Feng Jiuli wore fine red clothes, and sit cozily on the city master's throne, while maidservant stood by with wine jug, ready to fill his cup. On the other side, the fatty Bai Xiaoyu sat on the ground, like a ball. Bai resentfully watched Feng Jiuli in his throne with his pair of small eyes, frowning from time to time, yet daring not to speak up. The silent resentment made him look like a loaf of punched white bread.

Feng Jiuli had no intention to give back the throne to Bai Xiaoyu, and still acted like a super cool City Master. When Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue flew aback, and stopped in front of the mansion, they were astounded to see such a "harmonious" picture. The sister, Bai Xiaoyue was helplessly exasperated to find her younger brother so useless.

Mu Chen turned to Bai Xiaoyue and asked curiously, "The rooster is of fire root, yet Snow City's masters are all of ice root. How could your people not find the difference? Do they judge people only by their appearance?"

"Er..." Bai Xiaoyue blushed instantly in embarrassment. Mu Chen's words sounded teasing and irony, yet he looked so innocent and honest in putting the question out. Notwithstanding, Mu's question was not easy to answer, because nobody thought of checking into Feng Jiuli's cultivation, while her younger brother didn't come up with the idea to prove him the real master. Snow City hadn't been into any danger for years, and the citizens were so accustomed to peace that their response to the situation was…so embarrassing.

Mu Chen couldn't help but shake his head and mulled that the city master was born imbecile while his people's mind were frost-bitten. He was wondering if such an intelligence crisis could be cured or not.

Gu Yunjue snickered and stroked a strand of Mu Chen's hair, saying dotingly, "Master, when you're not busy, you may create enlightening pills to see if they could be turned clever."

Mu Chen nodded earnestly and acclaimed his young disciple's suggestion. "Wow, little disciple has his way with words. His proposal could be feasible."

Lowering her head, Bai Xiaoyue, however, was so embarrassed that she couldn't help finding a place to hide herself.

Feng Jiuli saw Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue return, put down his cup and asked in surprise, "I cannot believe you are back!"

Mu Chen said in a cold voice, "Do you mean we should not come back?"

"No," Feng Jiuli didn't mind Mu Chen's indifference. He smiled and picked up his cup, toasted them and said, "I was thinking that someone wanted to claim your life. I didn't expect you could return safely. It is really gratifying."

Gu Yunjue poked Mu Chen at his waist, approached his tender auricle, and ridiculed, "This is the intuition of the beast."

Mu Chen turned his head, looked at Gu Yunjue and nodded. Mu's eyes turned lively and had an appreciative look flash to his disciple. "The unruly disciple is getting smarter. I shall watch out for him, or else it will be too late when I am led by the nose. However, Feng Jiuli's beast instinct was indeed very accurate. Shouldn't there be the divine sense protecting us, I couldn't find Ice Soul Pearl so quickly, nor could we come out of the stone chamber so easily." Thinking about the person who helped him, Mu Chen sighed again in his mind. The person must have calculated in advance that Mu Chen would encounter such calamity, and made so many arrangements and preparations.

Seeing Mu Chen lost in his thoughts, Bai Xiaoyue whispered a reminder, "My Saint, how about the plea I asked for earlier..."

Mu Chen blinked, and Gu Yunjue, who was standing by, handed over a white snowflake jade, which was the token of City Master's identity. Bai Xiaoyue led them to the Snow Girl's Tower and obtained the jade. Bai pleaded Mu Chen to help her and her younger brother to take back their palace. Mu Chen agreed to her request, as he needed to refine medicine and pills here. What's more, the person that helped him cared for Snow City, which made Mu Chen unwilling to see someone other than the Bai family to take hold of Snow City.

Mu Chen picked up the jade, squinted his eyes at Feng Jiuli and asked, "Fake City Master Feng, shall you leave here, or shall I make you leave?"

"God! Help!" Bai Xiaoyu wailed, and took Mu Chen as his immediate relative. Mu Chen frowned in dislike. He intended to turn to Bai Xiaoyu but due to his wailing, Mu instead turned his eyes to Feng Jiuli. The fatty was not only unsightly, but also cunning. Worst of all, he was lascivious. He dared to covet Mu Chen's disciple, when Mu and Gu Yunjue met him in front of the city gate. Mu Chen indeed disliked him and rather found the rooster more pleasing to the eyes.

Feng Jiuli finished up his liquor, wore a smile, stood up and took care of his clothes saying, "I could leave the throne. No problem with that, but Gu Yunjue shall fight with me. If I lose, I will go, but if I win, you shall come with me."

Mu Chen put on a cold face and suppressed an urge to tear the rooster.

Gu Yunjue giggled and took up Feng's challenge. "Why not. I have long been curious about nirvana rebirth. Now you give me a good chance to see it."

"No problem. Only if your power speaks louder than your words." Feng Jiuli flashed out of the mansion and flew towards remote snow mountain. Gu Yunjue was about to follow Feng, only to find him grabbed by someone. Gu turned around and saw Mu Chen stare at him. Gu poked Mu Chen's forehead with his finger and smiled, "Don't worry. I'll be back soon."

Mu Chen snorted and scolded, "I've just healed your wound and now you're messing around again!"

"I'm not messing around. That rooster wants to possess you and I have to defend my position."

Mu Chen opened his mouth, yet said nothing. He looked awkwardly at Gu Yunjue. "My stupid disciple, how does he know Feng Jiuli intend to possess me? What Feng said is apparently to humiliate me. What kind of position does the bastard need to defend? How could he be so jealous constantly?"

