Heaven Bell and Earth Bell finally met, and their bodies emitted white lights on their gathering, after which a complicated pattern grew up on them. Then they flew back to their masters respectively with their ability recovered. In other words, the previous problems on them were all fixed.

Gu Yunjue's Heaven Bell changed into the look as inscribed in the stone monument of the secrete boundary in Green Red Valley, which was Protection Soul Bell's original shape.

With a move in his mind, Gu then sent his soul into the bell to check the space inside, and found out the missing part had been made up, and the dying fruit trees finally showed some vitality.

Mu Chen was checking his bell's ability too, and discovered the space in it. Mu Chen's soul searched around and met Gu's soul. Mu Chen suddenly recalled the fight against the Devil Lord, when his disciple shut him up in a space and Mu couldn't break the boundary. Now Mu Chen knew he was kept here then.

Sensed Mu Chen's killing intent, Gu Yunjue smiled and said invitingly, "Should there be any change, you could keep me in twice."

Mu Chen snorted and retreated.

The cultivator fulfilled his mission and he was leaving as his body became transparent.

Mu Chen suddenly remembered the picture on secret boundary's stone wall and couldn't help but ask, "Does the soul of Earth Bell's original master still exist?"

"I don't know."

"The man had been looking for him for a long time. Should his soul know it, he should be relieved a bit."

The cultivator was originally indifferent and suddenly showed some doubts when he heard the words. He then turned to look at Gu Yunjue carefully. "You've accepted his inheritance? Are you his successor? Or you're his descendant?"

Gu Yunjue exercised Soul Devil Cultivation and showed devil power to the man. "You shall ask my ancestors. How do I know my... OUCH!"

Mu Chen wore a cold face and elbowed the disciple in his stomach for not talking nicely. And Gu closed his mouth with pain.

The man then looked at Mu Chen, and asked with surprise in his eyes, "What is your family name?"

Mu Chen said faintly, "His family name is Gu, and mine is Mu. None of us know things about our ancestors, so we cannot answer your questions."

The man nodded and said to himself, "No wonder you two could come here. You are their descendants." After the words, his figure gradually disappeared. When Gu Yunjue raised his hand to stop the man, Mu Chen stopped Gu and said, "Forget it. He had been here for so many years. Let him go."

Gu Yunjue looked at place where the man disappeared and grumbled, "He hasn't told us if the soul exists or not."

"What I care most is his last sentence. We are the descendants of whom?"

Gu Yunjue smiled and grabbed Mu Chen's hands. "Our ancestors got entangled in romance, so we must be together."

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows and said in a cold voice, "Got entangled? One of them were dead and the other ascended to the God Realm. They were not together in the end. The most annoying thing is that the two had children with others." Mu Chen said and pointed to Gu Yunjue, and himself. They were evidence of the misery.

Gu Yunjue laughed and found his master exceptionally cute as he was inexplicably entangled in such problems. Gu then explained patiently, "The descendants are not necessarily born by themselves. They could have brothers and we might be offspring of other collateral branches."

Mu Chen frowned and found Gu's explanation make sense.

"Ok. Don't worry about the problem. Let's go out."

"How could we go out?"

Mu Chen looked around and didn't see any way out.

At the moment, Heaven and Earth Protection Soul Bell flew up automatically with Earth Bell leading and Heaven Bell following. Both Mu and Gu received a reminder in their mind from the bells, "Keep up!"

The two exchanged a look and followed the bells. The exit turned to be the same magic formation on the tree.

Feng Jiuli was meditating under the tree and noticed that some people were coming down. Feng opened his eyes instantly. Seeing that Mu Chen landed and looked at him with murderous intent, Feng raised his eyebrows with doubts. Feng couldn't understand why Mu Chen smiled at him when Mu Chen left but now wanted to kill him when the two returned. "It's said that a woman's face changes faster than a book flips. It is same with men?"

Mu Chen snorted and looked aside, demonstrating no desire to communicate with others.

Gu Yunjue nodded at Feng Jiuli to show that they got the bell.

"I didn't expect you two come back alive. It's interesting." Feng Jiuli looked with interest at the bells following the two. Feng's intention was to see if the two, who had violated Heaven's arrangement, could come out alive. To his surprise, one's destiny could be disobeyed.

"Since you've taken my thing, are you going to leave something for me?" Feng Jiuli stood up and asked thoughtfully.

Mu Chen's face suddenly changed and he pulled Gu Yunjue behind him. Mu said with murderous intent, "I can give you a thing, but it's impossible to give you a man!"

Feng Jiuli's lips twitched and he said, "You've thought too much. I'll keep anything but me. I want to live longer."

Seeing Feng's reply, Mu Chen eased, and showed that they could talk.

Gu Yunjue walked up with a smile and patted Mu Chen's shoulder to make him relax. "Not everyone wants to rob you of me. Should someone come for me, I won't go with him or her." Gu proposed to Feng Jiuli, "How about leaving the three-legged golden crow to you? Let it serve you for a hundred years."

