Gu Yunjue first thought Mu Chen was going to lay bare his true feelings, at least to say something like the two of them would depend on each other for survival or stand by each other. However, it seemed that Mu Chen didn't think of that at all while showing how manly he was.

Gu Yunjue decided to leave all his worries behind him in front of a rare voluntary kiss started by Mu Chen. He took Mu Chen in his arms and gave him a kiss and then another kiss...

Mu Chen pushed this fool of a disciple away and wiped the corner of his lips. He was a little annoyed by the fact that Gu Yunjue kissed him back instead of remaining still. 'What an evil disciple!'

Gu Yunjue knew well when to stop. He patted Mu Chen on the back and changed the topic awkwardly, "What I have said just now isn't what you think it is."

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. Then what was it, really?

"Have you thought about what situation are you getting yourself into if you admit that we are in a relationship?" Gu Yunjue actually would like to see Mu Chen abandoned by the world, so there would only be him in Mu Chen's world and mind. However, he hated to see Mu Chen sad so he was indeed in a dilemma.

"Situation?" Mu Chen lowered his eyes and asked in return, "Do you think I will care about that?" Men were masters of their own words, free from any interference of others. Therefore, as long as he, Mu Chen had done nothing to be ashamed of, he didn't care what others say about him. If they caused him any trouble, he would simply kill them. In his previous life, even though he was the most extraordinary Pill Alchemist, he ended up in the prison. After all, nothing had changed so he chose to live his life according to his own will.

Mu Chen 'comforted' his foolish disciple who gave way to stupid imagination and decided what they were going to do next himself, "Clear up your mind. Let's go to Demon World and find Earth Bell, then make Heaven and Earth Soul-Protecting Bell. It will be very helpful later."

A smile with deep meaning crept around the corners of Gu Yunjue's mouth, "Since you've said that, I'll help myself, Master."

Mu Chen stared at him curiously. What does this fool of a disciple want to do this time?

Then Gu Yunjue asked enviously, "Master, are you planning to look for Jing Ting?"

Mu Chen gave him a "M-hm" and said, "Since you've mentioned him, I do worry about him."

Gu Yunjue was replying to Yue Mingze's letter while warning Mu Chen, "Don't see him, Master!"

Mu Chen lectured him, "You shouldn't be so narrow-minded as a senior martial brother. Besides, among my three disciples, I dote on you the most!"

Gu Yunjue finished his reply letter to Yue Mingze and sent it out before he looked at Mu Chen with a light flashing by his eyes when he said intentionally, "Master, you belong to me. No one can take you away from me!"

Mu Chen took out a spirit fruit from the space ring and stuffed it in Gu Yunjue's mouth while saying impatiently, "Yours, yours, all yours! Your stomach will burst when you are way too full!"

Gu Yunjue: "..."


Inside Lofty Cloudy Sect, where Yue Mingze lived.

"That's basically what has happened. Junior martial brothers, what do you think?" Yue Mingze put the reply letter he received on the table. He told those present about what had happened and asked for their opinions.

With Yue Mingze were none other than Duanmu Feng, Mo Jinyang, Bai Xunrong and Liu Hanzhi five Palace Masters except the palace master of Yanyang Palace which Mu Chen belonged to.

Bai Xunrong picked up the jade tablet and read through it repeatedly for three times before she said, "It's indeed Martial uncle's tone. But it's quite surprising that Junior martial brother Gu is the son of the Devil Lord."

Mo Jinyang took the jade tablet from Bai. After looking through it he said, "Though Junior martial brother Gu has done nothing bad, his identity is a hidden danger after all. If we keep him, I'm afraid something bad will happen sooner or later."

Yue Mingze nodded and looked towards Liu Hanzhi and Duanmu Feng.

The atmosphere in the room was a little heavy. The faintly murderous look in Liu Hanzhi's eyes told the rest of them that he wasn't as quiet inside as he showed to the outside world. Duanmu Feng looked at Liu Hanzhi with worry but didn't say anything.

After a good while, Liu Hanzhi finally stood up. The sword in his hands glistened with coldness and intention to kill.

Duanmu Feng stood up as well and followed closely after Liu Hanzhi.

