Bo Jinyu normally was like a firecracker in red clothes when he was hot-tempered to wrangle with. Now, however, he was so polite and decent that even made Mu Chen confused, not knowing how to refuse him.

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Some people, calm and silent usually, were irritated easily to become a hedgehog that hurt everyone annoying them, but got bewildered how to react in turn when the other sometimes treated them softly. People who looked cold in the appearance might have a warm heart, which might refer to those like Mu Chen.

Seeing the master and the disciple walking afar, Bo Jinyu shook his mother’s hands like a spoiled child, grinning, “Mom, you bet it! Being tough is wrong to people like him.”

Viewing the figure of Mu Chen, Mrs. Bo was deep in thought, “This man looks like an old friend of your father. But no! He is younger. Invite him to our home someday so your father can have a look.”

Bo Jinyu nodded, thinking Mu Chen should agree if he asked with good manner.

After eating some food, Mu Chen fell down on the soft bed reading drowsily. Suddenly, there flew a white paper crane that fell in his palm as he raised his hand, a sentence on it appearing gradually, “Help! Help! The furnace is about to explode!”

Mu Chen felt speechless: What a moron! Having so many people for help at home, why did he come for me?

Criticizing him secretly, Mu Chen was not so heartless to leave him in danger. So he arranged a protecting boundary around the boy meditating on the bed. After ensuring his disciple’s safety, he followed the paper crane away. They arrived in an instant at Bo Jinyu’s newly-built private pill concocting room when Mu Chen felt the chaotic and exploding soul power in the furnace. He kicked away Bo Jinyu who was in a mess to save himself and suppressed the spirit air in the furnace with his mighty soul power. After mixing them up, Mu Chen added some spiritual fire to formulate the melted herbs into an integrated pill-shape. Then with a wave of his sleeve, there came the spiritual pills.

Mu Chen picked up three pills with his snow-white fingers and threw them directly into the green jade plate beside him. He glanced at Bo Jinyu with disdain, “What filthy things are you trying to concoct?”

Bo Jinyu was still in shock, “How come you took so short a time? What kind of fire did you use?”

Turning deaf to his words, Mu Chen picked up a pill to his nose, uttered with a stable tone, “Herbs like Longfengguo, Xulingzi, Xuanpin and Qinglichi all have aphrodisiac effects. Likewise, Jianglucao is also endowed with even stronger aphrodisiac effect than other herbs due to forced ripeness, which actually has no special effects at all with normal growth.” He looked at Bo Jinyu more disdainfully. No wonder he dared not to ask for help from his families. This lantern demon should hide here for aphrodisiac pills. Who did he want to force to bed with? “Are you planning to kill someone or yourself?”

“Do not get me wrong!” Bo Jinyu explained hurriedly. “This is for sale. I am employed to concoct whatever the prescription says! I only want to buy some herbs to concoct a heart-protecting pill as my father’s birthday gift using the due spirit stones.”

Apparently, Mu Chen didn’t believe him at all, making Bo Jinyu stamping his feet with hurry, “I took the order today at Treasure Loft. If I concoct ten pills successfully for them, I will get three superior spirit stones or something else I like.”

 “Rich as you are, you should be short of these spirit stones?”

“No. But they are different. Earning by myself means much more than receiving from my family!”

“Tut!” Mu Chen clicked his tongue. Contemptuous of Bo as Mu Chen was, he believed most of his words now. Looking around, he noticed Bo Jinyu had prepared a lot of medicinal materials. Feeling an itch to concoct more pills, he asked, “Any other orders have you taken?”

Bo Jinyu pointed to a few papers on the table.

Mu Chen picked up the papers and glanced over all of them. “Concocting them one by one is too troublesome. Let’s do it all together!” Saying that, he threw all herbs into the furnace. Bo Jinyu couldn’t stop him and was utterly astonished seeing him simply pour all the materials in the jade pots into the furnace. Mu Chen wasn’t at all concocting pills but cooking porridge.

Who on earth concocting pills wouldn’t measure clearly the portion of every ingredient? He was just squandering treasures! Moreover, the stove might finally explode because such a small space definitely could not bear all kinds of soul power mixing together.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen ignored the complex look of Bo Jinyu. The moment Nine Yang Dark Fire spurted out, all the spiritual herbs melted at once, the aroma of herbs lingering around the room. Then Bo Jinyu began to feel a little relaxed. However, when he was about to admire secretly in his heart the mightiness of Mu Chen, he suddenly realized something wrong.

The furnace was connecting with his divine soul because he had dripped some blood into it for recognition. At this moment, he responded quickly and broke the link with the furnace after sensing the anomaly. Then he found the furnace had been burnt out together with the herbs.

Mu Chen should burn a large hole in such a superior magic tool!

“My furnace!” Bo Jinyu pounced himself toward it with distress and pity, but dared not to get closer lest Mu Chen’s fire hurt him. He stamped his feet in a huff, “This is my adult gift my father gave to me! I have been always cherishing it for decades!”

It turned out that not all furnaces in the world were as durable as the one left by Dan Yangzi, and some could be melted by his fire, which Mu Chen had no idea before indeed.

As Mu Chen realized this, a wisp of awkwardness flashed across his cold face. Standing dully at the same place with a blushing face, he felt somehow at a loss. ‘My gosh! What to do now? It’s surely not a trifle damaging his treasure.”


Recovering from his meditation, Gu Yunjue felt slightly angry at missing Mu Chen’s whereabouts. Little Master just wouldn’t behave himself well and should leave his little disciple alone here!

Snapping his finger, he summoned a shadow out of nothing. Its body was intangible but the shape of the shadow looked like a man’s. “At your service, Lord.”

Gu Yunjue asked coldly, “Where is he?”

“Lord, Palace Master followed a paper crane that Bo Jinyu sent for help. Now they are concocting pills.” The shadow reported respectfully every move of Mu Chen to Gu Yunjue, kneeling at the place and waiting for instructions.

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue looked eased off, “Concocting pills? Send people to protect him. Take care not to be perceived.”

“I have passed on Lord’s order. Shadow II would tail after him.”

“Good!” Gu Yunjue praised him. Then he added, “I have sent you to investigate the man with the family name Mu. Have you found anything about his identity?”

“I beg for your Lord’s pardon.” The shadow lowered his body even further, “I haven’t got any valuable information about him currently.”

“No clue yet?” Gu Yunjue clicked his tongue, frowning, “Keep investigating. Do not act rashly to cause any alert.”

“Aye! Your lord, I got something else to report. We have got the trace of Wei Huaitong that he was in touch with senior prince’s underlings.”

Gu Yunjue stood up and replied with a smile, “What a coincidence! Look into the people Wei contacted with and chop his head down as a gift for my respected senior brother. Remember to give it an exquisite packing! By the way, tell him I will take Wei Huaitong’s life someday and get his people away from this man.”

“Aye, I’ve remembered, your lord.” The shadow withdrew gradually into darkness after seeing Gu Yunjue’s back-off gesture.

Gu Yunjue squinted at the stars outside the window, his eyes dim and dark. Right at this moment, a chilly murderous intent fixed on him. As he looked up, a man in black robe appeared before him, with a silver mask reflecting freezing gleams. He said slowly in a hoarse voice, “You are the most indispensable person for Mu Chen. If he witnesses you die slowly of maltreatment, what would he look like? I’m looking forward to seeing the pain on his face.”

Gu Yunjue looked up drowsily and cupped up his chin slowly, answering with a chuckle, “I am looking forward to that, too.”