Mu Chen suspected that Gu Yunjue's origin wasn't real. So he closed the door and prepared to cross-examine him.

Seeing his master sit down, Gu Yunjue went to him and bent over to press him on his knees. Then Gu consciously knelt before he spoke.

Stunned by this action, Mu Chen asked subconsciously, "What are you doing?"

Gu Yunjue, with a straight face, said seriously, "I feel confident to speak in this way."

Mu Chen discontentedly smacked off the "claws" on his knees.

'Feeling confident to speak on knees? His brain is also injured?'

"In the past few days, master has been angry all the time with a pale face and unwilling to talk to me."

Feeling worried about Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue approached him to touch his cheek. For the same action, in the past, Mu Chen would definitely think this little child being too active. But when looking at Gu Yunjue's eyes, Mu Chen knew that he could no longer treat him as a child.

With his head tilted away from Gu Yunjue's hand, Mu Chen reached out and grabbed Gu's wrist, saying with a cold face, "Mind your manners."

Gu Yunjue did not feel disappointed. Instead, there was slight joy in his eyes. Mu Chen finally regarded him as a man rather than a child. In the following days, what he needed to do was just let Master adapt to him slowly. He smiled, "If Master is still angry, this disciple will add another piece of wood when kneeling."

Mu Chen twitched his lips. Why did Gu Yunjue think he would be angry unless his disciple knelt for a while? What a ridiculous idea!

"I have never mentioned my origin to Master because I am afraid that Master will drive me out of the sect after you know it." Gu Yunjue knelt with a sad face, as if he would be abandoned soon. That sad face softened Mu Chen's heart, but the master had not yet calmed down from the rage caused by this evil disciple. Mu Chen was not in the mood to comfort him and continued to listen silently with a poker face.

Gu Yunjue moved closer and remained depressed.

"If I am from a bad family, wouldn't master be my wife?"

With a violent tremble, Mu Chen gnashed his teeth and asked, "Be your wife?"

"Be my husband! You are the husband, and I am the wife!" Gu Yunjue raised his hand to make a pledge.

Mu Chen flushed with anger, stretched out his hand and patted on his disciple's forehead. "Don't mention this again!"

"Master, we must make this matter clear, we ..."

"Get to the point!" Mu Chen felt that the evil disciple would never stop talking about this, so he had to bring the topic back to seriousness, "In that I have raised you since you were a child, how could I care about whether you come from a good family or not? Just tell me the truth! "

What on earth was this evil disciple thinking? It would be a great loss to give up him at this time, as Mu Chen had taken care of the evil disciple for more than ten years. Instead, Mu Chen would correct all this disciple's bad habits and must discipline him to keep the right attitude!!!

Mu Chen also had a stubborn temper, so at this moment, he was confronting with himself, 'I don't believe that I can't even take control of a wild child who is in his rebellious period!'

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue looked up at Mu Chen with a smile and asked, "So no matter who I am, Master will not despise or banish me? With master's words, I am much relieved."

Mu Chen nodded because that was true.

Gu Yunjue blurted, "My father is the Devil Lord."

Mu Chen was shocked with his eyes wide open.

It seemed Gu Yunjue felt it still not irritating enough and added, "My mother was grabbed from the immortal realm by my father. She is seemingly with special physical constitution, so I am half-immortal, half-devil."

Mu Chen covered his chest, feeling it difficult even to breathe.

Gu Yunjue took the opportunity to put his arms around Mu Chen's waist and got close to 'molest' his master.

"Since I am not accepted by either Immortal Realm or Devil Realm, I won't care much about my life. The only person I trust is Master. If Master cannot tolerate me neither, just kill me."

After countless attempts, Gu Yunjue deeply realized his status in Mu Chen's heart. He believed that Mu Chen would not really kill him.

What Master cared about was a person's character. He once asked master this question on purpose. Mu Chen told him that there was no good or evil in cultivation, but there were good and bad people, so no one could be regarded as an evil person because of his different cultivation.

