As Gu Yunjue was called gigolo for no reason, even his master felt offended with the face getting livid, let alone Gu Yunjue himself. The treasured disciple Mu Chen brought up in person should be misunderstood like that. With that in mind, Mu Chen could hardly hold back the killing intent arising in the eyes.

‘Whoever insults my disciple like that, is in no case to be forgiven!’

However, before Mu Chen had a second to say anything, Gu Yunjue had stood out. After a wave by Gu, a crimson flame clung to the other’s sledge hammer and burnt it into ashes in a blink with nothing left but the handle. The fierce heat instantly transferred to the hand holding it, when the man felt so scorched that he took a deep breath and hurried to throw it away.

The handle, in another look, was totally melted into nothing.

The red-haired man was scared into pale. If the hammer was his natal tool, his divine soul connecting with it would have been damaged indispensably.

Gu Yunjue smiled faintly, “A tiny pill cultivator of the Core Formation Stage should dare to run riot before my master. I’d like to see how much power you Pill City presume on.” Against his elegant and gentle voice with some childishness, the irony along the words manifested itself more conspicuously.

People around began to size up Gu Yunjue curiously and conjectured to themselves, ‘Even the disciple bears such powerful cultivation. What about his master? Who they are?The red-haired man, named Shang Cheng, is the fourteenth disciple apprenticed by the city master and had reached the core formation stage anyway, but he should become defenseless against the youngster.’

Gu Yunjue smiled with somewhat unruliness and casualty and put away the jade pendant covering his power when his cultivation of the Late Core Formation Stage was fully exposed to the crowd. At sixteen, he had reached the Late Core Formation Stage, of which people never heard before. These clues called to people’s mind “the most talented cultivator in a thousand years”, Gu Yunjue, who was said to have cut a figure in the competition among the four sects and won the championship in the end.

Turning the sight toward Mu Chen’s gorgeous face and aloof disposition, the crowd recognized his identity at once. Their eyes looking at this master and his disciple became more and more eccentric. It had been very popular among the immortal world that Pill Cultivators were the weakest. However, the two before them had broken through the cliché, whose cultivation could even scare off sword cultivators.

After a pause of astonishment, Shang Cheng realized he had misunderstood Mu Chen and rubbed his hair in embarrassment, “Ah! I didn’t know you are his master! Why not tell us earlier?”

Bo Jinyu stamped his feet impatiently, “How many times I’ve told you. There’s nothing between us. Nothing! Nothing! What’s exactly in your mind, bull shit?” Right at this moment, a few more cultivators flew over in a threatening manner, all with weapons in hands and Mu Chen as their target. Seeing that, Bo Jinyu glared at his senior brother and huffed in a hurry, “You explain to them, otherwise I’ll just run away from home!”

Looking at them coldly, Mu Chen snorted and instantly drew the blood-colored sword out of the sheath, when the concomitant killing intent surging out abruptly to cause a tremor in people’s heart. He uttered indifferently, “Since you’ve arrived, you all come down. Although I have no idea why you pick on me, I’ll solve you all together today so as to avoid any other troubles hereafter.”

Bo Jinyu went solemn, “Mu Chen, the rule in Pill City stipulates that no one is permitted to fight inside the city or he’ll be expelled out. My senior brother just meant to scare you without any ill intention.”

Mu Chen looked down at the tip of his sword, “I don’t care.” His chilling voice, quite low though, told his arrogance out loud. Bo ought to know that, he wouldn’t endure unfairness for a small Jade Zoysia Pungens, neither would he allow his disciple suffer grievance before his eyes. They had come here indiscriminately to stir troubles for him and his disciple, so if he didn’t fight for himself, who else would win him a credit? Self-esteem, wouldn’t come free, instead being earned by efforts.

At this time, a strong and sturdy hunk of nine feet squeezed out of the crowd, whose face was a little dark and two bushy legs were covered by curved leg hair under the rolled pants. When he ran over, there were big bangs from the ground, which induced people to look over subconsciously and think to themselves, ‘Holy crap! That could be a black bear in a human shape!’

