Mu Chen noticed that the man's eyes were bloodshot. It seemed that he was staring at his prey when he looked at him. Even though he was doing his utmost to control himself, his eyes had showed that it was too hard for him to make it. In this case, Mu Chen paused for a while and then took out a white jade pot from the space ring. Feeling a bit heartache, Mu Chen threw the pot to the man saying, "It can detoxify your body. Take it away."

The man immediately caught it. As soon as he opened his hand and clearly saw what it was, he couldn't help asking surprisingly, "Is this Lustrous Jasper Pill, one of the most precious pills?"

Mu Chen nodded, gritting his teeth. The man looked pretty petulant, so it wouldn't be a good choice to fight with him. Mu Chen had no intention to clash with him at the moment. Just as the man said, Lustrous Jasper Pill was one of the most precious detoxification pills. It was even strong enough to cure a man whose divine soul was poisoned. Though it seemed wasteful to use the pill in such a way, Mu Chen had no time to think about that.

He was not sure when Gu Yunjue would come out. If he found that Mu Chen was not there, he must be nervous then.

The man slightly touched the white jade pot, asking with a smile on his face, "How do you cure yourself if I take this away?"

"The symptom will vanish two hours later. And it's nothing to do with you." Finishing his words, Mu Chen was about to turn around and leave.

However, the man, holding the pot in his hand, responded with an ambiguous tone, "Actually, I prefer to the other way to detoxify our bodies."

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as soon as he heard the words, which made him look frightening. Feeling the murderous atmosphere around its owner, the Red Flame sword immediately got brighter.

"It's just a joke. I'm quite clear that nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable." Seeing the expression on Mu Chen's face, the man soon changed his words and poured the medicine into his mouth, smiling and licking his lips with great satisfaction. "It tastes good!" added the man.

Mu Chen's lips twitched again since his heart ached when he saw the man eating the pill. It was really hard to concoct such a precious pill and the materials needed were precious too. He had only made two pills and one of them had been given to Gu Yunjue. Now the other one had been eaten by this man, which couldn't be more wasteful.

Mu Chen felt so regretted that he couldn't stand seeing it anymore. As he turned around, a blood-red jade plate suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

"Destiny makes us meet each other. Remember to visit me if you come to the demon realm."

Hearing his words, Mu Chen twisted his finger and flicked it back to the man with a detested expression on his face. He really hoped that he would never see such people again, so how could he visit him on purpose?

"Well, what a cold-hearted man!" The man caught his jade plate and signed to himself as if Mu Chen and he had known each other for a long time.

Mu Chen made himself invisible and left as soon as possible. Being intended to go back to cure himself by sitting in meditation, Mu Chen had no mood to pay any attention to the man.

Even though Nine Yang Dark Fire helped him control the symptom, the medicine was too strong for Mu Chen to bear. Gritting his teeth, Mu Chen exerted himself to suppress the sexual passion and to keep his mind clear.

He kept great alert when the man was at his side as he knew nothing about whether the man was his enemy or not. Now Mu Chen was sure that the man wasn't following him, he could finally set his mind at ease. But he soon realized that he began to feel the hotness of his body more clearly. There seemed to be a fire inside his body, which was burning fiercely and soaked him with sweat. Gradually, his fair skin turned to be pink too.

Without stopping for a while, Mu Chen got back to the cave in a hurry. Then he saw Black Egg fluttered its wings towards him anxiously.

Seeing Mu Chen come back, Black Egg stamped excitedly on its claws and yelled in a husky tone, "Palace Master! My Master suddenly appeared to lose himself to the inner demon in his heart just now. Now he is so quiet. Something might be wrong. Save him, please!"

"Lose himself to the inner demon?!"

Mu Chen was startled at the news and the Heart Bond Ring automatically sensed the position of Gu Yunjue. Soon afterwards Mu Chen used his spirit power and hurriedly rushed to the cave.

