Chapter 120 The Little Monk Killed SomeoneThe wooden door of the courtyard was broken open soon.

The ruffian, Huang Yong, with three other accomplices, rushed into Granny Cai’s thatched courtyard violently.

“Old thing, hiding in the house and pretend to die? Get out of it now! I saw that you’ve come back.” Huang Yong was a man about thirty years old, tall and strong with dark skin. He was known for his aggression and cruelty. He used to be a butcher, so he wore a sharp knife that was used to kill pigs on the waist. During the year, he once committed murders, his hands spotted with blood. And not he was a subchief of Ma San’s ruffian gang.

A ruffian came forward to kick the door.

Granny Cai realized that it was hard to fend them off, and finally opened the door with fright. A smile was forced on her deeply lined face, and she said, “Forth Master Huang, what brings you here…”

“Hee, you old douche bag. You really ran away fast. Today, you spoke for the non-native monk in the town. Didn’t you think we’re blind? I think you’re getting tired of living.” With a fierce looking, Huang Yong pulled the sharp knife out on the waist with a backhand, gave a chill smile and said, “Anyone who dares to offend Master Ma San is not allowed to live to the next day. Now, let me get you on the road to death.”

Suddenly, Granny Cai went white with fear.

“Forth Master Huang, Forth Master Huang, could you please spare my life… We used to be neighbors. When my eldest son was alive, he always gave consideration to you and regarded you as a brother… You also know that three of my sons have died. And I have no one else but only this granddaughter. If I died, what should she do? For very pity’s sake…”The old woman trembled from head to foot. She did not dare to bid defiance to him but just knelt down on the ground, begging for mercy.

At her age when the loess had piled up to her neck figuratively, she actually did not think a lot of life and death. But if she died, no one would take care of Caicai. What a wretched life Caicai would live in the future. Granny Cai did not dare to imagine.

“What should I do for very pity’s sake? You offended Master Ma San, even the emperor is unable to save you.” He pressed hard to Granny Cai step by step as saying the words. With a furious look, he continued to say, “As for your granddaughter, hee, rest your mind. Master Ma San will find a good place for her. As long as she is obedient, she can have enough food to eat and clothes to wear.”

“No, no. Forth Master Huang, please, for pity’s sake…” The old woman’s face had been colorless with horror.

Because Granny Cai understood immediately that “the good place” mentioned by Huang Yong was the dirty place. No girls of clean and pure families were willing to go to those places where living became more tortured than death. However, Granny Cai had been too old and weak to stand up to resist him. So she did not have any alternative but to beseech Huang Yong bitterly.

“Bad man, leave my house. Don’t hurt my grandmother…” Little Caicai said bravely, her face pale with terror. She did not listen to her grandmother’s advice, instead, she came out under the bed, rushed from the room, clenched her fists and stood in front of Granny Cai.

“Hee… What a naughty girl.” Huang Yong winked at the other ruffians and said, “Come to seize the girl aside. Be careful and don’t hurt her. Otherwise, she will not be sold at a high price.”

A ruffian beside walked to catch Caicai as if he was catching chicken.

“Caicai, my Caicai, let go of my granddaughter…” Granny Cai, brimmed with desperation on her face, barged into him subconsciously, trying to take Caicai back, but Granny Cai was pushed to the ground.

Huang Yong sneered and said, “Old thing, reconcile yourself to the fate! Master Ma San wants to kill you to warn all the other people in the town how miserable the ending was if anyone dares to offend him. But you can set your mind at rest. Because I will bury you when you die…” As he said that, he raised the sharp knife to Granny Cai’s neck.

Granny Cai closed her eyes, waiting for death.

“Grandma, grandma. No, oo-oo…” Little Caicai struggled desperately, but how could a thin girl lacking nutrient get rid of a sturdy man?

Granny Cai almost died distressingly by the knife.

But at that moment, Huang Yong felt a sudden dizzy. A figure whisked across, and he could not stab the sharp knife one more inch.


He looked up.

A pair of eyes filled with fury and killing desires were fixed on him like a knife.

“Elder brother Luan Lai…” Caicai exclaimed in amazement.

Granny Cai opened her eyes, only to find that the little monk called Luan Lai emerged at some point and squeezed Huang Yong’s knife to save her.

“Shit… It’s the monk.”

“You dare to turn up.”

The other two hoodlums reacted finally, delighted instead of surprised.

Master Ma San was eager to catch the monk to pull out his tendons pulled out and tear off his skins. So Master Ma San asked people to follow the monk secretly, but lost his trace, so Master Ma San was in a towering rage and had people rummage him through the town. Unexpectedly, the little monk turned up here by coincidence.

He did throw himself into the trap.

What’s more, it was a golden opportunity for them to make contributions. As long as they could seize the little monk, they would be rewarded abundantly by Master Ma San.

“Haha, it is you, the damned monk. You’re courting death…” Huang Yong said with a laugh.

He loosened the sharp knife and stepped back.

Meanwhile, he waved his hands up, and then, a bag of quicklime scattered to Li Mu.


“Good chance. Seize him.”

