Sun rose in the east the next morning.

A ray of sunlight crept through the window into the room, and sprinkled a series of mottled marks on the light ground, which made the room even more quiet and peaceful.

The wind chime hanging over the window suddenly rang and sent over crispy sounds. Mu Chen opened his eyes in vigilance, and looked across the bed valance at the window only to see a shattered morning lights.

"Take more sleep and I will go to check it out," Gu Yunjue spoke in a low voice in Mu Chen's ears, while Mu looked up tiredly, just caught Gu Yunjue's smiling eyes. Meanwhile Gu's arm still circled around Mu's waist without any indication of leting it go. Under the brocade quilt, their bodies were still closely attached to and warmed up each other.

Recalling last night's happenings, Mu Chen closed his eyes and hummed faintly. Then he pulled the quilt to cover his make-believe cold face and to hide his shyness. However, his ear tips outside the quilt had already reddened, and even his eyelashes trembled a bit.

Gu Yunjue smirked, and didn't lay bare Mu's pretension. Instead, he gently touched Mu Chen's hair, printed a kiss on Mu's smooth forehead, and whispered, "I will be back soon."

Mu Chen confirmed in a light tone and reminded him, "Kill as less as you can."

"I know." Gu Yunjue got up, put on his clothes, and looked at Mu Chen again. Seeing Mu truly tired, Gu set a mute boundary around the bed and then went out.

After Gu Yunjue left, Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the back of Gu Yunjue until he closed the door. Then Mu groaned, "Evil disciple."

Gu Yunjue stopped outside the door, blinked and set another boundary around the house, with his lips curved into a smile.

This wind chime was connected to the defensive magic formation outside the Little Yanyang Palace. It sent out the alarm only when the Palace was under attack. To Gu Yunjue, he could have stayed longer in bed with his beloved one. It would have been an enjoyment for him to simply lie by Mu Chen and watched him sleep. However, someone had interrupted his enjoyment. Gu Yunjue's face instantly froze.

Jing Ming was sitting on the octagonal pavilion outside the bamboo forest, holding his chin and looking at a few demons attack the Palace. He had no intention to fight them. Seeing Yunjue, Jing Ming turned his head and looked at Gu. With a sniff, Jing Ming snorted and turned his head back. "He smells of Master. He took the advantage of being favored by Master and occupied all of Master's time. He was with Master even when Master was sleeping. He is totally unqualified as a Senior Martial Brother!"

Seeing Gu Yunjue coming out, Black Egg, who was enjoying the bustle, sensed a danger, rolled his eyes and flew away.

Gu Yunjue flew over the bamboo forest, and looked at the invaders. A dozen demon cultivators were holding their magical tools and attacking the boundary around the flying magic tool.

Jing Ming said without looking at Gu Yunjue, "They said if I hand over the Palace, they can spare my life. I won't hand it over. I'd like to see them wear out," said Jing Ming with pride as if he was very smart and Gu Yunjue should be envious of his intelligence.

Hearing Jing Ming's words, Gu Yunjue looked at him in distain and thought that the silly wolf's intelligence was extremely low as expected. Should Jing Ting gave some of his smartness to his younger brother, Jing Ming would be much cleverer.

A palace suddenly appeared in the mountain out of nowhere, which would invite robbery by desperados. Killing cultivators and robbing them of their treasures were all too common in Demon Realm than it was in Immortal Realm.

Seeing the attackers, Gu Yunjue didn't ask any question at all. He raised his hands, wielded his demon power and swept over the assailants, which confined them. Mu Chen then grabbed them by their throat, and slightly twisted their neck, followed by sound of bones breaking. Gu Yunjue kept cool, wielded a flame over and burned them out completely. Gu Yunjue took away their life, burned their body and incinerated their soul in a minute.

Witnessing the entire process, Jing Ming widened his eyes and looked at Gu Yunjue with amazement, exclaiming secretly in his heart 'how strong he is!'

Jing Ming thought earlier that the invaders could not breach the boundary and therefore he intended to stand by and watch the fight. However, to Jing Ming's surprise, Gu Yunjue came out and dealt with them only with one hand.

Gu killed the attackers so fast, like a tornado, that Jing Ming hadn't time to respond.

Then Jing Ming saw Gu Yunjue look at him with a suspicious smile, and Jing Ming titled his head, and instantly felt a sense of danger. What was passed down in his blood made him jump off the pavilion before his mind figured out what to do. Jing Ming quickly ran to the building where Mu Chen stayed.

However, after running few steps, Jing Ming found himself grabbed by Gu Yunjue.

Jing Ming gave a hallow laugh and wiped his oily claws against his body. When Jing Ming saw a red scratch in Gu Yunjue's neck, he immediately widened his eyes and asked, "Why did Master beat you? You're not a kid now. How can you still make Master angry? And you're so good at pretending to be a demon cultivator, so surreal. How did you change your way of cultivating? With the help of pills?"

Gu Yunjue chuckled and asked, "Want to learn?"

Jing Ming nodded and said he wanted to learn it very much!

Gu Yunjue put Jing Ming down, raised his palm, and patted Jing Ming's head. Gu pressed down his hand, a white light flashed through and a white-furred puppy appeared. Jing Ming retreated into his true shape. Gu Yunjue picked Jing Ming up, threw him into the bamboo forest, and said with a smile, "Since you're fond of watching people fight, I give you a chance to have such fun for good. Reflect on what you've done, and I'll teach you how to change cultivation when I'm happy."

