Outside Pill City, two bursts of devilish forces surged into the air. Not only Gu Yunjue alone but other cultivators in Pill City had perceived the abnormality, including Mu Chen who just had difficulty to go for a check with his waist surrounded by a hand.

Mu Chen had never been protected like that before. Moreover, as far as he was concerned, this little disciple still needed his protection. He directly gripped Gu Yunjue's wrist and held this disciple behind him and exhorted seriously, "No matter what will happen later, follow me closely."

Gu Yunjue nodded "obediently", "Master is right."

Mu Chen looked up at the sky, which was originally peaceful but turned overcast suddenly. Overwhelmed by the dreary air, many cultivators had flown outside Pill City to explore what was happening.

Accompanied by little disciple, Mu Chen didn't want to get themselves involved in something irrelevant. "Busybodies generally die young. Remember never ever to be nosy."

Gu Yunjue nodded again.

Right at this time, Bai Yi flew over. Realizing it was inconvenient to report with Mu Chen beside Pavilion Master, Bai Yi just gave a nod as a respect to Mu before he hurried away.

Mu Chen looked at the back of Bai Yi in an exploring manner when a special smell aroused his attention. Narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen suddenly realized something. He held Gu Yunjue's hands to chase after Bai Yi and caught up with this scholar in an instant. "Stop! I have something to ask you," Mu Chen snapped.

Feeling unexpected that Mu Chen should be so fast, Bai Yi almost dropped down out of shock.

"The smell on you…" Mu Chen sized Bai Yi up, "Where did you get the herbal smell?"

'Damn it!' Bai Yi suddenly recalled that Chen Mo threw the carry-on herbal sachet at his shoulder before he went out, to which he hadn't pay much attention. But unexpectedly Mu Chen was sensitive to perceive the smell in so long a distance. 'Chen Mo should ask for help in this way!'

Bai Yi was about to explain to Mu Chen when Gu Yunjue hinted him to leave with eyes. Bai Yi appreciated Gu's meaning and immediately took to his heels.

"If something happens to Chen Mo, I'll pull down Gazing Chen Pavilion," Mu Chen snorted and pinched Gu Yunjue's wrist meaningfully, "and give you a sound beating!" He lifted Gu Yunjue and ran after Bai Yi. It seemed that Chen Mo was in danger, so he couldn't just neglect it.

"Master is partial and even means to beat me for the sake of an irrelevant person." Gu Yunjue complained with much grievance as he was dragged by Mu Chen in the sky, without that urge to disclaim his relation with Gazing Chen Pavilion.

Feeling still unclear of the whole matter, Mu Chen was about to ask more, when two waves of Synthesis Stage cultivation surged over with the spirit power stirring the air droningly.

Mu Chen subconsciously held his little disciple tighter and swept his hand to block this overwhelming strike.

Mu Chen by dint of his cultivation was absolutely out of problem to defense against the huge waves. But others would be unfortunate. Those who came to look on were blown off one after another helplessly, some of whom were shocked into unconsciousness, some spitted out blood on the ground and more were thrown on their knees.

Two top cultivators of Synthesis Stage confronted each other, leaving no space for others to intervene.

Several elders of Pill City came and stood up in the sky. Seeing that the two entangling together were devil cultivators, they just folded their arms and looked on.

Being extremely furious, Gu Yunjin looked at the sky with his eyes reddened and clenched his fists, "How come Star-Cloud Exalt attacks me? He is crazy?!"

No one replied him because half of his subordinates had been killed before Fu Ruankao realized he had been calculated and hurried back. No one knew why Star-Cloud Exalt suddenly turned against him. Neither did they know how Star-Cloud Exalt should become clear about this Gu Yunjin's deployment of forces. All in all, spilled water couldn't be gathered up. Today, if he couldn't kill Star-Cloud Exalt and let the other go back to the devil realm, the situation would be even more unfavorable to him.

The two devils were fighting against each other feverishly. In order to offset the impact force, the elders had set three layers of boundaries around Pill City.

Bo Yuntian remained solemn, 'No matter why two devil cultivators come to my place at the same time, neither of them can leave today so long as they dare to stir troubles here. I don't boast to have everything, but money is never in lack!' "Servants come to set up spiritual artillery!"

Spiritual artillery was a kind of destructive weapon that could transform spirit stones into spirit power to shoot enemies. So long as sufficient spirit stones were stuffed inside the artillery, one shoot from it could destroy a whole city. In order to protect Pill City's pill alchemists who were bad at fighting, Bo Yuntian had already prepared enough of this weapon.

