Gu Yunjue's performance on the first day demonstrated his extraordinary ability to the world of immortals, while Mu Chen also showed his love for this disciple, which had provoked endless envy and jealousy for his little disciple. For instance, Fu Haolong, known as "the Chosen cultivator", conceived especial hatred towards Gu Yunjue. He had vowed to defeat Gu and prove himself to be the most talented among the peers, so that Mu Chen should know it was his fault not choosing him.

In contrast, Mu Chen had no idea about that or he wouldn't care even if he knew it because he had already placed sufficient confidence in Gu Yunjue since his performance in the competition on the first day- "My disciple will never lose!"

The next morning, Jing Ming ran over in a hurry and danced along with a delight mood. "Palace Master, my brother is about to end his seclusion!"

Mu Chen just came back from the cold fragrance forest. Hearing the news, he threw away the branches and dashed straight to the place where Jingting secluded for cultivation, only to see the spiritual air gathering in the sky and pouring into the cave in a funnel shape, while the turbulent air around the cave calmed down gradually. In a moment, a two-meter-tall white wolf with cold light in his blue eyes rushed out of the seclusion place. Seeing Mu Chen, the white wolf changed in a flash of light into a white-haired beautiful young man. Born of the same parents, Jing Ting had been half a head taller than Jing Ming, and exceeded him a lot in cultivation, but Jing Ming still rushed over for a hug and yelled, "Brother!", not caring a bit about the distinct disparity in either height or cultivation.

Jing Ting rubbed his little brother's head, with his face softened seeing Jing Ming's happy smile. Then he extended respect to Mu Chen, "Your Palace Master."

Mu Chen patted Jing Ting's shoulder and sighed with emotion, "You've really grown up."

Hearing that, Jing Ting said in a low voice, "A thousand thanks for your Master sheltering us!" Then he paused, as if a decision had already been made. He took Jing Ming's hand and knelt down with extraordinary resolution, "In those days, Jing Ming and I were homeless for being chased by enemies. It was your Master that adopted us. Such great kindness, I always bear firmly in mind."

Mu Chen's face calmed down gradually-he knew that Jing Ting was leaving.

Jing Ming also understood his brother's words. After all, Jing Ting once had mentioned his plan to leave. He lowered his head, with the smile on his face fading into a vacant look. He was reluctant to leave here, the home for him. After escaping from the demon realm, he had lost all memories of his parents and hatred. Only the last decades that he spent with the master, who was also like their father, in Yanyang Palace retained in his mind. He was so confused about the future once he'd left.

Jing Ting spoke in an earnest tone, "I want to bring Jing Ming back to the demon realm. If we are lucky to be alive after I accomplish what I should do, we'll come back and spend our whole life to serve your Palace Master."

Mu Chen responded slowly, "I knew you'd leave one day." Then he smiled. At first, he was just inspired to pick them up by their fluffy fur and didn't expect them to successfully cultivate into human shape. Having been accompanied by the two for so long a time, he was really loath to part with them on hearing their abrupt decision to leave. "From now on, you two are Mu Chen's disciples. Whether you are humans or demons and no matter where you've been, you are always my disciples of Yanyang Palace." Mu Chen patted their heads one by one and said with relief, "Your master is always here waiting for your return."

Jing Ming raised his head in surprise, while Jing Ting looked down with a dark sight as if something was hidden in these blue eyes. After a painful inner struggle, he pursed lips, then closed eyes and paid a respect, "These disciples are much obliged to your master."

Mu Chen rubbed their heads one by one, just the way he did at their childhood.

In order to make sure that Jing Ting and Jing Ming would be safe on the road, Mu Chen took out all the stocks in the pill concocting room, which were abundant to be packed into more than a dozen space rings.

"When you are outside, do keep in mind to trust no one but yourselves and not to expose your wealth." Mu Chen took out some pill and gave it to Jing Ting for concealing his demonic breath. When the hair and eyes of this young person before him had changed black, Mu Chen still felt worried to let them go and exhorted, "Jing Ming must listen to your brother's words; don't accept or even eat anything strangers give to you; stay by Jing Ting's side and never run around."

Jing Ming crouched in the corner, wearing a melancholy look.

Jing Ting clenched fists tightly with the knuckles getting white and watched Mu Chen prepare their luggage, not uttering any word.

