Such an evil disciple!

His own apprentice talked to him in such a flirting tone. It crushed Mu Chen's sense of reason. Mu Chen lifted his hand trying to punch him. But before he touched Gu Yunjue, his wrist was caught by the latter.

Mu Chen tried to get rid of Gu Yunjue but failed. He was so pissed off, "How could you be mischievous again!"

"I'm just kidding. Don't be angry." Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen's hands in his own and asked Mu Chen gently, "Aren't you just like a little hedgehog? Don't you know how to be soft?"

"Evil spawn!"

Mu Chen was obviously panicked by his tone. Realizing Gu Yunjue was just kidding with him, he felt relieved unexplainably but his mind was a total blank. He could hear nothing but his own heart beats. This strange feeling terrified him.

All of sudden, Mu Chen felt a slight pressure on his chest. It was Gu Yunjue putting both their hands on his chest. Two hands piled together, leaving little chance for Mu Chen to avoid. It added the weight on Mu Chen's chest and made his bumping heart beats even more obvious to feel.

The two of them leaned their foreheads against each other. Gu Yunjue spoke in a soft voice, "Master, your heart is beating fast."

Not knowing what it stood for and not even daring to think about it, Mu Chen was in a daze; that was all he could do.

"There's nothing in the world that can replace me in your heart; I've told you so. Since we can't leave each other, let's be together forever. It's just a slight switch of our relationship." It seemed that there was magic in Gu Yunjue's voice, which made Mu Chen dizzy, just like from a seducing demon.

Be together forever. Just...... a slight switch of their relationship?

"We'll be like this in the future. No matter where you go, I'll be with you." Gu Yunjue sounded extremely gentle. He smoothed Mu Chen's messy hair on his forehead, "You'll still be my master. I'll love you and respect you as usual, as long as you don't push me away."

Undeniably, Mu Chen was tempted at that moment.

The next moment, Mu Chen was pissed off. That bad ass used his devil cultivation on him.

But then on a second thought, Mu Chen remembered that their power was suppressed at the moment. They were nothing but ordinary people. He had that thoughts because he cared this guy too much to realize that he had forgotten all his principles.

Afterwards, Mu Chen started to hesitate.

What his apprentice said earlier sounded convincing.

But something was wrong.


Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes like a top hunter waiting for his prey. A hunter that had spent more than twenty years to weave a web painstakingly. He started to tighten it up. He would not show his fangs or taste it until the prey was unable to escape.

At this moment, it got brighter around them. Mu Chen was interrupted by the light and began to step up his vigilance.

Gu Yunjue clicked his tongue. Since they were interrupted, he had to be fiercer next time.

On both side of the wall, the jade crystals were engraved with murals. They were in the middle of a picture which displayed a cultivator rising into fairyland.

Going forward, it was still the scene of this cultivator traveling around the world.

The picture was then changing, the cultivator, looking painful, sat on the snow with a bloody person in his arms.

Going forward once again, it was a huge battle. The two protagonists were on opposite sides.

"Is this in an inverted order?" Mu Chen asked in amazement. He instantly discovered the difference in the picture. He took a few steps back and looked at the two former pictures. He saw loneliness on that man's face as expected, depression and emptiness, to be specific.

Mu Chen had a feeling of disharmony when he saw the picture at first sight. Now he realized it came from the expression in this cultivator's eyes.

He had become a god, which should have been a delight. In his eyes, however, there was no happiness but depression that turned out to be caused by losing the love of his life.

After watching the rest of the pictures, Mu Chen connected them together and roughly figured out the meaning: two people from different sides fell in love with each other; one died for the other and lost all his powers; the other one became a god but lived with a dead soul.

Mu Chen looked a bit sorrowful on his face. Something unknown coming to his mind, Mu Chen glanced at Gu Yunjue with complicated emotions in his eyes. He was too depressed.

