When Gu Yunjue came back, a child cultivator, holding a jade bottle in his hand, was about to deliver the detoxification pills to the main peak. Hearing that Mu Chen had come out of the pill concocting room, he turned around and went to the spiritual spring behind the mountain. As expected, the familiar figure was just there, surrounded by mists.

Sensing Gu Yunjue’s arrival, Mu Chen stood up, raised his hands and put on the snowy underwear before he flew out of water, his wet hair being dried by his spirit power and smoothly hanging down behind his shoulders. He stepped barefoot on a black stonewall, showing clearly his perfect ankles, exquisite jade-like toes and light pink nails. His every step seemed to be treading on Gu’s heart, softly, which induced him an impulsion to seize and fondle them.

“Master, how could you walk barefoot?” Gu Yunjue suppressed the craving in his eyes, walked over and cuddled Mu Chen’s waist. After bathing, Mu Chen’s body had nothing left but his original smell. Gu Yunjue took a greedy sniff and attached his chest to Mu Chen’s back. The familiar temperature just passed through the thin underwear between them. With their smells mingling in the air, Gu Yunjue couldn’t help but secretly kiss master’s shoulder. He tried hard to conceal the hurry in his voice, “This disciple puts on shoes for master.”

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Mu Chen was about to reject when his grown-up disciple just pinned him on the chair, squatted down, and grabbed his foot... Mu Chen finally accepted this piety, thinking that little disciple was so filial.

Gu Yunjue caressed master’s toes, feeling the tips a little cold. Then he cupped them in his hands and rubbed intimately, looking at Mu Chen with innocent eyes, “Fu Haolong’s master said just now he couldn’t teach Fu anymore and wanted to change a master for him but his proposal was refused by sect master brother.”

Mu Chen was distracted by these words, tilting his head and looking at his own disciple doubtfully, ‘Why change a master since the disciple has been raised up?’ However, he didn’t notice his feet in little disciple’s hands had been caressed all over.

“If one day I become even stronger than master, will master discard me?” Gu Yunjue picked up Mu Chen’s shoes. Although it seemed that he asked unintentionally, actually he was expecting master’s answer. His movement was quite slow so that he didn’t help Mu Chen into the shoe until he felt Mu Chen’s foot warming up gradually in his hands.

Mu Chen looked at little disciple’s hair, smiling, “Discarding you? Hah! Master have spent so much time and treasure to bring you up. How big a loss it will be for me to discard you! Master never believes some nonsense like ‘loss is a blessing’. I never take advantage of others’ losses and won’t allow others to take mine in turn. You are always my own disciple!”

“Since master has said that, this disciple is much relieved.” Gu Yunjue smiled with satisfaction. Then he pulled over Mu Chen’s other foot and just bit the top before Mu Chen had a second to react, simply leaving several teeth marks on it.

“You…” Mu Chen did want to kick him.

Gu Yunjue chuckled, “The teeth marks bear witness. Master can’t go back on your words!”

Feeling him so puerile, Mu Chen treaded slightly on little disciple’s chest, continuously for a few times.

‘Such a naughty boy should bite your master! Treading on you!’

Gu Yunjue smiled radiantly to hug master’s leg and begged him for mercy so that Mu Chen was finally amused.

Having enough fun, the two came back to the front hall when Yue Mingze was waiting for Mu Chen in the bamboo grove. As the day gradually reached gloaming, a cluster of glowworms came from somewhere and whirled around the “stranger”.

When Mu Chen arrived, he was still in the delight mood after playing with his little disciple. Seeing such a scene, Mu Chen curled the corner of his mouth slightly and gave Yue Mingze a smile.

Sect Master Yue was shocked and stood up all of a sudden, behaving even more cautious than usual, “Greetings to Martial Uncle!”

Mu Chen nodded, with a good temper, “Sit down!”

