At the gate of the main hall of Yanyang Palace, a child cultivator holding a letter stood there and waited silently. It was obvious to know who had sent the letter according to the large word “Chen” on the envelope. Anyhow, Mu Chen would only accept Chen Mo among those with the family name “Chen”, only if he wasn’t too garrulous.

In addition, Chen Mo usually sent verbal messages rather than letters to Mu Chen, since he knew that Mu Chen hadn’t the mood to read one.

Gu Yunjue took the letter from the servant's hand. Before Gu opened it, Mu Chen extracted it with two fingers, like pinching a piece of garbage, and threw it into the wastebasket. He took out his handkerchief, wiped his hands and threw it to Gu Yunjue, indicating Gu to also wipe his own ‘paws’ clean.

Gu Yunjue suppressed his urge to laugh and wiped his hands obediently. Then he took out a bag of candy that had turned warm in his arms, picked a blue one and stuffed it into Mu Chen's mouth, smiling to see how his little master would react.


Mu Chen's face distorted instantly. Neither Chen’s nor Mu’s was within his consideration. He was thinking—how could there be such a terrible taste in the world? It was totally unacceptable!

"I got it wrong!" Gu Yunjue put on a guilty look and hastened to pick out another pink one from the small package and stuffed it into Mu Chen's mouth again. Sweet taste spread and finally saved the taste bud from being collapsed. Mu Chen got relaxed gradually. He pulled over Gu Yunyjue's hand to pick out all the green candies from the bag, and threw them away with a strong sense of righteousness, allowing no fish escaping from the net.

"It's bad for your teeth to eat too much sour food. Never buy them again." Mu Chen warned with a stern face.

Gu Yunjue nodded earnestly with his serious expression: "Your Master is right; this disciple will keep it in mind!"

A maid with ginseng teas on hand came in and looked at the master and the disciple anxiously. The two who had already separated themselves from the flesh should be sitting together in the mid night seriously discussing that sour candies would do harm to the teeth? What was wrong with them? God bless!

Mu Chen got in a better mood after eating candies and drinking a cup of ginseng tea. He felt his soul was much stronger these days as he didn’t feel any tiredness even at such a late hour. He simply sat down to watch the I-Go board Gu had half finished. Gu’s playing showed no murderous sense, which made Mu Chen frown spontaneously, “Is this chess? He’s merely piecing them together!”

Some sense of smile flashed in Gu’s eyes while he saw Mu Chen’s look. He waved his hand and summoned out a guqin. He asked with a gentle smile, "If your master is not tired, how about listening to your disciple playing the guqin?"

Mu Chen’s brows knitted—he had to push this child not to waste time on guqin, chess, calligraphy or painting. Otherwise, his weak nature would bring him defeat or even destruction in the upcoming competition. Thinking of that, Mu Chen spoke with a cold voice: "Take a good rest tonight! I’ll give you a special training tomorrow. When it comes to the competition among the four sects, it’s certain you have more profound cultivation than others. But if you are defeated because of no combat experience, I will dump you into the back hill."

Gu Yunjue came over unhappily, cuddled Mu Chen from his back, and said with a tone of grievance after nuzzling his master’s neck, "Master is so cruel!"

Mu Chen responded seriously, “It’s for your own sake.”

Seeing his own hair entangling with that of Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue was quite delighted and grabbed a strand of hair, "Well, this disciple will be a lamb and obey you forever!" So long as master did not leave him, even for thousands of years, Gu would listen to master as long as he was alive. If Gu had to die one day, he would promise his next life to his little master so that he could once again obey little master’s capricious and unreasonable demands. He would listen to whatever master had to say, pamper him and spoil him so long as that would make his little master happy.

Gu Yunjue nipped a strand of hair with his fingertips and put it into the space ring before Mu Chen could notice. His tone became very low and solemn, as if he was making a promise.

Mu Chen was amused. Without turning his head, he rubbed his right hand on Gu Yunjue's face and said, "Silly boy!"

With Mu Chen's profound cultivation, it was no problem for him not to sleep or rest for a month or two. However, Gu insisted that Mu Chen should lie down and rest for two hours every day. At first, Mu Chen felt it was a waste of time, because somehow he always slept for more than two hours without any reason. The next day, however, he found that his soul power and spiritual power were more abundant than that after a meditation night. Gradually, he was accustomed to taking a rest every day.

Dressed in a piece of underwear, Mu Chen lay on the bed leisurely. Looking at his little disciple’s handsome face against the window curtain, he felt glad that he had brought up the little thing and closed his eyes slowly. The moonlight came in obliquely from the window and dressed him in a silver layer of gauze.