At the same time, Gu Yunjue was looking at the third painting. His face didn't look good either. When a person who meant the world to you gradually became a cold body in your arms and there was nothing you could do, that kind of desperation could drive you crazy.

"Let's go! Don't look at that anymore." Mu Chen said suddenly, breaking the silence. Unexpectedly, a sudden blast came from the top of his head, which made Mu Chen stagger and his body fell back uncontrollably.

With his sharp eyes and agile hands, Gu Yunjue rushed over and hugged Mu Chen's waist tightly in his arms when he saw the black hole appear behind Mu Chen. Therefore, both of them fell into the black hole.

After landing on the ground, Gu Yunjue hastened to check the safety of the man in his arms. He asked nervously, "Are you hurt? Where?" Seeing Mu Chen just staring at him with his eyes widely open without injury, Gu Yunjue was relieved.

This sudden situation made him a bit confused. When he entered here in the last life, he didn't make it here. After accepting the inheritance, he was simply thrown out.

Mu Chen was cold-faced and wiggled in Gu Yunjue's arms. He was so pissed when he found that Gu Yunjue was holding him extremely tight. "You evil disciple! Let go off me!"

"No! I don't always have the chance to hug you!" Gu Yunjue kissed Mu Chen on his neck perversely.

Mu Chen's body got stiff, "How...... how can you! Evil disciple!"

"Master, why don't you ask me what I've done after you were dead in the last life?" Gu Yunjue lowered his voice all of a sudden. It sounded even lower in a closed environment. Every single word hit right on Mu Chen's heart. Somewhere in his heart that he never had the courage to face, hurt a lot.

Looking at his reaction, Gu Yunjue smiled. "In this life, I will always pester you as long as I am not dead. If I were dead, I would take you with me. I will not let you go no matter how many lives I shall live. Master, you should be prepared for this."

Mu Chen," You... don't you dare..."

Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen's red ears, and couldn't help kissing him.

Mu Chen shrunk his neck and slapped the man behind him in red-face.

Later on, everything became quieter. The master and the apprentice held in this position for a long time. Both of them were submerged in that painting, unable to forget it for a long time.

Finally, Mu Chen sighed, "Do whatever you want to." He had entangled long enough with Gu Yunjue. Gu was a lot more stubborn and crazier than him. No matter what it would cost, he had to keep Gu Yunjue beside him with even more strict guard. As long as he didn't repeat his mistakes in the last life, he could do whatever he wanted to. Everything would be the same if he could keep his own bottom line and didn't cross it.

To Mu Chen, it seemed an excuse for him to restrain Gu Yunjue and to make him behave. They would stay the master-and-apprentice relationship wherever they went. Gu Yunjue would still call him master and follow him around. Gu Yunjue had also said that there would be no difference. In this case, there was no need for him to worry.

Gu Yunjue tightened his arms on Mu Chen, put his chin on Mu Chen's shoulder with a smile and said in a low voice, "Master, no matter why you agreed, I trust you. You will not lie to me, right?"

Mu Chen pushed the head on him away discontentedly and arrogantly said, "I never lie!"

Gu Yunjue responded with his eyes growing dim, "I trust you, of course."

Mu Chen was not satisfied with Gu Yunjue's current reaction. Shouldn't he be happy at this time? Like receiving a gift when he was little and called his master with completely satisfied expression on his face? What was all the heaviness for?

Not wanting to coax his spoiled apprentice anymore, Mu Chen raised his head and looked around. Since everything was unknown to them, they could only explore step by step. Mu Chen felt the spirit power in his body gradually recovering. It seemed it was the only way that suppressed his power. He pushed the man behind him away and began to meditate to restore his spirit power.

Two hours later, Mu Chen opened his eyes firstly, finding the spirit power in his body had already been restored.

He looked at the person meditating next to him with complicated emotions. This man followed him into the black hole, without hesitation, even though there was no spirit power in his body.

