As Mu Chen talked happily with Yu Tianyi, Gu Yunjue with the number plate in his hand walked closer to them, his smile becoming brighter, yet rage in his eyes gathering gradually; and the accumulating killing intent added a tinge of red shadow to his dark eyes that made people shudder.

‘Some will just pop up from nowhere and seduce my little master shortly after I remove my eyes away from him. Apparently, they have a crush on little master’s cuteness. Everyone that is not blind wants to compete with me for little master!’

Upon seeing his disciple, Mu Chen got excited, “Who is your competitor today?”

“A stranger from Bodhi Sect.” Gu Yunjue sat next to Mu Chen and smiled as if he didn’t care at all: “No matter who he is, I will win anyway.” The high spirit and ambition of a youngster carried in his words brought an elated smile to Mu Chen’s face.

Then, Gu Yunjue put his arms around Mu Chen’s waist, clung himself onto Mu Chen and nuzzled intimately, “Master?” He leaned over to Mu Chen’s ear and grinned at him, whispering: “Master, I need your encouragement.”

Mu Chen felt confused, ‘How?’

At the very moment, Gu Yunjue came to give Mu Chen a quick kiss on his chin and threw himself into Mu Chen’s arms before Mu Chen could react, grinning: “Just like when I was a child, give me a kiss and a hug, Master.”

Mu Chen cleaned up his chin as if he hated that and then rubbed violently on the head lying on his thighs now.

‘Such a little one! He knows clearly that I don’t like to kiss. I only enjoyed lifting him up. It is a great pity that I didn’t get many chances to do that because of little disciple’s timidity and now he grows up, it is inappropriate to lift him up even if he wants. What a pity.’

Noticing that Mu Chen had been completely distracted since Gu Yunjue came, Yu Tianyi didn’t show something different on his face but there appeared some complaints in his gazes towards Gu Yunjue.

As if he sensed that, Gu Yunjue smilingly lifted his head up and looked straight into Yu Tianyi’s eyes, the profoundness in his eyes making Yu Tianyi’s eyes darken. Yu Tianyi saw lots of things in Gu Yunjue’s eyes, including three parts of hostility, five parts of contempt and two parts of scoff, which were by no means what a teenager would have!

Drawing back his sight with smiles, Gu Yunjue stayed in Mu Chen’s arms with his head on Mu Chen’s thighs as if he was a slacker with no bone, and then he scooped up a handful of nuts, cracked them one by one and kept all the nutlets.

When massaging his disciple’s hair, Mu Chen made some comments in a despised tone on those well-known cultivators, pointing out those hypocrites and real villains. Then he warned his disciple not to be too careless when dealing with real villains, saying that he should either stay away from them or beat them down if he could, because hypocrites were way too dangerous than real villains.

His tone sounded quite casual and easy that no one had ever heard before. This cold man rarely showed up his gentle side in public. However, those cultivators he mentioned were all in a high stage of cultivation and were quite embarrassed by Mu Chen’s harsh comments. Before Yue Mingze, who was sitting not far away drenching in cold sweat out of embarrassment, opened his mouth to relieve the tension, Mu Chen raised his head and scanned coldly over those cultivators who then immediately turned to look elsewhere. It was well-known that offending a pill alchemist of high position was the most stupid thing because he could save your life or even reward you a lucky chance to immorality with the pills he concocted.

Then, Mu Chen added for his disciple: “As long as you are more powerful than others, then they will never offend you. Remember, no matter where you go, only the strong is honored!”

Yu Tianyi just sat beside and had no desire to chime in, yet something complicated came up in his eyes when he looked at Gu Yunjue again. He thought to himself, ‘What reaction will Mu Chen make when he knows his disciple has two faces.’

When Mu Chen finished what he wanted to say, Gu Yunjue had been called by the presider of the competition. Then, Gu Yunjue put those nutlets into Mu Chen’s hands and spread a smile: “I will be back soon, Master.”

Mu Chen nodded his head, looking a little bit nervous. So Gu Yunjue kneaded his Master’s palms to indicate that ‘It’s okay’.

When Gu Yunjue stepped onto the stage, people under the stage were silenced.

