The next day, the master and the disciple arrived at the competition spot very late as before. Dressed in a white robe, with the loose sleeves fluttering in the wind, Mu Chen stood in front of his seat in a distinguished posture, but looked baffled.

Two days ago, his seat was the same as those of others that were all black wooden chairs with cloud patterns, simple but magnificent. However, his chair was more than twice the normal size today that could hold over two people. The glazed chair of jade color was inlaid with several spirit stones and jade hearts on the back that formed a magical formation. On the chair was paved a white mink cushion of more than one meter wide; and behind the chair stood two delicate child cultivators, one holding a bolt of white brocade and the other lifting an umbrella. Seeing such a grand scene, people around them seemed even more jealous. How rich they could be to have spirit stones and jade hearts inlaid in a chair! It shouldn't be more luxurious!

With his face getting cold, Yue Mingze restrained the awkwardness and said righteously, "Junior brother Gu informed me yesterday that martial uncle Mu felt tired recently for concocting pills, so he replaced His Elderly's chair with a larger one." Gu Yunjue just said that he wanted to change a bigger chair. Who would know that the so-called bigger chair should have so many other implications?! Yue Mingze felt a sense of suppression in his heart, but he had nothing to blame since he had personally given his consent!

"…" People around looked at Mu Chen's young and good-looking face…the elderly?

Liu Hanzhi, who was sitting beside Mu Chen at first, stood up and moved a little farther away, wearing an expression of slightly detesting. Mu Chen was awkwardly stunned in the distance and stared coldly at Gu Yunjue.

'What kind of lousy idea are you conceiving?'

Gu Yunjue grinned and kept Mu Chen down on his chair. He took the brocade from the child cultivator's hands and put it on Mu Chen's shoulder before he smiled, "This disciple wants to sit together with master. It just fits us."

Mu Chen felt some cold air surrounding him, which seemed to be a good medicine cooling him from the sufferings of fire poison. One look at the brocade could tell that the material should be something from a dragon. He was confused, "This is..."

"I found it in the treasure house. It looked nice, so I brought here for master."

Mu Chen frowned.

'Is there such a thing in the treasure house? The skin of a deep-sea dragon, the thing of the extreme cold property in water, should have been rummaged out long ago if there was.'

Gu Yunjue never tried to interrupt Mu Chen's thought. Anyway, according to master's poor memory, there was no way that he could recall what was there in the treasure house. So he didn't mind what master was thinking about.

Only when Gu Yunjue settled Mu Chen well did he set his mind to draw lots. This time the opponent was actually a lovely female cultivator who was about the same age as Gu Yunjue, both of sixteen or seventeen years old.

Gu Yunjue stood on the stage, wearing a cold face.

One was handsome with a white robe swinging in the air and the other was delicate and refreshing like an exquisite jade, making a perfect match.

When the opponent's master saw Gu Yunjue compete with his little disciple, he got relieved a lot.

'Although Gu is young, he takes actions with a good sense of propriety. As such a pretty girl, my disciple may not get hurt.'

Gu Yunjue, however, being cold and solemn, flashed behind the girl, lifted his leg and kicked hard at her, which shocked all people!

Such a beautiful girl of sixteen or seventeen years old as her was kicked on her waist by Gu Yunjue and fell off the stage like a kite without the direction of a string. People of Yan Yang Sect rushed to catch her, throwing Gu Yunjue gazes of hatred as if they were going to swallow him alive. Losing a fight would even be better than being kicked off. What a shame!

No need at all to remind the presider who won the competition this time, the result had been very obvious.

"…Gu Yunjue of Lofty Cloudy Sect, wins!" Even the presider sounded shocked.

With the same confused look as others, Mu Chen didn't even know how to respond to Gu Yunjue's behavior.

Gu Yunjue plopped down beside Mu Chen and embraced his waist as if he was frightened by something, whispering, "It's really scaring."

Mu Chen looked at him doubtfully.

"It's really what master said about 'femme fatale'-when I saw a beautiful woman, it felt like a skeleton wearing beautiful clothes! It's terrible!"

Mu Chen, "…"

'My disciple originally knew how to show compassion for womanhood. Nevertheless, now a psychological shadow has been left in his heart since I told him a few words...'

Mu Chen felt a headache.

'He'd never have the chance to find a mate in the future! Where on earth did I teach him wrong? How can a good child grow like this?'

The competition in the morning was somewhat smooth, except the accident that the girl was kicked off the stage. It went on really fast with a dozen matches running at the same time.

