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☆、第11章 有你就够了。

Chapter 11: Having You Is Enough


Gu Yunjue suddenly called out to Yue Mingze, "Senior Brother Sect Master no need to leave yet. You said before that you didn't plan to tell this to Master before, so who changed your mind?"


Yue Mingze astonishedly looked at Gu Yunjue in the eyes, he really really wanted to find some clues within them, but it was a pity that besides child-like curiosity, he could not find any of the evil feeling or coldness in them. He slightly smiled and mildly said, "It was Elder Zheng, and also Martial Uncle Mu's Senior Brother under the same Master."


Mu Chen coldly hmphed, raising an eyebrow at him. Trying to fix his old problem of being weak, he wonder if beating him up once will fix it.

TL Note: The weak he's talking here is being weak in his opinions, easily persuaded by other people.


Yue Mingze sensed that something was wrong and immediately slipped away.


After he went back, Yue Mingze kept thinking how he should write the reply. My Martial Uncle said he doesn't like your Junior Brother, because your Junior Brother is a narrowed minded and is better off as a court eunuch. As such, he dislike your whole Sect and won't even check on the injuries and just waiting for you guys to die!


Thinking to that point, Sect Master Yue couldn't keep pretending anymore, he ferociously grabbed his hair. The whole time he wanted to knock his head against the wall, the reason his Martial Uncle gave him clearly could not be used. So what reason should he use to reject that wouldn't cause trouble? The scene of Gu Yunjue's eyes that made his scalp go numb suddenly appeared in his mind, Yue Mingze's mind moved, he had an idea!


Isn't Fifth Junior Brother the best reason? His disciple was to young and cannot be separated from his Master, something like this could be used against Ten Thousand Sword Sect to refuse. At this moment, Sect Master Yue felt that he was a genius.


While Yue Mingze was delighted, he did not know what other people who saw him felt…


After Yue Mingze, Gu Yunjue clasp Mu Chen's face, his eyes chilling. In his Master's heart, there should be no one but him, this disciple who is attractive to him. Why would he need to worry about a little person like Ji Qingyuan, if he wanted the three realms, he would still need to praise him and offer it up to him. Master doesn't need to think much, he just needs to keep his eyes on him.


Mu Chen helplessly pulled off the two claws on his face, this little disciple really likes doing that action, perhaps it was his intimateness and dependence toward him, but he cannot get accustomed to this. As a strict Master that will not spoil his disciple, he needs to stop him.


Gu Yunjue once again stubbornly went closer, his two hands on Mu Chen's shoulders and they were so close their breaths were touching. No matter what, he could not calm the deep worry in his heart. It was like there was a vacancy in his heart, but he didn't know how to fill it. Only by being closer to this person beside him to the point he could touch could he feel that this man was his. The alluring peach blossom eyes could not hide the malice in his eyes, his pitch black eyes were serene like the Black Sea, there were no waves, but a crazy storm seemed to be brewing within.


He faintly smiled and asked, "Master, you said just now, who did you want to marry?"


Mu Chen once again took off his hands and firmly held his two claws to prevent him from acting up again. He slightly tilted his head and therefore missed Gu Yunjue's current expression.


Gu Yunjue crawled up and held Mu Chen's neck, holding him closely while a deep gloominess shone in his eyes. "Master, if you are going to find a dao companion, you must tell me first." The child's sharp and clear voice carried the softness of a child of his age, but the coldness within it caused Mu Chen to suddenly feel apprehensive.


Was he afraid that he would be abandoned if he found a dao companion?


Thinking to think point, Mu Chen clumsily comforted him, "Master won't find a dao companion." Looking at his little disciple raising his eyes, staring closely into his eyes like an extremely strong-outside weak-inside chil, Mu Chen sighed. This little guy was really to sensitive and weak. He tightly hugged the child in his arms, his chin pressed against Gu Yunjue's cheek and his voice somewhat low, yet gently and softly said, "Just having you is enough for Master, we had agreed, that when you grow up, you will support me."


Gu Yunjue stared blankly for a moment, then smiled. The hollow feeling in his heart seemed to be filled by those words, his heart calmed. This feeling was so strange, he had never felt like this before. It was very strange, but it felt pretty good.


He took out a thin cloth from his bosom and used it to seriously and carefully wipe clean the hand Mu Chen had used to pick up that visit card. He had already one hundred percent confirmed that Mu Chen really does carry his memory and was reborn. Because Mu Chen was a person that could not hide things, love and hate could easily be seen with a glance. In his past lifetime, Master and Yu Tianyi's relationship should be pretty good at this time. As long as the other's request wasn't too overboard, his Master would agree. It was just treating the injuries of an Elder, to his Master, it was a very simple matter but he refused.