‘The great talents of a sixteen-year-old young man who has entered the Medium Stage of Core Formation should never be ignored, even if his profound cultivation is hastened from medicines.’

“That is the disciple of Sect Elder Mu, right?” A black-faced monk  asked Mu Chen. He showed nothing about what an eminent monk shall be. Wearing a golden robe of Buddhist monk, the monk crossed his legs and squatted on an enlarged chair with his bare feet and his belly protruding to the air. As he spoke, he even scratched his feet with his Buddha beads on the neck thrown behind.

Mu Chen uttered a careless ‘Hum’ as a reply and just as he was about to eat a nutlet his filial disciple had prepared to ease his worries, the sluttish manner of this monk extinguished his appetite. He thought to himself in shock, ‘The Master of Bodhi Sect seems a bit too unceremonious, even the direct disciples standing behind him wear bright red robes of Buddhist monk and all keep long hair with their amorous eyes constantly sweeping around. If my disciple dares to behave like that, I will definitely beat him eight times a day.’

After a short conversation, Mu Chen looked back to the stage. Gu Yunjue appeared behind his competitor all of a sudden without even drawing his sword, and he looked rather calm and composed even though he was half a head shorter than his competitor. Holding the sword with his left hand, Gu Yunjue raised his right hand, smacked the back of his competitor’s neck and caused his competitor to faint on the stage!

Gu Yunjue did it so fast that the presider couldn’t make a reaction in time because both of them hadn’t performed any sort of art. His competitor was the most frustrated and confusion came up in his eyes when he fell over because he clearly had no idea how he was beaten down.

Gu Yunjue smiled gently like a gentleman and reminded the presider, “Announce the result, please.”

Not until then did the presider come back to himself and announce loudly: “Lofty Cloud Sect, Gu Yunjue wins!”

This competition caused an uproar among those people under stage, and those who had believed that Gu Yunjue depended on medicines to reach such a high cultivation stage looked rather embarrassed and terrified. How could he fight so decisively and how could he be so skilled at controlling his spirit power if he hadn’t been through battles between life and death?

Mu Chen blinked and looked at his disciple who had already returned back to his side, wondering in surprise, ‘When could his little disciple be so good at controlling his spirit power? He didn’t even know how to separate pills before, but now he actually knows how to beat others down without hurting their essence. Did Liu Hanzhi’s training through beating work wonders?’

Then, Mu Chen turned back to stare at Liu Hanzhi, accusing the latter with his gaze, ‘What have you done to my disciple?’

Sensing that, Liu Hanzhi couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth,

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‘Only an idiot would take Gu Yunjue as a cat!’

Obviously, Liu Hanzhi, who had been called ‘idiot’ by Mu Chen before, was trying to get even with the latter.

Duanmu Feng, who used to fall asleep in noisy occasions, was quite sober this time. He rested his chin on his hands and lazily poured a cup of tea for Liu Hanzhi, saying in a mild voice: “Little junior brother, show your respect to our martial uncle.”

Liu Hanzhi’s expression froze upon those words.

Mu Chen hummed loftily and looked at Liu Hanzhi as if he was still an idiot.

‘This unfilial disciple has never called me martial uncle! He has no idea to respect and honor his senior! He was a mute as a child, now still a mute even when he is over one hundred years old! Duanmu Feng is so pathetic. He looks so wise and striking in appearance. How could he take a fancy to an idiot? What’s wrong with his eyes?’

Duanmu Feng seemed not to get the meaning of Mu Chen’s gaze and still smiled at him gently like the spring breeze in March. Then, Mu Chen felt sorry for him much more.

At the moment, Gu Yunjue had already come back to Mu Chen, and he grinned: “Master, I won.”

Looking at his disciple waiting for his praise, Mu Chen nodded as he piled bottles of pills into his disciple’s hands. Seeing that, other cultivators became jealous.

‘With a Master who loves him so much, he eats these pills which I have to fight and even die for as the common food. He is too lucky to exist in the world.’

A young man, standing far away, stared at Gu Yunjue with his eyes full of envies and hates. Thunders and lightening flashed around his body and strong killing intent lured under his eyes.