Mu Chen opened his eyes wide in astonishment. He couldn't be more familiar with the scene before him as Gu Yunjue was just like this when he completely became a devil cultivator in his last life. Mu Chen remembered it clearly!

Making up his mind in a short time, Mu Chen held Gu Yunjue's face with his hands, got close to him and then bit his lips fiercely.

Gu Yunjue got amazed at what Mu Chen had done. He immediately released Mu Chen's hands and asked incredibly, "Master, you..."

Mu Chen also behaved as if he had been struck by lightning. Actually, his reaction was just due to his instinct to deal with danger. He felt that it would be effective, so he took a deep breath and bit the man in front of him again. After he successfully created several bloody teeth marks on Gu Yunjue's lips, he ferociously shouted at him, "Return to normal!"

Mu Chen firmly believed that he might be the first one who dealt with an apprentice in such a shameful way! Could there be any better examples of failure? Mu Chen was so worried that he would be regarded as a negative example to warn the later generations! Thinking about this made his face look pretty terrible.

Gu Yunjue stood still, being amazed at what had happened to him. Meanwhile, the evil air around him gradually faded and his eyes were not so red any more. Mu Chen released him as soon as he saw Gu Yunjue recover, giving a brutal kick in his chest. What a bad apprentice Gu Yunjue was! How dared he play such a game of falling into the devil way in front of his master! Mu Chen really hoped that he could beat him to death now!

"Cough cough..." After being kicked to the wall, Gu Yunjue kept coughing, his right hand covering on his breast. He even felt that his ribs might have broken at that moment.

Mu Chen coldly gave a snort. He didn't want to pay any attention to his sensitive apprentice any more. Then he slightly turned around and went away, leaving Gu Yunjue alone.

Gu Yunjue immediately stood up and sensed the direction that Mu Chen went to. His face suddenly hardened and then he quickly ran after his master.

Mu Chen flew for a long distance before he stopped. He felt that he might be crazy now, or he must have been possessed by a devil!

Putting his right hand on his chest, Mu Chen could feel that his heart was beating violently. He knew nothing about what Gu Yunjue had said to him. He only knew that his heart would be pretty sore and uncomfortable when he saw his apprentice in an ambiguous relationship with some other women. He simply thought that it was all because his apprentice didn't obey him.

By the way, it seemed that he was not so angry as he had imagined after he was kissed by Gu Yunjue this time. And that was what made Mu Chen so nervous. Compared with the low spirit he himself had when seeing Gu Yunjue talk with Luo Qing, this kind of feeling was much better for him.

Mu Chen only wanted to escape so long as he thought about the reason. He was so confused and hesitant.

As Gu Yunjue's master, he simply regarded this disciple as a child at the beginning, but now things were different as Gu Yunjue had grown up. Not to mention whether his apprentice was virtuous or not, Mu Chen felt vexed that the complex relationship between them was a really difficult problem to solve since their association in the previous life was involved in!

Who could make everything clear at this time?

Mu Chen shook his head, attempting to sweep away all these thoughts from his mind. All the evil disciple's fault. He had told Mu Chen that he wanted to marry this master for so many times, which directly inspired Mu's feeling. Yes, that must be the reason! Otherwise, as a strict master, how could he have such a feeling toward Gu Yunjue?!

"Alas!" Mu Chen seemed to have heard a sigh.

"Who is there?" Mu Chen got alert in a sudden. A crystal lamp which was about ten meters away from him suddenly lit up. Mu Chen could see a man in a long blue gown appearing clearer and clearer under the light of the lamp.

He was making tea. His manner was so elegant and deliberate.

Seeing the man's face clearly made Mu Chen raise his eyebrows in surprise.

Because the man was no other than the one in the picture, who had been dead.

"Don't worry, I'm just a wisp of residual soul," greeted the man. "Come on, come to sit with me for a while. You are the only one who don't attack me the moment you see me. You seem to be quite fearless."

Mu Chen stood at the place without moving a bit, and his face turned calm again, a silent refusal to the offer. He then looked around the room. Under the white dim light, he suddenly found that the room was filled with magic formations.

Seeing Mu Chen get vigilant, the man in blue slowly stood up, "Don't be afraid, I have no other intention. This place is safe enough." He slightly floated to Mu Chen and asked in a gentle voice, "My last name is Xu? May I have your name?"

