Chapter 137 Killing to Enhance Sword Nerve

If Li Mu was here, he must be shocked.

Because this weird underground metal palace was exactly the same as the technology products on the earth. For example, the incandescent lamp was hanging overhead, the texture of the matte metal walls was extremely beautiful, and there were wall lamps on the walls and sofa and table in the room, all of which did not belong to this world. Whether in terms of style or material, they were exactly the same as the scientific and technological products on the earth.

The entire underground metal palace consisted of three bedrooms, one dining hall, and one living room.

In the living room with an area of about 30 square meters were celadon tea set placed. Behind the tea table was a graceful and slender figure cooking tea. She, attractive, was about at her thirties. The cheongsam with white cloud pattern set her figure off to advantage. Besides, her fingers, fair-skinned, well-moisturized, and like the top of fresh green onion, moved gracefully, whose motion was naturally fluent, expressing a kind of lingering charm.

When she, with thich and black hair, cooked tea, her long hair poured down from her forehead like a black waterfall.

This was a perfect woman in terms of no matter what aspect.

“It’s Xiong’er coming. What’s the matter that makes you furious?”

The voice of the woman was extremely sweet, as if it were like a sound of nature.

However, when she rose her head and her face appeared from the separating thick and beautiful hair, it seemed that the metal light in the living room became a bit dim since the contrast was quite big. For her face, it was monster-like one with sarcomas, and her five sense organs couldn’t be distinguished. Besides, her eyes were crushed between two sarcomas, and her nose was a black sarcoma. When she opened her mouth, the black teeth appeared irregularly, unlike human mouth.

It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful and elegant figure should match such an ugly face that was almost like that of a monster.

However, Li Xiong apparently had become accustomed to it. He came over, sat at the tea table, took a cup of strong tea like brown amber, drank it all, and then said angrily, “Mother, the bastard born by that bitch came back.”

This extremely ugly woman was the mother of Li Xiong, and now the wife of Li Gang.

“Oh? Just let him come back. Can a bug overturn the sky? Are you angry with him?” The ugly woman’s tone was casual, and said with a ‘smile’.

“He became the scholar, the youngest one in the empire,” Li Xiong replied bitterly.

“Hah hah, a scholar who has no power and no influence is a nonentity,” the ugly woman did not care.

Li Xiong added, “But that bastard became county magistrate of Taibai County.”

“Oh? Taibai County? hah hah, interesting. This is the area governed by your father, so as long as you want, my son, you can always trouble him and fool with him in whatever way you like,” the ugly woman still did not care.

“But, he is also a super-class strongman of first-level Master Realm,” Li Xiong said again.

“Eh?” the sarcomas on the ugly woman’s face trembled, and then there was a bit strange in her tone, “Master Realm? Are you sure?”

Li Xiong gritted his teeth to describe what happened in Pig-Herding Alley tonight, and then said, “Mother, with just one martial movement, that bastard defeated Zhou Yilingand and even humiliated me. Mother, I am not convinced, so you must revenge for me.”

“Revenge? Do you want me to help you kill him, or do you want to do it yourself?” the ugly woman’s tone became calm again, just like a mirror, without any ripples and waves.

A super master of Master Realm, the youngest literary scholar in the empire, a county magistrate, and only 15 years old…

Once such a series of information was combined, it was enough to shock many high-level figures of the empire. After all, it meant endless potential. But this ugly woman obviously did not care, as if she could kill Li Mu, super-class master of Master Realm, instantly, so long as she wanted.

“Of course, I have to do it myself. I will tear him apart by hand under the attention focused by millions of people, so I can wash off the shame of today,” Li Xiong was still angry and said, “Mother, you have to help me.”

“I can help you, but, you must bear something for what you obtain. Are you ready?” as the ugly woman cooked tea, she replied with some connotation.

On Li Xiong’s face appeared a sudden scared look, as if he had imagined some extremely horrible things, causing his face pale.

However, when he touched his cheek, he seemed to feel the pain of thee slap prints left by Li Mu on his face, and then thought about the ridicule and disdain for himself in the moonlight tonight, and the sense of powerlessness facing Li Mu’s absolute strength. Thus, in the cockles of his heart, two sides were fighting against each other, and finally, he seemed to have made a great determination, saying, “Mother, do I have to enter into that thing?”

The ugly woman nodded.

Li Xiong’s face, totally pale, and he then bit his teeth, saying, “OK, mother, I do.”

The sarcomas on the woman’s face squirmed. In her voice showed her pleasure and satisfaction. She then said, “Good, Xiong’er, you finally made this decision. I, “Heavenly Medical Faerie”, am really proud of you. You finally understand, and mom will not force you. But once you really decide to accept this, then I will make you the real first Young Master in Chang’an within the shortest time. In this world, only the power that truly belongs to you is the most important instrument. Don’t worry. I will let you be reborn and completely change yourself.”


The long whip with iron wire slammed on the weak body of a woman, who only wore a thin shirt, and suddenly the blood spilled.

“Bitch, don’t you speak? Let me see how you can endure.”