Yue Mingze sit down obediently, his back upright, like a child student waiting for the teacher to check his homework. Mu Chen twisted the corner of his mouth, ‘What have I done to make him so scared of me? At his childhood, he was so cute to be pinched on the face.”

Yue Mingze just came straight to the point and took a letter out of his sleeve. It seemed that he would leave right away so long as the issue was resolved. Four big words were written on the envelope—“Private, to Mu Chen”. “This was found at the forbidden area. Judging from the handwriting, it should be left by Wei Huaitong. Martial Uncle, please look it over!”

“Tut!” Mu Chen received the letter without even a look and threw it into the air to be burned into ashes. His cold voice suggested a harsh contempt, “He wants me to read it, so I do as he wishes? Ridiculous! He’s nothing but a guilty person who has persecuted so many brothers to death.”

Yue Mingze squeezed a hollow laugh, ‘Little Martial Uncle is still so domineering!’

“A few days later, I’m leaving for Pill City.” Mu Chen said indifferently.

“Martial Uncle is going to take part in the Pill Concocting Competition?” Yue Mingze seemed a little worried, “It might be dangerous to go out at this critical moment, since Wei Huaitong is hiding somewhere.”

“Only if he knows that I participate in the competition will he come to challenge me. That would be a safe bet for me.”

“Does Martial Uncle know that many pill alchemists in the immortal world have disappeared recently? Even though I still can’t figure out whether it has something to do with the Pill Concocting Competition, Martial Uncle would better be careful since you are also a pill alchemist.” Yue Mingze said punctiliously.

“Pill alchemists have disappeared?” Mu Chen suddenly recalled the black-dressed man that had intended to capture Bo Jinyu and realized that the man was not only attracted by Bo’s coquettish face. Nevertheless, he had enough reason to go there and he must win Jade Zoysia Pungens. With that in mind, he just shook his head and uttered confidently, “It doesn’t matter. At that time, it’ll be your duty to take charge of Yanyang Palace as Yun’er will accompany me to Pill City.”

Seeing Mu Chen so determined, Yue Mingze didn’t try to persuade any more. After a while, Yue was about to leave when Gu Yunjue asked cheerily in a sudden, “Sect master brother, would you like to have dinner with us before leaving?”

Mu Chen also looked at him, ‘Since this martial nephew was enthroned as sect master, he doesn’t come over for a meal anymore. Although it’s time for fasting now, eating some spiritual cereal is good to health after all.’

Yue Mingze felt a tremor all over his body at Mu Chen’s clear eyesight, recalling that at his childhood he was fed with omnifarious stuffs and finally got diarrhea. Thinking that Martial Uncle dared to feed everything regardless of its taste, Yue Mingze hastened to reject, “No, I still have something to deal with. Maybe next time!” Then he just fled away like a frightened rabbit.

Gu Yunjue burst into laughter and yelled, “Senior Brother! You are always welcome here!”

Yue Mingze flew even faster.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh, ‘There is no doubt that only my little disciple is intimate with me, while others never know my heart.’

At this moment, Gu Yunjue came again to pester Mu Chen and sat opposite to him, asking with a smile, “Master, don’t you worry this disciple may be captured by the devil realm since I’m also a pill alchemist?”

Mu Chen patted little disciple disapprovingly on his forehead and covered his increasingly amorous eyes, “Pill alchemists like you will just be refused even if you go to the devil realm yourself.”

‘Since you can’t even concoct a mid-quality pill, you should have the face to call yourself a pill alchemist?’

Gu Yunjue didn’t give in but leaned closer to put his hands on Mu Chen’s shoulders. Then he just fell into Mu Chen’s arms, crying perversely, “Master dislikes me! I’m so sad that master doesn’t love me anymore!”

Mu Chen, “…”

‘How come he still acts like a brat? Where did I go wrong?’



“Close your eyes!”

Mu Chen just closed the eyes as little disciple asked.

The trust master had in him just illuminated his heart. Gazing on the thin lips, he finally couldn’t restrain the impulsion in his heart anymore and approached…