"Hanzhi……" Mu Chen was stunned, and surprised. Mu didn't expect to meet them here.

Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes and was somewhat annoyed. He had just sent two people away and now had to "welcome" another two.

Liu Hanzhi pointed at Mu Chen with extreme anger and said without any intent to catch up on things, "You, go back with me."

Mu Chen's face instantly froze, and Mu held up his chin to look at Liu Hanzhi. "What if I don't?"

Liu Hanzhi was never good at persuading people. When he was a child, he was together with Mu Chen and was trained as a killing weapon. However, Mu Chen never took him as a servant. Liu Hanzhi and Mu Chen were more like brothers than a master and a servant. And they would subject difference to fights. At the moment, Liu Hanzhi looked at Mu Chen in the way of a kid treating his stubborn friend and desired for a fight to find out the leadership.

Seeing that the two was going to fight each other, Duanmu Feng quickly stopped Liu Hanzhi, and Duanmu showed respects to Mu Chen, "Greetings to Martial Uncle."

Mu Chen nodded and looked sideways at Liu Hanzhi. "Look at Duanmu's manners. It's such a waste for him to be with you."

Seeing Mu Chen's expression, Liu Han's face froze and his hand holding the sword trembled under control.

Duanmu Feng again pulled the sleeve of Liu and smiled at Mu Chen. Duanmu said politely, "Could we find a place, sit down and talk?"

The four found a pavilion on the mountain and sat down. Gu Yunjue took out the tea set and made a cup of tea for each person.

Gu Yunjue and Duanmu Feng wore a mild expression, while Mu Chen's was indifferent, and Liu Hanzhi's face showed murderous intent, especially when he looked at Gu Yunjue. Shouldn't Duanmu Feng stop him, Liu Hanzhi had long drawn his sword and launched a life or death fight with Gu Yunjue.

Mu Chen sipped his tea and asked mildly, "How come you two end up here?"

Liu Hanzhi rolled his eyes and said with anger, "Aren't we here to look for you?"

"Look for me? Why? I won't get lost. I will go back when I should." Mu Chen put down his teacup and frowned. He didn't want to bring the people of Lofty Cloudy Sect into the mess, so he ordered Yue Mingze to drive him out of the sect. To his surprise, the stupid martial nephew didn't obey him, and instead allow Liu Hanzhi and Duanmu Feng run all the way here to meet him. Should their meeting be seen by any evil mind, there definitely would be some trouble.

Liu Hanzhi asked in a cold voice, "Where are you going?"

Mu Chen looked up and answered with a serious look, "Devil Realm."

Liu Hanzhi drew his sword in a jingle, "I'll kill this devil cultivator and bring you back with me!"

Mu Chen wore a cold look, summoned his sword, blocked Liu, and said with annoyance, "Ask me first should you want to kill him."

"How come you are so self-destructive?"

"Cut the crap!"

The two wasted no more word, flew out and fought each other.

Gu Yunjue poured a cup of tea for Duanmu Feng, and behaved as gentle and polite as before. "Second Martial Brother, How are you?"

Duanmu Feng took the tea, thanked Gu for the service, and behaved without Liu Hanzhi's resistance. "I'm fine. Thank you."

"What's going on in our Sect?"

"Now the First Martial Brother is getting more and more experienced and prudent. And with the help of younger martial brothers and sisters, there is nothing to worry about."

They talked about the old days and caught up on things. In contrast, Mu Chen and Liu Hanzhi were preoccupied with fighting, and sword auras flew all over the sky.

Gu Yunjue reminded, "My Master has an out-sect Senior Martial Brother, named Liu Xuansu. When you return, please remind Chief Martial Brother of taking precautions against him. My elder brother disguised as Liu's most favored disciple before, and they might have other contacts too."

"Is him the one that was injured by you during the Four Sects Competition?"


"Got it."

The two sipped tea while observing fierce fighting between the other two in the air. Duanmu Feng reluctantly said, "I don't know how they people used to get along. Now they battle as if they are enemies."

Gu Yunjue smiled faintly and looked at Mu Chen's figure with tenderness. "Quiet people always find their way to get along."

Liu Han slashed with his sword angrily, "Why are you so stubborn?"

Mu Chen slashed back and cried, "What do you know!"

"Go back to Immortal Realm with me!"

"I am going to Devil Realm!"

The ice and the fire collided again, and the mountain was turned into a world mixed with ice and fire. The power of two cultivators at Late Demigod Stage could destroy the mountain completely.

Seeing Mu Chen would go to Demon Realm, Liu Hanzhi was even angrier. "You give up the tile of Grand Martial Elder, run to Devil Realm and be a traitor against our Sect. Isn't this self-destructive? Don't you know that your disciple isn't an ordinary devil cultivator? Are you clear?"

Mu Chen lifted his soul power up to eighty percent and said with irritability, "I don't care about his cultivator. There was no difference between demon and immortal cultivators before the boundary was set. It's nothing but the difference of cultivation!"