"My family name is Mu." Mu Chen didn't tell the man his full name as he obviously didn't trust him at all. The man didn't mind it. Instead, he just signed, "Mu, what a good family name!"

"Could you do me a favor?" the man smiled inquiring, "Could you take me out of the room? I just want to see him again."


"A man I fell in love with before. Even though I don't know if he had the same feeling toward me." The man's voice sounded so flat, with no emotion perceivable in it. But everyone who heard his words would feel sad for him in their heart.

Mu Chen asked confusedly, "Can't you go out by yourself?"

The man in blue simply smiled, "I wouldn't be waiting here for thousands of years if I could do that myself. I can feel his smell here, so I keep waiting here. I'm looking forward to seeing him again one day. However, someone made magic formations here, which ban me from going out of the room."

"Maybe he has already left since he couldn't find you at all..." Mu Chen recalled the pictures on the wall. If those pictures were correct, the man should have ascended to the God Realm and it was even hard to say whether he was alive or not.

"That's all right," responded the man in blue, a slight smile curved his lips. There was a special atmosphere around him, which was as light as water. It seemed that he had lost all his interests in all the things now. "He had lived here before and left some inheritance here. I just want to have a look for one more time and it's unnecessary for him to know if I'm here."

"It's really a moving love story. You want nothing but taking a look at him." Then Mu Chen added. And a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth as he suddenly hit on something, "What a pity..." He instantly beat the man with his palm, his eyes becoming ferocious in an extremely short time. "I hate lies!"

As his palm swept across, all the things were burnt into nothing by Nine Yang Dark Fire. The soul gradually faded into a blurry shadow and eventually disappeared in front of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen coldly stood where he was, and a white fire ball appeared in his hand.

Meanwhile, the scene before him suddenly changed. A woman in white who looked valiant stood in front of the door and waved to Mu Chen, "Qingxing, come, come here."

Mu Chen stared at the woman, with no expression on his face. He then threw the fire ball forward. With a great sound of cracking, the woman in white began struggling painfully in the fire. However, Mu Chen was still determined. His mother had been dead, so all the things before him were phantom. Nothing could change his heart.

After that, the scene before him changed again. Being surrounded by thick fog, a man in black crouched on the ground, tightly holding a person in his arms. Blood was pumping out from the wounds on his body but he paid no attention to them. It seemed that nothing could exist in his eyes but the person in his arms.

Mu Chen's heart suddenly trembled. How familiar the scene was to him?

He closed his eyes. He couldn't deny that this was the part which couldn't be touched in his heart. Actually, Mu Chen had an inner demon in his heart but it was hidden too deeply to be noticed as Gu Yunjue was with him all the time.

In the scene, Gu Yunjue's eyes got increasingly redder. He touched Mu Chen's body which was getting colder with his trembled fingers. "Master, I'm here to take you back. Please open your eyes and look at me. Just one look is enough," said Gu Yunjue tenderly. He was so desperate as he uttered these words. And the desperation was just like a demon who opened its mouth wide and ate them up. As if they were dragged into a bottomless abyss, they couldn't struggle out of the desperation however hard they tried.

Mu Chen felt like he came back to the Spirit Suppression Pagoda again. The chain on his body had already been removed but his divine soul was still so weak. He knew that he would disappear at once without a trace of his soul or spirit left in the world. And he even wouldn't have a chance to reincarnate. If there was some bugbear suspending in Mu Chen's heart, it must be this disciple in front of him.

He wanted to say something to let Gu Yunjue go away. But he was too weak to say a word.

Gu Yunjue, who was holding Mu Chen in his arms, put one of his bloody hand on Mu Chen's chest as his face changed. "At this point, we have no choice but to have a try. If you live, the whole world would be peaceful. If you die, I will destroy the world to let everything die with you! Master, I really hope that we can go back in time. At that time, I will come to you again and continue our relationship."

Mu Chen suddenly stretched out his hand and attempted to touch Gu Yunjue's face, "Yun..."


"Mu Chen!"

The familiar voice shocked his divine soul and dragged Mu Chen back to the reality. He opened his eyes and saw that his body had been twined with black threads. He nearly got lost in his nightmare and would never wake up.

Gu Yunjue used his sword to chop off the black threads. "How could you be trapped in such a simple magic formation? What are you thinking about?" he scolded.