While Mu Chen was deep in thoughts, Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen's face, gave him a kiss and flew away. When Gu was leaving, he sent over a voice message to Mu Chen, which said, "Feng Jiuli was but a loser in the previous life. Master, don't worry. You may check into his nirvana. He shall look much beautiful when he is reborn as a phoenix. Do come out and enjoy it later."

Mu Chen unconsciously tried to stop Gu Yunjue but grabbed nothing in the air except touching the rim of Gu's clothes. Yet it slipped out of Mu's hand as its texture was too smooth. With a blink of an eye, Gu Yunjue was out of Mu Chen's sight. Mu Chen was so angry that his facial expression became increasingly solemn. "What an unruly disciple! How dared he disobey me?!"

The cultivations of Gu Yunjue and Feng Jiuli were neck to neck at the moment. Gu's advantage was that in his previous life, Mu had fought Feng and understood Feng's details. However, Gu had just recovered from his wounds, which influenced his odds of winning. Both Gu Yunjue and Feng Jiuli practiced fire soul power, which was suppressed by the Snow Land's Spirit Lifeline. Now it's hard to tell who would win the fight.

Mu Chen threw the jade to Bai Xiaoyu and said in a cold voice, "Take your own business by yourself. Note down the names disobeying you, and I'll kill them for you."

Bai Xiaoyu was scared by the killing intent in Mu Chen's words. He hugged the piece of jade and quickly ran to the dungeon. He had to find his personal bodyguard, whose help was needed to recover his position as the Snow City's Master. Seeing this, Bai Xiaoyue thanked Mu Chen, hid again in her younger brother's body, and left with him.

Mu Chen was so angry with the happenings that he kicked over two tables. He walked back and forth, worried about Gu Yunjue and wanted to check him out. However, Mu couldn't lower his status immediately, and ended up snorting and sitting back to his seat. Mu Chen wore a cold face and got angry in silence, which made the servants scared and shivering in the corner.

To those servants, Mu Chen was more like real city master than the one who left just now. They were not to be blamed for not identifying their master. It was mainly due to the fact that the City Master was too mysterious before, and they had no way to know what he looked like,

Mu Chen's appearance was awesomely in line with the rumored description of Snow City Master, which was stunningly charming. But those servants dared not to speak it up as Mu Chen wore a frozen face, and was on the verge of losing his temper. His presence was terrifying, which was even more in line with a Snow City's master. As the city master was said to be exceptional, reserved, and superior. Rumor had it that air frosted around the master when he disagreed, snow fell when he turned his hands, and land froze when he stamped his foot on it.

Seeing others look at him with "unusual" eyes, Mu Chen grunted with impatience. Mu thought that instead of amusing others like a monkey, he would rather go to check his stupid disciple out. Therefore, Mu finally made his decision, sought Gu Yunjue's spirit power fluctuations and chased him up.

Mu Chen knew that he should get close to Gu Yunjue as Gu would detect him easily, so Mu Chen wore a cold face and stood in the distance. Mu, eyes closed, felt Gu Yunjue's situation, and found he suffered no injury, then rested assured. At the moment, Mu wielded his spirit power, and, thanked to his partner contract with Gu Yunjue, Mu transferred his spirit power even his spiritual power peremptorily to Gu. Regardless of its unfairness, Mu Chen continued the power transfer and flourished Gu's divine soul and spirit.

Mu Chen took out a few high grade spirit stones afterwards, arranged them into a magic formation, stood in its center, and recovered instantly his spirit power, which were passed again to Gu Yunjue.

Feng Jiuli was originally neck to neck with Gu Yunjue, now was in a lower hand. After a palm stroke against Gu Yunjue, Feng groaned and was pushed away, where he stopped over a snow capped mountain with blood at his lips. Feng captured spirit power fluctuations in the distance, and suddenly couldn't help uttered a wry laugh, "We agreed to fight one against one. And now he is helping you. It's two versus one!"

Gu Yunjue summoned Azure Fire Sword, and wielded his spirit power, with which a white flame suddenly arose around the sword. Gu smiled and said, "He is my partner, and we're united as one."

Feng Jiuli also summoned a long sword, which had a bloody blade. Feng's sword resembled Mu Chen's Red Cloud Sword both in color and shape. Looking at the sword, Gu Yunjue had a dark gaze flash in his eyes.

Feng Jiuli wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth. Although he was laughing, his eyes were already cold. "You should know now that the person I have been looking for is Mu Chen. You and I are too much alike. Heaven may only allow one of us to live."

Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrows and observed Mu Chen's Nine Yang Dark Fire dance cheerfully at the tip of his sword. Gu smiled and asked indifferently, "So what?" He snickered, "Mu Chen is mine as long as I live. And if I die, he follows. Heaven's arrangement is but a joke. I've already defeated Heaven."

Mu Chen saw his stupid disciple and the rooster stand over two hilltops and talk "harmoniously" instead of fighting each other. Mu Chen's face turned cold, "Bastard disciple! How dare he hook up with a demon? It's been days I haven't punished him kneeling. He has grown bolder!"

Perceiving Mu Chen's resentment, Gu Yunjue trembled and knew that if he didn't satisfy Mu Chen as soon as possible, he would receive kneeling punishment when he returned. Then Gu discarded his poise, raised his chin and urged, "No more craps. Let's fight!"