Black Egg flew over the Little Yanyang Palace and looked ahead, finding a gang of people attacking a cultivator together. Both of the two parts were inextricably involved. The little Yanyang Palace stopped for a while and simply adjusted its direction; then it directly dashed to those people and rolled them over.

Black Egg clapped its wings and quickly returned to give a report. However, just as it flew to the window, Gu Yunjue had sat beside Mu Chen while rolling the egg for him and saying, "So many people know that this place is the key road from the secret boundary to the next town. They believe they can make the most of the situation and get some money by robbing some wounded cultivators. This must be the reason why it's so noisy outside now."

"Em," Mu Chen agreed in a light voice. He felt a bit awkward and just wanted to take the egg back without looking at Gu Yunjue.

Black Egg blinked, being aware of the fact that it did nothing meaningful. It was even useless in guarding, and the only thing it could do was no other than brooding the egg, which made it feel its life twisted. Besides, it also felt so confused about what had happened to the master and his disciple when it was sleeping in the spirit pet bag. Why did its masters get along with each other in such a strange way now?

Black Egg's mind was filled with questions and curiosity!

Apparently, Gu Yunjue had no intention to give the egg back to Mu Chen. The only thing he wanted to do was to touch up his master but Mu Chen was trying to dodge. Meanwhile, neither of them paid any attention to the egg in their hands. Gu Yunjue finally grabbed Mu Chen's hands but he exerted too much strength. Crack! The eggshell was broken. They didn't know whether it was because Gu Yunjue broke the egg or it was the time for the egg to hatch. They could only see that viscous egg white coming out.

Mu threw it to Gu Yunjue and Gu Yunjue suddenly lurched. The egg felled on the feet of Black Egg and the eggshell finally crackled. Afterwards, a little creature came out, looking up and down the outdoor world.

Seeing clearly what the thing is, Mu Chen opened his eyes in surprise, as if he was struck by lightning. He had nearly forgotten that his hand was held by Gu Yunjue because he was so surprised at seeing the creature bald!

Black Egg looked down at it and got astonished too! As a male Golden Crow that came from the abyss, Black Egg had never thought that it would hatch a thing with a shell.

Gu Yunjue blinked and turned his eyes to Mu Chen whose face was filled with surprise. Then he couldn't help bursting into laughter saying, "It turns to be a turtle!"

Mu Chen's eyelids were twitching. No one could know how disappointed he was now.

As the turtle was hatched, its shell had been as big as a round plate. Its legs were brawny. Tiny scales covered its head, tail and legs. There were brown stripes on its head and neck, which looked like a kind of regular pattern. The shell of the turtle was pretty golden. It became as gorgeous as a bright gold when the sun shone on it.

The little turtle looked up at Black Egg, who was nearest to it, realizing that this must be its "mother" who had been hatching it for so long. So it slowly stepped to Black Egg and intimately rubbed itself against Black Egg's belly.

Black Egg's golden feather on its head bristled as soon as the little thing touched it. It couldn't believe what was happening!

Mu Chen twitched his lips as he saw that. They had paid great efforts but what they got in the end was no other than a silly turtle which was not able to discriminate species. It seemed to be a slow coach, which made the scene funny when it stood with Black Egg.

"It's Black Egg who hatched the little thing, so Black Egg should be in charge of looking after it," uttered Mu Chen without hesitation.

"No, Palace Master! What does the golden turtle eat? Need I catch worms for it?" cried Black Egg at the top of its voice. Thinking that it would be like a canary and got into different tree holes to look for worms for a starving baby turtle, Black Egg almost went crazy!

Before Mu Chen responded, Gu Yunjue added, "There must be some problems during the process of your hatching. Just do as what Master said. Why do you have so many things to complain?"

Black Egg got silent for a while and averted its sad eyes to Gu Yunjue. Soon after, it silently held the golden turtle's tail with its beak and left, wagging its body. Its receding figure showed how hopeless it was. Black Egg believed that it must be the most aggrieved immortal beast in the history as its master put his master first all the time!