In the front yard garden, the mansion of the president of the Dafeng chamber of commerce, Zhou Yu, young master with fury, was using a long iron-wire whip in his hand to slam on a woman who was hung on a tree.

The woman was about 20 years old, whose appearance was ordinary, but her eyes, big and bright, seemed distinctive.

She, wearing a thin outer shirt, had been whipped a dozen or so times. On her weak body was full of crossing whip marks. The blood spilled from the whip marks, flowed down from her slender and white legs, and eventually gathered on snowy toes of her bare feet, falling on the ground under the tree, forming a small bloody pool, and still expanding.

Her wet hair was sticked on her pale face, and the woman clenched her teeth tightly and speechlessly, as if she weren’t lashed.

“Hey, the old pig’s maid is really strong. I’m going to release my anger tonight, don’t you beg for mercy?” Zhou Yu looked sinister, and his eyes sparkled with vicious light. He then said, “I don’t have any way to deal with Li Mu for the time being, but your humble life is firmly mastered by me. I can fool with you in whatever way I like. If you are brave enough, you can never ask for mercy. Even if I whip you to death, no one will save you, hah hah.”

Slap! Slap!

It was two whips that slammed on the woman.

Blood spattered. Her skin was split and her flesh broke forth.

The maids and bodyguards standing next to him, seeing such a fierce scene, dared not to make any sound, for fear of bothering “Young master” Zhou Yu, who was furious currently.

“Li Mu? What did you say? Young Master Mu. Does Young Master come back?” The woman widened her eyes, and a hint of unprecedanted look flashed. Then she became excited.

Zhou Yu sneered, “Yes. That bastard came back. Hey hey, it’s a pity that he troubles those who shouldn’t be bothered when he returns. Young Master Xiong won’t let him go. Hah hah hah, I believe you will see his corpse soon. Hah hah hah hah hah!”

Heaven Sword Martial Club.

As a martial art club that had been standing for more than a hundred years in Chang’an City, Heaven Sword Martial Club had a profound foundation, whose first owner, “Heaven-Sword Celestial Being ” was the mortal future leader of Heaven Sword Sect, second-level sect. A hundred years ago, he used one sword to defeat all the masters of all parties in Chang’an City, so he created a great reputation, opened the club to teach others, and soon established a foothold in Chang’an City. After a hundred years of development, Heaven Sword Martial Club currently, in all the martial arts clubs in Chang’an City, ranked third, in which masters gathered.

Today, “Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng, the current owner, excelled his predecessors, who was strong enough to rank among the top 20 masters of the Changan Mansion. His swordsmanship could be amazing, so he was a heavyweight elite.

The only son of Zhang Chengfeng was Zhang Chuixue, self-titled “Peerless Swordsman”. He was also a bit famous in Chang’an.

It was in the deep night. Zhang Chuixue, in the back garden, finished practicing a set of swordsmanship, and then gradually stabilize his breath.

“Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng, standing on one side, saw his son practice swordsmanship, shaking his head and syaing, “You are familiar with the series of skills and tricks, but the sword momentum is not right, which is tangible but intentionless, and ambitious but boldless. If you want to improve your strength, you have to kill. If you want to grasp ‘Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles’ of our Zhang family, you have to kill so as to use the blood to infiltrate your sword. Tomorrow, I will send bodyguards to follow you to go to the mountains outside the city to kill a few bandits. After the sword nerve is made, we will talk about other things.”

“To kill?” as a hint of malice flashed in Zhang Chuixue’s eyes, he said, “Father, now that I try to strengthen my nerve, why not move tonight?”

Zhang Chengfeng was shocked and said, “It’s too hasty to start tonight.”

“Is there no one to kill in our mansion?” Zhang Chuixue sneered, saying, “Father, I wants to kill one person tonight. If I kill this person, my sword nerve can be achieved.”

“Eh? Who?”

“Qiu Yi.”

“Who? Oh, that woman… I see you are restless and your mind is wandering. Are you having anything tonight?” Zhang Chengfeng was a strong martial artist after all, so his eyes were sharp. He could know Zhang Chuixue was distracted by something tonight.

“Father, I was humiliated tonight,” Zhang Chuixue did not conceal, and told his father everything that happened in Pig-Herding Alley in detail.

Zhang Chengfeng’s face changed slightly, and he asked, “Li Mu? Master of Master Realm at 15 years old?”

“Father, I was humiliated by him, but I had to bear that. Thus, my sword heart is humiliated. If I can’t kill a person around him, I am afraid that it’s hard to remove my heart demon. If I see him in the future, I will be afraid of him. Qiu Yi is maid of that bastard’s mother, who served him when she was a little girl. If I kill Qiu Yi tonight, the sword nerve can be made. I hope father can agree to this,” Zhang Chuixue bitterly said by bitting his teeth.

Zhang Chengfeng slightly hesitated.

Zhang Chuixue said, “Father, are you afraid Li Mu?”

Zhang Chengfeng smiled slightly and replied, “My son can goad me into action… Hah hah. It’s fine. She is just a maid. It doesn’t matter if she is killed. Now that so many years have passed, I guess that person will not appear again.”