"Six Junior Martial Brother, where are you going?" Yue Mingze's face turned gloomy and he asked seriously.

Liu Hanzhi stopped and said coldly, "I'm going to ask Mu Chen about the truth, naturally."

"Stop!" Yue Mingze stood up when Duanmu Feng interrupted him, "Senior martial brother, Hanzhi and Martial uncle Mu depended on each other for survival since they were little. I'll look after him and make sure he doesn't act foolishly."

Yue Mingze was silent for a second. He knew that he couldn't stop Liu Hanzhi even if he wanted to so he had no choice but to nod.

Duanmu Feng smiled gently and said politely, "Thank you, Senior martial brother."

After the two of them left, Mo Jinyang pointed at the phrase 'in a relationship' and asked Bai Xunrong and Yue Mingze, "What do you think about this?"

Bai Xunrong was disgusted, "Nobody will be fooled by that."

"Are you saying you don't believe it?" Mo Jinyang asked with a smile.

Bai Xunrong rolled her eyes and said, "Of course not! Martial uncle wouldn't understand feelings or love. I bet he doesn't even know what it means."

"What about you, Senior martial brother?"

Yue Mingze frowned, "I have no idea what kind of person Junior martial brother Gu is from the beginning. As to how they get along... Well, I can't be sure about that."

"I, however, believe it." Mo Jinyang said, "Sometime earlier, Junior martial brother Gu asked me to forge a pair of Heart Bond Rings and said he wanted to give it to his loved one. That ring is on Martial uncle's hand at the moment."

Seeing the amazement on their faces, Mo Jinyang turned serious and said, "Since they have gone this far, we have to consider for the future of Lofty Cloudy Sect. No matter it's true of false, Martial uncle must have his plans since he said that. I agree with him. Expel them from our sect. When Six junior martial brother gets what is behind this and let's make a further plan."

"Senior martial brother!" Bai Xunrong wanted to smite the table, "We of six palaces are like brothers. There hasn't been a martial brother that is abandoned by us. I don't agree to expel them without knowing the reasons!"

Yue Mingze raised his hand and interrupted Bai Xunrong's angry outburst. He said with a frown: "For the time being, what Third junior martial brothers has said has its reasons. Put personal feelings aside, it's the best solution. Don't act willfully. I'll think about it again."

Bai Xunrong glared at Mo Jinyang severely while Mo Jinyang could only smile bitterly.

Time waits for no man. What Gu Yunjue had worried about came true. The news that he was the son of the Devil Lord spread like wildfire and caused a mighty uproar in Immortal Realm.

Three months later, numerous sects came to Lofty Cloudy Sect with the requirement that it hand over Gu Yunjue and hold a gathering to kill the devil where it should kill Gu Yunjue as a warning to others.

Bai Xunrong burst with rage when she heard about it. Immediately, she carried her chopper wanting to kill some of those people.

Mo Jinyang restrained her from doing that and attempted to persuade her, "Junior martial sister! Calm down!"

Bai Xunrong sneered. She got rid of Mo Jinyang and flied outside in an instance, "It's said that men of virtue don't argue with women. I'd like to see if they are real gentlemen!"

Standing over Lofty Cloudy Sect, Bai Xunrong's clear and melodious voice traveled a long distance since she used spirit power. She pointed her finger at those at the foot of the mountain with a two-meter-long golden chopper and shouted abuse at them imposingly, "You stupid shameless small men! Killing this man and slaughter that man just because of a gossip. What a group of sanctimonious hypocrites! Do you all lose your brains to dogs while wasting all those years of your life?" After that, she held her chopper and struck a long gully in front of her. With her chin lifted, she said arrogantly, "I'd like to see who has the nerve to act wildly at Lofty Cloudy Sect! I'll kill anyone who comes beyond this line and won't give him a proper burial!"

Her words enraged those of Immortal Realm that came here to stir up trouble. Every one of them were red with rage, filled with indignation. A middle-aged cultivator denounced angrily, "Mad woman, where are you from? How dare you ignore the larger issue? How dare you not distinguish clearly between right and wrong?!"

