Frowning and looking at those furry ears, Mu Chen was a bit unsure whether such disguise was necessary, for it looked like a hassle and made him an idiot.

Gu Yunjue went on, "I remember Master was injured in your previous life in the demon realm. Why?"

Mu Chen's face froze when Gu mentioned this. The group of demon cultivators were crackers as everyone wanted to take a bite out of Mu while meeting him. How puzzling!

Gu Yunjue seized this opportunity to pass over the pair of cat ears and gave a sign with his eyes: that was because you were not disguised.

Mu Chen was still hesitant with a cold face, asking in reply, with one eyebrow cocked, "We couldn't find out the rooster a demon before he struck, right?"

Gu Yunjue took off Mu's hair circlet at this point, and, seeing his long dark hair hang gently to his waist, couldn't help but touch it, with Gu's palm feeling the delicacy of Mu's hair. The smile in his eyes covered, Gu explained in a gentle way, "That's because he went to the immortal realm. So he had to behave like a human."

Mu Chen's face became colder and colder. The boundary setting was already closed, but the unruly disciple was still worried about these lesser matters. Later he had to open it again with bare hands, which was really a waste of spirit power.

Gu Yunjue took advantage of the occasion to pick a pair of cat ears out and hid them in Mu Chen's hair. This pair of cat ears had already been refined by him, so it, on Mu Chen's head, could still be controlled by Gu with his spirit power. With a move of Mu's mind, the ears on Mu Chen's head vibrated.

Frowning and reaching hand to touch his own head, Mu Chen asked impatiently, "Is everything ready?" This stupid disciple was so childish!

As he looked up, he found he could see clearly his own appearance now in Gu Yunjue's dark and deep eyes. Mu Chen's face became colder. 'A black cat demon? Do I will have nine tails or nine lives? Humph!'

Seeing that Mu was about to take the ears off, Gu Yunjue immediately grasped Mu's hand and said seriously, "Master may not know that there is a cat demon with nine lives in the depths of the demon realm, who is of uncertain whereabouts like a ghost with rather high cultivation. Even the several Demon Lords do not dare to be rash when they met him. In light of master's cultivation, there shall be nobody dare to offend you when you disguise yourself as him."

Mu Chen tilted his head, his cold face showing some doubts. As his beautiful eyes were slightly narrowed, even the long eyelashes shook at the same time, "Black fur? Why not be white?"

Gu Yunjue moved his Adam's apple, feeling even his breath getting hot, "This," his eyes dodging, then he answered with a straight face, "How could the depths of the demon realm be a safe place? If the fur is too bright, the cat demon might be killed when he is still small and weak."

"Sounds reasonable." Mu Chen nodded, then reaching out and picking out a pair of fox ears, "You wear this one."

Lightly hanging up an edge of his mouth, Gu Yunjue took out a cloak to wrap Mu Chen tightly so as to avoid his beautiful face being seen by other people. While doing this, he also reminded Mu Chen, "When Master arrive at the demon realm, don't show your ears easily lest you would frighten the small demons. You don't need to do anything even if we are in trouble. Remember I will handle everything."

Mu Chen frowned a little impatiently.

After smoothing Mu's hair smilingly, Gu Yunjue take the fox ears from Mu Chen and put them into his space ring, "Does master forget it? There is no boundary setting between demon realm and devil realm. Demon cultivator is not rare in demon realm. So I don't need to wear this."

With this said, the spirit power in Gu's body changed, wisps of demon power lingering around him. His eyes turned red, the white vestment also turned into a black gown; he lifted his hand and intertwined his fingers with Mu Chen's, a wicked smile appearing on his handsome face, "Master, how have you been since I saw you last?"

Mu Chen goggled at him, shocked. It seemed he was seeing the Gu Yunjue in the previous life, with the same appearance, the same smile, the same intonation...After the initial shock, Mu Chen threw one of his arms round Gu Yunjue's neck to stop him from escaping, and hit him with his own fist in the stomach, saying in exasperation, "You speak in a normal way!"

