Since Gu Yunjue was beaten up after he had his way with Mu Chen, he left Mu Chen time to get used to the change of their relationship. Now that Mu Chen's attitude changed and had accepted him gradually, Gu Yunjue couldn't help it any longer.

Mu Chen caught the hand which was traveling around his waist, however, his belt was already taken off. When he reached for the other hand, the lapel around his chest was stripped away. He was about to speak when a passionate kiss went after his mouth and all his words were blocked by it.

Since his body had experienced sex before, it was sensitive to begin with. It still remembered the once overwhelming ecstasy though its master tried to leave it behind. With one slight touch, a delightful sensation went through it once again. Sometimes, a man's body is more honest than his mind. All of Mu Chen's sense was focused on where he was touched and his mind was a total blank.

In his sub-consciousness, he wanted to stop Gu Yunjue but his hands had lost all their strengths. From Gu Yunjue's point of view, it was just a charming hesitation. Since Mu Chen was shy and difficult to get along with, it was impossible that he would remain still.

Mu Chen's hands were both locked and raised over his head by Gu Yunjue. Normally, Gu Yunjue pampered Mu Chen and followed all his wishes but right now he became exceptionally arbitrary while Mu Chen wasn't allowed any chance to refuse. How much they loved each other was how deep they fell for each other. Passion flared up Gu Yunjued's breath which brushed against Mu Chen's body. It was a fire started by love, with a temperature that could burn both of them to ashes which dragged Mu Chen into lust.

Mu Chen gasped for breath, the normal coldness gone from his face. Instead, his porcelain-colored skin was painted with a layer of scarlet and was marked bright red by one kiss after another. Gu Yunjue lifted his head and looked into Mu Chen's eyes, his eyes full of satisfaction and smile.

Mu Chen shifted his head and cursed under his breath, "Evil disciple!"

His voice lost its usual clearness and melody and was added with a trace of sexy huskiness, which was stirring. Gu Yunjue lowered his head which touched Mu Chen's forehead. Their souls and spirits embraced each other, whose happiness made Mu Chen moan faintly and his body tremble with it.

Gu Yunjue chuckled slightly and said slowly by Mu Chen's ear with his hoarse voice, "Master, you clearly love it while you refuse it so often that it has become part of you. That's not right and you should fix it."

Mu Chen glared at Gu Yunjue, ashamed and angry. He bit at Gu Yunjue's mouth with annoyance. 'What an evil disciple! How dare he make fun of me?!'

"Ouch!" Gu Yunjue gasped with shock while his eyes became deeper: "You are... you are going to drive me crazy sooner or later!"


Inside the manor of the Master of Snow City.

Mu Qing, who had been drunk for over three months, who the whole manor thought wouldn't gain consciousness any longer, looked at the empty pill concocting room with confusion. He sensed that there was no fluctuation of spirit power inside the room and turned to Bai Xiaoyue and her brother, "Where is he?"

Bai Xiayu shrugged, "Gone."

"Gone? To where?" Mu Qing felt a headache and wanted to find out what he had drunk, however, Gu Yunjue was one step ahead of him who had cleaned all things up and didn't leave a drop behind. Hearing that Mu Chen had left, Mu Qing rubbed his slightly messy hair and felt that his mind was a mess, too. However, he had a feeling that something was wrong.

Bai Xiaoyue explained to Mu Qing about the current situation of Immortal Realm, especially the gossip about Gu Yunjue's identity. She also told him that the master and disciple weren't sighted recently and weren't found.

Lofty Cloudy Sect hadn't declared its position and didn't expel Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue. Unorganized cultivators who went there looking for trouble all became objects of practice once they entered the territory of Lofty Cloudy Sect. They were usually attacked by a team of three to five people. Those who were lucky were merely hurt and robbed of their magic tools. Those who weren't lost their lives. In a word, the territory of Lofty Cloudy Sect had become a hunting field.

Yue Mingze treated those cultivators as whetstones for his disciples. He hadn't declared what Mu Chen mentioned to him and the outside world had no way to know it. For the time being, unorganized cultivators in the Immortal Realm wanted to find the master and his disciple. They didn't care about whether Gu Yunjue was the son of the Devil Lord since Mu Chen had numerous treasures with him. Any one of those treasures was worth several cities.

