Hearing that many people wanted to see him, Mu Chen looked at Jing Ting, confused, "Why?"

"To deliver gifts," Jing Ting was straight to the point.

"For what?"

"Disciple acceptance."

Mu Chen tilted his head, still confused.

"They are here to congratulate you on taking a disciple and offering greeting gifts for Little Palace Master," explained a smart maid who was quite speechless for the way two short-spoken men communicated.

It suddenly occurred to Mu Chen that this wasn't quite the scenario in his previous life.

"Since the gifts are already here, then they're Yuner's."

"Oh." With a short reply, Jing Ting walked out to deal with these snobbish people with knitted brows. These sycophants were so disgusting, acting fast after seeing Palace Master's mightiness.

Seeing Jing Ting's impatience, Mu Chen suddenly realized that he needed a capable steward for his palace. Jing Ting was short-spoken and impatient in dealing with trifles, but quite imposing when seeing guests off. Besides, Mu Chen planned to let Jing Ting out for some experience as they two would have to return to Demon World one day, keeping him in a glasshouse would do him no good.

Therefore, Mu Chen sent a message to Jing Ming, asking him and Gu Yunjue to choose a considerate disciple from outer sect to manage the trifles. By noon, the two came back with an old man, grey haired and white bearded, whose name was Guan Shan, a steward in outer sect.

Mu Chen massaged his forehead, quite bothered. He shouldn't have let two kids with IQ as young as five to select a steward.

This old guy in front of them looked amicable, definitely someone kids would prefer.

Disciples of outer sect were all cultivators above three spiritual roots, who after the trial would be given two basic cultivation manuals based on their performance. Fortunate ones would be assigned to peaks and palaces to be child cultivators and might still get an opportunity to immorality with instructions. Unfortunate ones could only deal with trifles for outer sect and live to about over 200 years old, ending this life before foundation establishment.

Outer disciples were allowed to take part in the sect competition but few could stand out and be chosen to enter inner sect, unless some fate-turning opportunity befell.

This elderly man was already in his declining years. So their plan was to provide for the old man so that he could enjoy his late years? What about the steward?

Seeing Mu Chen's disapproval, Gu Yunjue, with big smiles, hurried to sit on Mu Chen's thigh, patted gently on his chest and coaxed in a gentle voice, "Master, he looks reliable, and pitiful. Please let him stay."

Mu Chen cocked his brows. Rarely would his little disciple show such kindness. In the past life, Gu Yunjue had killed everyone useless. A ruthless boy indeed.

"So I must have been a good master who teaches a disciple so kind." Mo Chen thought, ravished with joy and pleased by his dear disciple's obedient coaxing.

"Then we'll keep him as you like."

"Thanks, Master."

Guan Shan heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that he could stay, so he immediately kowtowed to Mu Chen, "Thanks, Palace Master."

Mu Chen waved his hand, gesturing Jing Ting to help Guan Shan settle down. However, whether he could be competent for the job remained to be decided.

With arms around Mu Chen's neck, Gu Yunjue stayed in his master's arms, the corners of his mouth curved into a big smile. 'How adorable Master is! He just gives me everything I asks for. Guan Shan can help to protect Yanyang Palace and Master when I'm out. And it would be much easier for me to do something with Guan Shan's help.'

Guan Shan was capable, who soon listed all the gifts. Mo Chen checked it and found the gifts, though not valuable, were special. Clearly, the senders had done quite some job. Hanyang Palace joined in the congratulation and sent a roasted chicken. It must be Chu Qianshuang, an addict to food, who did this, Liu Hanzhi would never do such a thing.

"Among all these gifts, only the roasted chicken bears no greed of the sender." Tapping the list, Mu Chen tilted the corner of his mouth, "They're all yours, you can do whatever you like."

"All mine?" Gu Yunjue couldn't help but smile, warmth welling up in heart.

Master was so generous that he just gave all to me without even checking them. How could I repay the love?

Jing Ming had already taken the hamper in hand. However, he sensed something unusual before lifting the lid. Giving it a sniff, he then turned to Mu Chen out of direct instinct.

Mu Chen looked at him, "What?"

Jing Ming said out of shock, "Demonic air."

