As the cold attitude of Mu Chen made Mu Qing a bit helpless, Mu Qing had no choice but to reconcile himself. "Okay, I will answer all your questions, but after that, you have to go with me."

Mu Chen didn't give him a definite reply; instead, he directly questioned, "What's the true relationship between you and me?"

"My name is Mu Qing and I'm you cousin. Your father is my uncle. There is only a weanling baby, you and me in our generation. Our Mu Family is not that big."

Then Mu Chen continued, "What's the fate of the Mu Family? And what's Reincarnation Pearl?"

Mu Qing's face darkened and his tone suddenly got a bit grave. "Our Mu Family's fate is bonded with the Reincarnation Pearl. The Reincarnation Pearl is made by an ancient sacred stone which is said to be one part of Pan Gu Stone. (Pan Gu, the creator of the universe in Chinese fairy tales). The one who gets the Reincarnation Pearl will get closer to spirit power. And it will be pretty easy for him/her to practice cultivation even though he or she has a poor foundation. Relatively speaking, if the world gets unstable, everything in the world will be destroyed, and the man who holds the Reincarnation Pearl should use his body to mend it."

Hearing his words, Mu Chen went solemn in a sudden. Those were the responsibility and fate which were referred in the inscription.

"In order to make sure that the holder of the Reincarnation Pearl will not cause the world chaotic for his own desire. He will be limited by the natural laws. One of it is about his life-long companion," uttered Mu Qing, averting his eyes to Gu Yunjue. Mu Qing couldn't understand how Mu Chen's apprentice became his companion. Gu Yunjue looked taller than Mu Chen and seemed to be as clingy as a little wife. Mu Chen was really awesome as he raised such a special apprentice and made Gu Yunjue his own. Was this the so-called raising sim? How ridiculous Mu Chen was!

Gu Yunjue calmly looked at Mu Qing. He seemed still as innocent and frank as before. "Is there any solution to take out the Reincarnation Pearl?"

Seeing the naive expression on Gu Yunjue's face, Mu Qing felt somewhat guilty. Mu Chen brought this boy up and then took possession of him. As Mu Chen's elder brother, Mu Qing was supposed to beat Mu Chen first, but it was too hard for him to do so. To protect his own family member, the best way for him was to kill Gu Yunjue.

The naive young man apparently had not noticed Mu Qing's intention of killing him. His eyes were so bright and clear and they hadn't changed a bit since the first time Gu Yunjue and Mu Qing met each other. He also clearly remembered that Gu Yunjue brought alcohol for him...Mu Qing's feeling got pretty complex and his attitude towards Gu Yunjue got a bit softer. Then he sighed, saying, "Yes, but there is no difference at all. The Reincarnation Pearl could be taken out only when its holder slowly dies in despair."

Gu Yunjue pinched Mu Chen's fingers and only Mu Chen and he could know the meaning. It might be the reason why Mu Chen was locked up and slowly tormented to death in his previous life. Gu Yunjue was just the flashpoint of the long story.

According to what Feng Jiuli did, Gu Yunjue was sure that there must be Reincarnation Pearl in Mu Chen's body.

So many people dreamed that they could get close to the spirit power and gain incomparable talent. His little master just had an ordinary fire spirit root before he got Nine Yang Dark Fire. But he improved himself so quickly. He could always got the treasures that the others couldn't even see through their whole life; he intruded into these secret fields and he could survive all the time from kinds of dangers. It must because of the Reincarnation Pearl.

'Who told the thing about the Reincarnation Pearl to these immortals? Even Mu Chen himself knew nothing about his background last life. How could it be found by anyone else?' wondered Gu Yunjue in his heart.

Mu Chen also held Gu Yunjue's hand, lowering his head to calm himself down. How could he be unclear about that as even Gu Yunjue had figured it out. Then Mu Chen questioned in a low voice in which no emotion could be found, "In this case, everyone in our family will have the same fate, right?"

"Of course not," responded Mu Qing, shaking his head, "not everyone will have the Reincarnation Pearl, but it was possible that you have it in your body. Only one person of a generation would have it. The holder in last generation is your father. But in our generation, there is no Reincarnation Pearl in my body or our little brother's body. So you should be the real holder."

