"Pretty female cultivators might be transformed by a magical beast. Your fourth senior sister is about to show you that."

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue hastily nodded, looking lovable and obedient like saying 'what you say is always right and it is bound to be kept deep in my mind'.

The burly man on the square was also stunned by Bai Xunrong's arrogant words. However, he quickly came to himself and turned hostile again, "I won't fight with a woman. Only with Yue Mingze!"

Noticing the contempt in the man's eyes, Mu Chen educated Gu Yunjue: "Don't ever judge people by their looks. Or you'll die for that."

Bai Xunrong also noticed that but she only smiled, then the air pressure surrounding them dropped sharply. Mu Chen immediately set a boundary to shelter Gu Yunjue and others around him. Then, two kinds of strong spiritual powers -- wind and soil intertwined together, stand and stones flying and the world darkening around in a minute. Rocks on hills broken into pieces turned into a soil dragon and swept the big man along, growling and shouting as if showing its enemy its great killing intent. Those off-guard disciples of second generation were straightly rolled away by the spiritual power, their mouth stuffed with stands and their ears suffused with the rumbling of the fight.

Gu Yunjue, who himself never saw Bai Xunrong fight with others, finally understood why Mu Chen said that she might be transformed by a magical beast. Soon after, a machete about two meters long showed up in the hands of Bai Xunrong with a petite figure as her spiritual power was being acted.

The machete's body was half of a meter wide and dazzlingly golden to the point of even blinding the bell-like big eyes of the strong man. Blood slots on its both sides were carved into the giant dragon shape, glittering and aggressive with strong killing intent.

Bai Xunrong lifted up her machete with only one hand and pointed it at the nose of the big man who had already been blindsided in shock, sneering in a peremptory way: "Despise women? Son of a bitch, let me teach you how to behave today!"

Hearing Bai Xunrong's harsh words, Gu Yunjue was coming to laugh when warm palms covered his ears, then an emotionless voice from his Master came into his ears: "Don't you ever follow her to talk like that. Fight makes her become a rude person."

Having nothing to say, Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen's hands, held them in his palms and kneaded them, the exquisite feeling of touch evoking his desire to take a bite of Mu Chen's hands.

And then, Mu Chen seized this chance to explain: "The weapon your fourth senior sister holds now is called Beheading Soul Sword that weighs nine hundred kg., a spirit tool of the top rank."

"It should really be named 'World Devastator'!" Jing Ming supported his chin with his hands and spoke out what he learned from small picture books. Seeing Bai Xunrong using her broadsword to give a hack at that big man's giant hammer, which made the earth tremble, the mountains sway and knocked the man far away into the air, Jing Ming added in all apparent seriousness: "Impressive and powerful! F*ck the earth and shatter all!"

When Jing Ming finished his last word, Mu Chen kicked down Jing Ming in a minute, and with his face frozen, Mu Chen trod on Jing Ming's back several times, seemingly to punish him. But Jing Ming, who was under Mu Chen's feet, sounded quite enjoying it. And indeed he was:

'Pity that I cannot turn over because of Master's foot on the back, or I would even lie down here and then my belly can also enjoy being trodden by Master.'

Gu Yunjue glance down at the white boot on Jing Ming's back, his eyes darkening and then fixed on Jing Ming. At the very moment, Jing Ming sensed a cold killing intent for no reason, raised his head and looked around, yet finding no clue of where that killing intent came from. Seeing Jing Ming still not quieting down after being kicked, Mu Chen gave him a hard kick again.

'You little one! Learn no good and even act disobedient to me!'

Although his eyes grew darker, Gu Yunjue still cracked a mild and warm smile on his face, held Mu Chen's hand up close to his lips and gave it a quick kiss, smiling: "Master, I've remembered that. Female cultivators may be magical beasts. So I will keep my eyes only on Master. You are a treasure for me thousands of times more valuable than any others, even she is an exquisite beauty."

Hearing that, Mu Chen opened his mouth but failed to utter a word because he had no idea how to correct these words with different interpretations. As a matter of fact, Mu Chen meant to warn his little disciple not to be lecherous, but now it sounded a little bit weird somehow.

Before Mu Chen thought deeper, Gu Yunjue had grabbed his wrist, put one arm around his waist and dragged him away, half pushing and half hugging.