Moreover, Mu Chen's beautiful eyes were clear and fair to see other creatures. He never felt that the demon beasts were inferior or devil cultivation was against nature. He was not hypocritical to care for all beings, nor would he deliberately harm any species. This was the pure heart under Mu Chen's seemingly cold and aloof appearance.

Because he was pure, what he wanted was pure. As long as Gu was kind, Mu Chen would not kill him.

As expected, Mu Chen put his hand stiffly on Gu Yunjue's back, opened his mouth, and finally uttered after a while of silence, "... Leave me alone, to calm down."

Mu Chen was quite satisfied with his disciple's frank confession, but this fact made Mu Chen feel like a large stone pressing on his chest.

The Devil Realm was not like the Immortal Realm that was led by four sects, three islands, and five families. These major forces were interdependent and complementary to each other so that it could achieve a balance. In devil realm, only the strongest one could obtain respect and govern the vast chaotic realm as the human emperor did on the earth.

The contemporary Devil Lord had ruled the devil realm for more than 800 years. People had already forgotten his name but only knew that he was cruel, merciless and heavy-handed. As the leader of the devils, he was so domineering that no one dared to disobey.

In recent years, the devil realm played some little tricks ceaselessly to sound out the immortal realm's reaction. For instance, the boundary between the immortal realm and devil realm was attacked frequently, which just proved their ambitions.

In the forbidden area under the control of the four sects, there stood the Anti-Devil Pillar guarding the immortal realm. As long as the Anti-Devil Pillar was destroyed, the boundary connecting the two realms would be broken. By then, devils would be able to invade successfully to plunge the immortal realm into misery and suffering.

In his previous life, Gu Yunjue did launch a sneak attack on the forbidden area to destroy the Anti-Devil Pillar.

Mu Chen looked at the disciple beside him with complex mood in his eyes, "Why did you come to the immortal realm?"

Holding Mu Chen's hands and feeling the shudder of his cold fingertips, Gu Yunjue covered them with his palm lovingly and tried to warm them up. Thinking it was better to be frank than concealing the truth by now, Gu Yunjue directly fell on Mu Chen's knees. His calm voice didn't reveal any of his mood.

"I am just his pawn to implement his ambition. He believes that by virtue of my talented aptitude, as soon as I am accepted by the four sects, I will be the inner disciple. Then, it will not be difficult for me to reach the forbidden area."

Mu Chen's eyes went dim as he thought secretly that it was right as he expected.

He should be glad that Gu Yunjue did not lie to him.

However, as soon as Gu Yunjue exposed his identity, Lofty Cloudy Sect would become the target of criticism in the immortal realm. When he looked down, Gu Yunjue, who was burying his head on his master's laps, let all his guard down. He could reach out and pinch the fragile neck easily so that he could put an end to all hidden dangers in the future...

Mu Chen's fingers trembled. But the thought finally vanished in a flash. He wondered why he reincarnated to live this life.

Mu Chen never expected to bring up a disciple who would care for the whole universe. He only hoped that he and his disciple could avoid the previous fate so as to do whatever they want and live in freedom.

After thinking about it, Mu Chen frowned and patted on Gu Yunjue's neck. He sighed tiredly, thinking that since he had made the decision, he must protect Gu. He was just the kind of people that kept going without looking back.

There was a trace of exhaustion in the cold words, but more was unchangeable firmness.

"Yun'er, we shall then find a chance to get out of Lofty Cloudy Sect someday, so as not to get them into trouble."

Gu Yunjue suddenly looked up. There was a light in Gu's eyes, but was quickly concealed. He stared at Mu Chen's face in surprise, seemingly so happy like an innocent boy, "Did Master mean that you want to elope with me?"

Mu Chen felt speechless, "...Get out!"

Mu Chen lifted his leg and kicked Gu Yunjue on his chest. Such an evil disciple, had no respect for his master. It was really necessary to kill him!