Just as Black Egg took a few steps, it heard Gu Yunjue suddenly said, "Master, shall we give it a name first?"

Mu Chen paused for a while and then replied, "How about Golden Egg?"

"This name is perfectly suitable for its appearance. What a great name!" said Gu Yunjue in a serious voice.

Black egg felt that it couldn't even walk steadily as it had realized that its master might have been crazy!

On the road to the north, Golden Egg ate a lot but it still kept small. It ate everything Black Egg gave it, including meat, fish, potherbs and it even bit the bark when it was hungry. Black Egg always held its little tail in its mouth, being afraid that the little turtle would bite the Fragrance Tree one day that Mu Chen cherished so much.

It was obvious that the turtle was not a normal one. Black Egg had ever flew to the upper air with the little turtle in its mouth and then let it plunge ten thousand meters to the ground, but its shell just kept perfectly well like nothing had happened. What's more, Golden Egg could take off its shell easily as taking off a vest. Sometimes, it would put it on with the wrong side out. Black Egg taught it a series of turtle boxing to let it do some exercise to avoid being too fat. However, Golden Egg remained unmoved by Black Egg's words. Sometimes it would took a long time to make a reaction.

This kind of intelligence made Black Egg so depressed that it even felt its head was going to be bald. It believed its life would never be the promising one as it had imagined, in which it would be the king of birds and even the phoenix would respect it.

But now its unscrupulous master gave it a fatal blow again. Gu Yunjue bought all those cute spirit pets on the road as soon as he saw them, totally ignoring what kinds of species they were. He even bought a brood of chicks. Once Mu Chen nodded his head, Black Egg would get one or even more little brothers. After that, Black Egg had become the leader of these spirit pets and even their full-time father.

In order to get the Ice Soul Pearl as soon as possible, Mu Chen didn't lose any time and kept hurrying on his journey. Seeing Black Egg hanging the spirit pet bag on its neck all the time, Mu Chen finally couldn't stand it anymore and showed pity to Black Egg. Then he commanded Gu Yunjue that he shouldn't buy things so randomly. Furthermore, all the spirit pets were set free except for Golden Egg, which saved Black Egg's life as a demon father.

Usually, these strange animals always liked Mu Chen, so did Golden Egg. It loved sleeping beside Mu Chen's feet so much. Seeing that it was quiet all the time, Mu Chen just let it be.

Going through several space magic formations and a two-month trudge, Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue finally arrived at the periphery of Snow City with their two spirit pets.

Since the temperature was too low, Black Egg and Golden Egg couldn't bear it. So they automatically crawled back to the spirit pet bag. Mu Chen hung the bag on Gu Yunjue's waist and then averted his sight to the snow field before them.

The wide ground was filled with white snow and ice-capped mountains stretched into the distance. Standing outside Snow City, they just felt the ground endless as if it was linked with the sky. As they went higher and looked down, they surprisingly found that there was no plant at all. All they could see was the glaring white. Turning their eyes to the highest mountain which was entangled with fog, they could faintly see a town. As they approached it, Mu Chen felt that the fire poison inside his body was suppressed gradually, which made him feel so surprised.

At that moment, Mu Chen suddenly found a hooded cloak on his shoulders, and then Gu Yunjue got in front of him and tied a beautiful knot before Mu Chen's chest, helping him wrap the cloak tightly then.

Mu Chen tilted his head, confused.

"It's our first time to come here and we target at the master of Snow City. So we'd better be cautious." Gu Yunjue put the hat on Mu Chen's head and the expression on his face didn't change a bit. The magic cloak could prevent Mu Chen from detection of the others' divine spirit. No one could see Mu Chen's fantastic face as long as he didn't take it off himself.