Every spiritual artillery was connected with a spirit mine. When it was necessary, Bo Yuntian wouldn't mind killing all the enemies to promote his prestige as a Pill God.

Because Bai Yi flew away out of sight, Mu Chen glared at Gu Yunjue with anger and tucked his head under the arm. When he was about to leave, a strong wind blew over and a voice rang abruptly, "You'd better stay still now. I need you follow me later."

Hearing the voice quite familiar, Mu Chen looked up, only to find the neurotic devil cultivator he had met on the roof that night was fighting with the other. After somberly sizing up the boundaries before him, Mu Chen put Gu Yunjue behind his back and kicked forward!

White flames spurted out around Mu Chen when the boundaries were cracked at once.

"Catch me, if you do have the knack!" With the long sword held in his hand, Mu Chen seemed so aloof and murderous that others didn't dare to get close.

Star-Cloud Exalt was startled for a while before a sudden smile spread on his face, "Interesting! I'll come for you later after I finish them."

The Devil Lord hadn't expected that his favorite son had developed so powerful. As Gu Yunjin was getting increasingly uncontrollable, how could the Lord allow him to act randomly any more. This time he decided to chop down Gu Yunjin's hard wings to prevent this little bird flying further.

What Devil Lord needed was a puppet rather than a smart son. Therefore, all those good at scheming died early!

'As for the immortal-devil hybrid,' Star-Cloud Exalt glanced at Gu Yunjue indifferently, 'his impure blood cannot suit for Devil Lord's eyes.'

Fu Ruankao certainly wouldn't let Star-Cloud Exalt kill his master's subordinates who had costed Gu Yunjin's painstaking cares. Today, he would even risk his life to kill Star-Cloud Exalt, so Gu Yunjin would have time to conserve his forces.

Seeing the other give one hell of effort to attack, Star-Cloud Exalt retrieved his attention from Mu Chen and concentrated on this fight again. After all, it was easy to find Mu Chen, but the mad person in front of him was hard to deal with.

It seemed Fu would lose the battle soon when he looked down at Gu Yunjin with a trace of determination flashing through his indignant eyes. Gu Yunjin felt a sting in his heart, seemingly aware of Fu's intention.

Gu Yunjin opened his mouth but finally tailed off. 'A real man does not lack in venom. Someone has to be abandoned when necessary. Trust me! I'll avenge you someday!'

An overwhelming airflow suddenly blew over. After a pause of shock, Mu Chen held Gu's hand and flew downward to the ground in a hurry. At the same time, Gu Yunjue released the shell which instantly covered them up.

The shell should only have a bed inside!

Mu Chen was pressed on the bed by Gu Yunjue with a hand around his waist. Seeing this man on his body smiling at him, Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue by the neck, "Get up!"

"No!" Gu Yunjue wasn't afraid of this master's reproach at all. Instead, he suddenly hit on an idea to change the shell into a smaller one, so there wasn't extra space for them to move. The two held tight, with their noses clinging together and their lips staying so close that they almost kissed. Surrounded by such an ambiguous atmosphere, Mu Chen drew back subconsciously. Gu Yunjue, however, leaned over with a smile and kissed Mu Chen at the corner of his lips. The kiss was full of sincere love, without a bit of frivolousness. "Master, I like you."

Mu Chen was suddenly baffled and felt his heart skipping a beat.

Right at this moment, the magic tool containing them was suddenly blown off by some power. All romance disappeared instantly…Mu Chen shook his head when Gu Yunjue cupped his hands worriedly around Mu's head to protect him from the quake.

"Evil disciple! Control the magic tool not to fly helter-skelter!" Mu Chen tried to raise his head but was held tightly by Gu Yunjue. So Mu Chen helplessly pushed Gu on the shoulders, which looked like playing hard-to-get in the disciple's eyes however. Gu Yunjue smiled with his eyes narrowing, "Sorry Master! I have to focus my attention!"

Hearing this lie, Mu Chen felt like killing this treacherous disciple.

The shell finally stopped after a long distance. The master and the disciple crept from the bed and realized they had been a hundred li (Ancient unit of distance, roughly 500 meters) or so from Pill City. There had been faint cracks on the shell, which in turn proved the formidable force of the airflow.

"Self-destruction of a Synthesis Stage cultivator should cause so powerful a burst." Mu Chen looked to Pill City, feeling somehow unsettled.

