After a few drinks, Mu Qing, with a confused look, asked,"Does your master often beat you?" He saw that Mu Chen habitually threw a punch at Gu Yunjue before secluding to concoct pills, while Gu Yunjue, who accepted it with a happy smile, quite obviously, was used to it.

How could he, as a member of Mu family, do such a disgraceful thing?! If Mu Chen grew up with him around, he would definitely give him a lesson. But at this moment, he always felt that he owed a lot to this younger cousin who had been left outside all those years. Living in the immortal realm that was in lack of spirit power, and having lost his parents since his childhood, Mu Chen's life must be very hard. Consequentially, Mu Qing was reluctant to say any harsh words to him. However, since Mu Qing found that Mu Chen often beat Gu Yunjue, he also felt indebted to his innocent "sister-in-law", who looked happy even after being punched.

GuYunjue coughed nervously, as if choking on the liquor, and blushed. He hurriedly put the glass down and replied seriously, "Big cousin, please don't say that. My master expresses his love in this way. It's his loving encourage!"

The corners of Mu Qing's mouth twitched. He even didn't know how to describe his feelings. He could only hold the jar and take another drink. With the spicy taste stimulating his palate, he calmed down slightly. Hearing that Gu Yunjue was so sensible, Mu Qing hesitated, raised one hand and tapped him on the shoulder, "It's really good that you think so."

Gu Yunjue's happy and innocent appearance could easily arouse others' sympathy.

The corners of Mu Qing's mouth twitched again. Mu Qing couldn't understand the so-called loving encourage. He could do nothing but have another drink, and one after another. The more he drank, the harder he thought the life of his "sister-in-law" was.

Gu Yunjue opened another jar of alcohol timely and handed it to him affably, "Big cousin, drink it!"

Mu Qing took it and held it in his arms, his face getting red, "The liquor is so strong."

Gu Yunjue nodded with a smile and said frankly, "It's very hard to find them."

He put three alcoholic leaves of nine thousand years, which took him a lot of time and efforts, in the liquor. Today, even the greatest immortal could get drunk.

Mu Qing wiped his mouth. He scrutinized at the inner power of Gu Yunjue and felt puzzled, "The immortal realm is short of spirit power. How can you strengthen your cultivation so fast?"

Gu Yunjue replied appreciatively, "That's because my master gave all the good things to me."

"Without experiences of life and death, the spirit power you have is useless," after thinking for a while, Mu Qing took a purple wrist guard off his wrist and handed it to Gu Yunjue, "It seems that Chen really likes you. Now that you have been tied to each other to become a couple, it makes no sense to stop you anymore. It would be better to protect you rather than to kill you. This can help you to avoid being struck by thunderbolt. Take it. I hope that you can accompany him for a long time. When you arrive in the god realm…please protect him as long as possible." Mu Qing said with a sign, then lifted the jar and swallowed more drink. Apparently, he didn't hold much hope for Gu's ascendance to the god realm.

Gu Yunjue took it joyfully, put it on his own wrist unreservedly and said gratefully, "Thanks a lot, big cousin."

Mu Qing nodded, thinking that it was not easy for him to be more polite than his younger cousin.


A month later, Mu Chen came out after he finished concocting pills. The air was filled with pungent smell of liquor. He wrinkled his nose and stepped on Mu Qing's stomach accidentally, before he felt something strange. Then he checked it up with his divine sense and noticed his older cousin under his foot.

How much liquor could get him so drunk!

Mu Chen, feeling speechless, kicked him but received no reply; then he picked him up, threw him into the pill concocting room and closed the door.

He smelled too awful and even affected others breathing!


Hearing the surprising voice, Mu Chen turned his head and replied, "H'm."

Gu Yunjue looked at MuChen's eyes, which were usually cold but not so empty, touched his eyes, and then frowned, "What happened to your eyes?"

Mu Chen blinked, eyes turning red and moist, "It's just because recoil of the fire toxin. I have used medicine. I will be all right in a few days."

Gu Yunjue signed with a relief. He took Mu Chen's hand, held his shoulder and gently said, "Let me be your eyes in the coming days."

Mu Chen tutted. While having divine sense, he wasn't really blind. But hearing what Gu Yunjue said, he didn't refuse him coldly, but just agreed with a "H'm" stiffly.

Gu Yunjue continued to ask, "Have the fire toxin been relieved? Is there anything else wrong with you?"

Mu Chen nodded and then shook his head, "Everything is well"

The fire toxin had been suppressed strongly before. Even its 10-year-period was due, it had no intention to break out. There was no doubt that someone played a trick on him. Thinking about this, Mu Chen pinched Gu Yunjue's face accurately and snapped: "If you should hide from me in the future, I'll punish you to kneel."

Gu Yunjue, covering his red cheeks, said in an injured tone, "Master, can you use no spirit power when you pinch me next time? Otherwise, others would all know that I suffer domestic violence every day."