"Ow... Master," Gu Yunjue covered his chest and coughed harshly with his face flushing, as if the internal organs had been displaced, and next second he could cough up blood. Mu Chen did not suspect him being deceptive, his eyes slightly flickering, 'Did I really hurt him?

He went near Gu Yunjue apprehensively, and then bent over, trying to grab Gu Yunjue's wrist to have a check. However, he did not expect that Gu suddenly grasped his hand and entwined their fingers together, which were somehow of the similar size. Mu Chen was a bit stunned, 'When have the little disciple's "small paws" grown so big?'

"Master." With deep affection in Gu Yunjue's voice, he looked at the man before him fondly and was reluctant to take his eyes off his master.

Mu Chen raised his head and should feel grieved seeing his own shadow reflected clearly and profoundly in Gu Yunjue's pitch black eyes.

"I am more important than anyone else in master's heart."

Mu Chen looked down at his hands, feeling confused why Gu Yunjue said this and wondering how to respond.

"I have fallen in love with Master for a long time. I don't ask for a response from master but only hope that master can be honest with your own heart. No matter how long it will cost, I can always wait."

The boy's affection was so sincere in these gentle words that Mu Chen felt overwhelmed and at a loss all of a sudden.

Maybe Gu's frivolous words had trained him to be more and more tolerant now. Suddenly hearing Gu Yunjue's affectionate words, Mu Chen did not storm out in a rage but looked into Gu Yunjue's eyes again.

Gu's eyes were clear and soulful, without any distracting thoughts. The more affectionate he was, the more helpless Mu Chen would be. Although this boy had the right outlooks of world, life and value, his view of love went wrong!

If Mu Chen had known that Gu Yunjue would finally get one wrong view, he might as well train this disciple in advance. And it would be even better than now to let him have the wrong outlook of value, because at the very least, he could afford the money.

After thinking about it, Mu Chen gave Gu Yunjue the cold shoulder. Regardless of Gu's feelings, Mu Chen seized his collar and threw him directly to the bed.

"Playing this kind of affection game with your master? You little child are still immature!"

He said those words harshly, but the tips of his ears turned light pink. The last person who dared to talk to him like this had already been maimed by him. It was just because he was the child raised by Mu Chen himself, so Mu Chen didn't have the heart to beat him and it would be uneconomic to abandon him. That was really annoying!

Gu Yunjue almost spitted blood directly due to master's throw. 'Master is quite lovely with this snappish temper!'


Late at night, after Mu Chen fell into sleep, Gu Yunjue, who should have been asleep, opened his eyes and looked at Mu Chen sitting on the soft couch. Then Gu Yunjue shook his head helplessly with much concern. This person was angry with him again and refused to sleep together with him. Gu Yunjue moved behind Mu Chen in a flash. His fingertip tapped between Mu Chen's eyebrows so that Mu Chen sank in deep sleep successfully. Then, Gu Yunjue bent over and picked up Mu Chen with his arms around the waist.

Gu Yunjue looked at the person in his arms and smiled, leaving Mu's long and silk-like black hair lying on his shoulder. He finally couldn't help kissing the forehead of Mu Chen and said to himself, full of love in his voice, "I really hope that you were also so meek while awake... No, it would not be the real you."

He put Mu Chen on the bed, took off his shoes and the tiara, and set an array of traps around Mu Chen with two shadow-guards protecting him before he finally went out.

In the middle of the night, a gorgeous seat floated in the air, on which Gu Yunjin sat cross-legged. Seeing Gu Yunjue come over, he teased, "You just didn't go out until got him asleep, did you?"

Gu Yunjue squinted, raised his hand, and forced Gu Yunjin to move back by a wave of his sleeve. Then he lifted his leg and pulled the seat under his own body. Sitting on it, he patted on the armrest and contentedly said, "Not bad."

Gu Yunjin felt irritable as well as helpless but had to give him a smile, "You are not going to rob me again, are you?"

