“Mu Chen, do you want to participate in the pill concocting competition?”

“Mu Chen, let’s duke it out!”

“It’s said that your master defeated my father a hundred years ago and won the title of ‘the best pill alchemist in the world’. This time I’m gonna seize the reputation back.”

“All pill alchemists gather together for the competition. You really have no interest in it?”

“Mu Chen…”

Mu Chen, “…you are so annoying!”

According to Mu Chen’s temper, he would just frown and walk off toward those he had no interest. Now he just said “annoying”, which proved how aggravating the man was.

Gu Yunjue was intended to intervene, but he just got spirit to enjoy the lively expression on Mu Chen’s irritated face. ‘It’s so lucky to see my sweetheart having so many kinds of expressions!’ he thought. Mu Chen was always too indifferent, which gave him a delusion that master didn’t belong here and would someday ignore all worldly affairs and fly away in a blink.

Gu Yunjue had already heard about the pill concocting competition. No wonder the devil realm was busy in capturing pill alchemists. It turned out father wanted to seize this opportunity to take in some talents for his personal benefits. He was so eager to survive, but he’d killed too many innocent people. In order to hide his inner devil from the heaven, he finally got the idea to possess the body of his closest kin to retake charge of the devil realm in the future.

The devil robbed what he wanted all the time. Humans, in his eyes, were just tools to be used. Back when he wanted a son, he just captured so many beautiful women to bear children and never gave their lives a damn.

As Gu Yunjue thought of that, a trace of mockery flashed beneath his eyes, and it was hard to tell whether he was mocking his devil father or how he himself was born.

Seeing Mu Chen was not a bit tempted, Bo Jinyu gritted his teeth as if he had made a tough decision and whispered, “Friendly reminder—there are quite generous awards!”

Mu Chen speeded up and meant to get rid of him. Unfortunately, although Bo Jinyu might have nothing to match Mu Chen, the no named blanket beneath him should help to keep pace with Mu Chen’s flying sword, “The awards include blue lotus, Collecting-soul and Cultivating-body Grass, Demon King’s Horn, Green-glass and Red-fire Ding, and Jade Zoysia Pungens…”

Jade Zoysia Pundens?!

Mu Chen stopped abruptly, while Bo Jinyu had exceeded for miles and hastened to turn around before he timely responded to Mu Chen’s crash-stop. The master and the servant were just like two lanterns floating in the air, trembling as they flew.

Mu Chen turned his head with slight disdain for their poor taste, recalling that in his last life he had obtained Jade Zoysia Pundens by killing an evil pill alchemist within a secret boundary.

‘The pill alchemist won Jade Zoysia Pundens in the Pill Concocting Competition?’

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“If master is interested, we can go there to have a look.” Gu Yunjue uttered in a sudden, his words full of irrepressible favor, which certainly sounded obedient as to Mu Chen. Although Gu Yunjue didn’t mind robbing the herb over, he did want to walk around with his master. Restrained by the master-disciple relationship within Lofty Cloudy Sect, he had to be cautious when doing something because there always were some people standing in his way. ‘Little master is quite blank and dull at that kind of stuff. If we are out…’ Gu Yunjue snickered more obviously, but what he’d thought about was known to nobody.

“After your birthday, you are supposed to experience more things.” Mu Chen rubbed his little disciple’s head and sighed with thoughts.

‘A few days later little disciple will reach manhood and it’s time for him to see the world.’

With that thought, Mu Chen replied, “All right! As you said, we go and have a look.”

“You agreed?” Bo Jinyu was so excited and turned back to stay beside Mu Chen, “How about we go there together, so that we can look after each other on the way.” He talked to Mu Chen while his eyes stared at Gu Yunjue because his intuition told him that only getting Gu Yunjue involved could help him to irritate Mu Chen. Anyhow he had forgotten the reason to get Mu Chen angry. It seemed that he was just so sulky to see that look of indifference and superiority on Mu Chen’s face.

