Mu Chen naturally understood the true meaning of those words as he saw them. The one who was not supposed to enter the Mu Family couldn't be anyone else but himself. And the man who looked so similar with him should be his father. Knowing that Mu would need the Ice Soul Pearl, his father left it here for him. Mu's father also wrote down these words and wished he could live a good life for himself.

Love and helplessness filled all the lines.

Mu Chen really wanted to figure out the true meaning of 'responsibility and fate' that his father referred to. Their relations with the Descendant of Guard confused him as well.

The master of Pill City said that he was his adoptive father and he just told Mu Chen that his natural father didn't want he be named Mu, instead, he really wanted to give his little son to Bo Yuntian and let him treat Mu Chen as his own son. However, His mother still wanted to keep his family name, so she took him back to the Che Family.

What was the secret hidden behind his family name Mu?

According to the words, it was pretty possible that his father did care about his mother and him, but where was his father now? Recalling the past days, Mu Chen remembered that his mother seemed to have known that she would never recover. She always regarded every coming day as the last day of her life and spared no efforts to take care of him. She had never complained about his father, but she also said nothing about when his father would pick them up one day. She should have already known his father's whereabouts and her own fate.

His mother was such a special woman who always pursued freedom and lived a life that she wanted. There was always a bright smile on her face and she would never give up or regret. Once she made up her mind, she would just go forward. The long sword in her hand seemed to be able to break all problems into pieces, which made her an attractive fighter. Mu Chen lowered his eyes which had already been wet with tears. He should have already known that his mother wouldn't have fallen in love with an unfaithful man.

Mu Chen stretched out his hands and picked the jade plate. It seemed as if his father worried that he would be hurt by the coldness because as soon as Mu Chen touched it, he could feel that there was a kind of gentle and soft spirit covering the coldness of the plate. It had never occurred to him that the plate would be warm in such a freezing place. Its temperature seemingly drove away all the coldness from the cave and made him feel warm immediately.

Mu Chen was not clear what kind of mood he had now. He only knew that he felt rather complicated and painful now.

He extended one finger and slowly repeated the strokes of the words on the stone table one by one. He could easily see that the man was so careful when writing these words and every stroke was paid with great efforts.

It looked like the man had so much to say but he was also afraid that someone who saw the words would have an extra guess if he had written too many words here. In this case, the groove of last word of each line was deeper than the others. The man must have paused for a long time at those words and inscribed them several times.

He must have predicted that Mu Chen would come to this place one day. So he left these words here in advance to remind him. Accident happened to him before he got the chance to find the Ice Soul Pearl in his last life. So he knew nothing about the secret here all the time.

Of course, no family came to look for him. From these words, Mu Chen got to know that he was not hoped to return to the Mu Family. But he could feel kindness from the man who came to look for him and the man really wanted to find him.

Taking all factors into account, Mu Chen could be clear that the family hadn't got his father's meaning. Thinking about this made Mu Chen feel heartache in a sudden. He vaguely realized that his father might have been dead.

Mu Chen put away the jade plate and drew his sword from its sheath, cutting the stone table from its root. Then he put the table into the space ring. Closing his eyes and clenching his fist tightly, he tried so hard to suppress the tears in his eyes and to bear the hurt in the deepest place of his heart. Mu Chen silently recalled so many things had happened and his life was totally changed since his rebirth. Finally, he thought of the jade that Chen Family brought to him. The Jade was caved with the word "Mu". At first he didn't know what to do with the jade, so he dropped his blood on it, then the jade disappeared in a moment. From that time, so many things about his background happened one after another.

After that, something seemed to come to Mu Chen's mind and then he took out a crudely made wooden doll. Mu Qing left it to him and his divine sense was still remained in it. Mu Qing would feel it as long as Mu Chen put his spirit power in it. Then the doll would become a substitute to protect him. Mu Chen put his spirit in it without the least hesitation and then he sent an information to him, 'Come to meet me soon!'

He wanted to figure out the truth of the year. No matter what kind of secret hidden behind his background, he had no option but to face it directly. Now that it was impossible for him to escape, he had to accept the challenge. At least he should know if his father was still alive!

Mu Chen was not that kind of person who would think too much before taking actions. His character was mostly influenced by his mother. Since he had made a firm decision, he would stride forward and never be afraid.

Tidying up his mood, Mu Chen immediately set out to find the outlet. He should find his stupid apprentice first before thinking about anything else.

But he must admit that his stupid apprentice was not so stupid. As they had signed the death contract of cultivation couple, Mu Chen at least knew that Gu Yunjue must be alive because Mu himself was alive now. Mu Chen had been aware that the spirit power that covered Gu Yunjue was just the same with the one that covered the jade plate. The spirit power came from his father. His intuition told him the spirit power just wanted to protect his stupid apprentice so it stopped him from coming in. In this case, Gu Yunjue should be safe now.