Furthermore, there is Ji Qingyuan. His Master shouldn't know him right now, according to his nature, he does not care about the average person at all, yet he said that Ji Qingyuan was a hypocrite. All the evidence showed that Master knew what happens later, but why was he being so good to him and did not just immediately kill him to avoid the disaster in the future? Didn't he lead him to his death?


He kept thinking about it causing Gu Yunjue to appear absent-minded. Mu Chen's finger was really pretty, his joint slim, slender and fair, his skin was also tender and glossy. The temperature was just right while he held it…


At this time, Mu Chen was also absent-minded. How great it would be if his little disciple never grows up, he could always depend on him and be worried about being abandoned. He would be so filial as to wipe his hand and serve him tea. But after he grows up, he should be flying away.


Jing Ting and Jing Ming who had ran a circle and returned found this scene of Master and Disciple still in the posture of wiping his hand. The two men's expression both appeared to be treasuring this time, it made people unable to bear to break this atmosphere. They had never seen Mu Chen so careful with anyone, the brothers both glanced at each other, seeing the puzzlement in each others eyes. Jing Ming: Don't tell me Gu Yunjue was really given birth by Palace Master?


The twin's telepathy was really good beyond words, each had only glanced at each other but knew what the other was saying. Jing Ting felt as if he was shocked by a bolt of thunder, he raised his foot and sent his younger brother flying: Are you stupid, you would believe even this kind of lie!


Jing Ting crawled up and patted his butt, continue to be in shock: What kind of pill is that? If we accidently eat it…


Jing Ting rapidly pulled his sword out and mercilessly chopped down at his younger brother. For the Howling Moon Heaven Wolf group to have such an idiot, they really are sorry to their ancestors! He will take their parent's place and kill him, perhaps he could even be reborn again!


While the two fought, they fought like they were hated enemies Jing Ming could not defeat Jing Ting, but his mouth was much more agile than Jing Ting. while being beaten up, he scolded him, "Are you a person or not? Want to kill me and monopolize the family property? Our dad is poor to the point only fur remains and yet you as the older brother is still fighting me over it! Just kill me, after you kill me, I won't let you off as a ghost! The more you beat me I will go find you a stepmother and not feed you everyday!


Jing Ting was angry to the point his face turned black, hating him for not meeting his expectations, he said, "Hurry and get rid of all those picture books, you are not allowed to read those retarded things in the future!"


Mu Chen came back to his senses by the fight. He took out the thin cloth from Gu Yunjue's hands and threw it to the maid by the side. He then picked up the Cold Fragrant Flower Branch Gu Yunjue left on the table, with Gu Yunjue in tow, his figure flashed and was in the hot spring in the back mountain.


Mu Chen placed Gu Yunjue on the ground and he place the branch into the spirit spring to soak, not waiting for Gu Yunjue to speak, he then picked him back up and went to the back mountain.


From afar, a sweet scent of an immortal fruit assaulted their senses. Standing in the air and looking below, all kinds of flowers blooming could be seen, beautiful with all sorts of colors and white fog rising in spirals. He could see all kinds of spirit beasts and demon beasts walking within, when they saw Mu Chen, a few cute looking spirit beasts stopped and curiously looked at Gu Yunjue in his hands. They thought Mu Chen had picked up another companion, but it was a person.


Was he going to throw him here to raise?


Gu Yunjue also looked at Mu Chen, not understanding. Why did Master bring him here, to introduce him to playmates?


Mu Chen carrying Gu Yunjue landed and place him on the ground. His large hand held his small hand, the Master and Disciple's white shoes walked over the dead leaves, causing cracking sounds. He still haven't spoke and Gu Yunjue still did not speak to break this warmth. They walked to waterfall and Mu Chen's mouth slightly rose, he said to Gu Yunjue, "Close your eyes."


"Mas…ter, you smiled." He had seen many beautiful people, the Devil Realm's ability to charm was the best among all three realms, but there was never anyone that could make him heart shake with just slightly smiling. Gu Yunjue was a bit blanked out for a moment.


Mu Chen seeing that his little disciple was staring at him and not closing his eyes. He unhappily covered the other's eyes. His foolish disciple who doesn't know how to comply with instructions, perhaps he is lacking more education.


He raised his other hand and waved with spiritual power, the waterfall before them parted and a cavern was revealed before them. The entrance was not very big, it looks like it was just a passageway. Mu Chen carried Gu Yunjue and flashed through the cavern, his voice that carried some joy softly passed into his ears, "Yin'er, open you eyes."