Gu Yunjue stepped forward when crimson flame suddenly flared up out of the empty with a sound of “bang” and instantly formed a fire circle around the black-dressed man before Bo Jinyu was bounced aside.

The black-dressed man was stunned by the series of actions. Then, the man’s face abruptly changed when he saw the jade pendant on Gu Yunjue’s waist. He was about to say something but his voice was finally drowned in a burst of cracking sounds. Suddenly, fire spurted in the air like an inverted huge plate hovering over the man’s head. The sword intent blew forward like a sharp wind and the killing intent seemingly pierced through his heart, which made the black-dressed man feel his soul was tightly clenched in a sudden and unable to move at all.

However, the white-dressed young person stayed calm as usual. He stepped into the fire circle as if he was strolling idly in the courtyard. Flames and sword intent rose in an instant so that the outside was insulated before the red fire on his sword instantly turned black.

“I really don’t want him to see me like this.” Gu Yunjue chuckled, muttering to himself, “But he’ll be accustomed to it after all, won’t he? It won’t be a permanent solution to conceal from him since we are supposed to stay together for the rest of our lives.” He glared at his enemy, with his eyes filled with killing intent that looked like being reddened by blood. He’d chop down anyone’s dirty paws that had touched a corner of his sweetheart’s clothes, so how could he tolerate this bastard being frivolous to master.

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Mu Chen was astounded at his little disciple’s complexion. He stood where he was, feeling a mixture of emotions. It seemed that he had seen the man of the last life who was deadpan to slaughter anyone without hesitation and let no one slip out of his vicious hands. He knew that the black-dressed man had irritated his disciple who however showed not a little rage but a smile of no warmth on his face. The young disciple in front of him seemed so strange, unlike what he had saw before, but somehow Mu Chen missed him so much.

Seeing Mu Chen in a daze, Bo Jinyu snorted furiously, “I owe you no thanks at all!” Saying that, he took off the robe that had been soiled by the black-dressed man and found another one of the same red in the space ring for change.

Mu Chen just glanced at him with a cold face, without any mood to respond him at all.

“Hey! What’s your attitude?” As the apple of everyone’s eye since young, Bo Jinyu got so annoyed that he’d fallen on such an evil day to be molested by a bastard and be ignored by Mu Chen. ‘If I’d predicted such a situation, I would certainly bring some guards to teach this scum a lesson.’

Mu Chen derided in a cold voice, “It’s really a surprise for you idiot to survive so long a time after sneaking from home.”

“How come you know I sneaked off?” Bo Jinyu asked in astonishment, unconsciously stepping forward.

Mu Chen hastened to move farther away from the other. ‘The answer is obvious. He should ask such a dumb question. I remember that someone told me foolishness is infectious. I’d better stay away from him.’

“You!” The red-dressed beauty stamped his feet in anger so that his face looked bright red and his eyes were wide open, which made him even more attractive but no one appreciated unfortunately! Mu Chen had always been wearing a face of indifference that implied his thought exhaustively, ‘You idiot, stay away! I don’t want to talk to you at all. You are totally a bug in my eyes.’

Bo Jinyu had intended to tell Mu Chen that he himself fell into trouble because the black-dressed man was hunting for pill alchemists. But he was so annoyed at Mu Chen that he had forgotten it behind for being busy in retorting.

When the two were stalemated in such an embarrassed atmosphere, Gu Yunjue just came out of the fire circle while wiping his hands with a light smile on his face. Mu Chen looked over his disciple’s shoulder where the fire faded slowly and finally disappeared in an instant. He was surprised at Gu Yunjue’s efficiency but still restrained his doubt to ask what had happened as he knew he couldn’t get anything from his disciple.

Gu Yunjue walked over, stretching out his white hands in front of Mu Chen, “Look, master! They are still clean.” The anxiety in this young person’s eyes had touched the softest part of Mu Chen’s heart. Mu Chen came to embrace his little disciple tightly, smiling, “Little fool! How can master think you dirty? Even so, we just need to wash it clean.” His little disciple’s sensitivity made him so distressed, “It’s unavoidable to kill. So long as we feel no qualms, we won’t be haunted by internal demons.”

“Feeling no qualms?” Gu Yunjue held tight Mu Chen’s waist, whispering the words repeatedly, as if he was so desperate to melt master into his blood and bones. His love for master had spilled out to be repressed but he still couldn’t bare his heart, which almost drove him crazy.

Mu Chen patted on his disciple’s back to console him, recalling that he had to comfort himself by seclusion the first time he himself had killed someone. If he had hugged his master…Mu Chen shook his head violently, feeling chilled throughout his body. ‘Never!’

The two cuddled each other for a while without mentioning what just happened. They were just about to leave, Bo Jinyu suddenly rushed over to pat Gu Yunjue’s shoulder. Gu Yunjue dodged him in an instant and looked at him with aloofness.

Bo Jinyu felt so embarrassed and took his hands back, murmuring, “You are so stingy. Nevertheless, thank you!”

Mu Chen pulled his little disciple over, which had clearly manifested his reluctance. ‘He has such a charming face that looks even more beautiful than female cultivators in Lofty Cloudy Sect. What if my little disciple is seduced by him? Although I won’t mind little disciple having a relationship with a male cultivator, the person in front is too old for him. In addition, he is such an idiot that my little disciple may be negatively influenced. And the man has such a profound background that may cause troubles. It’d be better for little disciple to look for some little girl that is simple and tender.’

All in all, Mu Chen just got particular about anyone that approached Gu Yunjue and literally found Bo Jinyu such a big defect—not at all was he simple and tender! Absolutely no way!

Mu Chen uttered coldly, “Beautiful men may be devil monsters, too.”

Gu Yunjue nodded in a hurry, “Master is right.”

“You’d better watch out not to be deceived!”

“Master is definitely right. This man is not as good-looking as master. Master has smoother skin, slenderer waist, and better-toned buttock.”


Mu Chen disaffectedly slapped his disciple on the back, “How dare you say that to your master? What I’ve taught you? Go back and kneel!”

“Master is right.” Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hand with a big smile on his face. He’d gotten used to kneeling, so it wouldn’t cause any psychological pressure for him at all!

Seeing the two going far away, Bo Jinyu meditated for a while, with the chin in his hand, and burst into laughter, “I thought I’ve found the way to irritate Mu Chen. Hah-hah-hah-hah!”

The servant felt a sudden tight in his heart as Bo Jinyu seemed to be planning something in his mind, and requested anxiously, “Young master, please don’t stir up troubles. How about we go back now? There will be the Pill Concocting Competition in a few months. You’ve always been practicing for the championship to prove yourself the best pill alchemist in the world, haven’t you?”

“The Pill Concocting Competition? Yes! How can I forget it?” Bo Jinyu clapped his hands all of a sudden, “I know how to deal with Mu Chen.”

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Mu Chen, “I want to find my disciple a tender and obedient girl who won’t quarrel with him all the time. It’d be better if the girl has a simple background so that no one will get him into trouble even if he has suppressed her.”

Black Miao (Cat) looks at Gu Yunjue who is kneeling before the wall. He just conforms to Mu Chen’s requirement: tender and obedient, never quarreling with his master. Then she thinks of the identity she’d arranged for Mu Chen… ‘Whoops! Hah-hah-hah-hah! I’ll just prepare coffin board for my little Seme.’