Gu Yunjue put his hands on his stomach, and the pain made the corners of his mouth twitch. That was carrying the joke too far, so his master got angry this time. Mu Chen loosed his grip on Gu Yunjue. Snorting coldly, he opened the boundary setting again furiously, and walked straight in, but he was still getting very steamed up. This evil disciple!

Divided by a boundary setting, there was no big difference between immortal realm and demon realm, the sun same shining brightly, birds same singing, flowers same giving forth their fragrance, and wood being same dense. But here was more suitable for demons to live, so the air here was fresher than that in immortal realm.

Black Egg couldn't stand hiding in the spirit pet bag anymore, making a loud noise to show that it wanted to come out. As it wished, Mu Chen opened the bag, and by the way, as seeing Black Egg flying happily in the air, took out Golden Egg.

But Golden Egg was sleeping with its neck hunched, so Mu Chen had to put it back.

Insects kept ringing beneath their feet. Black Egg flew around, and fluttered to the ground. Black Egg found a worm from the grass after several flicks, then picked it up and gave it to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen showed his detestation, "What is this?"

Black Egg enthused, "Coo worm. It's very crisp to eat after being fried." Sharing them with Mu Chen when it found good things, the smart Black Egg knew how to make the most profit for itself when choosing which person to curry favor with.

Mu Chen stepped back and waved, "Keep it for yourself, I don't want it."

When Black Egg saw Mu Chen really don't want it, it threw the worm away.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, 'You give it to me but you don't want it yourself either?'

Black Egg explained, "This is extremely cheap in the demon realm. We could buy a massive plate of it with one low level spirit stone, even wrapped in sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds."

Mu Chen felt sick for no reason, thinking it was necessary to hang Black Egg up to teach it a lesson.

Just by then, Mu felt his arms sank; Gu Yunjue grabbed a fluffy ball thing from somewhere and placed it in his arms. It felt plump and tender, with two big round eyes in his flat face, appearing to be very dull.

Still wearing a cold face, Mu Chen took a look at Gu Yunjue, "What do you mean?"

Gu Yunjue answered honestly, "I was wrong."

Mu Chen touched the ball, meaning that he accepted the apology of Gu Yunjue, "It's a burden to take it with us. Let it go."

Hearing this, Gu Yunjue threw it right away. He clasped Mu Chen's waist, saying passionately, "Sure enough master is not willing to be angry with me. What matters most for you is me."

Mu Chen sighed, thinking how there could be such a person, who let him feel that this person was only made of bad habits, and even one virtue couldn't be picked from him. But it was this person who he was unable to let go or leave. This person would be on Mu Chen's mind as long as he couldn't see him for just one second. This person suffering minor injuries would make Mu Chen's heart ache and make him only wish he could replace him to suffer the pain.

He was afraid that this person would be too lonely, so he wanted to let him travel outside, but he was also afraid that this person would be led astray by others and be robbed. Keeping this person by his side made him anxious, but letting this person go was more worrying. Mu Chen himself didn't know what was wrong with him.

With this kind of feeling, Mu assured that only one of this kind of person was enough for him in his whole life. He had no interest in other people at all.

Just thinking about it, Mu Chen saw Gu Yunjue look eastward, frowning with some doubts.

Mu Chen ceased thinking, turning to Gu and asking, "What's wrong?"

Gu Yunjue laughed, "Earth Bell should be in the east, because Heaven Bell seems to have some reaction."

Mu Chen was puzzled. 'Can Heaven Bell feel where Earth Bell is in this long distance?'

Gu Yunjue explained with a smile, "Earth Bell could be counted as the partner of Heaven Bell, so of course Heaven Bell will know where Earth Bell is. It's just like us: no matter where you are, I will certainly find you."

Mu Chen cuffed Gu Yunjue on his head with somewhat of speechlessness, and took this opportunity to cover Gu's amorous eyes which were flashing straight towards him. Gu's eye-catching lachrymal mole was also hidden by Mu, "Stay right there! No more monkey business or you will get a thrashing."


In immortal realm.

In the end, Lofty Cloudy Sect adopted Mu Chen's proposal. They banished Gu Yunjue from Lofty Cloudy Sect, but kept Mu Chen's position, just announcing to the public that they lost track of him.