The man just swept over the crowd and finally stopped at someone with his eyes brightened, who was neither the flamboyant beauty Bo nor the chilly beauty Mu, but the red-haired rough man Shang Cheng. Before people had a second to react, he blurted, “My wife! I finally find you! Our child has been starved of breast-feeding for three days. Why don’t you come home?”

In such a loud voice, those words accurately hit at people’s eardrums, droning like a bell that was suddenly stricken by someone in the dusk.

People around froze for a while and then burst into laughter. Breast-feeding? All people unconsciously stared at Shang Cheng’s chest with eyes full of implications.

‘Everyone knows that Shang Cheng is city master’s youngest disciple. Obviously, Shang Cheng is a man, so how can he feed children with breast. Where comes this silly?’

“Master, is a man able to give birth to a baby?” Gu Yunjue pulled master’s sleeves in curiosity. His eyes got even darker as if something was hidden deep inside, which nobody would move his sight away after one look.

Looking at this disciple’s eyes, Mu Chen frowned and shook his head, indicating he didn’t know either.

“I read a book before recording that a certain pill can help a male to bear children. It’s said that a man will not only be able to give birth but also to produce milk so long as he takes the pill.” A young man dressed in a scholar robe frowned as if he was recalling the content of the book. Then he took out a book from the space ring and leafed it through, “It also says there are intersexes in this world, with their upper half being a man’s part while their lower half being a woman’s, who can’t at all be distinguished in clothes.” With a clean and clear voice, the young man stated quite logically. Hearing that, the hunk was shocked with his eyes wide open and flared with anger, “That’s nonsense! You liar! My wife is absolutely not that kind of person!”

People around were astounded, ‘Is that possible?’

Shang Cheng was stunned too, ‘Intersex? Bearing children? Breast-feeding? Who?!’

Bo Jinyu and other fellow disciples were raged, “Where comes such a lunatic, talking baloney here?”

Right now, a little girl asked in a clear and sharp sound, “Grandpa, grandpa, does that indicate the idiom ‘being angry from shame’?”

The old man holding her hastened to cover her mouth, apologizing embarrassedly, “No offense at a child’s babble! Sorry! Sorry!” Saying that, he rushed away with the child. He also felt puzzled, ‘The child was so logy all the time that she couldn’t even remember a word by less than eight times, but how come she knows the idiom and blurts it out in such an awkward situation.’

Those who meant to pick on Mu Chen shifted attention to Shang Cheng. Pulling master’s sleeves, Gu Yunjue took over the sword in master’s hand, leaned closer and whispered with a worried look, “Master won’t argue with a woman. Moreover, his husband is waiting for her back home to feed children. We’d better leave now. It’s so terrible!”

Although in a low voice, people about them heard the words clearly when the dark-faced hunk pounced toward Shang Cheng and shouted hoarsely, “Honey, you’re really determined to discard me and our son? How can you be so cruel?”

Shang Cheng almost spitted out blood, his face flamed with anger, “Who the hell is your honey?! No more baloney, or I’ll teach you a big lesson!”

The hunk was quite infatuated, “Even if you kill me, you can’t disown our son!”

Seeing this farce, Mu Chen twitched the corner of his mouth, thinking to himself, ‘If I continue to haggle with them, my brain is absolutely damaged!’

Mu Chen put the sword back into the sheath and grabbed little disciple’s hand, unwilling to sacrifice even a sight anymore, “Let’s go!”

Gesticulating toward the crowd with his other hand, Gu Yunjue smilingly headed forward with his master.

As time went by, the farce soon got around Pill City. Currently, many people gathering here spread scandals far and wide, which sequentially caused even more ridiculous misunderstanding—city master’s fourteenth disciple was an intersex monster, with the upper half being a man’s part while the lower half being a woman’s; some passed that Shang Cheng took the pill to bear children for a man; others even gossiped Shang Cheng went home every day to feed his child with his own milk, even with clear details. All in all, the rumor went more and more absurd through so many mouths that even reached city master Bo Yuntian’s ears.