Mu Chen touched the white fine hair around the hat and looked at Gu Yunjue, finding that he was smiling gently. Without thinking too much, Mu Chen felt a bit joyful and said, "Come on, let's enter the town now."

Taking a few steps forwards, Mu Chen suddenly stopped and stretched out his hands to Gu Yunjue.

He simply thought that he should be the dominant power in their relationship as he was the master. But he seemed to be pretty passive in front of the great passion of his apprentice. It would be harmful to his awe-inspiring prestige. Even if Mu Chen didn't stretch out his hand to him, this bastard would get close to him and ask him to take the responsibility. If Mu Chen threw his hands away, Gu Yunjue would complain that he was an unfaithful man. In this case, Mu Chen chose to be more dominant.

Gu Yunjue submissively put his hand on and held Mu Chen's hand tight, a smile curving his lips. The moment he caught sight of Mu Chen's eyes, he knew clearly what his master was thinking about. What should he do at this time was simply behaving well.

Mu Chen felt satisfied at Gu Yunjue's reaction.

He was glad to see Gu Yunjue know his duty. As an apprentice, he would be lovable when he behaved well.

Mu Chen just wanted to take the opportunity to teach Gu Yunjue a lesson. But before he could do that, he saw a snow ball rolling down from the mountain in the distance. As it rolled down, the snow ball got bigger and its speed became faster too. With a loud cry, the snow ball rushed towards the place where Mu Chen stood.

As it got closer, the snow ball had become more than ten metres high. It bumped against the ground all the way and bounced sometimes. Meanwhile, the sound of the cry turned to be clearer. "Oh! Ouch! Oh my! That hurts!"

Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue looked at each other, holding hands together. Then they moved aside, fell on the ground and raised their feet at the same time, kicking towards the snow ball.

The snow ball finally stopped falling down and was broken after being kicked by the two feet. From it came out a white fat man.

Mu Chen clicked his tongue and asked curiously, "Is this the so called snow pig?"

Gu Yunjue tried hard to stifle his laugh saying, "This pig must be provided with great food. Look, it is as round as a ball."

"What! Bah! Bah!" The fat guy picked himself up and wiped the snow off his face. Before he raised his head, he refuted quickly, "What did you say? Who is the pig?"

"You, absolutely." Gu Yunjue smiled, wondering the background of the man who rolled down from Snow City.

"You should be..." roared the man, but he immediately stopped before he finished his words. When he looked at Gu Yunjue's face, he gradually blushed and his voice was lowered too. "Well, I won't argue with you as you are a handsome guy."

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes. Meanwhile, Mu Chen clenched his fist wondering, "Is the fat guy molesting his apprentice?"

What happened next second proved that Mu Chen was correct. The man stood up but he was so short that he could only reach Mu Chen's chest. His short and round figure looked a bit funny. He was not an ugly man but he definitely couldn't be regard as handsome. His face was just ordinary. Eventually, the fat guy questioned Gu Yunjue with extremely bright eyes, "This gentleman, have you been married?"

Mu Chen suddenly raised his feet and directly kicked him into a snowdrift. His face had already darkened. If he had known the man was so shameless, he would not choose to save him!

Stepping on the back side of the man's head, Mu Chen angrily abused, "You are such a fat and perishing guy who has neither a handsome face nor a large amount of money. Why do you want to get so much information? Cut your wishful thinking!"

Then he stamped fiercely again!

Gu Yunjue felt so surprised when he heard what Mu Chen said and soon burst into laughter. His little master was really special when getting jealous. He had never seen his master talked so glibly before. Now he must admit that his master had a pretty sharp tongue.

Though Mu Chen was angry, he had never thought about killing the man. He didn't use his spirit power at all; instead, he simply stamped on the man to vent his rage with his physical energy. While Mu Chen was doing that, he gradually found something abnormal. He blinked and exerted more strength, only to find that the man was safe and sound. Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue looked at each other and exchanged their sights. Both of them had realized that there must be something special with the fat guy.