Mu Chen recalled Chu Qianshuang’s words again—“It’s hard to get rid of him once you are pestered by him! So terrible!” This person should dare to look at little disciple with such infatuated eyes. So he had been attracted by little disciple’s valiant look at the first sight and expected to establish a relationship?

Mu Chen had forgotten that his little disciple was not at all valiant while embracing him for consolation. At present, his eyes were full of hostilities toward Bo Jinyu, his heart feeling a little suffocated, ‘Why so many people come to scramble for my disciple with me?’

Thereupon, Mu Chen suddenly turned his face, “Get away!”

Bo Jinyu, “…You!” Totally a psycho!

“Puff…” Gu Yunjue couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He was completely amused by Mu Chen.

‘Such an adorable person, I really want to hide you somewhere only I know.’

Mu Chen stretched out to pinch his little disciple’s face. Anyhow he was not happy and just wanted to punish his disciple to give vent to his anger.

Since then, Mu Chen found himself pestered by the ‘lantern’ all the time. No matter where he went, Bo Jinyu just followed him in a decent distance.

As Bo Jinyu was the young master of Pill City, Yue Mingze revered him as a distinguished guest and prepared him a seat in the viewing stand, just beside Mu Chen’s, so he just stuck like a leech to Mu Chen and wouldn’t leave.

Mu Chen stared at Yue Mingze with a cold look, which scared the little Sect Master. Yue daren’t to look over but grabbed tightly Yu Tianyi’s sleeves and simpered, “Sect Master Yu, let’s continue the conversation about the cooperation between our two sects. There are some details I still can’t understand.”

Yu Tianyi, “…” He’d been pestered recently by this little sect master so that he couldn’t even spare a moment to visit Mu Chen.

Gu Yunjue smiled with understanding. Seemingly to be timid, Yue Mingze actually held a sword within his heart and never surrendered in critical moment. However, he also had weakness. Being afraid of Mu Chen was just fully taken advantage of by Gu Yunjue.

During the days when Mu Chen almost couldn’t help punching on Bo Jinyu, Gu Yunjue overcame all the difficulties in the way and finally entered into rivalry with the last one to win the championship among the four sects, who, however, should also be a disciple of Lofty Cloudy Sect.

Gu Yunjue versus Fu Haolong.

Ten years ago, Fu Haolong was apprenticed into Lofty Cloudy Sect together with Gu Yunjue. Nowadays, he’d reached the core formation stage. Although he was not so powerful as Gu Yunjue, the thunder spiritual root he had was said to be the most righteous one that endowed him with domineering attack. Therefore, it was hard to tell who would be the winner.

Yue Mingze was so worried, his hands grabbing the armrest of his chair tightly. The two represented the future of Lofty Cloudy Sect. If something happened to either of them… Horrible! If Gu Yunjue was wounded, would Mu Chen get him into trouble…? Even more horrible!

Yu Tianyi looked at the hand on his wrist, indifferently separated it from himself and put it on the chair.

Yue Mingze, “…”

Gu Yunjue took the teacup from Mu Chen’s hand and then stuffed it back into his master’s hand after a sip, licking the corner of his mouth and chuckling, “I’ll just be back in a moment.”

Mu Chen looked at the rest tea and raised his eyebrows.

As soon as Gu Yunjue went away, Bo Jinyu just leaned closer toward Mu Chen, “Why your chair is larger than mine?”

Mu Chen snapped impatiently, “No more nonsense! Believe me I’ll chop you seven times if you dare.”

“Then I should already be dead, so how can you chop me for a second time?”

Mu Chen looked over indifferently, seized the other’s beautiful skin several times, and berated in a cold tone suddenly, “I’ll reshape your body with divine soul, and when you come to life, I’ll chop you again.”