Noticing the hot body and the unusual expression on Mu Chen's face, Black Egg simply thought that Mu Chen might be hurt as it recalled the flames that it saw just now. "Place Master, are you okay?"

"Sure," replied Mu Chen in a low voice, tightly gritting his teeth. He had no time to care about himself and the only thing he wanted to do was finding Gu Yunjue as soon as he could.

Black Egg rolled its eyes and quickly crawled into its rest bag. It could feel that Mu Chen was a bit abnormal. In this case, it was pretty possible that Black Egg would get into great trouble if Gu Yunjue vented his spleen to it. As a timid devil beast from bottomless abyss, Black Egg always had a good instinctive sense of danger.

At this time, Gu Yunjue, who finally got the Azure Fire Sword, just left the Inheritance Land. During the process of inheriting the superior devilish cultivation, the test to his inner demon almost made him get out of control. His eyes were reddish and the devilish air vaguely appeared around him too. He was so hurried to see Mu Chen before his state got stable.

He could only calm himself down when he was sure that the man he missed so much was by his side.

Seeing the familiar figure flying to him from a long distance made Gu Yunjue's eyes got darker and bloodshot. He tried to cool down his mind by biting the top of his tongue but it didn't work. He couldn't control his body and pounced on Mu Chen to give him a very long and affectionate hug.

Being held in his arms tightly, Mu Chen felt himself almost broken by Gu. Their bodies entwined so close that they could feel the temperatures of each other. Only in this way could Gu Yunjue's empty heart get filled.

"Master." Gu Yunjue called Mu Chen gently. His voice was full of deep regret of his last life as well as the consistent pursuit of the person he adored. His words were filled with complex feelings which had been hidden in the deepest place of his heart for a long time. Mu Chen would never knew how much Gu Yunjue loved and missed him.

"Uh..." Mu Chen gave a grunt in Gu Yunjue's strong arms. His sensitive body was clasped tightly against Gu Yunjue's chest and the warm breath of Gu Yunjue swept through his neck. Mu Chen felt hotter than before.

Though Mu Chen wanted to push Gu Yunjue away, he felt that he would feel much better when he got close to him. His eyes got blank. He was so hurried on the road and the philter toxin had already penetrated into his spirit veins. He would normally recover in four hours before but now it would take him three times as long as before.

After thinking about that, Mu Chen scolded secretly in his mind, 'What a useless apprentice! He could only be a drag on me.'

Gu Yunjue didn't notice anything special about Mu Chen. Instead, he was totally lost in the elation of getting so close with his master. It seemed to be a fantasy to hold his beloved in his arms back again. Gu Yunjue even hoped that he could do everything he wanted to possess the man in front of him. Only in this way could he confirm that Mu Chen was his and his master was still by his side.

Holding Mu Chen's waist with a hand and using the other to raised his chin, Gu Yunjue directly moved forward and kissed him.

There was always something which was as addictive as poppy. Once a man tried it, it would be impossible to control himself and get rid of it. As for Gu Yunjue, the man in his arms was the strongest poison which had got into his bone. He knew clearly what would happen if he ate it, but he still wanted to do that to satisfy his desire.

Gu Yunjue couldn't control the devilish air any more. He needed a fierce massacre to keep himself peaceful. But it was obvious that he had a better way to venting his energy since Mu Chen had come here.

He wanted him! He couldn't wait to completely possess him!

Licking and biting Mu Chen's lips savagely, Gu Yunjue touched Mu Chen as he desired. His behavior was simple but violent. To his surprise, Mu Chen didn't push him away. Instead, his master caught hold of the corner of his robe with his whole body trembling. Feeling the temperature of Mu Chen's lips, Gu Yunjue eventually found that there was something wrong with Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was always as cold as a deity who was out of touch with the reality, treating everything in the world with an indifferent attitude. But now things were totally different. Mu Chen quietly stared at Gu with beautiful wet eyes. His face was rosy and his neck was pink, which made him more attractive. Being kissed by Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen wanted to pushed his disciple away but he couldn't help enjoying the great feeling. His expression indicated that he had been delirious at the moment.

