Chapter 115 Ten Times More of Spiritual QiYes, the county government looked no longer the same.

When the streaks of snake-like purple lightning and the dark clouds faded away, a puff of white mist drifted over and wrapped around the county government.

Shrouded by the mystical white mist, the whole mansion was partly hidden and partly visible from all angles. The red walls and crimson gate were indistinct, and the inside of the mansion sometimes disappeared behind the mist and then reappearing again. Regardless of the observing spot, the county government now looked close but also remote as if the distance kept changing, which gave the viewers a feeling that it was ethereal and unreachable.

At that view, Qin Zhen and Wang Chen, who were both on the corridor of the sixth floor of the Orchid High-Rise, were lost in immense shock and befuddlement.

The two, both excelling at martial arts, had a deeper and clearer perception of the change than ordinary people.

The second the purple lightning disappeared, they surprisingly found that the county government became blurred by a thin layer of white mist which they could not see through no matter how hard they exerted their vision power. It seemed to them that the odd white mist had magically cut off the county government from the outside world, rendering the whole place mysterious as though floating over a wonderland.

The scenario was just weird.

Right now, the whole county was in broad daylight, whereas, the county government was fuzzy and misty as if it had blocked the sunlight out. If one stared in its way for a long time, he would see an illusion—the county government seemed to covered in glinting ripples, and even rays of sunlight were distorted.

“What… What on earth is happening?”

Wang Chen shouted, completely stunned.

He had never heard of any magical power that could distort light to make a place out of sight.

Further, being a warlock, he vaguely sensed a very intimidating power that was surrounding the entire county government. More specifically, that power was ‘protecting’ the area. He could tell that if some forces attempted to attack it, the mysterious powered would be activated and launch a counter-attack.

It felt quite unnerving.

Inside the county government…

Li Mu was gasping for breath.

“Good heavens… Almost got out of hand!” He panted.

He never knew the Thunder Traction that the old faker often referred to as a common magic was so energy-consuming. Despite his amazing willpower and physical strength, he only made the magic last for a quart of the time before he felt his power was thoroughly depleted.

Though the Thunder Traction demanded startling energy consumption, its power was really great.

When he recalled the picture of purple lightning dancing wilding across the sky, Li Mu felt his hair stand on the end.

That power was too horrible.

If he had not withdrawn that hand gesture to let the effect of the Thunder Traction die down after the Earth Evil Polaris Formation was already activated, that power of thunder and lightning would keep growing and flood the county government, or even the entire Taibai County.

The power of this Thunder Traction could equal that of a nuclear bomb.

He could imagine that if that Thunder Magic was launched in a real battle, even thousands of opponents would be reduced to ashes within a second.

If putting aside the long time for preparation and the requirement of special terrain, this Thunder Traction was the perfect weapon for one-on-one battles or gang wars.

After he caught his breath, Li Mu started operating the Xiantian Skill to recover his energy.

A while later, he was refreshed and continued to work on the formation.

The formation he just set up was the Earth Evil Polaris Formation.

According to the old faker, that formation was the commonest formation immortals cast. It could connect to the 36 stars in the constellation where the Polaris was as well as the 72 evil stars so as to draw support from the 108 gods living on the stars to protect houses or villages.

The old faker told him that formation was one of the staple goods in the immortal world.

Of course, that was just an opinion of the old faker.

On this planet, the power of the Earth Evil Polaris Formation was surely not that mediocre. In fact, it could shake the earth.

“Just now, I only triggered off the power of the 36 stars.”

Li Mu was pondering over the next step he should take.

The 36 curved jade articles buried in the 36 dry wells represented the 36 stars. They allowed him to utilize the power of those stars as it just happened.

Now, it was time to try the power of the 72 earth evil stars.

Li Mu flickered his eyes to the 72 artificial hills placed around the county government.

They were the symbols of the 72 earth evil stars.

But in truth, the distribution of the hills Li Mu drafted and handled to the works was not the correct version. He deliberately messed some up in case those insightful Jianghu experts who were undergoing their reform through labor secretly recorded the locations of the hills and figured out what he was really doing.

Admittedly, Li Mu was a scheming brat.

Thus, Li Mu needed to move the wrongly located artificial hills to the right spots first.

Although each of the hills weighed dozens of kilos, lifting them was nearly as easy as moving toy bricks for the super mighty Li Mu.

In less than half an hour, he finished relocating.

“This is the last one.”

