In view of Mu Chen's cultivation of Late Demigod Stage, it was really unnecessary for him to use any spirit power to kill a cultivator who was in Foundation Establishment Stage. Only physical power would be enough. He could kick such a man to death as long as he wanted. However, having been stamped for so many times, the fat guy looked a little untidy while no scratch could be found on his body.

The man picked himself up with one hand holding the back of his head and the other covering his face. Then he couldn't help crying loudly, "You are so unreasonable! Love of beauty is common to all men. You can impede my body from getting close to a romantic relationship, but you will never be able to force me to give up my will of pursuing true love!"

Hearing his words, Mu Chen's eyes got cold in a sudden. 'Pursuing true love? Body? Will? Go to pursue true love in the hell!' cursed Mu Chen in his heart.

Noticing the murderous intent around Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue immediately held his waist tightly with his arms, persuading, "Master, please keep calm! It's not advisable to kill him now. I will sort him out when we get into the city."

"What?" asked the fat guy fearfully, as if he had heard something pretty scaring, "You are going to get into the city?"

Mu Chen gave a snort of contempt, reluctant to pay any attention or give any response to the fat man in front of him.

"Well, there is something wrong now. It seems that we are heading for different destinations. So I have to say goodbye to you. We will meet again if fate allows!" Finishing his words, the fat man was about to flee away, holding the corner of his robe in his hands.

Gu Yunjue raised his foot and kicked the fat guy to the ground. It was obvious that he did it more fiercely than Mu Chen did.

That fat man's face quickly twisted in pain. As he held his waist with his hand and was about to curse, he caught sight of a pair of deep dark eyes. His mind then got blank in a sudden. A strong feeling of suppression made him suffocated and swallow hard out of fear. His forehead was wet with cold sweats. "What... What do you want to do?" The fat guy couldn't speak his words smoothly because of nervousness.

There was a smile on Gu Yunjue's face, but the murderous atmosphere around Gu's body made the fat man feel that he was going to be killed.

"I just want to ask you a question. Did you just come out of Snow City?" asked Gu Yunjue in a gentle but dangerous voice.

"Yes, I did." The fat guy sat rigidly upright.

Gu Yunjue took out a superb spirit stone, suggesting, "How about leading the way for us?"

The fat guy quickly shook his head without casting a glance at Gu Yunjue. "No, I can't go back. Otherwise, I will be killed!"

Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes replying, "Don't worry. We will protect you."

"No, no, no, I can't go back." Finishing his words, the fat man stood up and tried to escape.

Gu Yunjue had already figured out that the man was abnormal. He absolutely would not let the guy run away so easily. In a flash, a long black rope appeared in his hand. As Gu Yunjue moved his hand, the rope automatically locked the man. Since the man didn't want to go with them, he would take the fat guy away in his own way.

"Why are you so unreasonable? You can't enter Snow City in the end even if I lead you there!"

"Why?" asked Mu Chen coldly.

"Because you're ugly. It's obvious that you are pretty ugly, otherwise you won't cover your face. The local people of Snow City are open-minded and only beautiful people will be welcome. I..."

Before he could finish his words, Mu Chen suddenly stuck a Silence Talisman to the man and the world got silent instantly. Considering for a while, he stuck another talisman to the man to let him be invisible.

Gu Yunjue stretched out a finger, raised Mu Chen's hat and stared at him; a bright smile curved his lips. "Master, you are the best and the most beautiful in my heart. Those who can't see your beauty must be blind."

Mu Chen turned his head aside and his ears hidden in the hat had already been pink. Mu Chen got angry and picked off the hand in front of him. His evil apprentice was so glib-tongued and it seemed that he should gave Gu some lessons one day!

Gu Yunjue quickly seized his hand, held it in his own hands and rubbed it. "Are you cold?" asked Gu Yunjue with great concern.

Mu Chen shook his head. His spirit power was of fire attribute, so how could he be cold? Furthermore, he was protected by the ancient Nine Yang Dark Fire. Seeing that his apprentice cared about him so much, Mu Chen recalled the idea again that he should take the initiate. In this case, he put out his hand and stroked Gu Yunjue's face saying coldly, "If you feel cold..." He had meant to say that Gu Yunjue could hide in his arms if feeling cold. However, as he saw Gu Yunjue's tall figure, Mu Chen finally said, "…You can put on more clothes."