"Master?" whispered Gu Yunjue in a gentle and hoarse voice.

Hearing the familiar voice, Mu Chen habitually raised his hand to push the man beside him away. However, the man was so familiar with his master's reaction that he reached out his hand and grasped Mu's wrist. At that moment, Mu Chen's spirit power was controlled again so he couldn't use it at all.

Without the elicitation of the spirit power, the cultivation of Nine Yang Dark Fire gradually calmed down inside Mu Chen's body. The philter toxin, which had been suppressed for a long time, finally gained ascendency however. Mu Chen could barely stand. He had no other way but lean on Gu Yunjue's body, using the other trembling hand to touch his apprentice's wrist. "Lustrous Jasper Pill, give me your Lustrous Jasper Pill..." said Mu Chen, breathing heavily. He had nearly pierced his lower lip with his teeth. How could his apprentice be so stupid not finding detoxification pill for his master!

"Who did that?" Gu Yunjue's face completely darkened. It vexed him to think of someone having such a dirty mind towards Mu Chen. He then quickly came up with many ways to torment the man to death, his eyes getting increasingly bloodier.

Before Mu Chen could answer his question, Gu Yunjue pressed him on the bed and kissed his lips again.

If Mu Chen was the obsession to Gu Yunjue, then the Yanyang Palace was the place he missed the most. So Gu Yunjue found some skilled workers to make a same but smaller one of the palace as a portable magic tool to be carried with them all the time.

Seeing Mu Chen like this, Gu Yunjue kissed the corner of his lips saying, "Don't be afraid, Master. I will help you."

"You..." Mu Chen opened his eyes wide in great surprise. His eyes got clear again in a sudden. 'How dare him...'

Gu Yunjue stared at his master while his hand had groped down, saying in a husky and sexy voice "You get into my arms yourself. So I have no reason to refuse your invitation and let you go. There is no Lustrous Jasper Pill, but I'm always here for you."


Mu Chen kicked Gu Yunjue into the door. If the door was not highly refined, it would be kicked away together with Gu Yunjue.

Mu Chen had been beating Gu Yunjue for half a day since he woke up.

Mu Chen was so mad that the first thing he did after he got up was beating him. 'What an evil apprentice he is! How dared he! How dared he do such a thing to me?'

TREACHEROUS, LICENTIOUS, EVIL SPAWN! He committed the most heinous crime and he must be punished for his great sin! Deviation from the norm should never be tolerated! The bastard should never be forgiven!

"Master, aren't you tired?" Gu Yunjue wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Seeing the red marks which was hard to hide on Mu Chen's neck, Gu Yunjue was satisfied enough. Meanwhile, he felt a bit heartache and resignation too. How could his master be so fierce? He was really beating him to death!

Mu Chen paused for a second, then he took a chair and sat down, glaring at Gu Yunjue and breathing heavily. 'What an evil apprentice.'

Gu Yunjue was sure that Mu Chen must have cooled down as he had beaten him for so long a time, then he stood up and seriously said at a distance, "Actually, it's not all my fault..."

"What did you say?" Crack! Mu Chen broke the table into pieces, exploding in a paroxysm of rage again.

"It was because you were poisoned and attached yourself to me! Anyway, I'm yours now. You can beat me or scold at me, but you must shoulder the responsibility!" Gu Yunjue seemed to have good enough reasons. Standing at an appropriate position, he stared at Mu Chen with full grievances in his eyes as if Mu Chen was his unfaithful lover.

