Gu Yunjue had fought fiercely with Feng Jiuli, and their intense fire spirit power had caused several hilltops to melt outside Snowy City. Mu Chen concerned that their battle would lead to calamity, as snow had accumulated for tens of thousands of years here, which could result in avalanche or snow slide under the impact of Gu's and Feng's spirit power fluctuations. Should these disasters happen, Snow City would be buried. However, to Mu Chen's great surprise, the two fighters had not only melted mountain tops, but also vaporized the snow, which posed no danger.

Gu Yunjue and Feng Jiuli had engaged in fierce fight, which couldn't be intervened by anyone. Mu Chen stood in the distance silently, and had no intention to help Gu Yunjue. As a matter of fact, though Feng looked evil-minded and vicious, he was a true gentlemen, which could be seen obviously in his attacking.

Hence, Mu Chen cast away his prejudice against Feng Jiuli. Feng and Gu Yunjue both had practiced abnormal cultivation, yet they all intentionally avoided affecting Snow City's people. Like Gu Yunjue, Feng Jiuli wasn't a bad man. Mu Chen didn't care if a cultivator was a demon or a devil, of which the difference was but doctrine of practicing cultivation. Mu Chen would consider a person good as long as he didn't do bad things for his o­­wn benefits

Suddenly, fire exploded in front of Mu Chen, and he immediately strengthened boundary setting and added another layer of protection to block the two strings of crimson flames caused by the two fighters. There was a melodious phoenix crow from the flames; and an enormous figure flew out, stepped on blazes while against colorful clouds, shading the bright sun and dying the blue sky red.

Mu Chen twitched his mouth, "My stupid disciple went so far as to force out Feng's to real body. He hasn't loafed on the fight."

When Feng Jiuli's real body showed up, Mu Chen felt something was agitated in Gu Yunjue's spirit pet bag and it was Black Egg. Mu Chen took out Black Egg, only to find its eyes turned red and he was instantly irritated at the sight of a huge phoenix in front of him. Black Egg ejaculated, "Fuck me! It truly is a phoenix!"

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. Phoenix was known as the king of birds. A phoenix was born with majesty, which made birds bow their head and impacted beasts' mind. However, Black Egg was not affected at all. On the contrary, it swore at the phoenix! Mu Chen wore a cold face, and grabbled Black Egg by the throat. Whatever Black Egg was, he should be punished for swearing.

Black Egg groaned an "Ouch", held Mu Chen's hands with its wings and begged for mercy in a hoarse voice, "Palace Master, please show mercy and spare my life. It's not worthwhile to kill me after having raised me for so many years!"

Mu Chen twitched his mouth and loosened his hand, yet he didn't let go of Black Egg's throat.

Black Egg didn't mind being held by the neck, while his eyes were glued to Feng Jiuli. When it flapped his wings, its intent of fight suddenly surged.

Seeing Black Egg's abnormality, Mu Chen threw it up into the air. And black flame instantly burned around its feathers, and its body gradually expanded. Black Egg, which had been taken as a fat black duck, now unexpectedly turned into a devil beast, Three-legged Golden Crow!

Phoenix and three-legged golden crow were originally enemies. A phoenix brought auspiciousness and represented justice. In contrast, a golden crow stood for evil, as it was born in the abyss of Devil Realm, and fed itself evil souls. When these two species met, there would definitely be a fight. As Black Egg had swallowed countless evil souls, and now entered its youth stage. Now it was right at the aggressive age. However, it had been suppressed by Gu Yunjue to release its nature. Now seeing its enemy, Black Egg was stimulated as fighting intent soared!

Finding out Black Egg's true identity, Mu Chen sulked. "Bastard disciple, how dare he still keep secrets from me!"

In a while, Feng Jiuli and Gu Yunjue ended their fight with their last crash of spirit power. Feng Jiuli changed himself into a human again and said helplessly, "I lost."

Gu Yunjue sheathed his sword and smiled, "The result would be hard to say, shouldn't he have helped me at the beginning."