The other two ruffians dashed toward him with sharp knives in the hands.

“Elder Brother Luan Lai…” Little Caicai yelled anxiously.

Li Mu stood still, opened his mouth and blew.

A gust of wild wind aroused from the ground.

The powder of quicklime was blown back before approaching to Li Mu and wrapped those two ruffians who were charging forward.

The two ruffians had not expected that such a thing would happen. Their eyes were blurred by the quicklime off-guard, and then, cauterant pain was burning in their eyes. They both fell to the ground and screeched, covering their eyes.

Huang Yong stepped a little farther, so he had time to block his eyes and escaped the torture. But he was also covered with quicklime powder.

“Damned monk. You…” Huang Yong howled.

He had not expected that such weird thing would happen.

Did the monk know some sorcery?

“Ah, my eyes! I cannot see anything…”

“Master Huang, save me. Give me the clean oil now. Please wash my eyes…”

The two dog-ass ruffians rolled and twitched on the ground, screaming wildly in agony. They let out the cries as harsh as pigs being killed. Spreading from the little wooden courtyard, it sounded rather ear-piercing.

“So noisy.”

Li Mu flexed his fingers and snapped to activate the Heart Heavenly Shoot. Then, intangible powerful qi like sharp arrows pierced into the two ruffians in the middle of their eyebrows and put an end to their rascal lives.

Huang Yong was frightened out of his wits when seeing it.

“You are a monk. How can you kill people. You…” He immediately felt that things were going worse.

The monk’s strength was far more formidable than they had imagined. He was absolutely listed as a Wulin superior in the real sense. They were totally unable to defeat him. What’s worse, the little monk was so ruthless that he killed a person like cutting grass. Apparently, he was a hard person. All the people had been deceived by his logy and silly appearance today.

“Amitabha, ” Li Mu chanted the name of Buddha and said sternly, “To kill people is to save people. Buddha is compassionate and punishes the evil as well.”

“You…you don’t come over. Otherwise, I… I will kill her.” The ruffian who was seizing Caicai was also incoherent with fear. The sharp knife in the hand was placed on Caicai’s neck to intimidate Li Mu.

Suddenly, Huang Yong’s eyes lit up, and got an idea immediately. He shouted, “Little monk, step back. Tie yourself up. Otherwise, I will kill the little girl…”

His voice did not fade.


Li Mu raised his hands and shot out the sharp knife that he just grabbed. The knife, like a flash of light and stone fire, instantly pierced into the ruffian’s forehead to the end of the handle.

The ruffian even had no time to realize what had happened. With the forehead struck by a coldness, he lost consciousness and fell down feebly.

Li Mu moved as swiftly as ghosts and took Caicai over.

“Foolish, naive.”

Li Mu gave Caicai to Granny Cai and looked at Huang Yong.

The ruffians, though bellicose and ruthless, lacked strong ability. When encountering the real master, they were as silly as pigs. They even wanted to use the hostage as a threat. They were like a frog at the bottom of a well, not knowing how high the sky was and how vast the earth was.

“You… you… you…”

Huang Yong was numb with shock and scare, unable to say anything.

How had he ever seen such a superior of this realm?

Several days ago, the righteous and warm-hearted non-native person whom they had murdered was just a warrior in the Joint-qi level. He was narrowly able to cultivate the internal qi and jump high like flying. And in their eyes, the person could be listed as a fabulous Wulin master-hand. Therefore, the killing of the non-native expert boosted the gang of ruffians with great confidence, making them believe that the so-called superior was nothing more than this.

But compared to the little monk in front, the non-native person was not worth mentioning.

In front of the little monk, Huang Yong, though tall and strong, felt that he was as weak as an insect.

And at that moment, Huang Yong had a sudden thought that it was a fault for Master Ma San to provoke the little monk who could kill people as easily as killing chicken. What’s worse, it would cause great calamity.

The shock made him go all weak at knees. He was desperate to flee, but did not dare to move.

“Come back and tell Ma San. Ask him to clean his neck and wait for me in his den. After two hours, I will send him to the Pure Land in the west, ” said Li Mu.

Huang Yong was overjoyed with the words and said, “You… Master… You… do not kill me?”

“What? You want to die?” Li Mu asked.

“No,no, no, I don’t want to die. I, I, I… I will come back to tell Master Ma. No, to tell Ma San. I will retell him word for word.” Huang Yong turned around and fled away quickly, wishing to have two more legs to run.

Very soon, the rascal subchief disappeared in the corner in the distance.

“Thank you. Elder Brother Luan Lai.” Little Caicai was still suffering from the shock. But she helped her grandmother up first and expressed gratitude to Li Mu.

Granny Cai also felt extremely grateful to Li Mu and said, “Thank you. Thank you so much. Master Luan Lai. Without you tonight, Caicai would have been…” Talking about the sad point, tears dropped again from the old woman’s blurred eyes. Her husband and sons died successively in the war. All she had was Caicai, her only family member. In other words, Caicai was the old woman’s only hope to live. If any accident happened to Caicai, Granny Cai felt that she could not rest herself even if she had died.

Li Mu had to say something to pacify the old woman.