Mu Chen tried to explain but before that his face flushed. It never occurred to him that the demon inside him could be Gu Yunjue, who was raised by him. A murderous look appeared on Mu Chen's face. The air was sparkling in his hands. Many fire balls suddenly appeared around him and the balls were filled with spirit power. Floating in the air, they looked like fantastic crystal balls.

Gu Yunjue quickly made a boundary around him since he knew that Mu Chen had got angry and no one could stop him.

He was right. With a sweep of Mu Chen's hand, the fire balls started splitting and spreading into all directions. As they fell down, several fire balls crashed together and the spirit power inside was vibrating. With a big BANG, the fire balls exploded into greater flames. Wherever the flames went, they melted the stone into magma, making the stone room a terrible purgatory.

However, it was not the end at all. It was obvious that destroying the house didn't make Mu Chen calm down.

He couldn't accept the fact that he had been disgraced in front of his apprentice. INTOLERABLE!

While he was in a great rage, a huge bat which was covered with green light came out from the flame. The bat was so ugly that there seemed to be a ghost mask on its face. The color of its eyes was the same as its fur so no one could figure out where they were. The bat opened its mouth, and showed its two rows of sharp teeth, screaming out loud. The piercing sound attacked Mu Chen's soul.

Mu Chen coldly snorted and then struck his palm forward fiercely. No matter what treasure it brought, he would beat it hard directly.

Of course, he still restrained some of his power and didn't beat the chief culprit to death. Instead, he kept beating it again and again and gradually struck it into the flame until he vented out his anger. While the bat was burned into nothing, he then raised his hands and gathered the fire balls together with his spirit power into a big one which was one mile in diameter, holding it in his palm.

Gu Yunjue glanced at the devastation in front of him and smiled. Such a pretty person could also be rather frightening when he lost his temper.

"Master, are you intended to give me the dangerous fire ball as a gift?" asked Gu Yunjue as he noticed that Mu Chen walked to him with a fire ball in his hand. Though Gu Yunjue seemed to be making a joke, he had taken precautions secretly in case Mu Chen might blast him away jointly since he had irritated his master.

Mu Chen felt painful in his heart as he suddenly recalled the desperate expression on Gu's face just now. In order to prevent Gu Yunjue noticing his mood, Mu Chen strode forward and said in a cold tone, "Get knotted!"

His eyes brightened, Gu Yunjue quickly ran after Mu Chen, asking confusedly with a grieved look, "Master, why did you kiss me?"

As Mu Chen saw Gu Yunjue's face change rapidly as if he had split personalities, his lips throbbed. Then he noticed the four teeth marks on Gu Yunjue's lips still bleeding slightly. What a bastard! He cured the wounds on his chest while didn't deal with the wounds on his lips!

Gu Yunjue got close to Mu Chen and nearly lied prone on his back. "Master," said Gu Yunjue in a soft voice.

Mu Chen got so angry and he turned around to kick him, saying, "Shut up! You even called me directly by my name just now! What a disrespectful apprentice you are!"

Gu Yunjue didn't dodge at all and then he quickly stepped behind Mu Chen in a flash, holding Mu Chen's waist to avoid the fire balls. As he put his hand on Mu Chen's body, Gu Yunjue couldn't help thinking that his little master ate so little that the waist was so slim. "I don't remember that," Gu Yunjue said shamelessly.

Mu Chen got speechless...

It was absolutely right that he should beat his evil apprentice to death before he drove him crazy.


At this time, some people had gotten to the place in which Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue had taken all the things away. The empty land made them surprised.

Wasn't there any treasure in the secret boundary?

Ying Lixun stood at the place which used to be a herbal garden, smelling the fragrance of the herbs. But as he turned his eyes to the empty land, his face darkened completely.

He summoned out a magic mirror and transferred his spirit power into it. Then the mirror got bigger in the air. After a flash, what had happened at this place appeared in the magic mirror.

Seeing the two white figures walking together, Ying Lixun gave a snicker.

Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue eventually came here!

Pestered by Gu Yunjue made Mu Chen feel a headache. Meanwhile, Mu Chen immediately sensed an air of menace. He casted a cold glance around the place but found nothing wrong, which made him more alert rather than being relaxed.

The invisible danger was always the most dangerous.