After throwing his disciple high up in the air seven or eight times again, Mu Chen can no longer continue because Gu Yunjue’s courage is too small. Since the boy was holding on to Mu Chens’s neck and refusing to let go, the master put him down for now, intending to slowly train him in bravery later.

Some items from Mu Che’s storage ring crashed down. He intends to lay them down in the room in an array. The child can be spoiled a bit but he will not be allowed to be too lazy to cultivate.

Gu Yunjue saw his master taking out countless top grade Lingshi. They fell down on the floor, piled up like rubbish, before Mu Chen chose some of the biggest, putting back the others into the storage ring. This made Gu Yunjue laugh. His little Shizun is so cute, both simple and straightforward, so that the people close to him don’t have to worry about being manipulated.

“Where did these Lingshi come from?”

Mu Chen found it difficult to explain.

Jing Ming quickly helped to clarify: “They were traded for spirit pills. The treasure house is already full so these things can’t fit inside anymore. My brother has the key to the treasury. If you want something you can ask him, you don’t have to bother the Palace Lord.”

Mu Chen nodded, “There are several Ling mines in the hands of the teacher.”

Gu Yunjue: “…” The master is so capable. How was he to raise him? He doesn’t know why but now the pressure on him is heavier.

Decorated with the spiritual items, the room’s aura became richer. Sunshine Palace itself was built on a Ling vein and Mu Chen’s room was the place with the most abundant spirit energy. Now that the items have formed a matrix, a white mist overflowing with energy is rising from the soles of their feet.  

“If you cannot build your foundation before the age of twelve, I will throw you to the back of the mountain.” Mu Chen looked up and saw that his disciple was scared. “Feed the demonic beasts.”

Mu Chen, known as the most talented cultivator in the past thousand years, built his foundation when he was twelve years old. Therefore, this requirement is extremely harsh but he believes that while it is surprising, it is also absolutely brilliant. As long as the goal is something that can be achieved, there is no reason to hold back.

The twins were waiting for Gu Yunjue at the entrance of the back of the mountain. They each have a complicated expression on their faces.

Jing Ming raised his eyebrows and said to Gu Yunjue: “At the back of the mountain is a strange spirit beast, Rebude!”

Mu Chen is an alchemist who refines pills. He likes to run around everywhere looking for rare and useful medicine ingredients. During his travels he has picked up innumerable strange beasts, monsters, and demonic beasts. As long as it is a furry thing, he likes to pick it up and then throw it into the back of the mountain to raise.

The leader of the beasts is a black demonic bird. As a baby it looked like a big hairball but grew up into a flying fat duck. It’s name is Rebude meaning “do not annoy.” What it most likes to do is to talk to people and brag. When Jing Ting and Jing Ming made a mistake, Mu Chen did not regard them as outer disciples and he was too lazy to educate the twins, so he put them together with the duck. The twins were forced to listen to the other party talk himself hoarse around the clock for ten days and half a month. Mu Chen thought this method was particularly effective so now the whole Sunshine Palace is talking about the bird!

Gu Yunjue, of course, already knows that the master picked up the bird. He also knows that the duck’s meat is particularly poor. If it’s baked then its quite unpalatable. In the past, he had not killed the bird but that frivolous duck bragged that it was an ancient God beast. Gu Yunjue made a bet with it, Rebude lost and had to chop off its own wings to tearfully give to Gu Yunjue. The wings unexpectedly grew back.

At that time, Gu Yunjue roasted the wing in front of the duck but Mu Chen found out about this matter and punished his disciple by sending him off to confinement for one year. It was the first time that the teacher punished him. Of all the punishments he has gone through, that little punishment was so gentle.

However, the bird is indeed an ancient God beast. His master always seems to pick up beasts that have a rare lineage. The twins are able to transform into human forms and even the Abyss Demon was picked up. This has made Gu Yunjue wonder, what is it about his master’s body that attracts these God beasts? When Mu Chen was imprisoned in the Soul Suppression Pagoda was it simply because of his disciple or were there other reasons? Gu Yunjue doesn’t know, Mu Chen would not tell him, and he can only slowly investigate.

Remembering this, Gu Yunjue’s expression showed that he was thinking deeply, “Five years, five years to build the foundation.”

“Pfft!” Jing did not hold back, laughing in amusement. Mu Chen’s eyes are also twinkling at the sight of his little disciple with the steamed bun face holding his hands behind his back to try to look more profound. This appearance is really too lovable.

“Shizun did you smile?” Noticing the subtle change in Mu Chen’s expression Gu Yunjue hugged his thigh, sincerely praising: “When Shizun laughs it must be beautiful.”

Mu Chen frowned. This was the first time that someone dared to call him beautiful but the small disciple’s eyes are very clear, with no impurities. Mu Chen can only helpless pat Gu Yunjue’s head, gently saying: “This is how a man is described? After martial arts practice you will also practice writing and learn 50 idioms a day. If you cannot learn them then you will be forced to kneel as punishment.”

Gu Yunjue smiled and nodded. Whatever his teacher said, he would do.

Mu Chen rubbed his head, feeling that his pupil is well-behaved. From his storage ring poured out hundreds of storage rings. These were all traded for pills. Mu Chen asked: “Which one do you like?”

“What this person likes he can take? If he said he likes something, will Shizun give it to him?” Seeing Mu Chen sit down, Gu Yunjue climbed onto his lap, resting his back on his master’s chest and feeling the warmth of his body. Gu Yunjue is satisfied, his thin lips are smiling. Tilting his head back to look at Mu Chen’s outstandingly beautiful face, Gu Yunjue’s eyes look earnest.