Mu Chen was choked by Gu's words and got speechless. He could only glare at the man in front of him. He then opened his mouth, trying to explain. But before that his face had been red. 'What did he mean? How could he say that it was me who attached myself to him? How unreasonable Gu Yunjue is!He seems to have forgotten who was nearly defeated by the inner demon and knew nothing about how to control himself! He even violated the ethics of human relations! How dared he do such a thing to his master! He is truly a beast!'

Mu Chen got more furious and he wanted to strike the table again. But around him was nothing but the wood chips. He had nothing to strike. Then he realized that he had been led to the wrong way by this evil disciple and quickly drew his attention back. "Then you made the decision privately for me to sign the couple contract? And it's the unchangeable one!"

The couple contract was a very serious thing for cultivators because it would be pretty hard to change if someone signed it. Mu Chen never imagined that his apprentice would so self-assertive and made him sign the death contract when his mind was not clear.

The reason why people called it the death contract was that once it was signed, it couldn't be changed. And if one party of the contract died, the other one would die too. Furthermore, they would be entangled with each other from life to life. Compared with other contracts, it was more like a curse which couldn't be broken forever.

There were only a few people who knew the contract. Mu Chen was so curious about how Gu Yunjue got to know it.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and raised his hand again. He really wanted to kill Gu Yunjue with one strike.

But Gu Yunjue quickly stepped forward and held Mu's arms and wrist tightly, kneeling on the ground shamelessly. "Now you can't drive me away! You should take the responsibility! I'm just afraid that you would desert me after seducing me!"

Mu Chen got exasperated. How could Gu Yunjue harass him with such an unreasonable demand!

"Master, it's obvious that you don't want to take the responsibility. So I still feel so lucky to make you sign the contract with me!" Gu Yunjue touched Mu Chen's chest again and again and then he finally fixed his hands on Mu Chen's heart. "Master, to be honest, you have never thought about taking the responsibility, right?"

Mu Chen felt that his mind was totally a mess and felt somewhat guilty. It was true that he had never thought about the matter of responsibility. Instead, he just thought that maybe he could drug his apprentice to let him forget what had happened. But before he took the action, he got mad because of the couple contract. After that, he had no mood to do anything else but criticize his apprentice.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen still felt something wrong in Gu Yunjue's words. Why should he take the responsibility for what Gu Yunjue did? It was his disciple who did such an unforgivable thing!

Seeing that Mu Chen had gotten speechless, Gu Yunjue knew that Mu Chen couldn't find a reason to refute him for the moment. He then narrowed his eyes with a smile on his face, saying, "Master, you can do whatever you want to me in the following days. But now please tell me who poisoned you."

Mu Chen looked down and happened to see the redness which crossed Gu Yunjue's eyes. He took a deep breath and cooled himself down. Otherwise, he believed that he would be driven crazy.

Gu Yunjue immediately hid the evil air into his body to prevent its leakage. Seeing that Mu Chen was so tired and had no intention to beat him, Gu Yunjue loosened his arms waiting for an explanation from Mu Chen.

Keeping his eyes on Gu Yunjue who was lying on his leg, Mu Chen didn't move a bit. His disciple looked so cute, just as the boy before. But Mu Chen clearly knew that Gu's heart had already blackened. He would be a fool if he believed his apprentice's kindness and innocence anymore.

Mu Chen couldn't stand his anger anymore so he held Gu Yunjue by the ears. Ignoring his cry, Mu Chen scolded, "I have killed him, and remember it's none of your business! Control the evil air inside your body! If I see it again, I will put you back to the pill furnace to concoct pills!

It never occurred to Mu Chen that his voice would be so loud and it was more like he was shouting at Gu, which made himself astonished too.

Gu Yunjue quickly got rid of Mu Chen's hands as he was afraid that his hands would be hurt. If he didn't do that he was afraid that Mu Chen would take his ears off. Gu Yunjue didn't know whether he should cry or smile and he could only try to distract his master's attention in the end. "Master, Don't be angry. I find that the inheritance this time is different from the one I had before. I really have something to tell you!"