In the afternoon, however, a real event did happen-a disciple of Bodhi Sect accidentally exposed demon cultivation and injured a disciple of Lofty Cloudy Sect. Finally, the competition had to be suspended and the vicious murder was struck to death.

The injured disciple was taken away for treatment while the girl following him attracted Mu Chen's attention. "Is that Zheng Xuansu's daughter?" He asked while turning his head to Gu Yunjue and just saw a sneer of contempt on his face. Mu Chen frowned, "You know her?"

Gu Yunjue responded, "We had some issues before," then swore with his hands up in a very sincere attitude, "but definitely not about chasing girls!"

Mu Chen, "..."

Dramatically, the injured disciple fortunately recovered as before just within a few days, but unfortunately his lot of opponent fell on Gu Yunjue of the same sect. 'Fratricide' within one sect should firstly befall Lofty Cloudy Sect. Yue Mingze couldn't help heaving a sigh deeply in his heart, 'What a bad luck!'

He was one of the latest disciples who had distinguished himself from the competition among out-sect disciples to be apprenticed by Zheng Xuansu. His name was Ji Ming'an. Only 24 years old as he was, his cultivation had reached the middle core formation stage.

Hearing people speak highly of Lofty Cloudy Sect for possessing numerous talents, Yue Mingze wasn't happy at all, because today one of these two talents must be defeated by the other, which undoubtedly would reduce a strong competitor for the other three sects.

Gu Yunjue seemed to know that this opponent was not easy to fight against, so he pulled out the sword without hesitation rather than arrogantly using his hand as knife as usual. The moment Gu Yunjue performed a sword incantation, the sword in his hand instantly emitted a thunderous sound like a dragon roaring and the sword intent surrounding Gu Yunjue enhanced constantly. At the same time, young cultivators around him felt like being suppressed and crushed by the intent, with cold sweat constantly peeping up on their forehead.

"Late core formation stage!" Zheng Xuansu cried in astonishment at the elder's seat. Suddenly feeling that his remarks might seem too fussy to match his identity, he then hastened to switch his tone with a laugh, "Junior brother Mu are indeed a great master to raise such an excellent disciple."

Mu Chen shot a cold glance toward the other, like a knife scratching over his face. Obviously, he disliked the other so much that he even didn't want to make any response. 'You want to make a match for your daughter and my disciple? He is still so young! Shame on you!'

Being despised by Mu Chen, Zheng Xuansu secretly gnawed teeth out of embarrassment and fury, but dared not offend the other, in that Mu Chen might get annoyed to draw the sword and kill him without the slightest hesitation. Recollecting the memories of ten years ago when Mu Chen had crushed Ji Qingyuan with his sword, Zheng flinched timidly because he knew exactly that his flimsy ability was not enough to counter with Mu Chen. Thinking about that, he could only expect that his disciple would beat Gu Yunjue ruthlessly off the stage to earn back some dignity for him. Learning from the same master as Mu Chen, Zheng Xuansu had been suppressed by the other all the time, so Zheng was, with grievance accumulating inside his heart day by day, eager to win the other once so as to build some prestige.

After a while, steam and fog arose instantly all over the stage which became invisible from outside. With a water spiritual root, Ji Ming'an was quite familiar with the martial act of vaporization, which proved his abundant experience of fight.

Mu Chen was obviously getting worried, with his face stiffened.

Zheng Xuansu on the other side seemed in a better mood.

'Even he has reached late core formation stage, so what? He's no more than a child without any realistic experience!'

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People could see nothing but flashing of swords from the outside. Actually, it was quite a different scene inside.

Gu Yunjue held his sword, his eyes turning red gradually with unconcealable killing intentions, "I've warned you! If you dare to cross the line, I'll chop off your head."

The opponent backed a step. As his expression changed, he had become another person, with a pair of amorous charming eyes curving slightly the same as Gu Yunjue. He spoke in a tone of ridicule, "Your elder brother has been missing you. Why being so heartless?"

This was exactly the man who had reminded Gu Yunjue in Sinking Immortal Tavern to take good care of Mu Chen and not to lose him. He was also nominally Gu Yunjue's elder brother, Gu Yunjin.

Pitifully, the two brothers never treated each other courteously; instead, the two stayed alert inwardly upon their reunion as if both of them were waiting for some opportunity to kill the other. Their father must be extremely satisfied to see such a scene, because what he wished most was his sons killing each other and the one left behind was that he wanted!