"If I step back today, you'll think it's easy to take advantage of us Lofty Cloudy Sect! However, while I'm here, you say woman ignores the larger issue! When I protect my martial brothers, there will be criticism that I can't distinguish between right and wrong! If I don't, then later you'll accuse us of being heartless and faithless! No matter how it turns out, you can say whatever you want and still take the moral high ground since you are shameless! Don't waste your breath with me if you got real skills. Fight me and see the might of my Beheading Soul Sword for yourselves!"

Nobody could take such abuse from Bai Xunrong so there were men who went forward and challenged her at once. However, one of them were smashed to death by her chopper, another one dead hit by the chopper, and two more chopped to death. Bai Xunrong took control of the situation immediately after that.

Those who wanted to exert pressure on Lofty Cloudy Sect were immediately discouraged and behaved themselves.

At the moment, the master and disciple who hid inside an invisibility magical tool had mixed feelings as well.

Gu Yunjue smiled, "Master, set your mind at ease. Lofty Cloudy Sect won't let others take advantage of it. It's a large sect after all."

Mu Chen were frightened, "As expected, horrible!"

Gu Yunjue was confused. What was Master talking about?

Mu Chen took his disciple's hand and said with all seriousness, "That girl, Bai Xunrong was probably a magic beast."

"No." Gu Yunjue corrected him instantly, "Master, many magic beasts in Devil Realm are actually very cute. They won't attack people at all. I think they wouldn't like Senior martial sister Bai to become a member of them!"

Mu Chen was amused by him. His mood brightened up in an instance. He was worried about Lofty Cloudy Sect before he started his journey to Demon World. However, it turned out that things weren't as bad as he imagined so he could leave with a light heart.

Seeing that Mu Chen's spirits lifted, Gu Yunjue was relieved as well, "You finally have a smile on your face."

Mu Chen curled his mouth, his face cold again, "Let's go!"



"Give me a kiss!"

"Stop it!"



Mu Chen was about to speak when his sentence was stopped by a kiss. He didn't know why his fool of a disciple had the mood to kiss right now. When his disciple started the kiss, he wouldn't leave Mu Chen's mouth. Mu Chen felt the excitement in Gu Yunjue's kiss, but he didn't know where it came from.

"Master, you finally leave everything behind just for me." Gu Yunjue said, moved.

Mu Chen's ears turned red while he looked cold, "It isn't all for you. Don't flatter yourself!"

"Master!" Gu Yunjue called him again.

Mu Chen raised his head hearing Gu Yunjue's call and saw he spoke with all seriousness, "Let's practice double cultivator!"

Mu Chen, "..."

"I take your silence as an agreement, Master!" Not waiting for Mu Chen's refusal, Gu Yunjue carried him off the ground and traveled over a thousand miles. He took out a flying magical tool and pressed Mu Chen down in the bed.

Mu Chen was confused since that all happened in a flash. He wasn't given any time to respond. How come he was in the bed now while he was talking a second ago?

However, the one that was on him was looking at him passionately with red eyes. Mu Chen's neck turned red. What an evil disciple! He did it for real!

Gu Yunjue touched the tip of Mu Chen's nose, the affection in his eyes was so deep that someone could actually drown in it. "From now on, you are mine, Master."

Mu Chen's eyes glittered. He reached out for Gu Yunjue's cheek and looked into his eyes quietly. He could feel that when Gu Yunjue said that, his soul was filled with joy. Gu Yunjue was so sweet and caring that Mu Chen's heart melted with him. From now on, they would stick together no matter in life or death. They had nothing but each other. A smile crept up Mu Chen's lips. His usual cold voice became warmer and he "Mhm" in response.

Gu Yunjue's eyes became deeper. He looked at Mu Chen and said affectionately, "Master, I'm so happy."

Mu Chen turned away from him, his eyes glittered, his face blushed. This evil disciple of his has nothing but a honey tongue. He can do nothing but talk sweetly. All He needs is a good spank!

Gu Yunjue held his face in his hands and turned him back, "Master, let's celebrate!"

"M-hm?" Mu Chen was confused. Did Gu Yunjue want to light up colored lanterns?

A big hand already found Mu Chen's belt and took it off rudely. "Let's practice double cultivator!"

Mu Chen, "..."