Li Mu hoisted the last hill with one hand and put it on the correct spot.


When the hill landed, the earth quaked.

A wave of tremor instantly reached out to several kilometers away from the county government.

The whole Taibai County detected the unusual tremble.

It felt like something that had been sleeping in the depths of earth was awakened. But the obscure energy disappeared in an instant as the 72 simultaneously vibrated. Only Li Mu could feel the vibration, as though the 72 hills had acquired certain intelligence from him.

Then, such intelligence began to ripple through the whole county government and spread out in all directions.

From Li Mu’s view, the world suddenly became full of vitality. As though adding colors to the black-and-white picture of the county government, the Earth Evil Polaris Formation was fully switched on. The power of the 36 Polaris stars and the might of the 72 earth evil stars began to infuse.

A moment later, the Spiritual Qi within a circumstance of hundreds of miles started to roll down and to gather at the county government.

That change was invisible to ordinary people.

But martial arts experts could clearly sense it.

Even though Li Mu had not produced any internal qi himself, attributed to the Xiantian Skill, he was very acute about the flow of Spiritual Qi. Therefore, at that moment, he distinctly sensed that the Spiritual Qi in the mansion was becoming denser and denser every second.

“Gosh, I’m so dumb!”

Li Mu suddenly barked and clapped a hand on his forehand, as if something just occurred to him.


That was the beauty of it!

Gathering qi was one of the functions of a formation.

A formation not only could help him kill the enemy and win a battle, but also alter the environment, such as converting a desolate area into a rich land, turning a bleak mountain into heaven for plants. It might even change an ordinary place into a treasure land or turn a treasure land into a paradise.

And think about what cultivators needed most for improving their power.

It was the Spiritual Qi.

Both the supernatural power of warlocks and the internal qi of martial arts experts came from the Spiritual Qi.

The essential of the condensation of the supernatural power and the producing of the internal qi was the absorption of the Spiritual Qi into the cultivator’s body.

Guo Yuqing once told Li Mu that his failure to produce the internal qi was probably because the ordinary Spiritual Qi could not match his exceptional body. Thus, he might give it a try in the places with special thick Spiritual Qi or make an effort to obtain some high-quality Spiritual Qi.

However, those special places were not easy to find.

The royal influence and the super large factions had already taken up all such places that had been discovered so far.

So Li Mu thought that was totally helpless before.

However, just as the Earth Evil Polaris Formation was successfully turned on, it dawned on him that he had got it all wrong. Actually, he did not need to even search for any special places, because he could make one by himself with a formation!

In the past, he had been concentrated on learning the Xiantian Skill and the Zhenwu Boxing Skill, for these two Cultivation Methods were the ones that the old faker supervised the most strictly back on Earth. After being forced to practice them very hard for over ten years, he almost forgot the old faker actually had also taught him loads of other stuff.

For example, using formations.

The old faker had also introduced the power and functions of assorted formations to him with great enthusiasm.

But at that time, Li Mu just laughed it off.

Although the old faker pushed him to memorize those points mechanically, he never thought those old theories about Ying and Yang would come in handy one day.

He had been holding on to that thought even after he had come to this planet.

But right now, as he felt the density of the Spiritual Qi within the formation kept climbing, Li Mu realized that he was still far from grasping the true meaning of those Cultivation Methods and knowledge the old faker had passed on to him even though he had repeatedly upgrated his estimation on the ability of the old faker.

Ceaselessly, the Spiritual Qi was still pouring into the formation.

Eventually, the density went steady when it was more than ten times higher than the normal level.

Then, a fantastic change unfolded.

WIth the nurturing of abundant Spiritual Qi, the trees and grass within the formation turned fresh green. Some died flowers unbelievably bloomed again, as if the spring of this year had returned. The dry leaves that coiled up on the newly planted trees also stretched out and came alive.

Li Mu began to inhale deeply to savor the precious sweetness in the air.

“Formations truly have the power to change nature. This Earth Evil Polaris Formation is mainly a defensive weapon, but still, it can do such a good job on qi gathering. If I add a compatible qi-gathering formation to this Earth Evil Polaris Formation, the effect will certainly be more pronounced. This way, I can get thicker Spiritual Qi and be more efficient at martial arts cultivation.”

Li Mu began to consider the use of the formation in a more open-minded way.

Nevertheless, he was clear that even the most basic qi-gathering formation was not easy to set up.

Hence, he had to put that aside for the moment until he came back from his trip to Chang’an.