"If Master worries about the people in Pill City, we can go back to have a look." Gu Yunjue proposed.

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment. Nothing seemed to be concerned about, but he still felt stirred by something. '…And Chen Mo is still in Pill City. I cannot leave him alone after all.' Mu Chen nodded at the excuse he finally found for himself.

The two was about to go back when a golden light flew over from far to near and everywhere it passed by turned into ruins. "Spiritual Artillery!" Mu Chen's face changed abruptly. He grabbed Gu's hand at once, flashed aside to avoid the light in the distance and hurriedly set a boundary. However, a black-dressed man was injured all over with his right arm broken, even though he tried hard to escape while putting up a desperate fight to block the light in front of him. It could be seen that he was almost exhausted.

"Eh?" Mu Chen felt confused that it should be the neurotic devil cultivator.

Sensing Mu Chen's breath, Star-Cloud Exalt raised his brows with surprise and directly flew over.

Seeing it was impossible to avoid him, Mu Chen solemnly pulled Gu Yunjue behind his back and summoned his long sword. The slim beautiful figure stood there coldly, with his white robe and black hair fluttering in the air while the red sword in his hand full of murderous intent. Against the huge spirit power, Mu Chen strode forward and split from overhead to the ground accompanied with the Nine Yang Dark Fire. Immediately, the light was cut into half, causing the air shaking.

Surrounded by Mu Chen's sword intent, Star-Cloud Exalt spitted out a mouthful of blood, with numerous blood holes left in his body and his spirit meridians almost destroyed.

However, Mu Chen locked his cold eyes on the other, like staring at a dead thing, without a trace of rage to be taken advantage. Mu Chen swept his long sword, which seemingly sensed its master's intention and changed into dark red in a hum. The ancient sword seemed to be more murderous than ever before against Mu Chen's dreaded eyes.

Seeing Mu Chen's reaction, Star-Cloud Exalt gave a faint smile with interest but blood kept dripping down from the corner of his mouth, "You are really interesting."

"Why do you want to catch me?" Mu Chen asked indifferently.

"You certainly know the disciple beside you is a beast but still cherish him like he is a rare treasure. People like you are really rare to see." The other gave an irrelevant answer while leaned on the tree and covered his chest with his hand.

A killing intent flashed through Mu Chen's eyes, 'My disciple is not a beast!'

"Yum, you're irritated. Interesting!" As Star Cloud Exalt finished, Mu Chen simply swept his sword, intending to simply kill the man! As to the answer, he hadn't bothered to know already.

Right at this moment, there came a sudden quake as if the grey sky was twisted fault where an overwhelming pressure fell. Mu Chen opened his eyes wide out of shock but didn't miss the pleasant surprise beneath Star Cloud Exalt's eyes.

Gu Yunjue's face froze instantly. After a while of pause, he decided not to conceal his actual strength anymore. Gazing at Mu Chen earnestly, he finally summoned out a black bow in his hand.

Blood odor could be sensed in the air as the bow appeared, which gave out an evil spirit with a red ghost face imbedded at the bottom and red patterns inscribed in the ink black.

Black fire spread all over the bow in an instant and finally formed into three arrows. Mu Chen's face suddenly became so ghastly pale that he almost forgot he was about to kill Star-Cloud Exalt. "…Devil cultivation." He murmured.

"Master, kill him!" Gu Yunjue hadn't the time to explain and directly shot the black fire arrow into the space. Rumbling! The sky cracked as if it would crush soon.

At this moment a middle-aged man in black while with white hair jumped out of the crack and blocked Gu's arrow with his hand. His ink-like eyes locked on Mu Chen, "Don't you dare!" Three simple words sounded deafening like thunder!

The Author has something to say: An irresponsible little drama—Divorce Scene!

Gu Yunjue, "Master, even though I have practiced devil cultivation, my love for you is real. From now on, I'll obey you all the time so long as you don't divorce me. Please!" (Crying loudly while holding Mu Chen's leg.)

Mu Chen, "It's over. No cheating in love." (Wearing a gloomy face.)

Gu Yunjue, "Have you forgotten the happy times we've spent together? Have you forgotten all the seconds, minutes, days and nights that have witnessed our love? You're going to abandon me after picking me up?" (Overwhelmed with sorrow and mucus and tears.)

Mu Chen, "In order to avoid that…you'd better take the things you've already used!" (Looking for scissors!)