As Mu Chen took back Fire Bead, Mu Chen sensed the whole cave and eventually found a place under the stone table where his divine sense could pass through. There was no doubt that it was his father who left this place for him. Mu Chen's lips twitched a bit and then he looked down at the place, heaving a deep sigh in his heart.

Mu Chen intended to take advantage of the place and to make a breakthrough. But before he did that, he felt the whole stone room began swaying. He lowered his head and averted his eyes to the place that he wanted to break, only to find that it was violently hit by something. The whole stone room start rocking. Afterwards, the stone walls around collapsed and stones fell down. The room rocked more strongly. Mu Chen felt so happy as he could feel the person who wanted to break the stone wall must be Gu Yunjue. His stupid apprentice didn't lie to him. He would find Mu Chen wherever Mu Chen was!

As Mu Chen was thinking about this, he heard a big BANG and then a white figure broke the bottom of the stone room and rushed in. Before Mu Chen could show his surprise, he was pulled into the warm arms.

The regained hug was more passionate than it was usually. It seemed that only one hug could completely fill his heart. A smile curved Mu Chen's lips. He eventually tightly hugged Gu Yunjue in return, which made him feel he was holding his whole word. Covering his face on Gu Yunjue's neck, Mu Chen couldn't help sighing secretly, 'Fortunately, I haven't lost my apprentice." His heart quivered at the same time.

They kept holding each other and falling down together with the broken stone room. As they fell on the ground, Mu Chen finally raised his head and saw that they were just standing on the palm of the god statue. The spirit arteries was situated under the lake before, but now it was in the air above the water. Diversion magic array must be used in the process of their falling.

Mu Chen had no time to make a further study. Mu quickly held Gu Yunjue by his wrist and checked his body, finding that the spirit power inside Gu Yunjue's body was totally a mess. His spirit veins seemed to have been hurt a bit. Mu Chen got tense in a sudden. Without asking any question, Mu quickly took out some medicine and put them in Gu Yunjue's mouth.

"Master," Gu Yunjue quickly caught Mu's hasty hands and held master in the arms again, his eyes full of apparent affections and worries. "I finally find you, and I'm not late this time."

Hearing his words, Mu Chen paused for a second and then said, "You are such a fool!" A smile appeared on his face.

They hugged each other for a while. Touching Gu Yunjue's spirit vein, Mu Chen found that Gu's injury condition had been controlled. Then he asked in confusion, "How do you know my position?"

Gu Yunjue smiled and kissed his cheek, pointing at the finger of the god statue.

The palm of the god statue was upward and its index finger was slightly bent, which seemed to indicate a direction.

Gu Yunjue smiled and said, "I was sent back here by the force. I just felt confused when I saw the finger. The god statue looks similar with you and Bai Xiaoyue also calls you Saint. So I guessed that there must be a relation between the statue and you and he would not harm you. I detected carefully and finally sensed your spirit power."

Hearing his words, Mu Chen looked down, seeing the stone room sink into the bottom of the lake and Ice Soul Pearl fall into the water and flow to Snow City. If someone wanted to find Ice Soul Pearl, it would be like fishing for a needle in the sea. Actually, it was also the best way to protect the spirit arteries of the snow area.

Mu Chen tightly held Gu Yunjue's hand and flew to the god statue. Then he carefully put the god statue into the space ring. Noticing that Gu Yunjue was looking at him confusedly, Mu Chen awkwardly tilted his head uttering, "This person should be my father."

"Father?" asked Gu Yunjue in an astonishment. And then he regretted, "How could I be so impolite! I just stamped on the forehead of my husband's father!"

Mu Chen patted Gu Yunjue on his head sulkily, "...Evil apprentice!"



"Kiss me!"

Mu Chen cupped Gu Yunjue's face with his hands and kissed roughly.

Gu Yunjue really wanted to laugh but he dared not to. He just thought that his little master had some unknown thoughts in the mind as little master deliberately showed his dominance. So cute!

Mu Chen didn't want to stay here anymore. He waved his hands to Gu Yunjue and said, "Let's go back…to concoct pills. We still have so many things to do."


Mu Chen was just about to leave but Gu Yunjue stopped him again. Mu Chen unconsciously moved no further and stood there, tilting his head and staring at Gu Yunjue. His delicate cold face was filled with confusion, which amused Gu Yunjue as a kind of special feeling gradually appeared in his heart too.

Seeing that his stupid apprentice just kept silent and smiling, Mu Chen got pretty tender unexpectedly, instead of getting angry or impatient as before. Fixing his eyes on Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen quietly waited for Gu continuing.

Gu walked towards Mu Chen while looking into his eyes. "Master, I can't walk out of here without your treatment!" uttered Gu Yunjue in a serious tone.

"Well," Mu Chen responded and stretched out his hand to check Gu's injury. To his surprise, Gu Yunjue suddenly held him into the arms and kissed him fiercely.

Mu Chen got stunned for a while and finally circled his arms around his little disciple's waist. He closed his eyes to feel Gu's worry and fear after their reunion as well as the deep love in Gu Yunjue's heart. His restless heart got peaceful gradually…