Chapter 107 A New Maid“You?” doubted Li Mu.

He studied this pretty girl.

She did seem couragous and upright.

“Younger Sister Zhao, no need to beg for his mercy. If you die, we’ll die with you,” The young disciple who had always taken her side held his chin up and declared, “If worse come to worst, we will fight for our lives together.”

“Right. We’re a team. We came in here together, and we shall take off together as well,” another disciple shouted.

“Yes. We’re disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction. Threats don’t work on us.”

The rest of the disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction echoed with indignation.

At this sight, Li Mu was a little impressed by those unsophisticated swordsmen of the Taibai Sword Faction.

Although all of those juniors were ignorant and thoughtless, they, at least, were not a bunch of cowards. Now that they could still be tough and fearless in such a dire circumstance, Li Mu was convinced that the Taibai Sword Faction was a decent and respectable faction.

“For me, killing you guys is as easy as chopping vegetables,” Li Mu barked, intending to test the disciples further, “Now that you all wish to die, well, I’ll make it happen. I was told that you’re elites of the new generation of the Taibai Sword Faction. So, with you all gone, maybe the power of your faction will be slacked.”

“You…” A young disciple spluttered out of rage.

“Humph, none of our Taibai swordsmen will beg for mercy. We’ll only die in the fight!”

Several other swordsmen were also adrenalized with chivalry and outrage. Like infuriated bulls, they glared at Li Mu and showed no sign of compromising.

Zhou Zhenhai, the outer school elder who already detected Li Mu’s real agenda, just watched them argue and did not say a word.

Li Mu let out a hearty laugh and then said, “To die is actually the easier path. To keep going is a much more difficult one. It’s good with me if you want to die, because that’s really easy to achieve… Then, I’ll fulfill your wish…”

However, before he finished his words, a firm and proud voice sounded.

“If you want to punish us, just kill me. I will take all the blames in exchange for their lives!” Zhao Ling cried as she stalked over to Li Mu with her head held high, as though a lofty swan.


Li Mu lifted a hand and a shot of energy instantly created a pit an inch away from her feet.

“Stop right there.” Li Mu gave a sardonic grin. “Woman, it’s no use killing you alone. I need to kill all the witnesses. You want to feel good about yourself by making self-sacrifice to save your fellows, don’t you? I’m telling you, that’s dumb, and I’m not obliged to answer your call.”

Those words threw Zhao Ling into a daze.

She attempted to counter his remarks and suddenly found words had failed her.

The other disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction were aggravated by Li Mu’s slander. Howling furiously, some of them even lunged towards Li Mu to attack. They agilely leaped up to the air and thrust their swords at their enemy. The moves they took were really compact and well-organized, demonstrating their fine swordsmanship.

Nonetheless, what they did was just a joke to Li Mu.

He waved in a seemingly casual fashion and a band of energy instantly surged up, throwing away all the disciples over and dropping them to the ground hard. With a series of bangs, the disciples lay on the earth, paralyzed by the numbness shooting through their bodies.

“Stop! Don’t, don’t hurt my fellows. You…” Zhao Ling hollered in despair.

Many cultivators were innately inclined to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Take Zhao Ling as an example. At this moment, she believed it was her responsibility to figure out something in order to get all the others out of the predicament simple because she had insisted to confront the suspect in the county government and annoyed the killer by insulting him.

“I can do anything for you, as long as you promise me you will let my fellows off the hook…” yelled the female disciple.

Li Mu almost wanted to snicker when he heard that.

“What an innocent, stupid woman!”

But he then thought of the images of that girl, who was as elegant and self-conceited as a swan, repeatedly accusing and provoking him, he decided he would not go easy on her.

He would teach that little swan a good lesson.

Therefore, he deliberately cast a meaningful look at that beauty of the Taibai Sword Faction. His eyes wandered from her exquisite features to her breasts plumping up under the swordsman uniform, and then darted to her slim waist before lingering on her fine long legs…

Li Mu could not deny that the said female disciple of the Taibai Sword Faction had all the makings of a fairy maiden.