Gu Yunjue came back after drawing lots for competition. Leaning on the door to see such a scene, he couldn't help laughing in heart, "Little master is a bit too worried-in the past life, these two small things nearly stirred the demon realm up, and Jing Ting even resumed the five demon forces to become demon emperor of the times; thereafter, Jing Ting also brought a lot of trouble for me when I betrayed master."

However, when Mu Chen had met with the mishap, Gu Yunjue gave his subordinates strict orders before he came to the immortal world, stating that they must listen to Jing Ting's dispatch once something unexpected happened to him. He knew that if anything bad happened to Mu Chen, Jing Ting would lead the demon and devil realms to subvert the immortal world, bringing the three worlds to complete chaos and countless creatures to ruins.

He believed that the two wolves would do it for Mu Chen to repay the countless kindness and care they had received.

Mu Chen glanced at his disciple and asked with concern, "Who will be your opponent today?"

Gu Yunjue responded joyfully, "Today is the lucky day. Your disciple drew a bye."

Mu Chen's mouth curled slightly, "Luck won't always be companied with you. Don't lose your attention."

"This disciple understands."

"You two extend greetings to your senior brother. Since you are going back to the demon realm, there is no need to register inside the sect." Mu Chen was also worried the disclosure of their identity would incur troubles to Lofty Cloudy Sect. Anyhow, these three were all his disciples without distinction. As for those empty courtesies, it didn't matter not following them.

Looking at the two brothers' green faces, Gu Yunjue laughed even more heartily.

"Master, we're obviously elder than him." Jing Ming wasn't satisfied.

"I was apprenticed earlier than you." Gu Yunjue came over and patted the back of Jing Ming's head with a profound smile.

'You are already reluctant to call me senior brother, then I bet you have more objections to recognize me as master's husband.'

Jing Ming called "senior brother" reluctantly, feeling extremely unlucky.

'Getting beaten by my own brother constantly and taking blames for senior brother for a dozen years, my life cannot be worse anymore!"

Jing Ting was anxious to leave, as if even one more day couldn't be waited. As Mu Chen packed all things needed, Jing Ting pulled over his little brother and insisted to leave.

Jing Ming grabbed Mu Chen's sleeves and would not leave, while Jing Ting should be so stony-hearted and forcibly dragged Jing Ming away by holding his collar. In the end, a piece of cloth was torn off the invulnerable magical robe by Jing Ting and four claw marks were left.

Gu Yunjue sighed quietly in his heart.

'The invincible claws of the Howling Moon Heaven Wolf are indeed worthy of its reputation.'

Over Qiyang City, Jing Ming shouted at his brother with his red eyes streaming, "Why are you so cruel? Why can't we stay for another night?"

A hint of reluctance revealed on Jing Ting's face as he stared at the direction to Lofty Cloudy Sect. He whispered, "The longer you stay, the more reluctant you will be. It's better to leave forthright."

Jing Ming wiped his tears and didn't retort this time. The two brothers stood silently for a while before Jing Ting spoke in a cold voice, "Let's go."

Jing Ming nodded, with his expression instantly getting more determined. "When we get a firm foothold in the demon realm, we can invite master to stay for a period."

Jing Ting nodded thoughtfully.

As they were about to start off, a familiar spiritual power fluctuated in the air as Gu Yunjue stepping on a flying sword came to them in a blink of an eye. He smiled with the three-tailed white fox held in his hand, "It's from the demon realm and knows the situation there better than you do. Take it with you to avoid some troubles." Then he handed Jing Ting the fox that had been casted prohibition while exhorting, "You'd better make it sign a servant contract so that it will be obedient."

"Thanks." Jing Ting took the white fox as he expressed his gratitude. After a bit of hesitation, he requested solemnly, "Please take good care of Master."

Gu Yunjue nodded with a smile, "I will."

When Gu Yunjue came back, Mu Chen just stood by the window and looked outside at the bright moon, with his face seeming somewhat lonely. Gu Yunjue walked over, and put arms around his little master's waist from behind, consoling, "They will be all right. Master, don't be so worried!"

Mu Chen tried to pull off the arms wrapped around his waist but failed, so he prompted with resignation, "Be normal; don't act like a brat."

"Master smells really nice." The little disciple behind him weighed down deliberately on his back, without any intention of loosening his grip. Mu Chen felt a sudden headache.

'Where on earth went wrong in his way of education that a good child went astray?'