Gu Yunjue's sight fell on Mu Chen's face. After quite a while, he could not resist his strong feelings, lifted up the curtain and came to Mu Chen's side. Gu Yunjue looked at his master’s long eyelashes and poked them gently with a finger. Gu Yunjue's heart itched slightly as the eyelashes trembled. Even though his little master was hypnotized, he was still vigilant. The corner of Gu’s lips tucked up. He bowed his head and kissed Mu Chen on his forehead. He just planned to sleep with the person around his arms when Mu Chen, seemingly aware of who was beside, let his vigilance down and put his face on Gu Yunjue's shoulder with his expression showing a lot of relief.

Gu's body became stiff. Looking at Mu Chen's appearance, he suddenly couldn't get asleep.

The next day, when Mu Chen woke up, he felt a warm thing behind him and an arm wrapped around his waist tightly. Mu Chen was somewhat speechless that his little disciple had always been sleeping in such a gesture for more than ten years. He was about to wake up the person behind him, but suddenly felt a hard thing against the inside of his thigh. He could feel the heat even through his underwear. Mu Chen didn't think much about it. He reached out his hand to grab and pinched it without hesitation, thinking that this bastard disciple should sleep with weapons!

Gu Yunjue groaned and gasped in pain.

Mu Chen was also stunned—it didn’t seem like a weapon...

Mu Chen hastened to get off bed. Both his body and mind seemed stiff, his look unfathomable to tell. Without any word left, he just disappeared in the blink of an eye. He rushed into the pill concocting room, closed the door and set a ban, which assumed a manner for nobody to approach.

Gu Yunjue grabbed the sheets, feeling the private part ache like burning. He sneered in a fit of anger—shocked and intimidated to hide himself!? He had no idea that his little master should be a timid rabbit! “Sooner or later, I’ll fix you!”

In the pill concocting room, Mu Chen's face was extremely dark. He picked a few herbs to have a look and then threw them away with an expression full of detestation. He ran to the basin rack at the wall and washed his hands a bunch of times. It felt like a handful of insects, fluffy and numbing that couldn’t even be shaken off. How could he grab his disciple’s...?!

Mu Chen felt ashamed and didn’t know how to describe his mood. He kept building up his mind by telling himself that it was no big deal—he had already seen it when his disciple was a child; now it just grew up a little bit from a tiny bean sprout; there was nothing to be embarrassed about; as a master, anything he’d done to him could be forgiven; there was nothing to be ashamed of, since it was him that raised the disciple up.

Thinking like that, Mu Chen felt more relieved.

However, he got even worse later. “Bless him! Won’t it be damaged? …Shall I concoct some pills to cure it?”

In the late afternoon, Mu Chen came out of the pill concocting room. His perfect beautiful face had already restored the usual cool look. With a blue robe on his body, he seemed more elegant than chilly.

“Your Palace Master!” Several maids carrying food boxes passed by, stopped and bowed to extend respects when they saw Mu Chen.

Mu Chen responded with a hum. He saw the meal box intact with nothing absent and asked: "Yun’er hasn’t eaten anything?"

The first maid bowed her head and said in a worry, "Young Master hasn’t eaten anything since this morning."

Mu Chen felt a sting in his heart. “Sure enough! It's damaged! My little disciple has decided to fast due to grief and indignation.”

When he came to the bedroom, Gu Yunjue, as expected, lay on the bed with clothes on, as if he was sleeping. He moved a little bit with Mu Chen’s arrival, but didn’t turn back. It looked like he was in a fit of pique, which couldn’t be more touchy-feely.

Wearing a cold face, Mu Chen sat beside the bed and patted his disciple on the back. He comforted Gu, "Don't be worried. I can cure you."

Seeing no response, Mu Chen took out a pill and stuffed it into Gu's palm.

Gu Yunjue sat up with his veins on the forehead jittering. It looked like his master was suspecting he was on the point of becoming ‘impotent’ and even concocted a pill for him—master did love him!

Holding the pill, Gu pulled his face and asked unhappily, "What’s this?"

"A cure for your disease." Mu Chen glanced at Gu's lower body.

Gu Yunjue was angered to burst into laughter. "I think it's better for your Master to check it. I'm afraid there’ll be something wrong to take the pill directly." With that, he began to remove his clothes.

Mu Chen snatched the pill back, held Gu's chin, and stuffed it into his mouth. “There is no need to check. I’m sure you’ll restore vigor so long as you take the medicine.”

For an instant, Gu Yunjue felt a warm flow gathering down his lower body, his private part shooting up directly. Seeing Mu Chen was looking forward to examining the efficacy of the pill with a pair of pure eyes, Gu got black in the face and felt an impulse to put his master down and ravage him severely. He wanted to kiss him all over his body to leave love bites on this cold person, and occupy and penetrate him fiercely to make him groan emotionally and sob slightly beyond self-control!

He was so anxious to melt together with this man, so that both their blood and bones would integrate and could never be separated!