Mu Chen went out of his room and found what Black Egg did was quite up to his "expectation". Black Egg hovered around and stepped on black flames; he wiggled his neck, flapped his wings, and wiggled his bottom in a frantic try to provoke Feng Jiuli.

As for Black Egg's assumed enemy, Feng Jiuli, in a gorgeous red-colored robe, stood above the minor Yanyang Palace with his hands on his back. His powerful breath shrouded the entire minor Yanyang Palace, which even warmed up the air. His visage was as handsome as he had been, but was more coquettish as a result of a flame cloud pattern between his eyebrows.

At the moment, Feng Jiuli was looking doubtfully at Black Egg and was at a loss of what Black Egg meant. As a matter of fact, Feng seemed to have tried very hard to understand Black Egg.

Seeing this, Mu Chen was driven speechless and thought that Black Egg must have felt tired in doing so, as no matter how provocative he tried, his intention was not understood by Feng Jiuli. It might be a result of differences in their blood?

When Mu Chen came out, Feng Jiuli's eyes brightened; Feng instantly wore a mischievous laughter and said with enthusiasm, "Heyyy, Mr. Beauty. Are you tired of the disciple and coming to me?"

Mu Chen didn't bother to answer such boring question and instead pointed to a stone table in the bamboo forest. Mu asked, "Want to come down and talk?"

Feng Jiuli squinted at Mu Chen and smiled, "Why not! It's an honor to talk to Mr. Beauty."

Mu Chen couldn't get used to Feng's greeting style, but sit down and said plainly, "Cut the crap. Nothing of what you've said is sincere. I guess you are tired of talking like that while I am tired of listening to it."

Feng Jiuli was surprised by Mu's frankness, and then calmed down. He pushed open the boundary and descended to sit down opposite to Mu Chen. Then Feng rested his chin on his hand and gazed into Mu Chen's eyes, as if he wanted to see through them and know Mu Chen's mind. While Feng glued his eyes into Mu Chen, Feng spoke slowly with a gorgeous voice, but he weighed his words with hesitation and asked after a while of thinking, "You are so interesting. How could you get if I was sincere? Now make a guess. What's in my mind at the moment?"

Mu Chen looked up and threw Feng an indifferent look. Mu Chen's eyes never hid Mu's emotions, thus they expressed a clear meaning. "You're a big fool!"

"How can I know what you're thinking? And why shall I make a guess? What I said was just out of my instinct. It's because you and my stupid disciple are much alike. So it's easy to know."

Seeing Mu Chen's response, Feng Jiuli had egg on his face. Mu Chen stroked his chin, and suddenly felt that it should be very interesting to tantalize Mu Chen into changing his face.

At the very moment, Gu Yunjue showed up and said in a cold voice, "Think twice before you lay your finger on someone else's treasure."

Gu Yunjue said with a poker face while held delicate desserts. His sentiment couldn't be perceived yet he looked at Feng Jiuli with profound eyes where there was a trace of killing intent. The profoundness of Gu's look was quite like that of falling darkness.

Feng Jiuli shrugged his shoulders and knew that what he tried to do had touched Gu Yunjue's bottom line. Feng then smiled and said, "I was kidding."

Gu Yunjue threw a glance at Feng Jiuli without hiding his intent of killing Feng. Then, Gu turned to Mu Chen, while his face suddenly changed and coldness was replaced with softness. Feng put the dessert in front of Mu Chen, pulled a chair and sat next to him. Gu wore a smile and asked, "Hungry? Have a try."

Mu Chen stretched his hand towards Gu Yunjue though he didn't feel hungry. "The dessert should be made by my stupid disciple and it looks very appetizing."

Gu Yunjue cleaned one of Mu's hands with a wet handkerchief, took a piece of cake and put it in his hand, so that Mu Chen could taste it with his cleaned hand. Then Gu pulled up the other one of Mu's hands and gently repeated what he did.