Gu Yunjue stifled his laugh answering, "Okay, I will take your advice."

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, questioning discontentedly, "Is it so funny?"

Gu Yunjue instantly hardened his face answering, "Not at all!"

Mu Chen's face got cold too. "Isn't it funny?"

Gu got a bit confused about Mu Chen's intention, so he asked vaguely, "It, it is a bit funny?"

Mu Chen snorted and flew away first. How could this bad apprentice feel his concern funny? What a stupid person Gu Yunjue was!

Gu Yunjue touched his chin with grievance as if he had been treated unjustly.

Holding the Locking-immortal Rope with one hand, Gu Yunjue hastened to chase after Mu Chen, held his waist and pestered him. They kept entangling with each other all the way and finally arrived at Snow City.

At the entrance of Snow City, Mu Chen was surprised to find the jade identification card was not obtained by dint of spirits stones but one's face.

It was until they entered Snow City that Mu Chen found it was actually an ice city. The buildings in Snow City were the same in shape with those in other cities. Well-designed attics and pavilions stood in great numbers. Marks of carving could be seen on every building and people could easily figure out that these buildings were built with great care. Under the bright sunshine, they looked more limpid and gorgeous.

The street was made of a whole piece of smooth ice too, which looked more like a huge mirror. Sometimes great shadows could be seen under the thick ice. It seemed that there were monsters beneath the water, which made Mu Chen who came to the city for the first time feel so surprised. He couldn't help fixing his eyes on the unique creatures for a while.

"I can catch several of them for you to have a research if you like," said Gu Yunjue faithfully.

"You must come from some other places," an old man smoothed his beard, a smile appearing on his face, "The ice is blessed by the god, and it won't melt in ten thousand years. No matter how powerful a man is, he will find it pretty hard to break the freezing ice. If someone happens to break it, it will recover itself soon."

Mu Chen looked around and surprisingly found so many huge spirit beasts which carried plenty of luggage walking on the street while no scratches were left on the ice.

"Uncle, you just said that the ice can recover itself, so have you ever seen it yourself?" Gu Yunjue stretched out his hand and gave a moderate spirit stone to the old man. "We like these strange things so much, so can you introduce any interesting places for us to have a visit?"

The old man never thought that he could get the spirit stone as he was just making an idle talk. So he became more warm-hearted after receiving it. Then he pointed at the tall buildings in the distance and introduced them to Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue, "These buildings exactly attract many visitors. When night falls, the places will look more fantastic and brilliant after being decorated with colorful lights. You can also go to see lamps. So many young couples like going there to pray for a permanent romantic relationship.

Mu Chen was about to say something when Gu Yunjue pulled his clothes. However, Mu Chen glared at Gu Yunjue. 'We are not young couple at all!'

Gu Yunjue smiled and clapped his hands, meaning that they were not young couple but they were companions of cultivation who had already signed a contract.

Mu Chen snorted unhappily.

"But there is a place that you can't go," added the old man and pointed to the north part of the city, in which there was only a rather strange beam of light in the dark. "That's the sacred place of Snow City and the tower guides to the right road. People always say that Snow Girl lives there. Ordinary people will become ice men if they get close. So keep far away from that place."

Gu Yunjue cupped his hands to extend his thanks, smiling, "Uncle, thanks for your words. I will keep your words in my mind all the time."

The old man smiled and waved his hand. With the spirit stone in his pocket, he then left happily.

Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen's shoulders with his arms saying, "Let's find a place for residence and then we can discuss which place we should go first."

Mu Chen cast a glance at the fat guy who was tied up and invisible, then he narrowed his eyes and nodded.

Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue found an inn. Ignoring Mu Chen's sharp sight, Gu Yunjue composedly ordered one room without his face changing a bit.

All the furniture in the room was carved of ice blocks. However, it wasn't cold at all. Gu Yunjue put the sea-shell-like magic tool on the bed and took out the quilt Mu Chen usually used which was thick and soft. Gu Yunjue couldn't help thinking that it must be pretty comfortable if he pushed Mu Chen on it.

Mu Chen walked to the ice bed and asked in astonishment, "How can the ice keep its shape?"