Jing Ming looked at his furry little paws and was struck dumb.

Black Egg, hidden in the distance, covered his eyes with his wings and found it a bit unbearable. "Master Gu Yunjue has been practicing Soul Devil Cultivation and the highest level of it can enable time distortion. Although it can't change one's mind, it does alter his or her body. Gu Yunjue has already experimented the cultivation countlessly on me. Once, I was even turned into an egg. The silly wolf didn't run away earlier. Master was obviously unhappy when he showed up. His face told that he was sexually dissatisfied."

"Bow-wow…" Jing Ming saw Gu Yunjue was leaving, realized what he should do, and tried to catch up with Gu with his supple legs. Whatever he said, it was barks. Jing Ming was shocked and sat down on the ground. "What the heck! My spoken language ability was degraded too?!"

At the moment, Black Egg flew over and threw the golden egg on the ground. He stepped on it with a claw and asked like a punk, "Hey puppy. Want to play ball?"


When Mu Chen had enough rest and woke up, twilight was falling. Mu sat on bed, and his white underwear couldn't cover scratches and bruises left by last night's love-making. And hickeys dotted his neck.

Gu Yunjue wore a smile and walked over. Gu tenderly handed over a cup of Mu Chen's favorite tea and reached out to smoothen a strand of hair over Mu Chen's forehead. Gu whispered, "Would you like to take more rest?"

Mu Chen sipped his tea, looked up at Gu Yunjue coldly, reached out with his palm, and said, "Take them all out."

Mu Chen already knew that he had been deceived by Gu Yunjue. The animal ears were merely used in role-playing when they had sex and the protection rhetoric was merely to coax him to wear them on. As for the cat ears, Mu Chen had pulled them off and burned them into ashes. Now Mu should confiscate all those ears and toys from his unruly disciple so as to save his lewd minds.

Gu Yunjue's obediently turned those toys in, and behaved in repentance which made Mu Chen's anger eased. Mu Chen exercised his soul power and burned all of them. Yet Mu Chen's look towards Gu Yunjue still had a touch of cold. "Evil Disciple, you've gotten bolder. You've not only kept so many things but also dared to deceive me."

"Go to kneel down outside and don't come in until I call you." Mu Chen ordered and pointed to the door. Mu had found it quite necessary to re-establish his image as a strict Master.

To Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen was so gentle and docile in the morning, yet after taking a long good sleep, Mu wanted to punish him again. Mu's attitude and behave had changed so fast that Gu couldn't believe his ears. Gu therefore asked, "What?"

"Kneel down in front of the door."

When Mu Chen's voice fell, there came in a chuckle and a familiar demon breath rushed into the palace even without disguise. Following the demon breath was a gorgeous voice, which penetrated people's tympanic membrane and engraved on their soul. "My eyelids have been twitching recently and I have wondered why. It turns out I have visitors from afar." The breath and voice turned out to be from Feng Jiuli.

Hearing Feng's voice, Mu Chen picked up a new set of vestments stacked by the pillow and quickly put them on. At the moment, Black Egg croaked alarmingly. Even though the Three-Legged Golden Crow looked like a raven, it was not a raven. It ate souls and attacked others with its soul power, and thus Gu Yunjue recognized Black Egg as his soul pet.

Black Egg's long croak conveyed dizzying sound, which was not pleasant to ears, but its abnormity was even more irritating.

Mu Chen knew well that Black Egg must have fluttered his wings and wiggled his bottom to provoke the phoenix. Black Egg wasn't courageous. Whenever there was danger, he would first think of his personal safety and hide away. However, Black Egg couldn't control itself to have a fight when he encountered a sworn enemy. At the moment, as far as Black Egg's current cultivation was concerned, Feng Jiuli could destroy him with one finger.

"Stupid duck!" Mu Chen loathed while putting on his clothes. When Mu turned to look at Gu Yunjue at his side, he found Gu even more detestable. "A pet reflects his master. You and Black Egg are equally stupid."

Gu Yunjue wasn't annoyed by Mu Chen's scolding, but instead kissed Mu Chen when he saw Mu's lips moving.

After the kiss, Gu Yunjue immediately put a cloak on Mu before he turned angry. Gu Yunjue carefully tied the cloak for Mu Chen and wrapped him tightly around his neck.

Mu Chen frowned, pulled the cloak impatiently. Now that Mu Chen's fire poison was detoxified, and he wielded his soul power much faster to defend himself, Mu found it much awkward to be wrapped in such a redundant clothes.

"Master, please put up with it for a while. The cloak could block other's mind detection. I'll get another one that you like later." Gu Yunjue explained while pointing to Mu Chen's neck. "I'm afraid that you might be angry and beat me again later." As a matter of fact, Gu wasn't willing to let others see Mu Chen's appearance at the moment. Gu thought only he himself could enjoy Mu Chen's beauty.

With Gu Yunjue's explanation, Mu Chen got his point. Yet Mu kept cool, and suddenly punched Gu Yunjue in his stomach. Then, Mu Chen sorted his clothes and strode out of the room.

"The evil disciple really needs a spanking for no reason. A master is responsible for educating his disciple. Beating him is beneficial for him. Of course, punishing him with kneeling is necessary after I meet Feng Jiuli."