Seeing the increasing killing intent in Gu Yunjue’s eyes, Gu Yunjin waved hands with laughter, “I promise, I’ll leave soon!”

Gu Yunjue snorted murderously, "Father should be willing to let you come. It’s really incredible!" So apparent were the ironies on this young person’s face that one could know his connotative meaning at a glance. "You are his favorite son, the most perfect shell of body he has manufactured after all."

Gu Yunjin took a deep breath with his hands covering over the heart, "My whole body has become hot on hearing you praising your brother like that. You are really flattering me!"

Gu Yunjue had no intention to tell any joke with him. He squinted at the opponent, planning in the heart that splitting Gu Yunjin would tear the old fogey’s (their father) heart into pieces.

Feeling the murderous intention, Gu Yunjin looked more serious. He lessened the random attitude, with a faint smile in his eyes, "How about cooperation?"

Gu Yunjue sneered, as if the pair of his red eyes had read through entirely the opponent’s mind by a simple glance. "So I see. I’ve been wondering how come father would let you run freely in immortal realm. As father’s dying day draws near, he wants to reincarnate by possessing your body, so he gives you right just to pave the way for him re-taking subordinate power in the future. It turns out you come here to seek cooperation. After all, he takes no fancy to my half-devil body, so I’m free of his control."

His deep thought being pointed out exactly by this young person, Gu Yunjin smiled, but with murderous sense arising in his eyes.

‘This young brother is awesome indeed.’

His face got cold with a seemingly slight hesitation, "Anyway, he's our father. We just want to survive. Should there be any other alternative, I don't want to take the final resort."

Gu Yunjue was amused and looked up at his brother, with extreme contempt in his eyes.

‘No wonder he is the one who has killed more than a dozen brothers. Obviously, he has calculated the last step.’

‘That’s right! Father won’t remember how many sons he has. The women he has captured are just child-bearers. The man in front of me is still alive because he is the perfect shell of body father has manufactured, while I'm still alive because I'm half-devil and half-immortal, which allows me to hide in the immortal world without being noticed. That's all.’

"I'll think carefully about your proposal." Gu Yunjue nodded his head, with a faint smile in his eyes, which puzzled the other about his real thought.

Gu Yunjin also squinted his eyes, calculating in his heart, ‘With Mu Chen's support, Gu Yunjue is undoubtedly safe enough that nobody in the immortal world dares touch him. As Mu Chen favors him so much, he certainly has a bright future of cultivation.’

What he valued most was this little brother's scheming nature. If he hadn’t been here, he wouldn’t even know that this little child should be so ambitious.

“Enough of talking.” Gu Yunjue swept his sword so that the crimson viscous flames instantly spread all over it. His scarlet eyes were firmly locked on the opponent, like a demon coming out of the Dead Sea. The murderous sense formed a cold wind that rolled up his white robe, on which the elegant silk petals remained transcendent as before. "If I cannot gain a stunning victory, master won’t be happy." His words sounded so gentle, although the atmosphere of confrontation kept rising. Especially when he mentioned Mu Chen, this beautiful face became extremely sweet and cloying. Feeling numb in mind on seeing such a sharp contrast, Gu Yunjin unconsciously retreated a step.

Gu Yunjue’s concealed devil cultivation finally exposed, which seemingly had reached early demigod stage. Unable to spare any attention to that abrupt attack, Gu Yunjin spit out a mouthful of blood for being harshly slashed in the chest. He was shocked while looking at the young man in front of him, "You should..."How horrifying his talent was?! Looking at the young man’s eyes, Gu Yunjin felt a sudden flicker of horror.

‘This monster, can I really handle him?’

Gu Yunjue stopped his attack of devil cultivation with laughter and conversely used pure spirit to absorb all the devil signs left on the opponent's wounds, with the pupils of eyes restoring to the normal black. He laughed, "Big brother has been spoiled by father? How come you can’t take even one blow from your little brother?"

Gu Yunjin’s face got cold. Never was the thing that he was spoiled, but that the young man was extremely strong. It was believed that he had been learning the orthodox immortal skills, but there was no hint that he had got in touch with devil cultivation. At 16 years old, reaching demigod stage, it was absolutely impossible!

"Who the hell are you?" Gu Yunjin looked at the youth in front of him vigilantly. Even though he knew that his brother’s body had been occupied, he only felt defensive instead hostile.

Gu Yunjue said indifferently, "It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is..." he paused with a chuckle, "Your magic tool for keeping others from detection looks nice, so I want it."

Gu Yunjin felt speechless, “This is my precious for hiding my identity. My senior, there is no need to impose on me.”

Gu Yunjue snapped, with no objection to his respectful address, “Since you’re leaving, there is no need to keep it. However, if I use it to perform tricks for master, maybe he’ll get delighted.”

Gu Yunjin took a ring off his waist, wiped away his divine sense and gave it to Gu Yunjue. He still had no idea about Gu Yunjue’s history, neither did he have the intention to offend him.

"Tut, your wounds are getting healed. Your constitution does deserve your reputation." Gu Yunjue took over the ring. Looking at Gu Yunjin in a mess on the stage, Gu Yunjue gave him a disguising pill to help him recover Ji Mingan’s appearance and finally removed the surrounding fog.

Gu Yunjin just got a relief when Gu Yunjue's face suddenly changed before he fulminated righteously, "Be wise to admit defeat!"

Gu Yunjin: "?”

Saying that, Gu Yunjue, by virtue of some spirit power, kicked Gu Yunjin off the stage without hesitation, causing the other's wounds to dehisce again with blood spilling over, which evoked a tremor in the audience’s minds.

