"Fakery?" Gu Yunjue's face instantly froze, and he glared at Bai Xiaoyue with freezing eyes.

"No! It is real." Bai Xiaoyue was so scared that he rolled and retreated to the edge of the statue's palm, jittering, "It's genuine Ice Soul Pearl. How dare I deceive God?"

Gu Yunjue sneered, "God?" Gu had lost his patience. 'The fatty is so dishonest and slippery. I'd rather deprive his divine soul and search for the answer. After all, a dead man does not lie.'

Seeing Gu Yune wielded his power and reached out for Bai Xiaoyue's head, Mu Chen hurried to grab Gu's wrist and said in a gentle voice, "Now that you are injured, behave yourself and refrain from killing."

As for cultivators, they had to go through thunder and lightning calamity, only through which could they ascend to deity. However, demon cultivators, because of too much killing, often faced much tougher challenges. As causes led to effects, one's deeds were destined to have certain results. As for Gu Yunjue, he had claimed few lives in this life, and Mu Chen did not allow Gu to get red-handed.

As Gu Yunjue and Mu Chen were bonded by the couple contract, they could know each other's thoughts instantly. Gu perceived Mu Chen's worries, and thus was soothed. He quenched his desire of killing immediately. Instead, Gu grabbed Mu Chen, kissed his hair and said in a deep voice, "Well noted."

Mu Chen's body was rigid and then relaxed soon. Mu held Gu Yunjue's arm and rubbed healing lotion on it carefully. Even though Mu did not speak up, he wore a soft face. Seeing the frost on Gu Yunjue's arm retreated and it looked well after double check, Mu Chen turned to Bai Xiaoyue and suddenly put on a cold face.

Forbidding his disciple to kill Bai Xiaoyue didn't mean Mu Chen himself would not do it himself. What's more, the fatty city master was quite dishonest, and teaching him a lesson was necessary.

Bai Xiaoyue, being in relief of escaping a disaster, suddenly caught the danger in Mu Chen's stare. Bai wailed at once, "My Goddess…"

Hearing the crying, Mu Chen's eyelids twitched. Mu Chen kicked Bai Xiaoyue directly off the palm of the statue without letting him finish his words. Seeing Bai fell down like a round balloon, in a flash Gu followed Bai's dropping body and kicked him again onto the ice. While Bai lied on the ice, Mu Chen stuffed a pill into Bai's mouth, held his chin and made sure Bai swallowed the pill.

"Cough...cough..." Bai Xiaoyue was so scared that his chubby face turned ghastly pale. He involuntarily poked his throat with his fingers, and tried to dig the pill out, while coughing violently.

Mu Chen squinted carefully at Bai with mild excitement, and said, "It is said that when Master of Snow City cries, Snow Girl will show up, and her tears will turn into Ice Soul Pearls. I am desperate to find out if it is true. That's why I want you to give it a try."

Bai Xiaoyue was so distressed that he couldn't talk, but wailed instead, whose tears dropped like falling beads and wetted the front of his clothes.

"No wonder you stayed up late in last couple of days. Were you studying the Crying Pill?" asked Gu Yunjue.

Mu Chen took out a pot of medicine, held it up and sneered. "I have a lot more here to make him cry and shed his last drop of tears."

Hearing Mu's words, Bai Xiaoyue blubbered desperately.

Gu Yunjue was speechless, "Master took the rumor as s a nonsense earlier, but stealthily undertook experiment on his own. What a lovely master."

The fatty was crying out of breath, when suddenly his body glowed with a white light. To everyone's great surprise, a soul of a woman gradually appeared in front of Bai Xiaoyue.

Mu Chen was amazed, grabbed Gu Yunjue by the arm and couldn't help rocking it. Eyes twinkling, Mu ejaculated, "Look! His cry truly can summon Snow Girl!"

Gu Yunjue observed the arm seized by Mu Chen. On an impulse, Gu couldn't help but hold Mu's face and kiss him. How could little Master be so lovely. Gu Yunjue should better hide him and save others' yearning.

Being kissed by Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen cooled down, stared at Gu, and slapped him on the forehead. "Such a wicked disciple. How dare he kiss me now?!"