However, the master and his disciple disappeared from the face of the earth and nobody had any clue about how to find them.

"Nowhere to be found!" After he heard that, Mu Qing clenched his fists while thunder cracked in his hands and his hair stood up because of his anger. Grabbing a handful of hair with purple electricity and shaking it while it sparkled, Mu Qing rolled up his sleeves and ripped apart the space which led him directly to Lofty Cloudy Sect.

Since he left his divine sense at Lofty Cloudy Sect which saved him from losing his way. When he sensed a trace of Mu Chen which was so faint that it was nearly impossible to detect, Mu Qing didn't stay and went directly after Mu Chen.

However, shortly afterwards, he lost trace of Mu Chen.

This time, Mu Qing was really pissed off. It was like Mu Chen was hidden intentionally without a trace. However, the spirit power that was left by Gu Yunjue aroused Mu Qing's suspicion. This brother-in-law wasn't as obedient as he looked. Devilish air!


"Atishoo!" Gu Yunjue sneezed when he was polishing the shell of Golden Egg and felt a chill up his spine.

Mu Chen lay on his side and read the prescription in his hand. When he heard Gu Yunjue's sneeze, he raised his eyebrows at him and reminded him, "Watch it. Don't loaf on the job."

Gu Yunjue complained with grievance, "Master, you are abandoning me after you used me."

Mu Chen replied lazily in the usually cold voice, "Stop the nonsense or I'll make you kneel behind the door as a punishment."

Gu Yunjue snorted and talked to himself, "We've made a deal that I can eat less but eat multiple times since it isn't good to eat too much at each meal. It's so poor of me that I've eaten a meal but I don't know when the next meal will be and I'm punished with an empty stomach." In a word, everything Gu Yunjue did at the moment annoyed Mu Chen so Mu Chen found all the bizarre trivial things to punish him while he could only take it "happily".

Mu Chen's eyelids twitched. He glared at Gu Yunjue, which made Gu shut up. Seeing how docile Gu Yunjue was, Mu Chen curled his lips and rolled the prescription into a solid ball and aimed it at the back of Gu Yunjue's head.

Crack! The ball with spirit power hit Gu Yunjue's jade circlet. Gu Yunjue had no choice but to see his hair fall while the jade circlet smashed to pieces on the ground and he still focused on polishing the turtle's shell.

Golden Egg had an intuition that with such a force its small house might be broken. It reached out its little tail and touched its shell when it looked at Gu Yunjue with innocent eyes as big as green beans, saying a scrap of words, shell, mine.

A smile crept up Gu Yunjue's lips. He pressed the tail of Golden Egg while Mu Chen wasn't paying attention and saw it wriggle like a huge worm. A bit dislike finally appeared on his face and he returned it its shell. Then, in an instance, he was on Mu Chen while saying with grievance, "I think someone is scheming against me."

Mu Chen was speechless, "It is kind of you not to scheme against others. Who will dare to scheme against you?"

Gu Yunjue lifted his head and got closer to Mu Chen, "If Senior Brother is going to beat me, you must protect me, Master!"

Mu Chen frowned since he felt the order of seniority was a bit confusing but he comforted Gu Yunjue with patience, "Don't worry about it. He belongs to God Realm and he is restricted by its rule so he won't take any move easily."

Mu Qing could leave God Realm due to his special identity, like his father. It would be a mess if everyone who had become part of God Realm could leave it as they like. None other than his master Dan Yangzi would have left God Realm just to give him a hard time. So his brother might have to go back to God Realm like he did last time. He might not even find them in such a short time.

He had heard that Mu Qing had a poor sense of direction, who could even lose his way on a straightforward route.

However, Gu Yunjue didn't let him off, "I want you to protect me, Master."

Mu Chen turned cold. He didn't want to waste his breath with his evil disciple any longer while dragging his quilt, ready to sleep.

On the other side of the room, Golden Egg put on its shell and rolled in the sun. Black Egg glanced at the two who were sticking together in bed and told Golden Egg in the manner of an experienced expert, "Master is terrifying. Run away if you see him."

Golden Egg remained unmoved.