Mu Chen nodded and continued asking, "If the holder doesn't choose the predestined person but someone else to be his companion, what will the result be?"

"Your mother was published and died early because your father fell in love with her. We have searched every corners of the world but we haven't get any information about her soul."

Mu Chen's hand trembled while he was holding Gu Yunjue. But before he could think something else, Gu Yunjue pinched his finger top. The smile on his face showed that Gu Yunjue was completely unconcerned about what would happen in the future, which made Mu Chen's face darken. 'What a bastard! How could he be so indifferent?'

Seeing their behavior, Mu Qing couldn't help getting sulky. He looked away and refused to see it, saying, "And your father..."

"How is my father?" asked Mu Chen anxiously.

"His condition was a bit better than your mother as he had already became an immortal at that time. To keep the last wisp of his soul, our grandfather had to put him at the Land of Nothing in the chink among the three realms. He hoped that he could gather all parts of his soul and bring him back to life." Mu Qing shook his head, his face filled with depression. "We all know it is just a hope. It would be extremely hard to make it come true."

Staring at the pale face of Mu Chen, Mu Qing turned to be soft. "All of us simply believed that your father was punished because he didn't follow the guide of the Heaven. But we were pretty confused about the reason why he lost all his spirit power. It was until we knew your existence that our grandfather knew that your father used up all his spirit power to avoid you from being influenced by the Heaven and he really wanted you to get rid of the fate. That also explained the reason why he left you in the god realm on purpose and told us nothing about your existence. Unfortunately, the jade on your body gave the Heaven clues about where the Reincarnation Pearl was!"

Mu Chen looked down, trying to hide the soreness in his eyes. He could clearly feel the pain in his heart and it seemed that his heart was fiercely grasped by someone and it even became hard for him to breathe smoothly.

That man did so many things for him but he kept hating him for such a long time. He had never given up his hatred in his last life. If he didn't get the jade and then know his real family background accidentally, he would still hate him in the depth of his heart.

"Master, we can save him." Gu Yunjue seized Mu Chen's hand tightly to tell him that it was not the time to be guilty as they still had the chance to do that, no matter how difficult it was. Now that Mu Chen's father had gotten a solution to protect his son, he would not allow his wife to die. He must have his own arrangement and they could know the fact when his soul recovered.

"Em," Mu Chen replied and stared at his apprentice, eyes filled with tears. He felt so pleased that Gu Yunjue could be with him at the time. But Mu Chen was also afraid that his apprentice would leave him one day, just like his mother...

Suddenly, Gu Yunjue seized Mu Chen's hand and then pulled his master into his arms. "Don't be afraid. I'm pretty well and strong enough!" uttered Gu Yunjue, an attractive smile curved his lips.

Mu Chen opened his eyes wide and then a slight smile appeared on his face after hearing his words. This little bastard was indeed strong because he had been fed a lot of precious food when he was small. If he grew into a weak man, all those things would be wasted.

Gu Yumjue smiled and turned his attention to Mu Qing, asking, "Does everyone have the so called destined companion?"

Mu Qing frowned his eyebrows, thought for a while and then answered, "It's supposed to be so. Maybe the one has already been at your side or in the god realm. Because half of your blood had been the same with god."

"The god realm?" Mu Chen knitted his brows and looked at Gu Yunjue. His sight indicated that he was a bit annoyed.

Gu Yunjue nervously stood up straight, being confused about the situation.

"So you may be the one that Feng Jiuli was looking for, not me!" Thinking about this nearly drove Mu Chen crazy. He realized that he shouldn't let that tiresome rooster go! He should roast him. He must roast him next time he met him!

Gu Yunjue twitched his lips. He was so amazed about Mu Chen's reaction. How could Mu Chen have this kind of thought? Mu Chen always repeated that Gu was insanely jealous. But now his little master was jealous too and he even knew nothing about the reason. Gu Yunjue bitterly smiled and looked at Mu Chen. His eyes told Mu Chen that his master couldn't wrong him because they were enemies in the last life and once they met each other, they would have a fight!

Mu Chen glared at him. 'You knew each other in the last life! And you have a pretty close relationship!'

Gu Yunjue instantly felt that his condition was a bit subtle now. Sometimes he couldn't follow his little master's thought. But he must be the one who got into trouble at least.