The girl bowed to Mu Chen and said politely, "My younger brother is ignorant. Should you want to know something, please put it forward and I will tell you everything I know. Please let him go."

Mu Chen was slightly disappointed. The female soul turned out to be the fatty's sister, rather than the legendary Snow Girl. With a close look, Mu found resemblance between the two, but the sister was with magnified merits of their bloodline, as she, though not gorgeous, was fairly beautiful and graceful. What's more, the sister came with heroic spirit, which was not common among ladies. These merits undoubtedly gave Mu Chen a good feeling, so Mu reached out to the fatty brother, hit Bai Xiaoyue at several acu-points. Only by then did Bai stopped crying.

Bai Xiaoyue took a deep breath and turned promptly to embrace his sister, and burst into a rage of tears, "Dear sister, finally, you are here!"

The lady helplessly touched the younger brother's head to console him, and explained, "I am Bai Xiaoyue, the owner of Snow City, and this is my younger brother, Bai Shengyu. Thirty years ago, my body was destroyed, but my divine soul survived. As we were in the same bloodline, I could live inside his body. From then on, my brother had been governing Snow City in my name. My apology for offending you."

After the explanation, Mu Chen nodded his head, yet was still disappointed. "If the lady was the legendary Snow Girl and her tears can turn into Ice Soul Pearl, I might take her back. But unfortunately, she is but a common woman."

Bai Xiaoyue looked at Mu Chen and asked carefully, "May I know if My Saint is looking for Ice Soul Pearl?"

Mu Chen frowned, "SAINT?"

Bai Xiaoyue was surprised too, "Didn't he know? He and the statue are so alike."

Gu Yunjue suddenly interrupted and said, "Since City Master Bai mentioned Ice Soul Pearl. I guess it does exist."

Bai Xiaoyue confirmed with a nod and said, "Yes. But in fact, the Ice Soul Pearl is not an ice pearl. The one my brother brought with him was not real but was meant to make you leave. Actually Ice Soul Pearl is extremely precious. Ice Soul Pearl is the fruit of the Spirit Lifeline of Snow Land, which has been supporting life here and keeping Snow City from melting for thousands of years. If My Lord need the Ice Soul Pearl, you may find it deep in the Spirit Lifeline. You may get it if you are lucky."

Gu Yun squinted and asked, "Lucky? Why?"

Bai Xiaoyue explained, "Because it takes the Spirit Lifeline a hundred years to foster one droplet, which shall drip into the underground river and flow into the snow city. Thanks for the droplets, my Snow City could stay cold. However, because it is so cold that nobody could touch it or ever get close to it. So I never see it myself but read about it from documents. At the moment, nobody knows when the last droplet was formed. If you're unlucky, you may have to wait for a hundred years."

Mu Chen listened quietly, nodded faintly and asked, "May City Master lead the way for us? In return, I shall make you a Collecting-soul and Cultivating-body Pill and help to rebuild your body, regardless of whether I can get the Ice Soul Pearl or not."

Bai Xiaoyue said with excitement, "Thank you very much, My Saint!"

Mu Chen looked back at Feng Jiuli, twitched his eyebrows and asked, "What will you do? Follow us or go back?"

Feng Jiuli smiled perversely and said, "Surely I shall follow you. From now on, I will go with you, wherever you go."

Mu Chen frowned in disdain and with sulk.

Seeing this, Gu Yunjue gave Mu Chen a massage at his shoulders, and said in a doting tone without hiding from Feng Jiuli, "Never mind. We could kill him later for good, and dump him in the deep underground. We will not be bothered then."

Mu Chen tilted his head, dwelled on the idea and rejected Gu's proposal seriously, "No. It is not good. He can be reborn. We should not take action before we are sure that both his body and soul can be devastated."

Gu Yunjue nodded with a smile and said, "Master, you are right. I will follow your order."

"Wow! Wow!" Feng Jiuli exclaimed while shaking his head. Feng now knew that the master and disciple truly did not think much about him. How could they talk about killing him and destroying him in front of him?

However, Feng did not know that Mu Chen was really considering the feasibility of terminating him, while Gu Yunjue was also eager to take the opportunity to kill him.