"That little crow?" Feng Jiuli raised his eyebrows and was interested.

Gu Yunjue continued, "You want to find something interesting to do. Am I right? Isn't it exciting to raise your sworn enemy? Black Egg will turn into a human soon."

Feng Jiuli thought for a moment, and suddenly snapped his finger with brightened eyes. "Deal."

Learning that he was left behind, Black Egg was stunned and speechless. He couldn't react for a long time.

Mu Chen couldn't bear it, but took out Golden Egg and gave it to Black Egg. "It's your son. Don't lose it."

Black Egg flew over and held Mu Chen's leg with his wings. Black Egg shouted hysterically, "Palace Master! Don't desert me! I will take good care of you when you're old!"

Mu Chen was speechless that he wouldn't grow old at all.

Black Egg continued to cry, "You have raised me for so many years. Don't you feel about suffering losses for giving me to others?"

Mu Chen squatted down, stroked Black Egg's head, and said softly, "It's only a hundred years. Haven't you noticed that there is an extremely bleak place in the valley, where countless evil spirits gathered? It's good for your cultivation."

Black Egg blinked and was afraid that Mu Chen lied to himself.

Mu Chen slightly poked Black Egg's head. He wouldn't lie, let alone lying to a bird. Gu Yunjue must have found the place beneficial for Black Egg's cultivation, so he was willing to keep him here.

It turned to be Mu Chen's habit to justify Gu Yunjue. Even though his disciple deceived Mu Chen, violated Mu occasionally and should be disciplined, Mu believed that Gu was kind in his heart.

Black Egg was left behind. When Black Egg bade farewell to Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue, he was reluctant. Yet when he thought of the countless evil spirits, Black Egg felt that life was not so miserable to him.

When they approached the exit of Phoenix Valley, Mu Chen looked back with inexplicable concerns. Black Egg was picked up and taken back by Mu when he was a hatchling. Later, he was raised by Gu Yunjue as a duck. Black Egg would eat and play all day long, and hadn't done any work. If he annoyed Feng Jiuli, would Feng grill and eat him?

"Don't worry," Gu Yunjue poked at his forehead between his eyebrows and said, "The magic pet contract still exists. I will come to him once he is in danger."

Mu Chen was relieved a little and said, "Okay."

Jing Ming had worn a long face, followed Mu Chen and read his medicine notebook. Sensing Jing Ming's abnormality, Mu Chen helplessly asked, "What is wrong with you?"

Jing Ming pouted and explained, "Several days ago, I received a message from my elder brother. He told me to go back quickly and not take too much of Master's time to do your business."

Jing Ming was somewhat unhappy. The important thing that Master did every day was merely to stick around with Senior Martial Brother. They ate and slept together. When Master was happy, he would hug Senior Martial Brother, or beat him up when he wasn't.

What Master did was less than what Jing Ming did. However, Jing Ting still treated him as a child and took him as a fool.

Mu Chen raised his hand, landed on Jing Ming's head and stroked, "Since Jing Ting is worried about you, you should go back now."

"He isn't worried about me; he has always thought me a hindrance." Jing Ming pouted and said with anger.

"Why did he call you back if he dislikes you?" Mu Chen patted Jing Ming's head and continued, "The fact that you lead such a lighthearted and carefree life tells that he cares about you very much."

Jing Ming goggled and tilted his head in thinking. He thought about the issue for a while, scratched his head and worriedly asked, "If I go back, I might not be able to see Master for a long time then."

"No," Mu Chen said with a smile. "I will go to Devil Realm with your Senior Martial Brother. If you want to see me, you can always go there."

Jing Ming was surprised and asked, "Won't Master go back to Immortal Realm?"

Mu Chen couldn't help smiling, "Poor kid, how could you believe in Gu Yunjue's nonsense. What kind of medicine can disguise an immortal cultivator into such a demon cultivator like Gu?"

After going out of the valley, they found someone was waiting there to pick Jing Ming up. It was a middle-aged person who looked very reliable. His appearance and Jing Ming's were very close and it was easy to tell that they came from the same family.

Jing Ming walked over unwillingly. The man stroked Jing Ming's head, said something and saluted to Mu Chen, after which he took Jing Ming and left.

Mu Chen exclaimed, "Now there are only you and me."

Gu Yunjue reached out joyfully to hold Mu Chen's waist, and rested on his shoulder. "This is what I have wanted. Master is all mine now."

"You are happy?"

"Of course."

Mu Chen poked at Gu Yunjue's forehead, smiled and cursed, "Evil disciple!"

Just then, a piercing sword aura swept over, and Mu Chen waved his sleeves, blocked the murderous intent, and noticed a familiar soul power in the sword aura. Mu Chen looked up into the sky in surprise, where he saw two figures, one in blue and the other in red. One of them wore a murderous look and stared at Mu, the other wore a complex face and was apparently shocked at what he saw.