Inexplicably, Mu Chen felt happy deep down in his heart. His apprentice was still filial anyway.

After Gu Yunjue restored his power, Mu Chen restrained his emotions immediately. He stood up and said coldly, "Let's go find the Azure Fire Sword."

This was a stone room without any exits in all directions. They were transferred here by the magic formation, so they could only get out by themselves.

Mu Chen felt no power fluctuations around after some exploration with his spirit power. He frowned his good-looking eyebrows, lifted his feet and kicked the wall.

"Bang!" The wall was kicked out of a big hole.

Mu Chen shook his sleeves to blow away the dust in front of him. He said proudly, "Follow me."

Gu Yunjue chased after him with a smile on his face. He held Mu Chen's hand in his and said seriously: "I'm scared to get lost."

"Hold me tight. I'll not look for you if you are lost."

"I remember where we are." Gu Yunjue looked at the scenery around him. "There are herbal garden, pill-concocting rooms, weapon hall, spiritual pet pavilion and tools-refining room. I was curious back then. It seems like an immortal palace.

Mu Chen was shocked by Gu Yunjie's tone, as if he was wandering around in his own yard. Mu Chen asked in surprise, "Have you been there?"

Gu Yunjue nodded.

Mu Chen murmured, "If this is the case... let's take them all."

Gu Yunjue replied seriously: "OK. Not leaving a single grass."

Mu Chen, "......"

In fact, there was no need to take everything away.

Gu Yunjue decisively chose the leftmost road among the three forks in front of them. After turning a corner, they smelled a faint herbal fragrance. After walking a few steps, there was a herbal garden in front of them. In the garden, there were countless rare herbs but the weird thing was that no plant had lived more than a thousand year.

Gu Yunjue explained, "This secret boundary would open once in a millennium; that's why the garden is like this." As Gu Yunjue just finished his sentence, the Protection Soul Bell appeared. Wherever the golden light passed, not even a blade of herb was left on the garden, nor a single gear was triggered.

"That's..." Mu Chen was speechless. The little apprentice that he raised in a rich way turned out to be such a miser who did not left a single grass there.

"Let's go to the next place." Gu Yunjue was also surprised by the reaction of the Protection Soul Bell. It had been buzzing with excitement a moment ago in his divine sense and was so active right now.

The Protection Soul Bell actually had its own spirit. But due to the lack of Earth Bell, its divine sense was damaged.

To be specific, it was a dumb bell that could only follow its instinct.

After the Protection Soul Bell spun for a circle, it flew forward with tickling noises along it. And the ripples around it could be seen by naked eyes. Wherever it went, it would absorb everything inside, nothing left!

Mu Chen looked at his apprentice speechlessly. Such a miser!

"Master, you are the one who said 'to take them all'." Gu Yunjue felt wronged.

Mu Chen, "......"

The two of them followed the Protection Soul Bell. It firstly swept all the weapons in the weapons hall, then a room of pills without touching any gear, as if it broke all resistance. They looked at each other with astonishment: this place was definitely related with the Heaven and Earth Protection Soul Bell!

Just at this moment, they heard some fighting sound ahead of them. Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen's waist from the back and said, "Master, don't go there."

Mu Chen slightly lifted his eyebrows.

"I'm so scared!"

Mu Chen took a deep breath. He really wanted to punch this bathetic disciple.

"Let's go find the Azure Fire Sword. Life or death is by one's fate. Whoever enters here should be prepared to die." Gu Yunjue now looked righteous on his face.

Mu Chen was glazed, and only sighed slightly as a response. He did not need to go there, actually. He was just a little worried for the disciples of Lofty Cloudy Sect. Now it seemed that he had thought too much. If he met the disciples in danger, he would help them. Otherwise, there was no need to find them on purpose. If he helped them right now, he would deprive them of the chance to improve through experience.

While the two of them just turned around, they heard a clear voice of a girl with surprise, "Senior Brother Gu!"