His master would be right all the time and he as the disciple was the only who did the wrong things.

If his master make a mistake by accident. Then he must follow the above principle and take the responsibility for him.

In a word, it must be his fault if his master got mad. As his master, Mu Chen couldn't do anything wrong. And that's just his little master's style.

Gu Yunjue could do nothing but happily accepted the extremely deep love.

Mu Chen was still unsatisfied. There was a female demon who always be at Gu Yunjue's side in his last life and the female demon was rather beautiful!

Gu Yuejue couldn't feel more wronged. She was just his subordinate and there was no other relationship between them. Heaven knew he just told the truth! He swore that he would die miserably if he lied to his master.

Mu Chen snorted coldly. It was a fact that Gu Yunjue died miserably in his last life so he must have told lies! How dared him quibble at the moment! Mu Chen was almost sure that Gu Yunjue was really a bad slippery disciple!

Gu Yunjue got no other way to explain for himself because it was true that he did have a good ending in his last life.

Mu Chen clenched his fist angrily and wanted to hit him. 'Look! You have no excuse now!'

Seeing they casted glances to each other through and completely ignored him, Mu Qing felt a bit unsatisfied and questioned, "You have asked all your questions. Now it's time to go back with me."

"No!" Mu Chen refused with a cold face. "I have never promised that I would go back with you since the beginning." When he got out of the Lofty Cloudy Sect, Diviner Li said that he would have a problem about love affair. But now it seemed that if he really had such a problem, his bad apprentice must be the troublemaker!

By the way, he'd better change Li's words because the problem should be about cheating affair rather than love affair! Mu Chen's face was so frosty and he really wanted to draw his sword to kill Gu Yunjue.

Gu Yunjue covered his hand to his heart and got speechless. He didn't know how to explain to Mu Chen. His intuition told him that the best choice for him was to keep quiet.

Mu Qing felt offended, uttering, "You cheated me!"

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows replying, "I'm not a monk who has converted to Buddhism. Why couldn't I cheat you? Furthermore, you shouldn't say I cheat you because I never promise that I will go with you."

Mu Qing got gradually impacient. "What if someone wants to catch you and rob the Reincarnation Pearl?"

Mu Chen coldly snorted and said in a murderous tone, "Then I will kill them all. No matter whether they were evil people or not, I will show no mercy to them. I will break my relationship with Lofty Cloudy Sect first. After that, I will kill all the comers. I really want to see what will the Heaven do to me!"

Mu Qing gave no more words. His uncle was so gentle that he was a famous gentle man in the god realm. His son looked like him so much but their characters were completely different! Mu Chen must have suffered a lot in the immortal realm and that should be the reason why he became so warped now!

Mu Chen had no intention to go back with him and Mu Qing couldn't use force to compel him to do that. He just walked after Mu Chen and got to the city master's mansion of Snow City. Mu Chen paid no attention to him. He left Mu Qing here and went to make pills. It was obvious that Mu Qing had lost all his use values and Mu Chen was even unwilling to cast a glance at him! Mu Qing covered his heart with his hand, sitting on the stairs in front of the house. Then he scratched his disordered hair with his fingers.

Gu Yunjue entertained Mu Chen warmly, giving a jar of wine to Mu Qing with a smile on his face. "I still remember that you said you loved liquor pretty much, So I remembered that on purpose." Gu Yunjue sat down with a gentle smile on his perfect face. His eyes was deep dark, which looked so sincere with the smile. Mu Qing felt so surprised because Gu Yunjue let him recall Mu Chen's father.

Mu Qing took the drink and fixed his eyes on Gu Yunjue with complex feelings.

Gu Yunjue immediately urged, "Brother, have a taste. Is it okay for you?"

Mu Qing smelt the alcohol. He even didn't notice that Gu Yunjue just called him brother, holding the jar and taking a swallow of wine. He just kept silent, but his eyes got bright as if he acclaimed the good wine!

Gu Yunjue took out a wine pot and a jade cup, and then poured himself a cup of wine. Looking at the big jar in Mu Qing's arms, he took out another jar of wine from the ring space and put it beside Mu Qing generously saying, "Brother, today I will accompany you! Let's go down the hatch! Cheers!"