Mu Chen pinched his cheeks again. What an evil apprentice! How could he dare to make requirements!

Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen's hand to hug him tightly, kissed him and said affectionately, "I miss you."

Mu Chen opened his mouth and replied with a cold "H'm", while his face turned red. His eyes couldn't see anything for the moment, but his other sense organs became more sensitive. The warm touch on his lips and the loving whisper beside his ears all made him exciting.

Gu Yunjue stared at the man standing in front of him. As Mu Chen couldn't see her, he finally stopped hiding his affection and looked at his beloved without scruple. He reached out his hand, gently depicted Mu Chen's features with his fingers, which swept across Mu Chen's cheeks and touched Mu Chen's lips. He finally couldn't help leaning forward, holding him in his arms and kissing him.

Mu Chen raised his hand and grasped Gu Yunjue's shoulders. He meant to push him away but also wanted to be tougher. However, being thin-skinned made him always remain passive. Although he intended to gain the initiative and kissed Yunjue back, he tried several times but failed. He couldn't do anything except griping Gu Yunjue's shoulders and have Gu kiss him until he could hardly breathe and felt spellbound.

After a long time, their lips separated. Gu Yunjue lightly wiped the corners of Mu Chen's mouth. Looking at his lips that had become bright, he smiled and rubbed Mu Chen's hair, saying in a hoarse voice, "Stop grasping my shoulders, my bones are on the edge of being crumbled. I have told you that don't use your spirit power."

Mu Chen blushed, pinched Gu Yunjue's face again and complained, "Bastard!"

"Psst!" Gu Yunjue griped Mu Chen's hand and laughed, "It hurts even if you don't use your spirit power. Master, you are so cruel!"

Mu Chen snorted, with the corners of his mouth upward. He thought that his evil apprentice really had a plausible tongue.

"Was it you who got him so drunk?" Me Chen pointed at Mu Qing with his chin. Although he asked the question, he had already known the answer. He knew that except this bastard, no one could get Mu Qing drunk. He scented the alcoholic leaves and judged that it was old wine.

At the mention of it, Gu Yunjue couldn't help laughing and said: "Big cousin had a drop too much and was in good mood. He also gave me a present." He rolled up his sleeves but realized that Mu Chen couldn't see anything at once. Then he seized Mu Chen's hand and let him touch the wrist guard. He got close to Mu Chen, leaned his forehead against Mu Chen's, and snickered, "This is a magic tool. It may be unique in the immortal realm. This is the betrothal present from Mu family. Master, you can't deny it."

Mu Chen couldn't help smiling, thinking that if Mu Qing knew the true features of this guy, he would be devastated.

Mu Chen took out a jade bottle and put it into Gu Yunjue's hands, "Give this to City Master Bai. While Mu Qing was in sleep, we'd better hurry to leave."

Gu Yunjue looked at the bottle with interest, "Master, please wait a moment. When I come back, I'll take you to elope."

Mu Chen shot an angry glance at him, "Hurry up!"

Gu Yunjue arrived at the residence of Bai's mansion in a flash. He flicked his fingers towards Bai Xiaoyu, who was eating a melon, and the jade bottle was embedded into the melon pulp in Bai Xiaoyu's hands. Watching Bai Xiaoyu bite it and hearing he shout "Ouch", Gu Yunjue reminded him, "Little fatty, this is the medicine for City Master Bai. And take good care of the man in the pill concocting room."

The divine soul of Bai Xiaoyue came out of her younger brother's body and took the medicine bottle. Gu Yunjue had already disappeared before she could say thanks, let alone feel Mu Chen's breath.

How could he leave so quickly?!

Bai Xiaoyu smacked his lips and pitifully asked Bai Xiaoyue, who was staring at the jade bottle, "Sister, am I fat?"

Bai Xiaoyue, "…It's ok. Being fat can help you keep healthy."

Bai Xiaoyu nodded, looking like having the same feeling, "I think so, sister, what are you thinking about? Have you fell in love with that god? You were looking at him secretly before."

Bai Xiaoyue burst into laughter and said sentimentally, "No, I just think that he really looks like his father, but they are different in character."


Mu Chen was pulled by Gu Yunjue. They flew out Snow City in one sitting. Feeling the air around him getting moist and the temperature getting warm, Mu Chen asked, "Where are we going?"

Gu Yunjue said with a smile, "I don't know. Does the elopement have its destination? Let's go anywhere we want to go."

"Be serious!" Mu Chen laughed and thought that although Gu Yunjue was not young, he still played jokes like a child endlessly.

Just then, Mu Chen felt that the summoning talisman he wore vibrated, then he took it out with a move of his mind. He looked at Gu Yunjue, "It should be a message from Yue Mingze. See what he says."