Zhao Ling was still holding her chin up, her neck stretching like a proud swan.

Stung by shame when she noticed Li Mu’s lewd gaze, she inwardly cursed Li Mu with the worst jinx she could think of over and over again.

Li Mu, on the other hand, seemed quite enjoying the moment. He chuckled and inquired, “You will do literally anything? Well, that includes…” He broke off and flickered a lustful look at her breasts on purpose.

“You nasty, brazen, obscene bastard!” Zhao Ling fumed, her face scarlet with rage and humiliation.

Li Mu snorted before snapping back, “What did you say? I am a nasty, brazen, obscene bastard? Little girl, what on earth are you thinking? Whoa-whoa-whoa! You’re way off the base. How could you have such dirty ideas? How dare you covet my body… I’m just considering if I shall keep you here as a maid for one year.”

“You…” Zhao Ling stuttered, almost driven mad.

She had never met such a thick-faced brat before.

It was he who acted so lecherously… How could he accuse her wanton instead?

“Fine, you got it.” Zhao Ling gave her consent. She decided to let it go. Otherwise, she might really go crazy. In a sincere but stirring tone, she confirmed, “I’ll stay in the county government as your maid for one year, provided that you won’t touch Elder Zhou and my fellows.”

Li Mu snickered. “Well, actually, I haven’t really agreed to that arrangement. Since you look so repulsive, you will spoil my mood if you stick around here. So, why would I say yes to that?”

“You… Aaaah!” Zhao Ling went berserk, nearly let loose an angry shriek.

From childhood to the present, numerous boys and girls were stunned by Zhao Ling’s beauty. Among all the members of the Taibai Sword Faction, she was the most appealing one. However, that devil Li Mu described her looks as repulsive! Unable to accept that, she almost wanted to check if he was blind.

Li Mu, on the other hand, stroke his chin and said, “Alright, alright. Despite your hideous appearance, I think I’ll give you a try on account of your earnest pleading. Tell me, what can you do for as a maid?”

At that provoking question, Zhao Ling was almost about to breathe fire. But due to the disadvantageous position, she could only put up with it and replied, “As the top one genius of the new generation of the Taibai Sword Faction, I can guard you…”

Li Mu laughed uproariously at her answer. “Do you think I’ll need your protection? Don’t kid yourself. I’m asking if you know anything about doing chores, such as doing laundry, cooking, making tea, and doing the needlework?”

“I, I don’t.” Zhao Ling trailed off. Sadly, she had to admit that the swordsmanship she had taken pride in all along was basically nothing in front of that devil.

“But, but at least I can get rid of those offending little potatoes for you,” said and hissed Zhao Ling through her gritted teeth. “And, and I am the youngest pharmacist in the Taibai Sword Faction. I’m adept at the art of healing. If you get injured, I can give you treatments…” She added as an afterthought.


Li Mu was amazed.

That was beyond his expectations.

But given that the Taibai Sword Faction was a reputable sect, the disciples who were deemed as pharmacists within the faction certainly had better knowledge and medical skills than those uncertified doctors in Taibai County. Perhaps that doctor who was known as the savior could not compare with the pharmacists of the Taibai Sword Faction.

“This arrogant swan is a pharmacist!” Li Mu began to look at Zhao Ling in a different light.

“If a pharmacist is around, will Feng Yuanxing, Qing Feng, and the others recover at a faster rate?”

“Qing Feng, in particular, might have better chances to keep his legs if he has the help of a pharmacist.”

“This is really a pleasant surprise.” Li Mu contemplated excitedly.

In truth, the offensive remarks Li Mu made were merely an attempt of his to irritate the little swan. He did not mean to keep her as his maid. But after he heard that thrilling information, he was really intrigued and began to seriously consider whether he should detain the girl and make her treat Qing Feng and the others.

To say the least, the disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction did reprimand him for something he didn’t do. They must pay for their reckless behavior.