"How come you like him so much? Are you crazy?" Liu Hanzhi regretted that should he have known that Mu Chen was bewildered today, he should have killed Gu Yunjue for good before. Or Mu Chen wouldn't be enchanted by him.

"What is 'like'? I don't understand!" Mu Chen wielded his power and forced Liu Hanzhi to retreat in a stroke of the sword. Mu was originally lower than Liu Hanzhi in terms of cultivation. However, after he came out, he detoxified his fire poison; on the other hand, he exercised couple cultivation with Gu Yunjue, which made extra soul power in Gu Yunjue be poured into Mu's body. Therefore, Mu's current soul power got an upper hand over that of Liu Hanzhi. Because of anger, Mu didn't suppress his power and could hold down Liu Hanzhi with a sword stroke.

Mu was annoyed and said, "He has problems all over him. But I just can't let it go. What can I do?"

Liu Hanzhi stepped back, held his sword horizontally in the front. His straight figure was as domineering as the long sword in his hand, as if he would never be beaten.

After Mu Chen's words, Liu Hanzhi stood in silence for a few seconds, and looked into Mu Chen's eyes without further move. In a while, he suddenly sheathed his sword and said in a cold voice, "As you wish. Don't let yourself be wronged."

Mu Chen snorted and withdrew his sword too. Mu said with a cold face, "How is it possible?"

Seeing this, Duanmu Feng asked in a surprise, "That's all? They're done?"

"Maybe they've finished their communication." Gu Yunjue stood up and took Mu Chen's hand to check his situation. Gu found that Mu had used most of his soul power yet there was no injury. Then Gu felt eased, let Mu sit back, and pulled Mu Chen's hands to have them wiped.

Liu Hanzhi glanced at Gu Yunjue, turned around and left.

Duanmu Feng cupped his hands towards Mu Chen to extend his respects and quickly chased Liu Hanzhi up. Duanmu asked with doubts, "Won't we take Martial Uncle back?"

"It's too late," Liu Hanzhi paused and grabbed Duanmu Feng's hand, held it tight in his own. "He has made his mind and really wants to be with Gu Yunjue. By his temper, even if we killed him, he wouldn't leave his body for us to bring it back."

Duanmu Feng looked back and saw Gu Yunjue was stroking Mu Chen's hair carefully. Duanmu smiled and persuaded, "Younger Martial Brother Gu is sincere to him. You should be relieved from now on."

A killing intent flashed in Liu Hanzhi's eyes, "How could he fall in love with a devil cultivator?"

"Haven't you planned to check if he is voluntary in the relationship? Now that you're sure about it, you shall be relieved."

Liu Hanzhi eased up, and said, "What he wants isn't much. It's the first time that I heard him say it, that he couldn't let it go."

Mu Chen was in a good mood and raised his eyebrows at Gu Yunjue. Mu said in a firm voice, "Now Liu Hanzhi must feel bad."


"He couldn't defeat me." Mu Chen raised his chin, and arrogantly said: "He must be too embarrassed to tell the Second Martial Nephew that he could not defeat me anymore." Since they were kids, the two never tried their utmost in their fights, yet Mu Chen knew that his power was below Liu Hanzhi. But now, he could get an upper hand over Liu Hanzhi. Such feeling was overwhelmingly delightful to Mu Chen.

Gu Yunjue found Mu Chen's expression quite arousing, and said seriously, "So intercourse cultivation is very useful. It's necessary for us to practice it every day."

Mu Chen curled his mouth, and pushed Gu Yunjue away in dissatisfaction. "You shall get smaller. You're not good looking now."

"Smaller? It's difficult to get smaller? But it could be bigger, longer or shorter."

Mu Chen tilted his head, thought for a moment and finally understood what Gu meant. Mu Chen then pinched Gu's ears out of shyness. "Pervert!"


Three months later, over Legend Mountain where located one of the three major forces in Devil Realm.

Mu Chen finally returned to here with Gu Yunjue. In his previous life, Gu Yunjue established his power here, and stirred up fights and battles among three realms. Now, he was back again, yet with a different state of mind.

In this life, Gu Yunjue had found his life goal, and guarding the smile on his beloved one had become his habit. There was no need for any plots, murders or bloods. Gu would be quite happy as long as no one came to disturb their peace.

Mu Chen was also in a mixed mood and didn't expect to come here in his life.

Gu Yunjue took Mu Chen's hand and smiled at him. "Close your eyes and wait for a surprise."

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows and was wondering what his unruly disciple was going to do.

Gu Yunjue inclined to Mu Chen, held his shoulder with one hand and covered his eyes with the other.

Mu Chen was speechless. He let Gu Yunjue be and they flew for a while like that until Gu stopped, approached his ears and whispered, "Be prepared. Ready to open your eyes."

Mu Chen impatiently grabbed the big hand covering his eyes, pulled it down and looked down. After seeing the view, Mu Chen was thrilled.