After his bath Gu Yunjue went to the attic that had been prepared for him. Separated from Mu Chen’s room by a single wall, although it was called an attic, it’s actually not small at all, especially for a child. In fact, even when Gu Yunjue grows up, he can still happily live in this spacious room.

At the left and right doors are two men and two women wearing white robes like clear water. Their good faces look the same, low eyebrows, heads down, waiting for orders.

Jing Ming is holding the clothes in his hand, the flute is now hanging from his waistband. Not waiting for Gu Yunjue to speak, he arrogantly walked in saying: “Wear my clothes for now, your new clothes are being made, tomorrow you can wear them.”

When Gu Yunjue put them on the long white robes and jade waistband automatically adjust their size, becoming small enough to fit his body. The clothes are giving off an aura of spiritual power.

Jing Ming took out a white ribbon from his belt, saying, “Come, I will give you a nice hairstyle that the Lord has praised before.”

After a cup of tea…

Gu Yunjue looked at himself in the mirror, his mood is a bit complicated thinking that the demon prince who terrorized the three realms now has this kind of look. The clothes are unisex, with no difference between male and female. Shizun thinks this is attractive?

Suspiciously he glanced back at Jing Ming, who coughed then raised his head to look outside, avoiding his gaze. Speechless, Gu Yunjue disassembled the bun on his head, combing it out then gathering together the hair around his temples and tying it back. The hairstyle is now relaxed and comfortable.

After fixing his hair, he then asked Jing Ming: “Hasn’t teacher come back?”

Jing Ming was puzzled. “The Lord went to the general assembly for the disciple’s trial. Perhaps to pick up another disciple to keep you company?”

Gu Yunjue’s hand clenches and his eyes flash unhappily at this. As long as the teacher has Gu Yunjue then it should be enough. If master dares to pick another disciple then he will strangle it. If master dares to pick a pair, then he will kill a pair of people!

Jing Ming did not notice Gu Yunjue’s reaction. His curiosity was extremely inflated. “Are you really a boy? Are you a demon? Where did the master find you? The Palace Lord’s hobby has changed? Your hair doesn’t look good…”

Looking at Jing Ming and smiling, Gu Yunjue suddenly became serious. Crooking a finger to gesture Jing Ming to bend down, he whispered: “The master ate a divine immortality pill and I was accidentally born.”

Jing Ming gasped in shock.

Gu Yunjue tilted his head, his slender finger gently touching the beauty mark near his eye, and laughed.

Jing Ming at this time realized that Gu Yunjue was just teasing him, said: “You dishonest child!”


Main Peak, Chongyang Palace Hall

Unlike the gorgeous style of the Sunshine Palace, Chongyang Palace is a tall, green and gray building with a calm atmosphere, highlighting the dignity and majesty of the main peak.

Inside is a huge water mirror that shows the progress of the trial. Sect master Yue Ming Ze is there, as well as almost everyone of importance in the sect. The trials are only open every ten years so many people have come to get fresh blood and pick up some good seedlings.

At the site of the trial, the children are desperately climbing. Coarse sand hits their faces but they have no time to wipe it off. A light rain is falling on the mountain, in some places the going is quite tough, thus the would-be disciples are using both hands and feet to climb. Cultivators despise half-hearted people the most, therefore they place great importance in this test of perseverance.

As Mu Chen sets foot inside the hall, robes fluttering gracefully, the crowd of elders is surprised to see his stunning face, cold like frost. The people inside become nervous when his phoenix eyes sweep over their faces. Shocked, they all stood up.

Fortunately, Mu Chen only glanced at them briefly. Some people breathed a sigh of relief at this. Some of those present also despised Mu Chen, thinking that he is just a pretty face who was lucky enough to be chosen as the Lord of Sunshine Palace. If other people had been so lucky, they would have been better than him at cultivation.

Mu Chen did not see how the others reacted to him. Looking at the water mirror that showed a child rolling around in the mud like a monkey, he was glad that he had taken his own disciple away. With his disciple’s injury he would not have been able to climb the mountain.

Among the elders in the hall, a female cultivator was pleasantly surprised to see Mu Chen and made a sound: “Yi!” (TN: Just an exclamation.)

Mu Chen heard the sound and looked at the source. Four people were seated in a row with her, one was sleeping while the other three were watching him. Mu Chen never thought he would see the four of them sitting together.

“Greetings to Shishu!” Yue Ming Ze and his three companions stood up, cupping their hands in a polite salute.

Mu Chen then thought of the time when Yue Ming Ze took over as sect master, there was a lot of infighting by dissatisfied members. All of the other lords of the six main peaks, except for Mu Chen, banded together to support Yue Ming Ze. Thinking of this, Mu Chen is a little ashamed. The things he cares about are too few. In the previous life, he didn’t even appear in this assembly. Looking at the reaction of the people here today, it seems like they think its more normal for him not to attend.

Yue Ming Ze politely asks: “What matter brings you here, Shishu?”