"Winning or losing is quite clear at the moment, regardless of the causes." Feng Jiuli snapped his fingers to Mu Chen and smiled, "Snow City is yours. I will see you two again."

Mu Chen nodded, yet didn't speak a word. Though Mu wore a cool face, his attitude was much milder than before.

Feng Jiuli clicked his tongue and teased, "What a surprise! A fight could change your attitude. Interesting."

Mu Chen gave Feng a cold look, then took out Golden Egg from Gu Yunjue's spirit pet bag and smashed it at Black Egg, who, wearing black flames, were busy provoking Feng Jiu but received no response. ,Moreover, it was slammed into the snow and a snow pit was left on the ground. Seeing this, Mu Chen waved with his sleeve and flew away. "Bastard disciple, shouldn't he follow up and explain everything the Golden Crow to me, I would have him kneel in front of my room forever."

Gu Yunjue gloated and hurried to catch Mu Chen up, while Black Egg, stunned by Golden Egg, held in his mouth the small tail of Golden Egg and wriggled to keep path with Mu Chen too. After a few flutters, Black Egg heard a smack and found Golden Egg's shell suddenly fall off its body and down towards snow-capped mountain. To save the trouble of searching the shell in the snow, Black Egg quickly flew over to catch the shell. At the moment, Black Egg carried the turtle shell on his back and snake-like Golden Egg in his mouth and busily fluttered its wings in chasing his masters.

Seeing this, Feng Jiuli curved his mouth into a meaningful smile. He said to himself, "All creatures want to be close to Mu Chen, and he is being protected by Heaven...Well! Well. Whether it's a blessing or a curse. It's hard to tell."

When it came to Feng Jiuli that his destiny once was set around Mu Chen, he twitched his lips and felt kind of rejoiced that Gu Yunjue came up and messed up all Heaven's arrangements. To Feng, should he love someone, he would compete for him or her, rather than to be arranged by some Heaven.

Feng Jiuli originally intended to kill Mu Chen to fight against the arrangement, but now... In fact, it might not be impossible for him to take the challenge and woo the icy and beautiful Mu Chen. However, Mu obviously wasn't interested in him. Forcing Mu to be with him wasn't Feng's option. Feng Jiuli rubbed his chin in hesitation and then made his mind. Lingering any longer here didn't make any sense, and he'd rather find something interesting to do.

As soon as Feng had a decision, his red figure flashed and Feng left Snow Land.

Mu Chen looked back at Feng Jiuli. As he kept the promise, he left a good impression on Mu. However, Gu Yunjue came alongside in dissatisfaction, circled around Mu Chen's waist with his arms, and said in grievance, "Why do Master look at the man again? Isn't your disciple more charming?"

Mu Chen raised his hand and poked Gu's forehead. "How could he be so good at acting like a spoiled child? He has no problem with acting shamelessly and playing cute? Does he has split personalities? He behaves one way when he is with me and another when he is with somebody else. He behaves like two men. How could he make it?"

At the moment, Gu Yunjue was about to say something when suddenly the sky roared. A purple thunderbolt rived the sky, and a powerful pressure was released and instantly disappeared. The anomalies drew attentions of both Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue.

Mu Chen tilted his head and exchanged a look with Gu Yunjue. Mu couldn't help but find the lightning quite familiar.

"It's rare to hear thunder and to see lightning in Snow Land. Snow doesn't come with lightening which is a common sense. On the other hand, it's a clear blue sky just then and now there is a thunder, which cannot be caused by the change of weather. Can it be due to some extremely rare treasure coming into being?"

While Mu Chen was deep in his thought, a man in grass green showed up in a blink, and stood over Mu Chen's head. He looked down and saw Mu Chen look up at him. Instantly the man's eyes brightened, and he flew over towards Mu Chen, intending to give Mu a passionate embrace. He said in surprise, "This is definitely the son of my uncle. It can't be wrong!"