Jing Ming himself was not a human, but an archaic mythical beast, descendant of Moon Wolf. He only ended up in Immortal World by accident and disguised in human form in Yanyang Palace because he didn't want to be taken as spiritual pet. Mu Chen treated them both as his true disciples, Jing Ming, though getting used to quiet life, still got quite a sharp nose for demonic air.

Demonic air detected on the gift from Chu Qianshuang. And what did that mean?

"Bad news! Little Six must be in demon's hands," shouted Ming Jing in fright.

Mu Chen shot him a speechless glare.

What the hell was that fright for? You yourself was a demon, okay?

Reminded that the pills to disguise Ming Jing's and Ming Ting's demonic air were about to run out, Mu Chen went into his alchemy chamber and came out after two days with dozens of bottles of pills. Dividing them into three parts, he handed Jing Ting two parts first then ordered, "Deliver this to Little Six and tell him not to run out these days."

"Chu Qianshuang is also a…"

"Hush!" A slender finger landed softly on Jing Ting's lips, making him swallow all his words. Seeing the rare shock on Jing Ting's face, Mu Chen smiled and said, gently, "Now go and you don't have to worry about exposing yourself."

The three boys should be able to get on well since they were of the same race.

The warm feeling on his lips made Jing Ting blush, who took the pills and jumped out immediately, disappearing in a fleeting second, fast as his sword skills.

Mu Chen wondered with a frown, "Why is this kid always so hurried?"

However, Gu Yunjue, who had been forced to walk the bird, Black Egg, with a red rope around its neck, happened to see what had just happened from the window.

Little Master finally got out from alchemy chamber, Little Master's slender finger touched other's lips…Overtaken by jealousy and rage, Gue Yunjue walked in with a sullen face, he took Mu Chen by the hand and wiped it hard with his handkerchief.


"Master, you just acted like you were molesting a good boy. Please don't do that again. It's easy to get misunderstood." Gu Yunjie stared right into Mu Chen's eyes, his face softened after not detecting any trace of fondness in them. Gently he coaxed, "Look, Jing Ting is frightened away. I bet he'll try to avoid your eyes when he gets back."

Mu Chen was dazed and looked apologetically at the direction where Jing Ting had left. Right, he shouldn't have done that. He just forgot that Jing Ting was now a grown boy. He should really keep some distance in future. But molesting a good boy? How come this little disciple knew such a thing? But then he thought of the scars all over Gu Yunjuer's body, and countless imagined terrible scenes flashed in his mind. He couldn't help but touch softly on Gu Yunjue's head and believed that Yun'er must have witnessed loads of sinister dealings. The more influential the family was, the more sinister dealings there would be.

Mu Chen held Gu Yunjue in his arms and found him a bit heavier after weighing with his hands. Satisfied, he patted on Gu's back and promised, "I won't do it anymore."

"Master, how long will you keep holding me like this?" Gu Yunjue smiled.

"Only when you're young. I won't be able to hold you after a year."

Gu Yunjue took a lock of Mu Chen's hair and twisted it around his finger. Gently he smiled, "Then I can hold your hand for however long I like."

Mu Chen simply took it as some childish remarks and smiled gently, "Okay." However, he secretly thought: Even I wanted to hold your hand, this little disciple wouldn't allow me to. Boys tended to have their own ideas when grown up.

Mu Chen felt quite uncomfortable after two days in alchemy chamber. So he just threw Black Egg away and brought Gu Yunjue to the back mountain where existed a spiritual fountain that he usually bathed.

In the picturesque mountains dotted with beautiful flowers slowly flowed a stream of spiritual fountain with curling mist that made everything vague. The setting sun at dawn tinted the mist lightly pink and some falling petals could be seen drifting leisurely away in the water. Protected by the shield, the place was unfrequented, tranquil to ease the mind.

Mu Chen put Gu Yuejue down to the ground, offering, "Would you like a bath together?"

Gu Yunjue knew from the very moment they entered here what Mu Chen intended to do. His ear blushed upon Mu Chen's words, "Master…I…I'd better leave you alone…"

Mu Chen grabbed the kid by the sleeve, a rarely seen impulse to tease the kid overtaking him, "You're shy?"

"Master, you really…" Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and put on an innocent smile, "Now that you ask for this, it would be my greatest pleasure."

Somehow Mu Chen just felt that this little boy stressed a bit hard on 'My greatest pleasure", which led him to wonder if he had just heard it wrong.