty cold.

The spirits of Yu Tianyi and Feng Jiuli was quite different as one of them is hot and the other was cold. After being attacked by the spirits again and again, the Devil Lord couldn't recover in time at all as his meridians had been hurt already.

"These two ungrateful spawns!" scorned the Evil Lord in a scaring tone. He really regretted that he didn't kill them. But it was obviously useless to regret now. He had to escape, though it definitely was a shame for him. He had no option but to tell himself that he would suffer a great loss if he kept fighting. Gu Yunjue and Gu Yunjin had already gone away. Now that they dared fight with him, they would not let him leave so easily. There must be a plot behind the fight.

Yun Tianyi and Feng Jiuli was aware of his intention. They looked at each other and entangled him again. They had promised Gu Yunjue that they would last for at least an hour. How could they let him go now?

Meanwhile, the sunny sky suddenly got dark as Gu Yunjin had set a magic formation. And the center of the formation was filled with black fog. Gu Yunjin threw his purple ring on his ginger to the magic formation. With a dim light, a woman quietly appeared. She inhaled the black fog and her body gradually became clear.

"Jiner." the woman seemed to be about forty years old. She was not so gorgeous but she was still beautiful. Her eyes were shark and filled with an atmosphere of violence. Her thin lips slightly closed. The nasolabial folds gave people a warning that the woman was not easy to deal with.

She was the Devil Lord's wife, the Devil Queen who was killed by the Devil Lord. She was also the only woman whose spirit was not completely destroyed by the Devil Lord.

"Mother!" Gu Yunjin walked to the woman and tried holding her hand. He was more cautious about Gu Yunjue now. It never occurred to him that Gu Yunjue would piece the fragments of their mother's soul back and raise it with his spirit for so long that their mother could have her body again.

Ghost cultivator was against the nature and it pretty hard to do that too. When a soul was broken, it would stay at the ghost word for hundreds of years and then took advantage of some extra power to take shape. Since the moment it was reborn, it would have a karma to repay.

"I want to revenge!!" The Devil Queen cast a glance at his son and the murderous atmosphere was worse. Profound hatred make the fog around her darker. "I have been wandering in the ghost world for hundreds of years. I tried to keep the shape of my soul only because I wanted to revenge."

Gu Yunjin got stunned in a sudden. They all know that it was the true purpose of Gu Yunjue. He wanted to make use of the Devil Queen to kill the Devil Lord as she hated him so much. Then neither Gu Yunjue or Gu Yunjin would be punished for killing their father. However, he was utilized by Gu Yunjue in the end. He even didn't realize it at first. Furthermore, because of the reshaping of their mother, they also owed a karma to Gu Yunjue now. That meant they couldn't fight against Gu Yunjue anymore.

That was definitely a perfect plot.

"He will get here in half an hour as an ordinary people. That was the time for you to revenge." There was a glint in Gu Yunjin's eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and no hesitation could be seen in his sight.

Now that he had owed to Gu Yunjue, he would take the chance no matter what would happen.

After one hour, Feng Jiuli raised his eyebrows. He didn't stop the Devil Lord who had suffered with serious internal injury anymore and instantly retreated, so did Yu Tianyi.

The Devil Lord shook his body. Then he took the chance and escaped quickly.

Seeing that Yu Tianyi broke two superior spirit stones to add his spirit power, Feng Jiuli curiously asked, "There was a mutual forbearance between your freezing ice and Mu Chen's fire. So you two could also be a perfect match, right?"

Yu Tianyi's sight changed a bit and then slightly nodded.

Feng Jiuli nodded, muttering to himself, "That's it."

Yu Tianyi had no idea about what he was talking about and he had no interest to figure it out. "One hour is over. I should leave now," said Yu Tianyi simply."

"Don't you want to have a cup of drink at their wedding feast?" Feng Jiuli teased him mildly.

Yu Tianyi hesitated for a while and finally shook his head. The relationship between the immortal realm and the devil realm was a difficult problem to deal with. He was afraid that Ten Thousand Sword Sect would get into trouble if he went to meet Mu Chen.

As Yu Tianyi left, Black Egg secretly got out from the spirit pet bag and said, "He had a crush on our Palace Master. He tried to show his adoration to our Palace Master for many times but our Palace Master never got his point."

Feng Jiuli clicked, touched his chin with his hands and teased, "He really choose a wrong way. He should express his feeling to Mu Chen directly. If I were him, I would directly said to Mu Chen that I want to sleep with him."

"That was what my master did!" Black Egg nodded in agreement. It didn't tried to hide the truth for his master. Instead, it simply felt it was pretty cool and useful. So their Palace Master got its master's idea and they fell in love with each other in the end.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen just changed into a red robe as Gu Yunjue asked. He couldn't help sneezing and he felt that there must be someone who was saying something bad about him. Meanwhile, Gu Yunjue couldn't breathe smoothly when he saw Mu Chen at the moment.



"I want to sleep with you."

Mu Chen got speechless with his response.