"I want it." Gu Yunjue smiled, but gave the other no chance to refuse. Thinking that he could send this seat to master, he muttered to himself, 'That would be quite interesting if little master sit on the chair and I behind the chair pushed him to fly.'

Devil cultivators pursued freedom and never suppressed their feelings. So they would take whatever they wanted because only the strongest could be respected and the incapable were doomed to be robbed.

Obviously, Gu Yunjue was accustomed to such thing. He would just grab what he wanted, no matter who it belonged to. He just wanted to obtain all the things that could please Mu Chen and wouldn't care at all who were grabbed.

When they met last time, Gu Yunjue robbed Gu Yunjin of a magical tool that could make a fantasy. This time he was robbed of the rare chair that costed him much time and energy to get from the secret boundary. Gu Yunjin subconsciously touched his space ring and looked at Gu Yunjue alertly. He was also thinking to himself, which devil on earth possessed his brother. Gu Yunjue was so domineering that no other comparable to this person in the three realms could be found, as if Gu Yunjue was absolutely an old devil from the devil realm. Others would find a reason to grab something, while he just reached out his hands to grab.

Gu Yunjue sat cross-legged and cupped his chin in his hands with a smile, "I find that you can always get something interesting."

Gu Yunjin twitched his lips, 'It's right as expected!'

"Why did this elder ask to meet me. I guess you don't just want to rob me of something?" With his chair robbed, Gu Yunjin had to stand.

"Come on! Don't say that! We are the only two brothers who have managed to survive. Thanks to you, your younger brother can come to the immortal realm and live safely." Gu Yunjue asked with an innocent face, "Doesn't brother like to send me some gifts?"

Gu Yunjin, "..."

After Gu Yunjue finished, he no longer wasted his time. He took out the Protection Soul Flag that he got during the day and threw it to Gu Yunjin, smiling, "The spirit of Wei Huaitong has been made into puppet by me. If you want to contact me, you can just talk to him directly. I can hear it."

"Puppet?" Gu Yunjin let Wei Huaitong out, who stood there with a wooden face. And when Gu Yunjue crooked his finger, Wei Huaitong bent over to greet Gu Yunjin, "Young Master." It looked as if he had been injected with a soul in a sudden and came to life again.

Seeing Wei Huaitong act the same as before, Gu Yunjin suddenly felt a little frightened. And then he looked at Gu Yunjue alertly. If this boy meant to scramble for the crown, Gu Yunjue would definitely become a big resistance on his way to become the Devil Lord.

Gu Yunjue seemed to have seen through his mind. He said straightforwardly, "I can help you get what you want for two purposes. One is that I can escape the fate of being manipulated. The other is simpler. I need a place to live in. One day if we are tired and want to find a quiet place to keep ourselves from being disturbed by outsiders, yours will be the most suitable."

Gu Yunjin smiled awkwardly and said, "Of course! No problem!"

Gu Yunjue looked at Gu Yunjin with a meaningful look. Then he turned around with a sardonic smile. He was quite familiar with this brother.

Sure enough, after Gu Yunjue left, Gu Yunjin looked at the Protection Soul Flag in his hand, a hint of stern darkness flashing through his eyes. The noble temperament of him remained unchanged, but the surrounding atmosphere became gloomy. An old man in the dark quietly appeared and respectfully said, "Master, we can't let this person live in the world."

"I certainly know that," Gu Yunjin sneered. "This person is much better at scheming than ordinary people, and we do not know where he is from. He would be a big trouble if he is alive. But he is useful for the time being, so we can't kill him."

The old man proposed, "Strong as this person is, he has a fatal weakness."

Gu Yunjin raised his hand and interrupted the old man. His eyes turned dark as the night as he said murderously, "We can't kill Mu Chen. If he is in trouble, Gu Yunjue will definitely counterattack madly. This step can only be taken at the last resort. Since it is his fatal weakness, it should be used at the most vital time."

The old man immediately comprehended the hint, "I understand it."