Space rings are difficult to make. They need to have a large space but the item is small so they are worth a lot of money. Ordinary cultivators use storage bags and bracelets but his master actually took out so many high quality storage rings for a five-year-old child. The master is really the type who will dig out his own lungs. (TN: The type that is selfless and giving.)

Mu Chen looks at the villain at his bosom. He hasn’t pushed him off but this little thing’s appetite is so huge, how much does he want to take? Because he has endured much hardship, he fears being poor? Thinking that, Mu Chen nods, “If you want anything, tell the teacher and as long as he has it, he can give it to you.”

“Why does the teacher treat this person so well?” asked Gu Yunjue curiously, narrowing his eyes.

Mu Chen hesitated a bit, he really doesn’t know how to answer. It’s in order not to let you grow up crooked? I don’t want us to die together?

Obviously, it’s not realistic to say that since the child wouldn’t be able to understand.

Gu Yunjue looked gloomy but afterwards the corners of his mouth turned up. Picking up a vermilion ring he is interested in, his eyebrows are raised, “This person wants this, it looks nice.”

Mu Chen relaxed. Taking Gu Yunjue’s hand he places a drop of blood on it that turns into a mark. This confirms the child as his personal succeeding disciple. He failed to notice that the child is feeling more and more gloomy, and the child’s scrutiny is also more obvious.

“Now you are my personal succeeding disciple.” Mu Chen put down his disciple. “Kneel.”

Gu Yunjue obediently knelt and listened attentively to the words of his teacher.

Mu Chen then said: “The teacher does not think that you cherish the mundane world. Your teacher only hopes that you understand that all things have spirit. Don’t kill innocent people.”

Mu Chen saw that the young disciple raised his face and asked him doubtfully: "Shizun, what would you do if this person does slaughter innocents?”

MU Chen lowered his head, the look in his eyes is somewhat complicated, “Then the teacher is responsible for cleaning up the mess.”

“It would be good for this disciple to die at the hands of the master. This person doesn’t want others to do it.”

Gu Yunjue had barely finished speaking when Mu Chen knocked him on the head. This scoundrel disciple, he wants to become bad?

Mu Chen knows that his own character has a big flaw. His childhood living conditions made him unable to trust anyone but also made him cherish every person under his care. So many people wanted to kill Gu Yunjue in his past life but Mu Chen said that it was his responsibility and that other people cannot meddle. Thus the immortal hypocrites’ anger was transferred to him.

Looking now at his disciple’s naughty smile, Mu Chen withdrew a small leather whip from his storage ring and placed it on the table. If the mischievous disciple is stubbornly disobedient and not educated well, it would not be good. Therefore he prepared this a moment ago.

Gu Yunjue looked at that small leather whip, thinking about his future situation. “…”

Mu Chen saw that his disciple’s expression revealed “fear” and he subconsciously adopted the strict bearing of a teacher, saying: “Apart from what I have already said, the teacher has two rules: First, you must honor the teacher and respect his teachings, listening to his words, and acknowledging his authority. Whatever the teacher says is right. Second, you cannot be bullied. Cultivating in order to become an immortal is against nature. It’s like a boat sailing against the current. If one is unable to move forward, one will inevitably lag behind. If one is bullied and doesn’t hit back, then return to the mundane world to raise cows on a farm.” Mu Chen then thought of more to say, and added, “These rules are Mu Chen’s own.”

“Shizun, what are the rules of the sect?’

"Hmm, those things you don’t have to worry about. Listening to your teacher is enough.” The implication is that Shizun’s rules are the only rules.

Gu Yunjue smiled, looking at his master he thought that this was the first time he saw Mu Chen being willful. So that is what it is. He can’t, don’t want to boast. (TN: Some sort of idiom.)

Mu Chen found that his disciple was looking up at him with “worship” in his eyes. Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed to a crack and his heart was very happy. His little disciple is really simple to persuade. As long as he is educated well, he will absolutely not turn to the dark side.

He has long suspected that his disciple was treated badly during the time when he was in Yue Ming Ze’s care, or else how could such a cute child become so distorted? Childhood education is very important. Yue Ming Ze himself is just a cub, he definitely doesn’t know how to raise children.

At this time, Yue Ming Ze received a letter. When he read it, while thinking of Mu Chen’s outstandingly beautiful face, Yue Ming Ze started counting on his fingers how many people Mu Chen is likely to beat up…

Mu Chen currently has no knowledge of that. Right now he happily took out the Soul Bell, saying: “Well, now that you have made obeisance and knelt to your teacher, this protective amulet is for you.” He didn’t know where to put it. Hair? Neck? Wrist? Waist? Or ankles?

Gu Yunjue’s pupils shrank when he saw the familiar bell. This was a musical weapon that his ancestors used. At this time the Soul Bell should be in the Cloud Gate sect’s forbidden realm. This item that is important to his magical power inheritance, how did it appear in the master’s hand?

Mu Chen shook the bell and decided to hang it on his disciple’s neck. He caught Gu Yunjue by the hand.

“Master, don’t you think it’s not appropriate to hand it here?” Gu Yunjue was shocked and helplessly pinched Mu Chen’s hand. His teacher’s slender fingers were delicate and white, even the joints were perfect, but no matter how good-looking it is, it’s hanging the bell in the wrong location!