Gu Yunjin puffed out another mouthful of blood and felt that all his internal organs had been displaced. This time, with wounds all over his body, he might not have any other choice but to leave.

People were amazed that Ji Mingan should lose, so miserably!

Zheng Xuansu's face changed immediately. He struck the chair and stood up, querying with anger, "As brothers of the same sect, why your disciple hit him this hard? Junior brother Mu..."

"So?" Mu Chen asked faintly, with his chin up.

Zheng Xuansu was choked off. With so many people around, remaining silent would make others feel that he was afraid of Mu Chen. "It’s just a competition, instead of a battle of life and death. Junior brother Mu ought to discipline your disciple well."

"It’s your disciple being incapable. It would serve him right even if he were beaten to death. If you’re going to blame someone, it’s your own responsibility for not teaching your disciple well." Mu Chen's tone was getting colder, "Where do you think I am wrong in teaching my own disciple? You can come and give me some advice." Saying that, Mu Chen summoned the Red Cloud Sword that awed the three realms, and thumped it on the table, like bumping heavily on Zheng Xuanshu's heart. Mu Chen’s attitude had shown that he’d chop anyone who dared speak ill of his disciple.

Zheng Xuansu dared not respond, with his complexion getting livid.

People around inevitably sneered at Zheng Xuansu.

‘After all, wounds are unavoidable in competition; someone may be killed even in usual practices; cultivators shouldn’t be afraid of being hurt; only your disciple is a lamb that nobody else can touch? You want to back up your disciple but aren’t as strong-willed as the boy’s master. If you do have lofty and unyielding spirit, you’ll try your best, even in risk of getting hurt, to fight against the other. In the final analysis, he is just a selfish person that looks amiable.’

At the moment, Gu Yunjue, standing on the stage, placed the sword back into sheath and rebuked with integrity, "My master said that he who cheats on girls is a scum. Since you’ve already been married with someone, why hurt others’ feelings?"

Gu Yunjin's face went dark, ‘You’ve hit me, robbed me, and now you’re discrediting me. Such a devil! What the hell is going on with him?’

Zheng Jingran, who at first was intending to help Ji Mingan, paused her hands on hearing Gu Yunjue’s words, feeling at a loss with a sting in the heart. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, a girl was right at the time longing for love. When someone said her sweetheart had been married yet he didn’t deny, she was, for a moment, out of mind how to face it. She rose up her head helplessly, looking at her father.

Zheng Xuansu looked at his disciples with a pale complexion of anger. In contrast, what he had just done was a joke!

Gu Yunjin pulled a long face.

This body he’d borrowed was indeed married with someone. He  was merely using Zheng Jingran as a stepping stone for promotion. Now he couldn’t even defend himself.

"Take him to be cured firstly. Other problems, if any, should be discussed in private." Yue Mingze waved his hand toward his disciples beside him. The latter understood and hastened to carry off Gu Yunjin. However, it was hard to figure whether he could be found any more.

After Gu Yunjue came down from the stage, Mu Chen pulled his disciple closer to check whether he was wounded. Gu Yunjue just stood there obediently. Seeing the concern in Mu Chen's eyes, he felt satisfied with a smile at the corner of his mouth and let Mu Chen do thephysical check.

In the sky floated a red magical tool of blanket-shape, on which a man in red sat cross-legged. He took a large bite of the red fruit in his hand and looked down at Mu Chen with a ferocious look. “He should look so beautiful in white clothes! What's the name of this man?”

Behind him was a red-dressed attendant, with several red fruits in his hands. The two stood together just like red lanterns hanging in the doorway on the New Year's Day. Hearing the master's angry words, the attendant ventured to ask, "Do your master want me to inquire about it?"

The man in red hummed, patted off the juice on his hands, and turned his face,  only to see a man passing by, his chest bulging with stuffed things. The man in red raised his eyebrows and said imperiously, "Hey! Come over here, you little dwarf!"

Chu Qianshuang blinked, looked around, and pointed to his nose, asking in surprise, "Me?"

"Right, it's you."

Chu Qianshuang swallowed the things in his mouth, anger nursing in his eyes.

‘I am just not tall, but not that short to be called a dwarf! This man must be the kind of person that grand martial uncle has told me—particularly excellent in some aspect while particularly goofy in other way. This man can exactly be an example—although he has a good-looking face, but his eyes and brain don’t work well. God is fair indeed!’

Having no idea at all about Chu Qianshuang’s abdominal abuse, the red-dressed man pointed at Mu Chen and asked in a predominant tone, "Who is this man?"

Seeing that the person was inquiring about Mu Chen, Chu Qianshuang asked warily, "Why you ask about him?"


"Young Master said he looks beautiful!" The attendant answered preemptively.

Chu Qianshaung nodded, “Grand martial uncle certainly has the incomparable beauty. He is the most beautiful among the three realms!”

The man in red pouted his lips, apparently disapproving of Chu’s words.

‘This dwarf simply has never seen a beauty. There must be something wrong with his eyes to say the white-dressed man below beautiful while ignoring my striking beauty.’

Then he heard Chu Qianshuang continuing, "My grand martial uncle excels at pill concocting. As the disciple of the best pill alchemist in the immortal world, he is naturally the best too!"

The red-dressed man gnashed his teeth in anger, with the face getting cold, "The best in the immoral world? Where my Pill City is to be placed? That's just absurd!"

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At first, the red-dressed boy thought Mu Chen was a sword cultivator in that he seemed murderous while getting furious, so he asked merely out of curiosity. Nevertheless, now he couldn’t be calm since he had known Mu Chen was also a pill cultivator. He pinched the fruit in his hand furiously, “Good! This man, I’ve remembered!”