“Okay. Now that you begged me so urgently, I figure I can do with that arrangement.” Li Mu nodded at the arrogant girl with a serious look.

At his agreement, Zhao Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon she realized that she did not need to beg Li Mu to agree at all because it was she who was coerced into making a sacrifice.

“Senior Sister Zhao, no…” cried a disciple with anxiety.

“Junior Sister Zhao, don’t do it! You’re going to serve a devil! Believe me, you cannot change him into a good man!” called another disciple.

“That guy is sure ill-intended! If you stay with him, it will be too dangerous…”

The rest of the disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction burst into a roar of protest.

They could not stand it that the most talented, remarkable, and beautiful young disciple of their faction would fall to the hands of the devil, Li Mu. Although at the moment Li Mu was just requiring her to be a maid, no one could know if he would ask for more in the future.

The male disciples were especially incensed upon hearing that solution.

The thought of their dreamy lover serving tea for Li Mu nearly tore up their hearts.

“Li Mu, have you thought this through? If you truly force the pearl on the crown of our faction to be with you, someday, you’ll pay a price. Our Taibai Sword Faction will not let you get away with this!” growled a male disciple.

Li Mu shrugged and said, “Whatever you like. If you go back on your words, I’m left with no alternative but to throw you to hell.”

Hearing that, many of the disciples were blustering about fighting against Li Mu.

“That’s it! Back off!” Zhou Zhenyue, the outer school elder who had remained silent for the entire time, finally spoke to quiet down the disciples.

He cast a look at Zhao Ling and then glanced at the other disciples before saying unperturbedly, “Since Zhao Ling has already made up her mind, this matter is settled. You guys, just calm down, don’t render Zhao Ling’s sacrifice futile. If you find this solution unacceptable, go back to our faction and work harder. When your strength is improved, you can come to County Magistrate Li and defeat him to get Zhao Ling back.”

The disciples instantly shot astonished looks at Zhou Zhenyue.

It never occurred to them that Elder Zhou, the strongest one on the scene that might have a chance to stand up to that devil, should make such a decision.

Li Mu, too, was a little surprised by that speech.

He thought the elder would strongly oppose the deal for the sake of the glory and esteem of their faction. Perhaps he would rather fight instead of yielding to the devil. After all, Zhou Zhenyue had been displaying a more dignified aura than Wei Chong and he was a very charismatic expert.

As a matter of fact, Li Mu was ready to launch strikes and subdue him.

But to his complete surprise, Zhou Zhenyue simply assented to the deal.

“Did he agree because of his fear of death?” wondered Li Mu.

“Certainly not.”

That was one thing Li Mu was sure of.

He now came to realized that the white-haired elder was not as simple as he looked like.

Therefore, with the final approval of the elder, Li Mu let the lot of the Taibai Sword Faction leave the county government unharmed.

Zhou Zhenhai also took off with them.

To be honest, Li Mu did not think much of that old man. He had a vague feeling that Zhou Zhenhai had something to do with the death of those disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction. But he did not mention his doubts to anyone and just let go of the old man.

For one thing, Li Mu reckoned that with Zhou Wu executed, the Zhou Family had already paid for the sins their son committed, so it was unnecessary to target the old Zhou Zhenhai. Anyway, Li Mu was not a relentless killer that would slay anyone related to his victims in case of future retaliation.

For another, Li Mu had now moved to a higher spot. He did not need to heed a big wig like the magistrate of Chang’an, let alone a nobody such as Zhou Zhenhai. After all, no lion would notice an ant on the road.

After they all took off, Zhao Ling was left in the yard alone, shivering in the chilling wind like a helpless flower.

She had braced herself for whatever that would come next. But when she saw Elder Zhou and her fellows really departed, waves of unchecked fear and uncertainty still washed over the adamant swan.

Now, she was drowned by frustration and lofty sentiments.

Also, she swore to herself that if Li Mu attempted to do anything out of the line to her, she would commit suicide before he got his way.

Li Mu simply ignored the haughty girl.

He then landed his eyes on the experts of assorted factions remaining in the yard.