When seeing this scene, other cultivators had gotten used to it and would never feel surprised because cultivators in Lofty Cloud Sect all knew that Gu Yunjue had been spoiled by his Master and he was allowed to do whatever he wanted; besides, Gu Yunjue himself was a talent, so others dared not to judge him.

Jing Ming eventually got up and wanted to pat the footprint on his back, but he found he couldn't reach it. As a result, he just anxiously turned circles at where he was like a little wolfhound turning back to bite its own tail.

Suddenly, Mu Chen asked: "I plan to take Jing Ting and Jing Ming as my disciples after Jing Ting finishes his closed-up training. What do you think?"

Gu Yunjue smilingly tightened his grip on Mu Chen's hands, seemingly not care about that: "It's okay if you like, Master. This disciple doesn't mind it."

Mu Chen was surprised by his generosity.

'Gu Yunjue is so possessive that one more glimpse at others from me will make him jealous. But he does not care a hang about me taking Jing Ting and Jing Ming as disciples today. What's wrong with him?'

Perhaps Gu Yunjue saw through Mu Chen and knew his confusion, so he explained seriously: "Master, I know you want them to go out to experience, right? Then, the name of Yanyang Palace can save them a lot of troubles." And far more importantly, Gu Yunjue was no longer content with the master-disciple relationship, but it was not the time to put cards on the table yet.

Mu Chen nodded as that was exactly what he was thinking about and it felt great that his little disciple could understand that.

Back to Yanyang Palace, Mu Chen entered into alchemy chamber again because Yue Mingze had requested a Little Rebirth Pill as the prize for the Four Great Sects Competition.

Sitting on the wooden chair by window under the sunshine, Mu Chen drowsily observed Gu Yunjue and wondered whether he could succeed in refining a Little Rebirth Pill. He knew that his little disciple had such poor talent as a pill alchemist to the point of even making Gods and people furious at his stupidity and believe what he was doing was merely a waste of materials!

Then, Gu Yunjue took a herb and turned back only to see Mu Chen's profile. Sunshine reflected Mu Chen's long eyelashes onto his fair-skinned face and left a fan of shadow, stirring such a strong urge in Gu Yunjue's heart that he couldn't help getting closer to feel the touch of the trembling eyelashes.

Then, Gu Yunjue walked closer to Mu Chen and hugged him from behind with the tip of his nose rubbing against his Master's auricle, saying in a sincere and serious tone: "Master."

Pushing the head lying on his shoulder several times, Mu Chen impatiently turned around when Gu Yunjue was also staring at him, the tip of their noses touched and their eyes meeting in the air. Gazing at Gu Yunjue's smiling eyes, Mu Chen's mind wandered in a sudden.

'Little disciple has grown up. What I can see in his eyes does look similar to that in his previous life.'

All of a sudden, Mu Chen felt a quick warmth on his face and was drawn back from his mind-wandering by the gentle and soft touch, then he was ashamed into anger.

'This little one! How many times I have warned him not to kiss me! Coquetry comes soon whenever he wants and clings to me like a sticker. What a horrible habit! Why doesn't he get rid of it?'

Aware of a coming kick, Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen firmly and dared not to loosen a bit, smiling: "Master, I have no idea how to express my feelings to you. What should I do?"

Hearing that, Mu Chen put on a cold look and a layer of blush showed up on his face.

'Is there anyone using a kiss to express his feelings on everyone he likes? Is there anyone who will hold a girl's face and give her a kiss when he finds his passion to her? If any, is it not the same as a lecher?'

Looking at his disciple's face which was quite seductive to women, Mu Chen felt worried more.

'A lecher with such an enchanting face may fascinate people head over heels. If he goes out with such a beautiful look, how many girls will fall for him?'

With that thought, Mu Chen pointed to the herb on the table to vent his fury on Gu Yunjue, ordering in an emotionless manner: "Go to refine the medicine, hurry!"

'Only if his mind gets cultivated could Gu Yunjue's desire for women be reduced.'

Gu Yunjue followed his Master's order to refine the pills, but he looked clumsy in his movement. Looking at that, Mu Chen felt anxious.

'Such an idiot! How could he be so stupid! He has already grown up but he even can't refine a pill of second rank. How could I be at ease to let him out to experience?'

With his awkward refining techniques, Gu Yunjue finally manage to concoct ten Little Rebirth Pills after he failed several times.

Glancing over ten black pills laid on the plate, Mu Chen was speechless, his face twisted into an expression of shock, "What is it? Why does it look so weird?"