Seeing the approaching man, Mu Chen frowned. He mobilized spirit power to his palm and intended to give the man a good strike on his head. The man didn't expect being attacked, and dared not to withstand the power directly with his body, though his cultivation was much higher than Mu Chen. So he quickly stepped back. However, his hair ended up being swept by Mu Chen's Nine Yang Dark Fire, and he immediately sniffed a charring smell.

The man felt for his overhead, and let out a sigh of relief to find some hairs survived Mu Chen's attack. They he casually scratched the remained hair and smiled, "Oh, man. You're so merciless. I'm Mu Qing, your elder brother!"

Mu Chen sneered, "Humph. My mother has given birth only to me."

Mu Qing hastened to correct his words, "I am your cousin!"

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, and was fairly indifferent, in contrast to Mu Qing's enthusiasm. "Don't say so. We might come from different families."

Mu Qing rubbed his hands. He knew his uncle had a very mild temper but didn't expect his cousin to be thorny, like a hedgehog. While Mu Qing was straightforward and unrestrained, he didn't know how to talk to Mu Chen under such a situation, and his enthusiasm was turned down. Only by then did he notice mixed breathes in Mu Chen. Then he looked at Gu Yunjue, whose arms circled Mu Chen's waist. Mu Qing was shocked and asked, "You've got a partner?"

With further check, Mu Qing found out that Mu Chen had signed a couple contract with Gu Yunjue, which made Mu Qing change his face and blurt in despair, "What have you done? Are you asking for a good death?"

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes and held Mu Chen tighter. He smiled and said, "I'm already Master's. If Master don't take the responsibility, and abandon me in the future, he will distain his name."

Mu Chen took a deep breath and blushed with embarrassment. "Bastard disciple, how dare you talk nonsense again!"

Mu Qing took a deep breath too, and watched Mu Chen madly. "You have already slept…with…him?! What a sin it is!"

Mu Qing stared at Mu Chen for a while, yet didn't say anything. However, when Mu Qing turned to Gu Yunjue, Mu Qing's eyes revealed a wisp of killing intent. In order to save Mu Chen, Mu Qing wouldn't mind killing Gu Yunjue, though it could result in Mu Chen's hatred toward him. After all, Mu Qing should keep safe the blood of the Mu family.

Mu Chen felt his cousin's killing intent, and leashed out his murderous intent, while kept Gu Yunjue behind him. Mu Chen spoke in a freezing voice, "Don't you dare to touch him!"

Mu Qing hadn't lifted his hand yet and clenched his fist, where lightning flashed. It was obviously that Mu Qing intended to kill Gu Yunjue, but he had no choice but to stamp on the ground with resentment. Mu Qing then cursed, "My God, you're committing a sin. How could you have signed a couple contract before confirming whether you're born with Reincarnation Pearl in your body? Do you want to follow your father's footsteps?"

When Mu Chen heard words about his father, he interrupted in a cold voice, "Tell me more about my father. How is him now?"

Gu Yunjue also caught something in Mu Qing's words and asked, "What is Reincarnation Pearl?"

Mu Qing took a deep breath and calmed down. He said to Mu Chen, "Follow me, go back and see our grandfather. I will tell you everything. We are from the Mu family and we cannot interfere with things in the three realms and six divisions unless something goes wrong."

Mu Chen taunted, "How could you ask me to follow you without telling me anything? Are we surely related in blood?"

Mu Qing took out a jade scroll with a word "Mu" inscribed in it. He said with anger, "Your soul lamp has been ignited, and you are the offspring of Mu family!"

Mu Chen fixed his eyes on the scroll and figured out that it was the one he dripped his blood on. Mu Chen took Gu Yunjue's hand silently, turned around and was going to leave. "My father hoped that I wouldn't go back to the Mu family all my life. You may keep your words and do anything you want. And I'm leaving here now."

Mu Qing rubbed his hair and didn't know what to do with Mu Chen. Because Mu Chen had been living without the family's care, Mu Qing was reluctant to be rough to Mu Chen. In desperation, Mu Qing followed up. "How could you be so stubborn? Go back with me and I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Hearing Mu Qing's words, Mu Chen immediately stopped, looked back at him and said, "Tell me everything then."