Bo Jinyu sneered with a cocky appearance as if he was the best in the world and feared no one, “Come on! Chop me! Everyone who has two legs in the immortal world must save some face for my Pill City. If you dare kill me, my parents, my four brothers and a dozen seniors will go after you to the very end.”

Mu Chen gnashed his teeth.

‘Don’t let me grasp a chance. If I have one, I’ll fix you nuisance.’

Bo Jinyu might be the first one that dared pestering Mu Chen like that. In the past, seeing Mu Chen being so cold, others wouldn’t approach him to be disgraced, while Mu Chen in turn was accustomed to being alone so as to lead a secluded life after all. Although Gu Yunjue appeared later to accompany him, this little disciple was not clamorous at all. Therefore, Mu Chen felt so strange that someone suddenly came up to wrangle with him but without any evil intentions. Being provoked by Bo Jinyu should arouse him some childish idea to counter back.

Bo Jinyu was pampered with thousands of favors since he was born, so he dared to be so capricious here. For unknown reason, Mu Chen just saw him abominable.

Thinking like that, Mu Chen broke Bo Jinyu’s chair legs with a hard kick. Seeing the other fall behind with an ouch, Mu Chen just gave a hum arrogantly and took a sip of tea, “You deserve it!”

Bo Jinyu was virtually about to explode with anger.

On the competition stage, Fu Haolong sneered at Gu Yunjue, “I’ve been expecting this day for so long a time.”

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes and smiled slightly, “That’s right, since you haven’t too much opportunity to challenge your grand master.”

The words just stabbed his sore point. Fu Haolong didn’t respond, wearing a cold face, because he knew that there was a gap between him and Gu Yunjue at cultivation and he must stay cautious.

Gu Yunjue, however, didn’t conceive so many ideas in his mind. All he thought was to kick the other off the battle stage, took back and store up the bottle of pills with little master’s footprint.

When the competition started, red flames and purple thunderbolts mingled together in the stage, rumble sounds of explosions coming over from time to time. In order to prevent audience to be accidentally injured, boundaries had already been set around the stage. At that time, the boundary wobbled so badly that it seemed to broke the next moment. In outsiders’ eyes, the two were engaged in a fierce battle, while Fu Haolong actually felt quite livid with his face being ghastly pale.

‘This man is just teasing me!’

Gu Yunjue smiled faintly all the time, estimating how long he should kick the other off the stage in accordance with their current cultivation so as not to attract too much attention. Meanwhile, he was quite curious, “Why are you so aspiring to defeat me?”

Off the stage, Mu Chen had lost his patience, ‘As the other’s grand master, you are obviously two levels higher than him in cultivation. What’s the point to compete with your grand disciple? Hurry up to kick him off!” Receiving Mu Chen’s impatient eyesight, Gu Yunjue spoke to the other with a forced smile, “My master has a quick temper. We have to save our conversation for the next time, if we have another chance.” With that said, Gu Yunjue finally drew his sword out of the sheath and the scorching fire suddenly encircled the whole stage after a flash of cold light, like magma bursting out from the ground and pouring over irrepressibly. Fu Hoalong felt a sudden chill by the furious killing intent and then a heat at the back of his neck when Gu Yunjue had stood behind him with the long sword against his neck. So long as Gu turned his wrist, the other would be dead.

The young person behind him still wore a smile, “You lose.”

Fu Haolong, with a frozen look, dodged Gu Yunjue’s sword and retorted in a cold voice, “I don’t think so!”

With a slight move of his hand, a red pill just appeared in his palm.

Mu Chen and Bo Jinyu in the distance instantly found something abnormal, “Don’t eat the pill!” Bo Jinyu just stood up when the white figure beside him had already dashed over to the stage. Ignoring the boundary around, Mu Chen just flew down beside Fu Haolong and stretched out his hands to grab the other’s wrist. He lifted Fu up without any expression and asked in a chilling voice, “Who gave you that?”

Yue Mingze also stood up solemnly, “The man should still be alive. Bloody hell!”