Right after Feng Jiuli finished his sentence, Gu Yunjue seemed to have sensed something. He frowned his eyebrows and said to Mu Chen with his divine sense, "That fatty wants to flee away."

After an exchange of glances, they immediately flashed away and left the mansion to catch up Bai Xiaoyue. Unexpectedly, Feng Jiuli also joined them. The three of them were almost at the same speed; they headed for the direction Gu Yunjue sensed and finally got to the west of the city.

Mu Chen was astonished, "He actually went to the Snow Girl's Tower?"

Gu Yunjue seemed to be interested in this. "We can also see the realness of the legendary statue by the chance. If it really looks like Master, let's destroy it."

Mu Chen glanced at Gu Yunjue coldly, "You dare to destroy a statue of god? Aren't you scared of retribution?"

Gu Yunjue took the opportunity to hold Mu Chen's waist and refused to let go of him. He said peremptorily, "It can't be worshipped here by others anyhow!"

Mu Chen was speechless. Even though it looked like him, it was not him at all. Such a fool.

Gu Yunjue seized the chance to come close to Mu Chen's ears and said softly in an amorous tone, "Master, you are mine, and I shall be the only one to admire your face."

Mu Chen curled his lips and pinched Gu Yunjue's cheeks. After hesitating for a short while, he took the initiative and gave a light kiss on Gu Yunjue's lips, saying, "Behave well, ok? Don't be impulsive later." Regardless of Gu Yunjue, who had already frozen in astonishment, Mu Chen took the lead and flew forward. This silly disciple, now he had to be coaxed in such a way. So silly!

After Mu Chen flew away for a long distance, Gu Yunjue finally came to his mind. Seeing Mu Chen's ear tips in red, he took a deep breath. However, the spirit power in his body was somehow not stable, so it almost made him fall.

Mu Chen stopped at this moment and glared at Gu Yunjue in dissatisfaction, "How long are you going to stand there?"

Gu Yunjue caught up with Mu Chen, feeling in a daze all the way as if he was poisoned.

Arriving at the periphery of Snow Girl's Tower, they saw a transparent cyan halo wrapping the entire tower, which isolated their divine sense from investigation.

Right before Mu Chen stretched out his hands, Gu Yunjue, who was still immersed in happiness and excitement, pulled Mu Chen's waist belt and said cheerfully, "Master, allow me."

Mu Chen would not agree naturally. As a master, how could he let his own disciple lead the way? What if there was danger?

"As a disciple, how can I let my master charge forward?" Gu Yunjue had perceived Mu Chen's misgivings, naturally. He poked at Mu Chen's nose with his finger and teased him, "If so, I would be too useless, wouldn't I?"

Mu Chen stared at the finger on his nose. Gu Yunjue took it back at once, and couldn't help but get close to kiss him. Quick in reaction, Mu Chen blocked Gu Yunjue's lips with the back of his hand. But his hand in turn couldn't escape the kiss. While the two of them staring at each other, an insensible voice teased, "Hey, if you want to flirt, get a room. I'm still here."

Seeing the clingy master and disciple just looking at each other while forgetting to move forward, Feng Jiuli walked forward with vigorous strides helplessly. He poked the boundary surrounding the tower and said, "Stop arguing. I'll do this."

The moment his finger touched the boundary, a sense of coldness pierced to his bones and a layer of ice formed across the surface of his finger. Before the coldness spread to his entire body. Feng Jiuliu took his hands back quickly and blocked the coldness with a red flame. He swung his fingers in pain.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrow. It turned out that the rumors about people turning to ice were not fake. He held Gu Yunjue tighter. Thank God he hadn't let Gu Yunjue take the lead.

"That's rather too heartless. We nearly did THAT couple cultivation!" Feng Jiuli had the grievant expression on his face as if he was complaining, 'How can you treat me like this.' But unfortunately, Mu Chen did not even look at him.

Gu Yunjue concealed his intention to kill Feng Jiuli. He grabbed Mu Chen's hand and kissed it with a smile, like saying, 'Master really loved me the most.'

Mu Chen's face was blushed a little bit. Such an evil disciple!

Feng Jiuli was the ancient sacred phoenix that had an immortal body. He could reborn in fire. The vitality of his body was naturally endless. After revolving his spirit power, he finally suppressed the coldness. He also created a boundary with his flames to separate himself from the coldness, so that he could finally walk into the tower.

Mu Chen, pulled Gu Yunjue and followed right behind Feng Jiuli.

Mu Chen had the Nine Yang Dark Fire for protection. The fire spirit power Gu Yunjue had was somehow different from that of others. His fire was crimson, much darker than the ordinary. The heat, not necessary to specially mention, could also block the coldness after Gu revolved his spirit power. Feng Jiuli sensed the power of Gu Yunjue's flames. He dropped his eyes to conceal the fierce darkness beneath his eyes.

Gu Yunjue seemed to have also sensed something and smiled with the corner of his lips lifted. He held Mu Chen's hand tighter and pulled Mu closer to him.

Mu Chen was also used to Gu Yunjue's such kind of action. Naturally, he did not refuse. What made him hostile was the third person in front of them. He asked defensively, "What are doing here? It seems to have nothing to do with you."

Feng Jiuli still looked teasing. He turned around, and his eyes suddenly became sharp full of exploration inside. "I have to follow you. There is something that I still do not understand."

"What do you mean?"

"Literally what I've said."

Such a blurred answer made Mu Chen snort with dissatisfaction. But he stopped asking.

Gu Yunjue somehow understood what the demon cultivator meant. Feng Jiuliu suspected that Mu Chen was the predestined one he needed to find in compliance with the oracle. But Mu was already with Gu Yunjue, which made Feng Jiuli hesitate.