Gu Yunjue held his hand and put it on the ice, explaining with a gentle smile, "Just feel it, master; there was spirit power in it."

"The ice city is so huge, how much spirit will be used to keep the ice tough when it meets hotness?" The owner of the hotel provided them with some water and food and they put them on the ice. The water pot was naturally porcelain. Hot steam got out from it but the ice's surface was unchanged. Mu Chen knitted his brows and felt that there must be some secrets behind the ice city.

"It doesn't matter," said Gu Yunjue as he had noticed Mu Chen's worry. "He must be clear with everything in the city!" added Gu Yunjue with a bright smile on his face while pulling the fat guy over.

Making a magic boundary around the room, Mu Chen removed the two talismans from the fat guy, seeing the man breathing deeply on the ground.

As the fat man took enough breath and calmed himself down, he got suddenly astonished. Gu Yunjue just thought that he would say something like 'You are not ugly at all' to annoy Mu Chen. It never occurred to Gu that the man would suddenly approach Mu Chen and said in a loud voice with bright eyes, "Oh my god!"

Mu Che got speechless at the fat guy's reaction.

Gu Yunjue kicked a chair onto the man to stop him from moving further and holding Mu Chen's leg. There was murderous intent in his eyes.

"Don't get me wrong. I have no intention to offend him," explained the fat guy, feeling so scared. "He is really a god! I've seen his statue before!"

"Where did you see it?" asked Mu Chen seriously after consideration.

"In..." The man hesitated for a while with a kind of glint in his eyes.

"If you don't want to say it out, I will directly get your divine soul out. I like to get information I want by searing one's divine soul. Do you think it's a good way?" Gu Yunjue's voice was pretty gentle but filled with killing intent. He made a cup of fruit tea for Mu Chen. There was a special fruit called Snow Pine Fruit in Snow City. It smelt pretty good when it was put in tea and it would help people to calm down. If Mu Chen liked it, Gu would simply buy a few Pine Tree to grow in the space.

Seeing that Mu Chen took a mouthful of the tea, Gu Yunjue lifted his tea cup and slightly sipped it, paying no attention to the man on the ground. He looked so calm and it looked like he was really going to get the fat man's spirit soul out.

The fat man trembled in fear and directly confessed, "I saw it at Snow Girl's Tower by accident!"

"Well, Snow Girl's Tower." Gu Yunjue smiled slightly. His tone gradually raised, which was attractive enough to satisfy ears. Mu Chen felt unsatisfied with it. He lifted his leg to kick his apprentice. His eyes were a bit cold and it seemed that he was querying if Gu Yunjue intended to induce the fat guy.

Gu Yunjue immediately wore a gloomy face and said slowly, "It is said that only the master of Snow City is allowed to enter the Snow Girl's Tower and anyone else getting close to that place will become an ice man."

The fat man's eyes rolled.

"People say that the master of Snow City is a man. No one has ever caught sight of his real face except his private guard. Maybe it is not because he was too handsome. Instead, he might be short and fat. Moreover, he might be much uglier than his people in Snow City.

The fat man covered his heart with his hands.

"It is said that the master of Snow City is greatly interested in beauties. So he makes the ridiculous rule that only pretty people can get into Snow City."

The fat man averted his eyes to Mu Chen again, feeling a bit hesitant.

Gu Yunjue put the tea cup down and said coldly, "You are the master of Snow City, right? Though your spirit power seems not high, you still have the ability to bear hurt. So your spirit power must have been suppressed by something. Furthermore, you simply ignore a superior spirit stone in front of you. How can an ordinary people do that? Obviously, you don't spare enough efforts on your play. Don't you know what a bad actor you are?"

Mu Chen opened his eyes wide in great surprise after hearing those words. It was so hard for him to believe that the fat guy was exactly the master of Snow City.

"God! Save me!" That fat man pounced on Mu Chen again, taking advantage of the moment when Mu Chen was distracted. To his surprise, Mu Chen suddenly raised his foot and trod on the fat man's forehead. Murderous atmosphere rose in his deep dark eyes, indicating that he would kill the man if the man dared to get close.

The fat master of Snow City realized that it was meaningless to keep pretending. So he piteously held one leg of the chair beside him and burst into tears again. "My god! Please help me save the people of my city! My mansion has been occupied by a demon cultivator!"