Feng Jiuli watched Gu Yunjue's movements, and slightly squinted his eyes. Anyone who was not stupid could see that Mu Chen was Gu Yunjue's untouchable treasure. Feng then looked away. "It's not worthwhile to make a strong crazy enemy for an interesting person.

Black Egg stood on a branch and when he saw Feng Jiuli turned his eyesight to him, he was thrilled instantly. Black Egg opened his beak, and fluttered his wings to show his contempt for Feng. Should he have had fingers instead of wings, Black Egg would have stuck out two middle fingers at Feng. At the moment, Black Egg recalled the ambition which was to become king of Three Realms, and have phoenixes creep in front of him and obey him.

Feng Jiuli raised his eyebrows and wondered what the little crow meant.

A phoenix and a three-legged golden crow were species of two extremes, but shared an essential similarity.

A phoenix could reborn from nirvana, and thus had an immortal body. In fact, a three-legged golden crow had similar exuberant vitality. However badly a golden crow was injured, he could take in souls and recover. The two species dislike each other, which was born in their blood. However, a golden crow would distain a phoenix more than the other way around as the phoenix stayed in bright whereas the golden crow live in dark. The dark creature naturally found the superior one more disagreeable.

Black Egg was annoyed by Feng Jiuli's ignorance of his provocation. "Fuck. Is the phoenix nuts or something?"

Feng Jiuli rolled his eyes and suddenly said, "Birdie, are you seducing me?"

Black Egg was shocked by Feng's question and narrowly fell from the tree. "He is abnormally brainless!"

Feng Jiuli saw the shocked Black Egg and turned to Gu Yunjue. "Your soul pet is interesting. I guess there's something wrong with its intelligence as he's trying to seduce me while swearing at me."

Gu Yunjue turned a deaf ear to Feng's words, and gently rubbed snack crumbs off Mu Chen's mouth. Feng Jiuli found the interaction between the two quite interesting. The master and the disciple didn't look at Feng until Mu Chen had enough of the desserts.

Feng Jiuli held his chin and asked with a smile, "You come from afar. And I guess you're not coming to be my guests.

Hiding from someone like Feng Jiuli would lead to more speculation, and the evil nature of him could create troubles for them. Therefore, it might be better to be honest with him. Mu Chen reached out and let Gu Yunjue wipe his hands, looked at Feng Jiuli, and said faintly, "Have you ever heard of Heaven and Earth Protection Soul Bell?"

"Heaven and Earth Protection Soul Bell? Aren't they the legendary treasures of Lofty Cloudy Sect?" Feng Jiuli thoughtfully tapped his thigh with his index finger placed under the table. "I heard that it is a witness of love-promise by some almighty figure and the pair lost one during Immortal-Devil War."

"We got the news that Earth Bell was in your territory." Mu Chen took the map out and placed it on the table to invite Feng Jiuli look at it.

Feng Jiuli first looked at Gu Yunjue subconsciously, and his eyebrows couldn't help but twitch. Then Feng turned to read the map.

Gu Yunjue was now preoccupied with Mu Chen. Gu looked sideways at Mu Chen talking and was pleased in doing so, as if everything wasn't as attractive as the person in front of him. His obsessiveness was tempting, which made it hard for people to envision his murderous look earlier. Gu Yunjue was even more abnormal than the crow.

After reading the map, Feng Jiuli was amused. "So you come to look for Earth Bell then. But do you know where it locates and what the place is?"

Mu Chen shook his head to show his unawareness. Such a direct expression made one impossible to blame.

Feng Jiuli said with solemnity, "It's Holy Place of us, where I was born, and where I'm going to die." Then Feng changed his expression and smiled, "Look, Heaven help to bring you to me."

Hearing Feng's remark, Gu Yunjue responded and threw Feng Jiuli a cold glance.

Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue's hand and appeased him a bit. Mu felt that the rooster was deliberately provocative and intended to fool his stupid disciple. The statement of his predestined partner was way too unreliable. It was unclear who the predestined one was. Perhaps Feng's initial target was his stupid disciple, while getting close to Mu was but an excuse for reaching Gu. Mu Chen's face froze at the thought. He would never allow anyone come and take away his disciple who he had raised up. "Should anyone dare to have the idea, I'll burn him!"

A person once had nothing to lose and now he had possessed something completely himself. He naturally knew to prevent bad things from happening, eliminate dangers in their cradle, and avoid potential trouble.

Mu Chen now craved to hide his apprentice behind him, and prevent Gu Yunjue from any contact with the rooster. Feng might as well continued to be looked at with indifferent eyes, and seen as a rooster.

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes, grabbed Mu Chen's hand, and docilely rubbed against Mu's shoulder.

Mu Chen straightened his back and felt proud.

Seeing their interactions, Feng Jiuli's mouth got twitched and he felt that he couldn't keep up with the two. A weird master adopted an abnormal disciple, and they kept an anomalous soul pet.

"Since you said that Earth Bell was in my place, I could let you come and look for it, but I have a condition," said Feng Jiuli while he pointed to himself. "I have to follow you."

Mu Chen said in a cold voice, "As you wish." That was Feng Jiuli's territory and they had no right to interfere if Feng strolled around his land. On the other hand, it would be very helpful to allow them to do so given their acquaintance.

At a second thought, Mu Chen was somewhat worried as Feng Jiuli asked to follow him and Gu Yunjue. 'What kind of intention does Feng harbor? Is he plotting something? Why does he want to follow us? Who does he want to follow, me or my disciple? Can't he let go the predestined idea?'

Seeing Mu Chen thinking too much, Gu Yunjue instantly intervened and sent over his mind message, "Whatever Feng is plotting, we can join hands and keep him at bay. Don't worry."

Mu Chen glanced at Gu Yunjue, "Bastard, it's not what I worried."

Gu Yunjue smiled flatteringly, "I will be obedient and filial, stay close to Master and never leave you."

Mu Chen then felt relieved, "Evil disciple, not bad."

While they were going to talk business with Feng Jiuli, Feng found the two cast glances at each other again. Feng was driven speechless and turned to look at Black Egg. Whenever Black Egg detected Feng's look towards him, Black Egg would stroke his feathers and moved around, which was amusing to Feng.

Being aware Black Egg was humiliating himself again, Mu Chen took out Golden Egg from the soul pet bag, and threw it at Black Egg like throwing a hidden weapon. Golden Egg ended up directly on Black Egg's butt and smashed the bird off the tree in a cry and dropped to the ground. Meanwhile, several plumes fell off Black Egg's body.

Black Egg distressfully picked up his feathers and hid them under his wings. Black Egg then looked at Mu Chen with resentment, "As an abyss devil, it shouldn't have lost its dignity in front of its natural enemy. How could Palace Master take sides with the rooster?"

Mu Chen wore a cold face and pretended he didn't see Black Egg.

At the moment, Feng Jiuli stood up with a smile, examined the layout of Little Yanyang Palace and said with amusement, "As we all have to go to Phoenix Valley, let's travel in a group. May I stay in that room?" Feng Jiuli pointed at one of the side chambers and asked Mu Chen.

"Be my guest." Mu Chen invited.

Feng Jiuli strolled out. While he looked at Black Egg, he reached out to grab Black Egg. Feng smiled and said, "Little crow, let's have a talk."

Mu Chen knew that Feng Jiuli was interested in Black Egg and wanted to play with him. Feng wouldn't do Black Egg any harm and Mu then ignored Black Egg's resistance. They had bred Black Egg into such a fat bird, but he hadn't been through any adversity. He should experience some frustrations.

After Feng Jiuli left, Mu Chen looked around and didn't see another familiar figure. He asked with doubts, "Where is Jing Ming?"