Black Egg continued, "Palace Master has a tender heart. You can act like a spoiled child in front of him from time to time."

Golden Egg tilted its head, "Run?"

Seeing how slow it was, Black Egg understood that the word "run" had nothing to do with Golden Egg and said sincerely, "Well, never mind. Just get inside your shell. Sometimes, it's heroic bravery to act like a coward."

Golden Egg retreated inside its shell obediently and relied after a good while, "Yes."

It must be its own problem instead of something going wrong during the hatch, as Palace Master had said! Black Egg kicked over the kettle on the edge of the window and showered Golden Egg in water while thinking to itself.

The young Black Egg sat lonely on the edge of the window in a gloomy mood and looked at the sky with its chin lifted at an angle of forty-five degrees. I'd love a destined arch-rival for my bird life!


Between Immortal Realm and Demon World.

A boundary seemed to descend from above, separating Immortal Realm and Demon World and forged an immense barrier. Around it was a vast expense of fog unknown even to divine sense.

"We are in Demon World once we cross this boundary," Gu Yunjue said.

Mu Chen nodded with a bit excitement, "When we are in Demon World, we can see Jing Ting and Jing Ming."

Gu Yunjue's hand was on the boundary in order to feel with his divine sense which part of the boundary was weakest. However, hearing what Mu Chen had said, Gu was overwhelmed with jealousy and his face turned cold.

Mu Chen looked over unhappily: "You are not a good Senior Martial Brother." Full of jealousy and even jealous of his own junior martial brothers. What a fool of a disciple.

Gu Yunjue looked around Mu Chen's waist with an ambiguous attitude and said seriously, "Which means I can only be the husband of their master!"

Mu Chen blushed instantly. Gu Yunjue wasn't really wrong and Mu Chen couldn't refute so he flew into a rage from shame. 'This evil disciple needs a good spank! How dare he talk back?!'

Seeing Mu Chen's cold face became even colder, Gu Yunjue took a step back, "Master, I can't open it."

Mu Chen went near the boundary and pushed Gu Yunjue away irritably. He put both of his hands on the boundary and tore it open.

He always tore open boundaries whenever he needed to cross them!

After all, disciple is only a disciple and master is the master!

Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrows with surprise and was amused. In his previous life, he and Mu Chen were closer than ordinary master and disciple but they didn't stick together all the time no matter where they went. They were usually apart when they practice. So even though Gu Yunjue knew that Mu Chen had entered many secret places on his own, he didn't know how Mu Chen did it. Now he understood Mu Chen did it by tearing them apart. It must have been how he got Reincarnation Pearl.

This discovery excited him and many secrets about Mu Chen still waited for him to find out, as well as the secrets of his body.

Mu Chen was waiting for the worship of his disciple, however, he saw lust in Gu Yunjue's eyes unexpectedly. "Evil disciple! What are you thinking about?"

As the master, Mu Chen felt that he couldn't present himself as an authority in front of his disciple recently. His disciple always looked at him with a tolerant adoration, besides, he was behind his disciple in terms of cultivating which made Mu Chen unhappy. He finally had the chance to show his power while his evil disciple was thinking about sex! He'd better beat his disciple to death, which would definitely save him a lot of trouble.

Gu Yunjue hurriedly gave him a thumb-up and said seriously, "Master, you killed it!"

"Humph!" Mu Chen was still cold. With his chin lifted a little, he past the boundary unhappily.


Mu Chen was about to lift his foot when he was stopped by Gu Yunjue. A light flashed in front of him and he saw a group of fuzzy and cute animal ears in Gu Yunjue's hand.

Mu Chen looked over with a frown, "What's for these?" He wouldn't cheer up even if his disciple gave him gifts. He had seen through his evil disciple's tricks already. Did this little devil forget who brought him up all those years? Mu Chen knew what he wanted with his every move!

"Master, you've been to Demon World and surely you know that Demon cultivators have their own characteristics? Your spirit power could be hidden by pills, however, you still need some disguise." Gu Yunjue passed him those ears seriously. He was so sincere, "Master, choose a pair. Do you like cat ears or rabbit's? I think this pair of fox ears looks good too. How about bear's ears? You can hide them among your hair. People won't be able to tell whether it's true or false."