Yue Ming Ze seems to be his early twenties. Seniority is overturned, there is chaos in the ranks since he was obviously the youngest in his generation but is sitting on the highest seat. Perhaps to look more dignified and older, he dresses in a severe style - a white long unlined close-fitting robe, a green coat, and holding a jade ruler. However, his face has dimples and looks childish, unreliable, and easy to bully. In addition, his cultivation is not very high compared to the other elders in the sect. This has frequently provoked trouble in the Cloud Gate Sect.

Seeing the very young Yue Ming Ze, Mu Chen sighed in his heart. If the first generation elder had not been so anxious to break through a bottleneck, Yue Ming Ze would not have been saddled with so much responsibility at such a young age. It’s really a heavy burden.

Before his rebirth, Gu Yunjue’s actions had frightened the cultivators and this group had pushed the blame on Mu Chen, claiming that he was the one who taught the evil person, therefore he should be executed to keep the world safe. If Cloud Gate sect were to protect him, they would become the enemies of the entire cultivation world.

At that time Yue Ming Ze, after a hundred years of painstaking efforts, was finally in power, with a firm foundation. When various people wanted to kill Mu Chen just to vent their anger, Mu Chen was handed over but the usually leisurely and carefree sect master defended his Shishu (Martial Uncle). He unexpectedly transformed from a weak cultivator to a strong sect master who dared to confront even the entire community of cultivators.

With these events in mind, Mu Chen felt that he had really been too selfish, not contributing much at all to the sect. Since he now had the opportunity to rebirth, then all his regrets can be resolved. From now on he would help his martial nephew guard Cloud Gate sect, those who threatened it would all die! Every one of them, burned to death!

Yue Ming Ze sees Mu Chen just looking at him and not speaking so he is subconsciously intimidated, silently swallowing his saliva. He was not afraid of anyone but in front of Shishu his face became a bit red. Yue Ming Ze cried a bit nervously: “Shishu?”

Mu Chen helplessly looked back at him, his tone abrupt: “I want to discuss something with you.”

He took out two jade bottles from his spatial storage ring. “Here are two pills. It can help a cultivator break through to the Power Boosting stage. I want to exchange them for something.” (TN: I cannot translate 可以给门内再添两位合体期的大能 precisely but basically the two pills are extremely valuable to cultivators.)

Inside the hall it’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop, as all of the elders are listening to their talk.

The number of cultivators who hare in the Power Boosting stage are extremely rare. In the entire Cloud Gate sect there are only three. With just those three Cloud Gate is able to stand firm and become one of the four most powerful sects. If there were two more masters of the Power Boosting Stage then the effect on the sect is easy to predict. Moreover, everyone present is earnestly cultivating and hoping to one day reach that stage but it is hard to break through to the next cultivation realm. Pills that help cultivators pass through a bottleneck are greatly valued. These two pills are are a marvelous medicine, nothing could be more treasured by the sect members.

Yue Ming Ze exclaimed: “I did not think that you could refine this level of immortality pill!” He coughed and stiffens his back to maintain the dignity of the sect master. “What does Shishu want to trade for this?”

Mu Chen: “The Heaven and Earth (Qian Kun) Soul Protection Bells.”

The Qian Kun Soul Protection Bells are two old artifacts. They are different from other magic weapons in that they have more than one function. They have the ability to attack and protect the body and spirit as long as the user injects his power into the weapon. It can also hurt a person’s spirit. The bells are a pair: the Quan bell and Kun bell. It is said that the second generation sect master and his partner wielded the bells together. The two had infinite power, enough to destroy the world. The treasure was sent to Cloud Gate but later on the Kun bell was lost in an immortal-demon war. The Qian bell has not recognized a new master. It is like a dead thing now.

Yue Ming Ze was puzzled, “What do you want to do with the Soul Bell?”

“I will give it to my new disciple to do the ritual.” In the previous lifetime, the Soul Bell was one of Gu Yunjue’s weapons that he stole from the Cloud Gate sect. Mu Chen thought that if he gave the Soul Bell to Gu Yunjue now then not only would his disciple avoid the crooked path, Cloud Gate sect would also be more secure in the future.

Mu Chen’s reply made no sense. The three views of the person who heard it were completely broken. Yue Ming Ze’s serious face has signs of smoke. While a group of wannabe disciples were desperately trying to complete the trial, Gu Yunjue’s luck was so great that he was chosen as a personal succeeding disciple and Mu Chen even wanted to exchange two valuable pills to get a treasure for his defense.

This type of thinking is abnormal. Is it really necessary for Mu Chen to provoke this much envy for the boy? Examining Mu Chen’s expressionless face, Yue Ming Ze cannot guess whether he is deliberately trying to test his disciple or not.

The elders in the hall are much surprised, firstly that Mu Chen actually chose a disciple and, secondly, that he thought of taking the Soul Bell for him. Some of them do not look happy.

Two valuable pills for a useless bell, it seems like a very cost-effective trade. But the two immortality pills are likely to break the balance between the various forces in the sect.

Mu Chen observed the faces of the group of elders but his face was still cold. In his last life, these guys owed him a debt! No matter who is not satisfied, all he has to do is to beat that person up, then they will not dare to speak anymore.