Gu Yunjue took it over and had a look, then his smiling eyes cooled down instantly.

"Yun'er?" Mu Chen turned his head and called him questioningly.

Gu Yunjue put away the talisman and smiled, "Nothing serious."

Mu Chen's face clouded, looking annoyed, "There must be something wrong. I know all your thoughts. You exposed your murderous look just now. Do not lie to me anymore!"

"Master," Gu Yunjue stabbed Mu Chen's brow, "You get cleverer now. And it's hard to cheat on you."

"Tut"Mu Chen sneered, "So you mean that you have always been cheating on me and thinking I'm stupid? You, bastard!"

"No, Master has always been smart. It's me who is not good with words." Gu Yunjue blamed himself and decided not to hide it from Mu Chen, "Chief Master Brother said that he don't know who has revealed the secret that I've acquired Soul Devil Cultivation. And the immortal realm has sent someone to Lofty Cloudy Sect to inquire this. He asked you to take me away and not go back temporarily."

MuChen frowned, "So, what should happen has happened like it was in the previous life.

"Yeah, just as there is a controller behind all these things. Everything moves in the orbit of the previous life." Gu Yunjue said with emotion, his narrowed eyes hiding dangers. There were not many people who wanted to kill him. And he has posed himself as a decent cultivator. So, who intended to kill him? And he planned to use whose hands to do this? Or, has the test of Heaven arrived

Feeling the murderous intent, Mu Chen warned him, "Even so, you can't stir troubles with the immortal realm again!"

"I will certainly not do that. At present, I only need to accompany you. If you thought it wasn't clean and quiet enough here, we can find an unworldly place. Only two of us live there. We only mind our own business and cultivate ourselves with great concentration."

Mu Chen curled his lips and his countenance relaxed, "That wouldn't be so bad. Even if we wanted to seclude from the outside world, it wouldn't be easy."

"Master, do you have any plan?"

"Send messages to Yue Mingze and ask him to declare that both of us have been excelled. If someone should come to annoy us, you would expose your devil cultivation sooner or later. And the latent danger on me make the situation worse. Now, it's a chance to leave Lofty Cloudy Sect. We can't get them into trouble either." Although Mu Chen, with a free and easy heart, was likely to do wth things simply and agilely, when he talks about the place where he grew up, he does feel sorry. But he knew that, the longer the problem was dragged on, the severer the conditions of both sides would be, so he made the decision resolutely.

Gu Yunjue smiled. He liked Mu Chen's forthright attitude. He replied, "It's reasonable for me to be excelled from the sect. But it isn't convincing that you, with your identity as Palace Master, has also been excelled from the sect just for an evil apprentice."

After some reflection, Mu Chen said, "Well, add that we carried out devil cultivation together and became a couple. I think it's enough."

Gu Yunjue was stunned for a while, then his eyes darkened, "Master finally acknowledges our relationship."

Mu Chen tutted and thought that his little apprentice was stupid again. It was not a problem that he would admit or not, but was a fact that had already existed and could not be denied. They had already tied to each other and been a couple. No matter his affection for Gu Yunjue was the concern for a little apprentice, or the love for a partner, they had the most intimate relationship in the world. Mu Chen wouldn't deceive himself.

Gu Yunjue gazed at Mu Chen's eyes. Although he knew that Mu Chen couldn't see anything at the moment, he would like to see Mu Chen looking at him, "Master, do you know how much blame you will bear once this news is released?"

The master falling in love with his apprentice violated the heavenly principles! Holding the candle for the devil, bringing up a devil cultivator, stooping to abandon himself and betraying his sect with his fellow, all of these were not the worst. If someone were bent on killing Mu Chen, the fact that Mu Chen was the son of the devil's master and the purpose for which Mu Chen came to the immortal realm would all be revealed, then Mu Chen would become the enemy of the whole immortal realm. Once Mu Chen acknowledged himself as Gu's partner, he would be blamed for his sin, and he must confront with the whole immortal realm, even the Lofty Cloudy Sect.

Or, even if he came with me to the devil realm, his life would be changed and he couldn't continue to stay on high and be the respectful best pill cultivator of the immortal realm.

Feeling that Gu Yunjue was worried, Mu Chen suddenly raised the corners of his mouth. He seldom smiled spontaneously. His smile was like a secluded orchid in a deserted valley, which made everything around it lose its color. Gu Yunjue was mesmerized by his smile and forgot to react.

Mu Chen finally had the opportunity to gain the initiative. He wrapped his arms around Gu Yunjue's neck, leaned forward and kissed Gu Yunjue. He eventually won back his dignity and said toughly, "Don't be afraid, I'll protectyou!"

Gu Yunjue, "…" The little master missed the key points of Gu's words again.

But the opportunity was rare, he'd better seize the chance to kiss his master one more time, one more time, and one more time…