After seeing the statue, Feng Jiuli had already determined that Mu Chen was the person he was looking for. Yet Feng was wondering why Heaven was inclined to Mu Chen, and even selected the predestined cultivator among the Three Realms to protect him? Feng himself, however, was forced to come to help Mu, and was rebellious about the arrangement to some extent. He had planned to kill the predestined one directly when he found the person, and wanted to know what Heaven would do with him afterwards.

But now, Feng suddenly was kind of interested in the arrangement.

At the moment, Feng was one step late to the arrangement. Mu Chen did not follow the instructions of Heaven. Instead, he chose his disciple as his cultivation partner, which made Feng very curious. How would the deviant Mu Chen wrap up?

Judging from the inconformity between Gu Yunjue's bone age and his cultivation, Feng figured out that Gu's body was taken from somebody else, and Gu shouldn't have lived in this world. And Mu Chen must be aware of it, which was apparent in Mu's performance. Hence Feng decided to follow the two and see what they were going to do.

When Bai Xiaoyue settled down her fatty brother, she said to everyone, "The underground river leading to the Spirit Lifeline was at the bottom of the lake."

With Bai Xiaoyue's words, the three looked at the lake, which was like a huge mirror. It didn't freeze, yet the surface was motionless without a trace of waves. When one walked close to the water, he could feel the icy cold inside, and even his soul power was hard to wield.

Bai Xiaoyue said, "I am but a soul, and couldn't sustain such cold. My Lord, could you please grant me a magic tool of accommodation where I can stay."

Mu Chen took out a red bead, and take in Bai Xiaoyue's soul. As Mu lifted his foot and about to move, he was stopped by Gu Yunjue and pulled into Gu's arms.

"The situation down there is unknown, and I don't dare to be separated from Master," said Gu Yunjue, squinting his eyes and holding Mu Chen firmly.

Mu Chen looked at Gu's arm around his waist and then at Gu Yunjue's waist. In a hesitation, Mu put his arm around Gu's waist. In a moment, Mu lowered his eyes and withdrew his arm however with a cold face. "This bastard disciple is taller than me. Putting my arm around his waist makes me look more like hanging myself on him, as if I am a spoiled wife. I must have fed him too much good food." Mu Chen was somewhat regretful.

The master and his disciple walked down into the water, and cooperated well with each other. Mu Chen used Nine Yang Dark Fire to isolate them from cold water, while Gu Yunjue held Mu tightly, watched for any danger near them and kept his spirit power in a state of fullness.

Feng Jiuli fell behind the two and kept a distance, as he and Gu Yunjue were watching out for each other. Both of them would rather kill the other yet they were equally smart and powerful. Their hostility towards each other seemed to be born with and was unpredictable.

Gu Yunjue could always keep his soul power in a peak state in that the bond between Gu and Mu Chen enabled good connection of mind and smooth transmission of spirit power. That was to say that Mu Chen could transfer his spirit power to Gu Yunjue at any time. In addition, they were of a master-and-disciple relationship, which gave them more advantages. However, Feng Jiuli was alone. It already cost him a lot of spirit power to isolate himself from cold and he needed to get replenished from spirit stones constantly. Seeing Mu Chen was getting deeper and deeper, Feng hesitated and stopped.

Gu Yunjue felt a little pity for Feng Jiuli's falling behind and tried to look back, when Mu Chen noticed Gu's move. He pinched Gu hardly in the waist and uttered with his divine sense, "Well, you have to behave yourself."

Gu Yunjue grinned with pain. "Young Master is so fierce that he pinches me with his spirit power! My waist must have already been bruised." Bearing the ache, Gu asked, "If I behave myself, will Master grant my request of making love?"

Mu Chen blushed instantly and refused in a cold voice, "No!"

"I promise not to be as indulgent as I was... Ouch!" Gu Yunjue was pinched again. He gritted his teeth and finished his words with pain, "…last time."

Mu Chen was almost angry from embarrassment, when the red bead with Bai Xiaoyue's soul inside stopped in front of a small mouth of spring, where trickle was flowing out.

Bai Xiaoyue said: "My Saint, below is the Spirit Lifeline."