'Why isn't pill round? And these pills little disciple refined are in such strange shapes, there is even a triangle one with defects!'

Gu Yunjue looked troubled and with a distressed face, he put his arms around Mu Chen's waist with his head against Mu Chen's belly, enquiring in a low voice: "Master, I am so stupid. Will you dislike and avoid me?"

Gu Yunjue's words surprised Mu Chen so much that Mu Chen's hands trembled and by accident, the pill in his hand fell on the ground. Mu Chen hurried to pat his little disciple on the head, comforting: "No, I won't."

'Little disciple's sensitivity has taken strong root. The book says, teenagers at his age are prone to getting distorted in their mind, so even I really dislike his clumsiness in pillconcocting, I should not let him know. It's all my fault. I scolded him so many times before that my little disciple started to deny himself. As his Master, I'd better note my manner in future.'

Gu Yunjue just trembled but didn't get up. Then, Mu Chen patted his little disciple on the back again with his face frozen, feeling a little bit sorry, "Don't worry. You have your Master in your company."

'It's not a big deal! I'll come with him when he goes out to experience. Then, no one can bully him without my permission.'

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With that decision made, Mu Chen bent over to pick up the pills with dusts on the ground and put them on the plate.

'Little disciple refined them all. They shouldn't be wasted.'

Staring at Mu Chen putting those pills into a bottle and then throwing it into his own interspatial ring like saying 'I am to treasure them up and no one can get it', the child cultivator standing beside reminded him: "Palace Master, Sect Leader will send a person to get that pill. Then, what shall we do?"

Thinking about it for a minute, Mu Chen pointed to the small gap between table legs and flowerpot. He remembered that there was a Little Rebirth Pill left half a year ago and its effect might still be okay.

The child cultivator immediately got it and moved the flowerpot away, and there right in the gap indeed lay a pill. He picked it up, blew off its dusts and rubbed it against his own clothes, only to find a footprint that led him subconsciously to look at his Palace Master's exquisite white boots. He now realized that why it was hidden here was because Palace Master had carelessly stepped on the pill but was unwilling to pick it up because of the dirt.

It must be admitted that Mu Chen's mind was way too easy to figure out.

Watching the child cultivator stuffing the pill with footprint into a bottle, Mu Chen, with a deep look of significance, patted the head lying on his own belly, "Join and compete with them this time."

Before Gu Yunjue open his mouth, Mu Chen patted his little disciple on the shoulder, "Win this pill back for me."

'It may damage Yanyang Palace's reputation if that pill with footprint on it is won by other cultivators. Anyway, it's time for little disciple to experience some real fights. And under my watch, he won't be dead no matter how badly he's wounded. Little disciple should be taught in a strict way when necessary. I am a severe Master!'

But hearing that, the corner of Gu Yunjue's mouth twitched slightly.

'Let me compete with a group of kids under the Golden Core Stage? What if I kill them by accident? The consequence may be too horrible to think.'

The news that Gu Yunjue was to take part in Four Great Sects Competition spread far and wide in a few days in Lofty Cloud Sect.

For other disciples, especially those of third or fourth generation, Gu Yunjue was the spokesperson of luck, and in their view, what he achieved might all be owed to his good and powerful Master. With a Sect Elder who spoiled him so badly, Gu Yunjue could easily get the resources other disciples had to fight for. Mu Chen would lay before him whatever he wanted, which led all other disciples to wonder, 'Were such abundant resources laid in front of me, would I achieve better cultivation than Gu Yunjue?'

At the very moment, a young man at his 20s stared at the flashing thunder light in his hand, whose face looked much gloomier when the light flickered on at random, and then a cold glint in his eyes couldn't be restrained any more. He ground his teeth and said with hate out of jealousy: "Gu! Yun! Jue!"

This young man was ever the most talented among those disciples who joined Lofty Cloud Sect at the same time with Gu, but Mu Chen chose Gu Yunjue as his disciple. As a result, Gu Yunjue was two generations senior than him because of Mu Chen's high status in the sect, even Gu Yunjue's cultivation base overwhelmed him. He himself put up a desperate fight for resources but clearly the latter was the next Master of Yanyang Palce. How could their fate be so unfair!

He wanted to show his ability to Mu Chen and let him know that he had made a wrong choice!

'Gu Yunjue, I'm waiting to fight with you!