Mu Chen took his stepped foot back.

"I never thought of meeting Senior Brother Gu so soon." That girl was about eighteen or nineteen years old. She wore a long white dress with a pink guqin in her arms. She looked gentle and temperate. Her big beautiful eyes were so bright that were like filled with spring water. Especially after meeting Gu Yunjue, she looked so shy and reserved. Her petite mouth pursed as if she still had something to say.

Mu Chen clenched his fist. His face got colder. Gu Yunjue! What had this evil disciple done during his [Mu Chen's] seclusion?

After meeting Mu Chen, the girl immediately figured out his identity. She extended him respect promptly, "The first-generation apprentice of Yan Yang Sect, Luo Qing, greets Elder Mu."

Yeah, right! That bastard had ganged up with the Yan Yang Sect! Interesting!

"That's not necessary." Mu Chen would never be offended with a girl. Right after he finished the sentence, Mu Chen followed the direction of the Protection Soul Bell and disappeared.

Gu Yunjue got a little nervous and ran after Mu Chen immediately.

"Brother Gu!" Luo Qing shouted as if she felt wronged. After hearing her voice, Gu Yunjue was so annoyed that he even wanted to chop that woman. Mu Chen was awkward right now. Mu Chen had just relented, but now, he once again turned against him. Gu Yunjue didn't even remember that girl! ACCIDENT!

"Master! Wait!" While Gu Yunjue reached him, Mu Chen's face was back to normal. "Don't be so reckless! You're not a kid anymore."

"I don't want you to misunderstand......"

"Misunderstand what?" Mu Chen interrupted him, "That girl comes from a high state and has a pretty face. It is reasonable for you to like her." Mu Chen didn't realize that his words had already made Gu Yunjue sulk, but insisted, "If you are an ordinary person, I would personally go to Yan Yang Sect to propose a marriage for you. But right now, you'd better...... Mm......"

Gu Yunjue's face looked gloomy. His eyes were like bottomless pitch-dark pools. He held Mu Chen tightly in his arms and kissed his murmuring mouth vigorously, as if he was trying to squeeze Mu Chen inside his body. Only when the two of them combined into one, he would feel better.

Their lips and tongues twined together. Gu Yunjue did not let go of Mu Chen until he tasted blood in his mouth. Mu Chen was obviously too astounded to react. His originally ruthless eyes were now widely open. He looked at Gu Yunjue with shock. That was a pair of unstained eyes, as clear as crystal. On Mu Chen's white-jade-like face, a trace of pink appeared gradually. It added a bit more grace on such a charming face, alluring like opium.

Gu Yunjue's eyes grew darker, and his voice got a bit hoarse, making him even more affectionate, "You promised me just now. How could you forget? It seems, you don't understand this."

His thumb wiped the blood off the corner of Mu Chen's mouth gently, even more gentle than he himself could imagine, "I want no one but you."

Mu Chen's pupils slightly constricted. What was this evil disciple thinking?

Gu Yunjue's finger ran over the corner of Mu Chen's mouth and lifted his chin. There was a smile on Gu Yunjie's face, but rage suppressed at the bottom of his eyes. "Master, why are you deceiving yourself? You are jealous. Why can't you face it?"

"You evil...... Mm......" Gu Yunjie kissed him once again. Mu Chen raised his arm out of shyness and anger but was caught on his wrist. His spirit power was somehow stagnant, unable to be mobilized. He was pressed on the wall by a strong force in front of him. The tip of his tongue felt a bit numb. The pain on his lips reminded him that under the calm appearance, the man before him had a boiling heart.

A good while later, the two's lips separated. Gu Yunjue let go of Mu Chen. There was a layer of red in Gu Yunjie's eyes. The devil power in him could not be restrained anymore.

Mu Chen goggled his eyes in astonishment. This scene was so familiar to him. In the last life, that degenerated Gu Yunjie was exactly like this.