When his master asked him about this matter, Shang Cheng felt it so irritating and humiliating that it almost drew him crazy but he only gnashed his teeth harshly without any resolution to resort to. How could he explain to others on such an embarrassing misunderstanding? It must be unapt for him to demonstrate his gender by taking off his pants and saying “I’m not a monster. I’m totally a true man with the thing in my pants!” In spite of that, someone might suspect him of eating some pills to become a man. Alas! How aggrieved that poor man was!

At the same time, Mu Chen had brought Gu Yunjue to the largest inn in Pill City. The shopkeeper welcomed them warmly, “Oh, you two distinguished guests just arrive here in the nick of time! Actually, our inn was fully occupied before the guest in the Superior Room moved out just now. If you come earlier or later, there won’t be a room available for you.”

Gu Yunjue took out two spirit stones and enjoined, “Remove all stuff in that room. We’ve brought furniture ourselves. Don’t bother us until we ask for service.”

The shopkeeper accepted the spirit stones and hurriedly ordered servants to empty out the room. Actually, most cultivators had their own preferences. The inn would satisfy their demands in most cases so long as they could afford enough spirit stones.

Seeing Gu Yunjue laying out a bed, Mu Chen frowned, ‘It seems too small.’

Gu Yunjue explained seriously, “I was too rushed to make a better choice. Master, please stand it for a period. As to me myself, I’ll just meditate on the floor.”

Mu Chen only hummed coldly without any hesitation to refuse.

Seeing master’s reaction, Gu Yunjue felt a little disappointed but soon restored his smiling face. He tidied the bed and puffed up the pillow, feeling satisfied that the bed should be comfortable for master.

At this moment, Wei Huaitong wrapped in the black robe was standing at the window of the opposite inn and peeping closely at the slim figure of Mu Chen. His left hand at the back was clenched into a fist and his right hand scratched so hard into the windowsill, while the pair of eyes behind his mask had changed into crimson, as if the man had been enchanted!

He called Mu Chen’s name hoarsely in a low voice that felt like a ghost crawling from the hell, “Little brother, you cherish the youngster most, aren’t you?” Each word uttered from his mouth was so chilling and murderous as if he wanted to gnaw this person into pieces.

Mu Chen on the other side seemed to have sensed something abnormal, turned around instantly and scrutinized up and down the attic across the street, but the chilling stress vanished all of a sudden before he could find any clue.

Gu Yunjue walked over and followed Mu Chen’s gaze when a killing intent arose in his narrowed eyes. He asked with a smile, “What’s going on? Does anything bother Master?”

Mu Chen shook his head and exhorted in a worry, “You must stay close with me. Don’t run around.”

Gu Yunjue leaned over smilingly and held Mu Chen’s waist, whispering, “This disciple will surely remember Master’s words to stay close with you and never ever run around without you.” Looking at the jade-like earlobe before his eyes, Gu Yunjue leaned closer and rubbed it with his nose tip, feeling so aspired to bite and lick it slightly.

The warm breath spreading at Mu Chen’s sensitive neck itched him to tilt his head so that a graceful curve of his neck was exposed right before his disciple. Following Gu’s eyesight, a pair of delicate clavicles was half-hidden by the white underwear, which stirred Gu’s nerves up. The white lotus on his chest seemingly only remained a shallow print, with a corner of it just revealed through the seam.

Gu Yunjue smiled radiantly with his mouth curved, closed his eyes and smelled the lonesome fragrance, trying so hard to refrain the urge in his heart.

He thought to himself, ‘When should I tell my feelings toward Master? I’m sixteen now, seemingly right at the age of impulsion. I wonder how master will react when knowing my heart.’



“I want to tell you something.”

“Say it!”

“Master must promise me you won’t get mad.”

Mu Chen pulled the arms around his waist but failed to separate them because the youngster held him so tightly. Therefore, he had to maintain the posture, responding impatiently, “Say it!”