The two of them were all poisoned by the insoluble philter poison, and there was only one detoxification pill. If that was God's intention... There was slight pinkness appearing in Gu Yunjue's eyes. Wasn't that too much in the charge of God?!

None of the three people was of low level cultivation. They had reached the bottom of the Snow Girl's Tower while they were talking. Gu Yunjue sensed the position of the fatty and said, "There is a basement under the tower. The fatty is there."

Mu Chen looked up and saw that there were ten floors of the tower above the ground and they were all carved of ice. Each floor was engraved with complicated patterns. There were also transparent bells hanging on the eight corners. They looked to be made of ice too, but were actually of ten-thousand-year crystals.

"That is a magic array." Gu Yunjue went straight to the key point, "The coldness is all from the array and forms the boundary around it to keep people away. Whoever has built this tower is a genius."

Mu Chen took a look at his disciple and turned his head back at once. He said coldly: "Let's go and find Bai Xiaoyue at first."

"It seemed you were admiring me just now, master." Gu Yunjue got close to Mu Chen, with a grin. "Master, can't you be honest to your feeling?"

Mu Chen groaned in astonishment and finally stammered, "Very well......" He then patted Gu Yunjue's head rattling.

Gu Yunjue covered the back of his head with his hand and came close again with his eyes squinted. The master really praised him. Look, his master's admiring eyes!

Mu Chen did not bother to coax and coordinate his silly disciple anymore. He entered the tower and looked around. It was quite deserted inside, with only a veiled lady's statue enshrined in it and four other veiled statues of her maids at both sides. Her face was barely seen. And there was no offerings in front of her.

Mu Chen couldn't help but think, 'This is indeed a shabby Snow Girl.'

There was no paths to the basement. Mu Chen released his divine sense but found no entrance.

At the same time, Feng Jiuli walked to an icicle that was just the same as others carved with coiled five-jaw ice dragon. Feng Jiuli touched the jutting dragon eye and pressed it.

With a click, a hole extending to the basement appeared on the ice behind the stone pillar.

"A passage, voila." Feng Jiuli looked at the passage, complicatedly.

Mu Chen was confused, 'how does he know?'

Looking at Mu Chen's unhidden confusion, Feng Jiuli shrugged his shoulders with a smile, "If I tell you that I dreamed about it, will you believe?"

Mu Chen shook his head and drew Gu Yunjue, who had something unknown in his mind, to the hole. He wouldn't believe that, obviously.

Feng Jiuli sighed speechlessly. That was it, 'when you tell the truth, no one will believe you. Most people prefer lies.'

The deeper they went, the colder it became. When they finally reached the end of the road, a bright space appeared before them. There was a huge lake with silvering light blinking on the surface. Mu Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise, 'The lake doesn't freeze at such a low temperature.'

"Master, look." While Mu was still in this puzzle, Gu Yunjue wrapped his arms around Mu Chen's waist suddenly. He drew Mu Chen back for a few steps and looked up into the sky.

Mu Chen followed the direction of Gu Yunjue's sight and the pinkness on his face faded away immediately. He muttered, "How is this possible?"

There was a giant ice statue floating in the air, with exquisite carving patterns. The statue was dressed in brocades, one hand holding a sword while the other facing up as if it was cupping something. Jesus! Bai Xiaoyue was lying on the palm, looking for something.

What surprised Mu Chen was not that Bai Xiaoyue could climb on it, but was the face of the ice statue. It looked extremely similar to him, especially the eyes.

The master and disciple were all astonished by the statue, without noticing Feng Jiuli standing behind them. He looked at the statue, and then at Mu Chen, with complication in his eye.

Gu Yunjue patted Mu Chen's hand and consoled him, "I'll go up for checking. Wait for me, Master."

Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue's hand. He had already calmed down, "I'll come with you."

Gu Yunjue had no choice but to pull Mu Chen behind his back in a domineering manner. But Mu Chen moved to the shoulder of the statue in a flash.

On the hand of the statue, there was a white jade box in the hand. Bai Xiaoyue had just hidden a blue bead in it. He buckled the box, looked around, and was about to flee away.

Gu Yunjue raised the corner of his mouth and appeared at the back of Bai Xiaoyue instantly. He asked gently like a ghost, "Fatty, what are you hiding?"

"Sis!" Bai Xiaoyue scared to scream. His round body almost fell off the hand of the statue.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, feeling quite speechless. Ordinarily, people would call 'Mom' or 'Dad' with fear. This man, called 'Sis'.

Gu Yunjue picked up the box and felt the coldness piercing into his bones instantly. By dint of his spirit power, he blocked the coldness. But there was still a frost spreading on his hand and didn't stop until half of his arm was frozen.

Gu Yunjue didn't care about his arm but felt somehow delighted. He asked Bai Xiaoyue, "This is the Ice Soul Pearl?"

Bai Xiaoyue nodded with a sad face, and looked hopeless, "This is the treasure of our Snow City. If it were taken, the ice in the city would lose the protection of God and melt in the end. I will not let you take it!"

Mu Chen landed beside Gu Yunjue. Before the other two people did anything to stop him, Mu Chen had already picked it up.

Gu Yunjue was shocked and grabbed Mu Chen's hand. He yelled in a rarely harsh tone, "Put it down!"

Mu Chen snorted and threw the bead into the box. He looked resentfully at Bai Xiaoyue and said coldly, "Fakery!"

"Fakery?" Gu Yunjue frowned, with his face turning cold. His eyes looking at Bai Xiaoyue became rather deeply cold.